Spotters on north and south report all clear.

Copy that.

The delegate from Sokovia was caught in traffic but is now en route.

Secret Service: Do we have an ETA on her?


We have reason to believe someone wants to attack the assembly today.

The next time you take that out, it better be to protect people's lives.

Stay alert. The next speech is about to start.


Thank you, General Assembly, for the warm welcome.

I am T'Challa, king of the African nation of Wakanda.

Most of you know me as the Black Panther.

Wakanda is an isolated nation, a private sanctuary, an independent kingdom that has thrived for thousands of years.






Hold it right there.


Hands in the air!

Get on the ground, now!


Which is it?

Freeze, get on the ground, hands in the air?

Come on, guys. Make up your minds.



Stop. Drop your weapon.


Both sections, we have a developing situation. (PEOPLE EXCLAIMING)

Stay here until I give the order.

Protect the delegates.

The world is becoming a smaller place, and it brings all peoples closer together.

But our future will be on our terms, not yours.




I don't suppose you're here to be inspired by the speeches.

Someone paid me to eliminate the king.

But you, Cap? I'm taking you out for free.





You got your shield and I got mine.

That's it.

Be a good little soldier and drop your toy.

Do it!





Outta the way!



Why... Won't...


You... Croak?


I actually did once. I didn't care for it.


Rest in pieces, Rogers.



I am the Black Panther, and this belongs to me.

I know who you are, Black Panther, but that's my shield you've got there, and I'd like it back.


Tell me, Captain America, is it really your shield?

Even wrote my name on the back...

In permanent marker!




You have my respect for helping me stop Crossbones.

But this shield belongs to the people of Wakanda.

Now, if you will excuse me.


Iron Man: King T'Challa, aka the Black Panther.

Leader of the nation of Wakanda.

I have traveled many times across the Earth, Hawkeye, but I have never been to Wakanda.

No one gets into Wakanda. Trust me, I know.

Wakanda's a closed country. Technologically advanced, rich, powerful, never been conquered.

Plenty have tried, though.

It's because of the Vibranium. Rare, indestructible metal.

Wakanda's the only place on the planet with access to lots of it.

You know, Iron Man may be on to something.

Cap's shield is made of Vibranium.

Maybe that's why the king decided to swipe it.

Black Panther asked me if it was really my shield.

The way he asked, he wasn't looking for an answer.

He was sending a message.

There's something else going on here. I intend to find out what.

Well, we're at the Wakandan border. They haven't noticed us yet.

Avenjet uses my latest stealth technology.

By the time they realize we're here, we'll be...

Man: (ON RADIO) This is Wakandan Air Defense Command. You have ten seconds to change direction and leave Wakanda.

(ALARM BLARING) That would be one of their missiles locking onto us.

This is Captain America, requesting permission to enter your airspace.

I know we have our differences, but if I can meet with your king, I'm confident we can work out our...


And that would be a billion of their missiles locking onto us.

Stand down, Air Defense Command. We'll comply.

Avenjet on autopilot while we fly in under the radar.

Oldest trick in the book.


We're being hunted.



Hey, we're just here to see the king.

We are the Adored Ones... the Dora Milaje, bodyguards to the Black Panther.

And no one sees the king.


Whoa! Hey! We're no threat to Your Royal Highness.





Thor: Your combat skills are impressive, but your strength is no match for the prince of Asgard!

I do not know why strong men always boast so, but it makes it much more satisfying when they fall.

Thor, can you give me a tiny bit of weather?

Mine enchanted hammer cannot do "tiny."

It has but one level... Mighty!

Not exactly hidden.



And I stuck the landing.


Power down.

You are no doubt aware that you are trespassing.

You had better come with me, Captain America, assuming you wish to avoid any further unpleasantness.

I am sorry, Avengers, but there is nothing more to be said.

The shield belongs to me.

That's ridiculous. Cap was frozen in ice with that shield before you were even born.

And it's got that delightful red, white, and blue paint job.

Kind of makes me think it ain't yours.

I am sure the Black Panther will explain why he believes it was his right to take the shield.

Black Panther: Do you know what you are holding?

Guessing about 10 million dollars' worth of Vibranium.

20 million, actually.

All Vibranium belongs to Wakanda.

Any unauthorized Vibranium outside our borders was stolen.

Howard Stark made the shield decades ago.

I was there. He gave it to me.

It was never his to give.

Howard Stark stole from Wakanda to build that shield.

That's not true.

Hmm. There is a new unknown party that has been stealing the precious Vibranium.

In response, I ordered all of our mines locked down.

The resulting shortage has made the mystery thieves desperate.

Desperate enough to send Crossbones after you.

With you out of the way, the country would drop into chaos, and the Vibranium would be theirs.

Indeed. To draw out my foe, I needed an irresistible display of Vibranium.

Your shield is the bait in my trap.


And the thief reveals himself.

Captain America: Klaue.

The Avengers have tangled with him before.

He's a villain of living sound.


No need for introductions.

Black Panther and I are old friends.

I hope you don't mind I ordered Crossbones to send my regards.

You know, he says "friends," but I don't know. I don't think he means it.

Black Panther: It makes me unhappy to see you looking so well.

The last I had heard, your body had been blasted into nothingness.

Oh, I ain't dead. But you won't be so lucky.








Since you last saw me, I've become the ultimate master of sound.



No. It's too dangerous, Your Highness.

I will handle this.

