Ben 10: Omniverse: Season: 4 Episode: 5

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Return to Forever OTTO Motives

Setting: Undertown

(Ben and Patelliday are chasing Liam, Sweet-Eels, and Sparklefunk on the Tenn-Speed. The three criminals are shooting at them)

Liam: Blast them to… (clucks)

Ben: Whoa! (dodges the blast) He’s got pretty good aim for an overgrown chicken.

Patelliday: Yeah, and for street thugs, they're toting some unusually advanced tech.

(Ben presses the Omnitrix and transforms into XLR8)

XLR8: I’ll head them off! Catch Up!

Patelliday: Tennyson! You took the keys!

[ Tires Screech ]

XLR8: Coochie-coochie-coo!

Liam: [ Squawking ]

[ Laser Guns Whirring ]

[ Engine revving ]

XLR8: [ Grunts ]

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben: These blasters look familiar.

Patelliday: That’s because they’re top-secret Plumber Tech. They’re ours!

Gwen: Have a good time at the car show… But not too good a time.

[ Toilet flushes ]

[ Intermittent beeping ]

[ Beeping slows ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Gwen: Grandpa? Y-You didn’t answer your--

Lucy: Psych! [Giggles, Snorts]

Max: Gwen. I have something very important to tell you.

Young Gwen: What is it, Grandpa?

Young Lucy: Psych! [Giggles, Snorts] Pffft! Gwen! Are you surprised to see me?

Young Gwen: Cousin Lucy? What are you doing here?!

Young Lucy: I’m visiting for a couple months. But don’t worry. I promise I won’t get mud on anything.

Young Gwen: I… see you’re wearing my favorite shirt. And using my favorite hairbrush!

Lucy: Gwen! surprised to see me?

Gwen: Cousin Lucy? What are you doing here?

Lucy: I’ve been working with The Plumbers for a couple of months now. Don’t worry. I promise I won’t get mud on anything.

Patelliday: They were using top-secret Plumber weapons.

Ben: How are low-level bad guys in Undertown getting their hands on our tech?

Max: This information doesn’t leave this room, but Plumber Tech has been mysteriously disappearing from our base in the last couple of months.

Patelliday: Disappearing… or being stolen.

Max: We believe we have a mole inside Plumber Headquarters.

Ben: You mean Jerry from Inhuman Resources? [Chuckles] I wasn’t say anything, but he looks exactly like a mole. It’s a joke! Of course I know what a mole is. How dumb do you think --

Max: Patelliday, put The Plumbers on high alert. Increased security, no unauthorized access to restricted areas -- the works. There's a traitor among us.

Patelliday: All right, people. You heard Magister Tennyson…

Ben: Okay. We’re on high alert now. Let’s see some I.D., Cousin Lucy.

Lucy: Ha! I got my Plumber Badge right here.

Gwen: Plumber Badge?

Max: Yes. Your Cousin Lucy is the first-ever Sludgepuppy Plumber.

Lucy: I graduated early from Plumber Academy -- number one in my class. I’ve already been promoted four times.

Ben: Hear that, Gwen? You might have gone to college early, but Lucy’s already done.

Lucy: Hey, when you finally finish college, maybe we could be partners! Or better yet, maybe I could be your Commanding Officer! [Giggles, Snorts] Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

Gwen: Yeah -- hilarious.

Ben: It’s good to see you, Gwen. We never do anything together anymore. You should visit more often.

Gwen: I know, I know. It’s just that I get so busy.

Ben: We’re all busy, but you have to make time in life for the important stuff, right? Hey, Jerry! That’s Jerry -- from Inhuman Resources.

Patelliday: Gwen, I just got a call from Janitorial Services complaining about the stinky mess you left in the girls’ bathroom.

Gwen: What?! No! I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lucy: Psych!

Ben: [Laughs] Oh, man! Lucy, you got her good! Oh, Gwen, you should’ve seen the face you made when you realized you were pranked. [Chuckles] Yeah. Just… like that.

