Douglas, have you seen Leo? He's late for training. Why don't you just call him? Too much work. Let's just kick him out of the academy. Hello. Leo, what are you doing back in Mission Creek? You're supposed to be here for training. Sorry, I had to pop back and deal with a little situation. Janelle missed me. You ladies can be so needy. She threatened to break up with you, didn't she? It was implied. Aaah! She's here! Can you believe him? Skipping his training to hang out with a girl? You might understand it better one day when you actually have one. For your information, later today I will be online gaming with FrizzyBizzy21. And there's at least a 50% chance that's a female! Yeah. No, there's not. Aaah! It's her! Hey, you look familiar. Adam, that's S-1. Krane's lead soldier. She tried to destroy us. Oh, yeah. What do you say we finish the job and get out of here? The world's first bionic superhumans. They're stronger than us faster smarter. The next generation of the human race is living on a bionic island. What are you doing here? I figured since this is the Bionic Academy you're the only people who might be able to help. Something's wrong with me. Yeah, we already know that, Psycho Sally. You tried to crush Leo and take us all out. I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about. Of course she doesn't. She's a blank slate, just like the rest of the soldiers were. Why weren't you rounded up with everyone else? All I know is that I woke up in a field and this family found me and took me in. And when they discovered I was bionic, they freaked out, so I ran away and I've been hiding ever since. I don't believe her. Why would she lie? Krane's no longer controlling her mind with the Triton App, so she has no reason to be evil. Oh, yeah? That's what we thought about Sebastian, too. And we all know what happened there. We get it. He broke your heart. Let it go. Look, if you don't believe me, remove my chip. Then there's no way I can hurt you. All clear. But you might want to have that mole checked out. All right, now that we know you're telling the truth, what exactly is wrong with you? I keep having flashbacks about a guy named Victor Krane. You're preachin' to the choir, sister. Wait. When the Triton App deactivated, it should have erased all her memory. How can she still remember Krane? It must be a glitch. What else do you remember? He said that if anything bad ever happened to him, something just as bad would happen to me. I wouldn't worry about that. That was just the metal in his face talkin'. Look, every time I get a flashback I get a terrible headache. I'm really scared, and I don't have anyone else to turn to. Please, help me figure out what's going on. What do we do? I think we should help her. Okay, but when she crushes your heart like Sebastian, don't come crying to me. All right, almost done with the tests. How ya holding up? Eh, pretty good. Probably gonna need a snack around two. Douglas, check this out. Huh. Looks like the Triton App left a virus hidden in her bionic infrastructure. You mean like a virus where I have a bowl of chicken noodle soup and I'm all better? More like a virus that'll cause you to explode and look like chicken soup. What?! Uh, but who knows? Chicken soup could work. When I showed Krane the Triton App, he did ask me to build in a Doomsday virus. But I refused. Thank you, Douglas. That totally makes up for the other Technically, it was 522. You just didn't see me hidden in the shadows. Krane must have done it on his own. And if he did it to the Triton App, then that means The other students have it too! It all makes sense. Krane was an egomaniac. If he wasn't around to control his own creations, he wanted to make sure no one else could. According to this, anyone who had the Triton App will self-destruct in ten hours. That means that everyone here is A ticking time bomb. All the bionic students are gonna die?! Probably shouldn't have said that so loudly. Nice knowing all of you! You guys should start your goodbyes. I'm gonna grab a tarp and a poncho. Oh, no. This may be worse than I thought. You right. I should probably grab goggles, too. No, wait. Just as I thought. We also had the Triton App, so we're set to self-destruct, too. Adam, I'll take a poncho. It's gonna be okay. Douglas and Chase are geniuses, and they have a whole nine hours to figure out how to stop the virus. You know what? You're right. We're gonna die!!! But I'm way too young! I have, like, thirty more years left of being really, really cute. Really? I was thinking more like ten. Do you want to die right now? There are so many things I never got a chance to do. Like come up with a list of things I never had a chance to do! Well, I am not just gonna sit here and let the last few