Reese: Craig! You are ruining our date!
Craig: (slams on the brakes and looks back at Reese & Alison) Now listen here! Do you know how long I have dreamed and planned for this night? 34 YEARS AND I'M NOT GONNA LET YOU LITTLE BRATS RUIN IT!!! We're gonna have a hayride, dinner, and a bonfire and it will be a magical evening that will live in our hearts FOREVER!!!
Alison: What's that on your glasses?
Craig: (takes his glasses off) What?
[Alison pepper sprays him with a can of mace.]
Craig: Ahhhhhh!!!!! Reese, you said she would be nice to me. You said she'd like me!!!!
[Alison looks at Reese shock and unfastens her seatbelt to get our of the car.]
Reese: Yeah, let's ditch this loser.
[Alison positions the mace can on Reese too, implying that she will spray him next if he doesn't let her go her own way. Reese smiles nervously.]
Reese: Okay, see you in school.
[Alison slams the door and leaves to attend the concert alone, while Reese is forced to spend the rest of his evening with Craig.]
[At the beach in the final scene, Craig's vision in his eyes have returned abeit that the outer parts remain red from being sprayed with mace by Alison.]
Craig: This is great, isn't it? Alison's nice, but I have to say I think a date's better with just two people.
Reese: Can we stop calling this a date?
Craig: Well, whatever it is, I can't wait to see the look on my neighbor's face when I come strolling home past eleven. Eat your heart out, Mrs. Clevasol.
Reese: I think I missed my curfew.
Craig: There are no curfews on a night like tonight.
[He grabs a ukelele and starts singing a song by Air Supply while a pissed off Reese continues toasting marshmellows.]

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