[ Buzzer ]

Ben: Why are you taking me down here? Oh, you’re not gonna hurt me, are you? ‘Cause I was sorry.

Gwen: No, nothing like that. Just need someplace where we can talk alone -- without Cousin Lucy around.

Ben: What’s wrong with Cousin Lucy?

Gwen: She’s just rubs me the wrong way, okay? Always since we were kids. She’s just so… You know? I don’t even get how we’re related to her.

Ben: She’s our second cousin-in-law, once removed. She’s Grandpa Max’s brother’s son’s wife's mother’s sister’s daughter.

Gwen: I’ll take your word for it.

Ben: Come on. Cousin Lucy is awesome. Especially ‘cause she gets on your nerves. [Chuckles]

Gwen: [Groans] Okay. Now I’m gonna hurt you.

[ Door opens ]

Gwen: Nobody’s supposed to be down here.

Ben: We’re down here.

Gwen: And the alarm beeped when we came in.

[ Footsteps ]

Gwen: And you said we never do anything together any more.

[ Beep ]

[ Beep ]

Ben: He couldn’t have given us the slip.

Gwen: He has to be in here. This generator…

[ Chugging ]

Gwen: ...Something's wrong with it.

Ben: What makes you think that?

[ Electricity crackles ]

Gwen: Just a hunch.

Ben: The entire power core is going up! Maybe I can shut it down before things get worse. Or… maybe not.

(Ben presses the Omnitrix and transforms into Eye Guy)

Eye Guy: I got this one! And that's the end of that chap...

Lucky Girl: [ Pants ] The generators are still running! We need to cut the power!

Eye Guy: Is there a switch? A plug I can pull? (searching around and finds the power cable, then Eye Guy jumps up and fires laser beam) That cut them off from the power grid. And that’s the end of that chapter…Oh. They're still on fire. (fires the freeze laser beam)

Lucky Girl: And that’s the end of that chapter.

Eye Guy: Hey, you stole my line!

Ben: Someone tampered with the access panel.

Gwen: This was no accident. This was sabotage.

Ben: You’ve got that suspicious look on your face. You think you know who did it.

Gwen: I can’t shake this bad feeling, but… Where’s Lucy?

[ Footsteps ]

Liam: [Squawks] Are you okay, Boss?

Psyphon: No, Liam. I am not okay. Do you have any idea how much my spy inside the Plumbers is costing me?

Liam: You said we’re not allowed to know --Bkaww!-- What our coworkers are making.

Psyphon: Well, it’s expensive! I’m paying that spy a lot. And let me tell you, it’s...

[ Engines roar ]

Psyphon: …It’s… worth… every… penny.

Patelliday: The explosion in the power core was meant to be a diversion.

Max: During the chaos, someone managed to make off with several Plumber Tanks.

Ben: First, it was energy weapons, now they’re stealing our tanks?!

Patelliday: At this rate, soon, there won’t be anything left to steal.

Ben: There's no way Lucy has anything to do with this.

Gwen: Hello?! These thefts started a few months ago, right at the same time she arrived.

Ben: Look, it’s one thing for her to borrow your favorite shirt, but do you really think Lucy is capable of stealing Plumber Tanks?

Gwen: I don’t know exactly what she’s capable of, but I’m gonna find out.

Ben: Hey, Rook. How’s the auto show?

[ Indistinct screaming ]

Ben: Whoa, Rook, I can barely hear you over all that screaming in the background. Look, whatever trouble you and Kevin are in, it can’t be anywhere near as bad as what we’re dealing with here.

[ Weapon fire ]

Ben: Okay, I stand corrected. Your thing is way worse.

[ Weapon fire continues ]

Gwen: [ Gasps ] Kevin? Why are you here and not at the auto show with Rook?

Lucy: Psych! [Giggles, Snorts]

Young Lucy: So, what’s Kevin Levin like?

Young Gwen: Uh! He’s the worst! Thinks he’s so tough and bad.