hours of my life pass me by. Me neither! If I'm going out, I want to be remembered for doing something meaningful! You mean like being a bionic hero and saving thousands of lives? No. Like blowing up balloons. I'm gonna use my enhanced lung capacity to blow up as many balloons as I can and set the world record. Hmm. Of course you are. Well, I'm gonna throw myself an awesome farewell party. I'm gonna invite all my friends from high school. You don't have any friends from high school. Actually, I have tons. I just never brought them around you guys because Well, that about says it all. Okay, I scanned S-1's chip and mirrored the Doomsday virus timer. Only eight hours left till you guys show the world what you're made of. Ohh! My head! It hurts! I know, his jokes are awful. No, she's having another flashback! I'm starting to see Krane again. It's dark, he's angry Run toward the light! It's your only hope! Is he saying anything about the Doomsday virus? No. Someone used the last of the battery acid and didn't replace it. Well, it wasn't me. There has to be a way to access this virus and disable it. Good luck with that. He buried it in so many layers of encryption it would take months to crack it. Well, do you think he ever gave her the code? I know one way we can find out. When patients lose their memories, sometimes doctors try to recover them by reenacting scenes from their pasts. If we can do with S-1, maybe we can trigger the memories we need. Yes! That's brilliant! I know! I said it! Let's get to work. Whatever's locked in that girl's head is the only thing that's gonna save all of us. You! Who are you? Maybe this'll remind you! Leo, no! Aaah! What do you mean, no? I just saved your butts. No, you didn't! You just dug our graves. Come on, wake up, wake up! So I leave for one afternoon and now everyone has hours to live? Why didn't you call me? Oh, I'm sorry. I've been a little busy trying to find ways not to blow up! I'm sorry, but that's simply not good enough. She is still out of it. Leo, how could you attack her? Look, with everyone around here flip-flopping between good and bad, it's hard to keep track. I have to stop myself from taking you out five times a day. Guys. Focus. We to have to find a way to revive S-1 before every bionic person here explodes! Not now, FrizzyBizzy, not now! Just to be clear, since we didn't have the Triton App, we're good, right? Yeah. In a few hours, you and I could literally be the last ones standing. Probably best to keep that to ourselves. She's waking up! Aaah! Did you say "she's waking up" or "she has a knife"? 'Cause I'm just saying, those two sound very similar. People of Earth, I, the late Adam Davenport, am on my way to breaking the world balloon-blowing record. Six hundred and eighty-five down four hundred and eighty thousand to go. Chill. Adam, what are you doing?! Arggh! I told you, I'm having my party in here. And I told you I'm breaking a world record. Now back up and respect my balloon boundaries. No! Get rid of these! My guests are coming any minute! I doubt it, not after that rude invite you sent out. What rude invite? Check your phone. It's right there. "You're all dear to me so I'm having a party. " Read it closely. "You're all dead to me so I'm having a party"?! Oh, no. I was in such a rush I didn't see the typo. Yeah, you also spelled "Davenport" wrong. No, I didn't. Agree to disagree. I cannot believe this. All I wanted on my last day was to have a party with all my friends, and now I'm never gonna get the chance. Hey, that's not true. They could still show up to celebrate your funeral. She's awake. Don't even think about it. Sorry I took you out. Twice. Yeah, well, at least you didn't use your bionics full-strength. Yeah, that's right. I always dial it back for the ladies. We think we found a way to stimulate your memories by acting out some scenes from your past with Krane. We're hoping that when he gave you the Doomsday virus, he told you how to deactivate it. So we're gonna reenact that moment. I'm gonna play Krane, and Chase will play you. Hold on. How come you get to play Krane? Because I knew him better than anybody. Plus, I do a spot-on impression. I used to kill at our dinner parties. And then he'd threaten to kill me. Well, I'm definitely not gonna play S-1. No offense. Why not? Too much of a stretch for you to reach that level of macho? No offense. Guys, we don't have time to argue. But just for the record, I do think you'd make a great S-1. You want to borrow Bree's boots? You can stuff some paper in there so they fit. Can we just do this?! You're on an operating table in Krane's lab. It's dark. You're terrified. The madman approaches. I'm Victor Krane, and I want to take over the world! I also told Douglas I'd take him on