Narrator: Peppa and George are playing at Granny and Grandpa Pigs’ house today.

Peppa Pig: Hello, Grandpa Pig.

George: Papa ‘ig.

Grandpa Pig: Hello, Peppa. Hello, George.

Peppa Pig: Grandpa, what are you doing?

Grandpa Pig: I’m making a flower garden.

Peppa Pig and George: Oo-oo.

Grandpa Pig: These seeds will grow into beautiful flowers.

Grandpa Pig: I drop the seeds on the ground. Then I cover the seeds with earth.

Grandpa Pig: Oh, where have they gone?

Narrator: The seeds have disappeared.

Grandpa Pig: That’s strange. I’m sure I put some seeds here.

Peppa Pig: Yes, Grandpa. We saw you.

Grandpa Pig: Well, they’re not here now.

Grandpa Pig: Oh, well. I’ll just have to use some more.

Grandpa Pig: As I was saying, I simply drop the seeds on the ground.

Narrator: A little bird is eating Grandpa Pig’s flower seeds.

Grandpa Pig: Oy, get off my seeds!

Grandpa Pig: So that’s where all my seeds went.

Peppa Pig: Into the little bird’s tummy.

Narrator: Two more little birds are eating Grandpa Pig’s seeds.

Peppa Pig: Oh, look.

Grandpa Pig: Shoo, shoo.

Granny Pig: What’s all this noise?

Grandpa Pig: Granny Pig, the birds are eating all my flower seeds.

Peppa Pig: So we’re chasing the birds away.

Granny Pig: There’s no point chasing them. They’ll just come back again. Look.

Granny Pig: We need a scarecrow.

Peppa Pig: What’s a scarecrow? Granny Pig: A scarecrow is a straw man that scares birds away.

Grandpa Pig: What a good idea, Granny Pig. I’ll make one. Come on, everyone.

Peppa Pig: Bye-bye, little birds. We’re going to make a scarecrow.

Narrator: This is Grandpa Pig’s garden shed.

Grandpa Pig: There’ll be plenty of things in here to make a scarecrow. First, we need two sticks and some string.

Peppa Pig: We’ll find them.

Narrator: Peppa has found some sticks. George has found some string.

Grandpa Pig: Good. I’ll tie the sticks together to make the body.

Narrator: Granny Pig has found some straw and an old sack.

Grandpa Pig: Lovely. I’ll put the straw in the sack to make the head. Now the scarecrow needs something to wear.

Granny Pig: Here’s a bag of old clothes.

Peppa Pig and George: Woo-oo.

Narrator: George has found a dress.

Peppa Pig: Silly George. Mr Scarecrow doesn’t want to wear a dress.

Narrator: Peppa has found a coat.

Grandpa Pig: Very good, Peppa.

Narrator: George has found a hat.

Granny Pig: Very good, George.

Peppa Pig: Mr Scarecrow needs a face.

Grandpa Pig: That’s right. Would you and George like to paint a face?

Peppa Pig: Yes, please.

Narrator: George paints the eyes and nose.

Peppa Pig: Peppa paints the mouth.

Grandpa Pig: Fantastic.

Narrator: Mr Scarecrow is ready.

Grandpa Pig, Granny Pig, Peppa Pig and George: Hurrah!

Narrator: The little birds are looking for Grandpa Pig’s flower seeds.

Peppa Pig: Look, the little birds are back.

Grandpa Pig: Don’t worry, Peppa. Mr Scarecrow will scare them off.

Narrator: It worked. Mr Scarecrow has scared the little birds away.

Grandpa Pig, Granny Pig, Peppa Pig and George: Hurrah!

Grandpa Pig: Good. Now my flower seeds will not be eaten.

Peppa Pig: Oh, Grandpa. The birds look very sad.

Grandpa Pig: Yes, they must be hungry. That’s why I brought this.

Peppa Pig: What’s that, Granny?

Granny Pig: It’s a bird feeder.

Granny Pig: Grandpa, may I have some seeds, please?

Granny Pig: Come on, birdies. Lunchtime.

Granny Pig: Now the birdies have their own seeds to eat.

Peppa Pig: Hurrah! The little birds are happy again.

Narrator: Peppa is glad that Grandpa Pig’s seeds will not be eaten. But she is even more glad that the little birds will not be hungry.