Young Lucy: [Gasps] No way! You like him! [Giggles, Snorts] [Singsong voice] You like Kevin!

Young Gwen: [Scoffs] As If!

Young Lucy: You totally wish you were sitting with him in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Young Gwen: Oh, please! Kevin Levin? Never in a million years!

Gwen: [Growls]

Max: Because of recent Security Breaches, we’re gonna move all the classified plumber tech off-planet ASAP, starring with the most dangerous piece in our possession -- the Anihilaarg.

All: [Gasps] The Anihilaarg?!

Ben: Not the Anigh -- Uh… The Aniha -- That thing again.

Patelliday: Bingo! Legendary device with enough power to destroy the entire universe!

Gwen: I read the security briefing. But I thought the Anihilaarg didn’t work.

Patelliday: Somebody fixed it.

(Blukic and Driba point to each other)

Ben: What’d I miss?

Gwen: You’re not fooling me, Lucy?

Ben: You think I’m Lucy?

Gwen: Just drop the act. Of course you’re Lucy!

Ben: Hi. My name is Ben Tennyson. You may have heard of me. The two of us supposedly related, only, apparently, I’m not as paranoid as you are.

Gwen: [Sighs] You’re right. I let Lucy get in my head, and now I’m accusing everyone of being her. I’m sorry, Ben. I know you’re not Lucy.

Lucy: Psych! [Giggles]

Gwen: [Growls] The Anihilaarg is safely on board.

Max: I copy. Good luck.

Ben: Hey, if that’s Grandpa Max, ask him if we’re getting hazard pay for this.

Psyphon: Doors open for business! Now bring me the Anihilaarg.

Liam: You heard the boss! Bring the Annigila -- Bkaww! -- Arrgh!

[ Laser guns whirring ]

Ben: Oh, we so better be getting hazard pay for this.

(Ben presses the Omnitrix and transforms into Astrodactyl)

[ Laser guns whirring ]

Both: Whoa! AAAAAAH!

Gorvan: [ Grunts ]

[ Both scream ]

Liam: Eat neutrinos, ya Bkaww!

Lucky Girl: With a side of Mana? Lucy’s not around again? What a surprise.

Astrodactyl: And you get a whip! And you get a whip! And you get a whip!

Lucky Girl: Duck!

Astrodactyl: Astrodac-- Oh. Eat my dust!

Lucky Girl: Ben! It’s too late.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben: The Annarla… ha-- Uh… Anilag-gahge--

Lucky Girl: Anihilaarg!

Ben: Really? Do I look like I care what’s it’s called?! The most dangerous weapon in the universe is gone!

Lucky Girl: She got the Anihilaarg.

Ben: You have no proof that Cousin Lucy is the spy.

Gwen: Every time something like this happens, Lucy is nowhere to be found! Wake up, Ben. Lucy sold us out.

Liam: The Anihilaarg! Bkaww! It’s indescribable. It’s -- B-B-Bkaww!

Psyphon: The power to obliterate the entire universe -- literally in my hands. [Laughs Evilly]

[ Door opens ]

Gorvan: Psyphon!!

Psyphon: Nice of you to join us. You look terrible.

Gorvan: [Growls] You had me thrown off the Transport Ship!

Psyphon: I was making sure the Plumbers wouldn’t suspect you were the spy. You thought to be thanking me.

Gorvan: Then here’s a token of my appreciation. Rahr!

[ Weapons charging ]

Gorvan: Call them off!

Psyphon: [Laughing] Gorvan, you make me laugh.

Gorvan: Then I’ll break you in half.

Psyphon: Oh. You make a good point. Lower your weapons!

[ Crash ]

Psyphon: The Plumbers?! I should have known! You told them where we were!

Gorvan: I was your spy! Why would I tell them where to find you?

Psyphon: Who else could have led them here?

Liam: Bkaww! [Clears Throat] Actually -- Baw! -- That was me.