a vacation to the Florida Keys never happened! Now you. Ahem. Oh, no! Mr. Krane! Please don't give me, S-1, that bad, bad virus! I don't suppose this is helping you remember anything. No. But it is making me hope that when I do blow up, I take these two out with me. No offense. So, when I saw how sad you were, I quit blowing up my balloons and tried to figure out a way to cheer you up. So you called all my friends from Mission Creek to convince them to come to the party? You bet! And they all said no. But don't worry. I got you the next best thing. Surprise! Surprise. Wow! Heh heh heh. Who are these people? Your new friends. Or, as I like to call 'em, random people I picked up on the pier. Why would you do that? Because your real friends don't like you. We've been over this. Look, you said you wanted a party, and since no one was gonna come, I figured I had to do something. And don't worry. Took a lot less effort than it looks. You know, Adam, in a weird way I am really touched. If this is my last day on Earth, I'm glad I'm going out knowing my brother loves me. Hmm. And I'm glad I'm going out knowing all of our valuable possessions will be stolen by these lovely drifters. Role playing didn't work, decrypting the virus didn't work I'm out of options! Hey, guys, any progress? Oh, great, more mess to clean up! This is useless! There's no fix. What do you mean there's no fix? I'm not having Krane's virus take me out. I'd rather have one of you guys do it. Oh, Adam, that's ridiculous. No. He's right. Okay, if you say so. Give me that! I know what to do. A virus needs a carrier, and without the carrier, the virus dies. So what are you saying? We need to trick the virus into thinking we're dead. Good idea. We'll be ghosts. Bree, go get the sheets. I'll cut out the eye holes. If we give ourselves our own Doomsday virus, it'll shut down our bionic infrastructures. Great plan, Chase, except you forgot one little thing: We'll be dead. Only temporarily. We can control our own virus. As long as Douglas starts uninstalling it right after it takes effect, none of us will actually die. So our lives depend on this guy? And we're all okay with that? The plan's too risky. We're not doin' it! We only have two minutes left! What else are we gonna do? There has to be another way! I have a firewall program on my old laptop. If the codes match, it could block the virus. I'll be right back. We don't have time to wait. We have to install our own Doomsday virus. Attention, everyone! I'm about to wirelessly install a lethal virus into your chips. But I'm doing it to save you. And if for some reason it doesn't work, well, you can all forget about last night's homework. Chase, what are you doing? Don't you need Douglas to bring everyone back? No. We have you. Who "you"? Me "you"? Yes, you. Look, Leo, don't worry. As soon as I send the virus to all of our chips, I'll tell you exactly how to uninstall it. Fine. But we only have thirty seconds left. Hurry! Okay! Okay, the virus is installed. Leo, all you have to do is No. No. No! No. No. No. No! No! What did you do?! It wasn't me! It was Chase! I told him not to install the virus, but he did it anyway! He is trouble, that one trouble! Get out of the way! Krane's Doomsday virus deactivated. Now I'll just have to uninstall Chase's. Come on, come on Why isn't anyone waking up? I don't know. What do you mean you don't know? They can't go much longer without oxygen! It's not my virus! I'm doing my best! Great job, Professor. Chase's virus is still active because you forgot to hit Enter. Well, I probably didn't hit it because I was busy doing Hit! It! Aw, come on! We're alive. And no one blew up. The students in the training area! No! No! No! Adam, what are you doing? Trying to make you think students were popping. Don't just stand there. Help me pop! Eh, why not? Okay. All right, listen up. I know we're all having fun celebrating being alive and stuff, but your homework is due tomorrow. Only you could make being brought back to life a buzz-kill. I've got the tarp. I'm gonna go blow somethin' up. Well, I'm happy to say we're all virus-free. Whoo! Speak for yourself. I caught something nasty. That is the last time I buy used balloons. Yeah. No, it's not. So, does this mean we can finally put our past behind us? I guess. But just in case you decide to get all evil again, I'm rockin' a bionic leg now. I'm sorry. I want to be intimidated by you, but I just can't. Look let's just make a fresh start and see where it goes from there. Deal. I'm just glad I'm not getting those flashbacks anymore. Hey! Guys, look, I found two more. Hang around here long enough and you'll have plenty of other horrifying memories to replace 'em with.

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