(Yellow has the bloodhound and Red walks to him)

Red: Hey, Peanutboy. What's with the bloodhound?

Yellow: I got him to track down the grey imposter M&M's.

(Bloodhound sniffs on Red.)

Red: (to Bloodhound) Stop that.

Yellow: Yeah, he fights the grey imposter, we threw it in the gate and sell the bag for a million bucks.

Red: Really? Because, I've heard that--

(Bloodhound moves Red with his own head.)

Red: Would you--

(Bloodhound sees Red in black and white that looks like the grey imposter.)

Red: But, dogs can only see--

(Bloodhound growls, Red run away screaming, Bloodhound runs after Red, the leash was tied into Yellow's feet, it pulls away faster, and Yellow screams)

Red: Nice doggy!

Yellow: Look out!

(Red was still running and screaming, the bloodhound was still chasing after Red, and Yellow was still pulled on the leash fast. Yellow accidently bumped the boxes two times, he flys away, the leash was untied to his foot, he screams, he falls and he lands on the ground. He gets up slowly. Yellow saw Red got eaten by the bloodhound and Yellow gasped.)

Yellow: Red?

(Yellow walks to the bloodhound and he goes to hear the bloodhound's stomach.)


(Yellow lifts the bloodhound's ear up.)

Yellow: I did not know that.

(Red hand came out of the bloodhound's ear and slaps at Yellow's face.)

Red: Chocolate for brains.

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