• Doyle: I wish we could see how Yuya's doing? Then what's the deal with Dennis and Zuzu?

  • Dennis: Are you going to introduce me to your twin sister?
  • Zuzu: You must be Lulu. I'm Zuzu.

  • Dennis: It's perfect alright, Zuzu.

  • Dennis: It feels like somethings missing I know.

  • Dennis: Sorry. Okay. Get ready. Here's the real show stopper.

  • Dennis: I didn't mean literally.

  • Celina: Are you hoping that I feel sorry and go easy on you?

  • Dennis: No. I would never.

  • Boy: This is the end of the line, gentlemen.
  • Mieru: Everything's sealed off. But I need to find my Yuya. In a city this big though. He could be anywhere. I have to relay on him breakable bond. We share to die my heart to him.

  • Gong: Huh?
  • Mieru: Where's my Yuya?
  • (They see Yuya over there)
  • Both: Huh?
  • Gong: Looks like we found him. And so can trouble.
  • Mieru: Yuya?

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