Lucy: [Giggles, Snorts]

[ Laser guns whirring ]

Psyphon: [Grunts] [Growls] Wipe out the Plumbers! And wipe out Gorvan! And wipe out the Sludgepuppy! [Growls] Just wipe them all out!

Lucy: Gorvan was the mole in Plumber HQ.

Patelliday: You heard the lady! Find Gorvan!

(Ben presses the Omnitrix and transforms into Crashhopper)

Crashhopper: [Chirps] Pardon me! Excuse me! [Snorts]

[ Loud explosion ]

Psyphon: Time to field-test this Plumber Tech.

Crashhopper: I don’t like the sound of that. [ Chirping ] Plumber Tech might be built… Too well. Gorvan’s getting away!

Lucky Girl: No, he’s not!

Gorvan: [ Laughs ] Oh! So you wanna dance?

Lucky Girl: Well, I did take cotillion for three years. (Gorvan stares in confusion) Cotillion. It means...

Gorvan: Gimme back my Anihilaarg! (He throws punches at Lucky Girl, but she puts up a shield) Maybe you didn’t notice, but I’m bigger and stronger than you.

Lucky Girl: I hadn’t notice. Gee. Then this beat down I’m putting on you must be embarrassing. Really embarrassing. (Gorvan charges at her, but she flips him) Three years of cotillion, nine years of judo.

Crashhopper: [Chirping]

[ Viewfinder beeping rapidly ]

[ Beeping slows ]

[ Engine powering down ]

Psyphon: No. No! No!!

[ Footsteps ]

Psyphon: No? Vilgax? I’m -- I’m… your humble… servant. I-I-I L-L-L I-- I live to serve. Please -- Don’t hurt me. P-P-P-P-P-P Please.

Lucy: Psych!

Psyphon: You’ve ruined everything! [Grunts]

Lucy: Aw, thanks! That’s so kind of you to say.

Psyphon: Ungh! Ahh! Uhh! Gehh!

Crashhopper: [Chirps]

Psyphon: [Groans]

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Lucky Girl: Think fast!

Ben: Hahh! [Grunts] Don’t throw it! What are you, crazy?! [ Rattling ] Wait. It’s a fake?

Lucky Girl: Psych.

Lucy: [Giggles, Snorts] Good one!

Patelliday: We knew all along that Lucy wasn’t the mole.

Max: Lucy was brought in to pose as Liam and figure out who the real traitor among us was.

Gwen: I should’ve known. I was convinced Lucy was a traitor just because of my feelings from when we were kids. I can’t believe I could suspect my own family.

Ben: I can’t believe for once, I’m the mature one in a situation.

Max: Try not to feel bad about it, Gwen. Counterintelligence and covert spying are tricky business. Sometimes even when you think you know, you don’t know.

Young Gwen: My hairbrush? [Growls] Cousin Lucy again. Have you seen Cousin Lucy?

Young Ben: Nope.

Young Gwen: Lucy keeps using my favorite hairbrush, without asking! And she keeps getting mud on it!

Young Ben: [Chuckling] Yeah. Some people can be so inconsiderate.

Young Gwen: I know, right? Plus, she... [Growls]

Young Ben: Gangway!

Young Gwen: This hairbrush is going up your nose!

Young Lucy: [Giggles] Wait up! I want to play, too!

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Ben: Hey, Rook.

[ Tires screeching ]

Ben: Wait -- what?! Where’s Kevin?! Wait. How big are we talking here?

[ Crash ]

Ben: Okay, okay. Try not to make it any worse. I’m on my way.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Ben: [Chuckles Nervously] Those two jokers. They’re having a great time. A great… uneventful time. Excuse me. [Panting]

Gwen: I’m sorry. I never should have suspected you to be a traitor. I understand if you’re mad at me.

Lucy: [Chuckling] Please! I’m not mad at you. We’re family. Besides, someday, I’ll get you back when I’m your Commanding Officer.

Gwen: [Chuckles] Wait. You are kidding, right? Right? Psych?

Lucy: [Giggles, Snorts]

[End of Mud Is Thicker than Water]