Aneka, you and the Dora Milaje, get the palace staff and personnel out of harm's way.






This will scramble your insides.


Give up, Klaue. You're outnumbered, outgunned, and outclassed.


It's been fun, but I have more important matters at hand.


Hawkeye: Well, that was interesting.

Thor: Klaue has disappeared.

No doubt with Captain America's shield.

Captain America: You've got his trail?

I will take care of Klaue myself.

This is a Wakandan matter.

It does not concern you, Captain.

Hawkeye, did you tag him with your tracking beacon?

Come on. It's me. Do you even need to ask?

There's something big in play here, and you know it.

Until we get my shield back, you and I are working together.

You are in Wakanda.

You do not give the orders here.

The Avengers can track down Klaue ourselves, or we can combine forces and work together.

You presume too much, Captain. But very well.

If only to make certain you keep out of my way.

Iron Man: I've got us a lock on Klaue.

Remote location in the Himalayas.

Don't everybody thank me at once.

Gotta say, Black Panther, this Wakandan tech is pretty sharp.

It's as good as Stark tech.

I recognize you intended that to be a compliment, but I find your comparison insulting to Wakandan technology.

What? You can bad-mouth me, but you trash-talk my tech, and we got a problem.

It's fine, Tony. Go check on the others.



Iron Man: Unbelievable.

You Avengers bicker and bark.

Wild and out of control.

Is it a wonder why I would not work with you?

I'm confident once you've worked with us, your opinion will change.

Just like I'm confident when the time is right, you'll give me back my shield.

That Vibranium was stolen.

That Vibranium was given.

By your father, King T'Chaka.

You knew my father?

Howard Stark and I helped him stop the HYDRA invasion of Wakanda.

In gratitude, he gifted the Vibranium to Howard.

I only met him the one time, but you can tell a lot about a person if you listen and get to know them.

My father was a great man, but he was too generous and trusting.

Maybe if he had been less so, he would still be alive.

So, Aneka, can the Dora Milaje talk to us, or is...

Do not distract me.

I am not interested in meaningless conversation.

(CHUCKLES) Uh, conversation with me is never meaningless.

Man! His Majesty, the Black Panther, doesn't have much of a personality, does he?

Yeah, I noticed. We're not from Wakanda, so he doesn't have to be friendly.

You misunderstand the Black Panther's reticence.

He is that way because he must be.

As royalty, every action, every decision he makes must be to protect his society.

Since the thwarted HYDRA invasion that nearly killed his father, King T'Challa has kept Wakanda closed.

He defies his own rules by even traveling with you like this.

The past is the past. Now we are working together, for that is the only way forward.


Finally, the last piece of the puzzle.

Captain America: Break it down.


Make it easy on yourself and surrender.

Why would I surrender when I have the advantage?


Klaue: When I last fought you Avengers, my body was almost merged with Vibranium.

It was exhilarating, but I needed more.

My mind and body needed an appropriate armor.

Now I have one, made of Vibranium.

Beautiful, indestructible Vibranium.

I took this place to be my fortress.

Now it'll be your tomb!


Avengers, somebody cut the volume!





Do your worst.

I can take it. I'm invincible!




Get away from my king!



I'll obliterate every one of you. You hear me?


Hawkeye: Hey, Klaue.

You wanna talk about it? Just ask her.

I am great at conversation.

You may have Vibranium, but nothing is completely invincible.

Nothing except me!



It is over.

Let us retrieve our teamma...


Now bow down before the master of sound!






I owe you thanks.

Distracting Klaue saved my life and that of my king.

Uh, you might get the chance to return the favor real soon.

Still alive?

How disappointing.

What's disappointing is your face, Klaue.


Was that loud enough to hear?

I heard every word, and I'll hear your screams as you perish!

Courage and spirit. You Avengers surprise me.




(CHUCKLES) That was real soon.

Returning the favor, Hawkeye.

Iron Man: Need a lift?

Black Panther: Despite your bicker and bark, you work well under pressure.

This is nothing. Stick with us, and you'll see what we can really do.

No way to avoid this one.

No need to avoid this one.

I have vanquished all manner of monster and villain, but I have never fought an avalanche.

Until now!


Hawkeye: Thor versus the mountain, and Thor wins.

Have at thee!

While he's off balance. Go!





Avengers Assemble!

I'm jamming that signal Klaue used to attack our sense of balance, but I can't scan the right frequency to jam Klaue himself.

Then don't scan him, scan his Vibranium.

Iron Man: You just might be onto something.

Sonic counter-signal's been calibrated.

We're in position. Do it! Now!



Klaue, I am taking you back to Wakanda to answer for your crimes.

Did you hear me?




I will take that as a yes.

This Vibranium belongs to your people.

Hmm. The shield once belonged here, but now it is better in your deserving hands.

My people would be proud to have you wield it.

And I think my father would too.

So, Aneka, you back on guard duty again?

Actually, the king now believes we Dora Milaje can do more.

He means to make me head of special forces, or ambassador to Switzerland.

One or the other.

Iron Man: Avenjet's two minutes out.

We're ready to get outta your hair.

Nonsense. You Avengers must stay as our guests.

Allow us to show you Wakandan hospitality.

Ho-ho-ho, hospitality.

Does that mean we get to stay overnight in your palace?



Outsiders do not sleep in the palace.

But in your case, perhaps I will make an exception.

Black Panther, could you ever see yourself joining the Avengers?

One step at a time, my friends.

One step at a time.

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