(In a laboratory room, a man scans the view before him, seeing two fading bodies laid on the floor. One, a man with long blond hair, the other, a silver-haired youth. Darkness rises off of them like smoke.)

?????: Hey! Is this how you wanted it?

(The man faces another in the room, who starts to walk toward him)

Braig: Xehanort! You wanna fill me in?

(The man lifts his arm and summons a black and white keyblade)

?????: I am…

Braig: Hey! Do you remember now, or… Wait, did you never lose your memory?

(The man leaps forward and plunges the blade into Braig’s chest)

?????: That’s not my name. I’m not "Xehanort."

(Braig’s eyes widen with shock and he falls to the floor, exhaling loudly. A heart surges from his chest)

?????: My name… is Ansem.

(On a quaint island in the middle of a vast ocean, two boys stare out to sea)

Sora: But how far could a raft take us?

Riku: Who knows? If we have to, we’ll think of something else.

(Later, the two sail on their raft in dark waters)

Sora: Riku, a storm’s coming.

(Sora kneels and looks at the water)

Riku: I know. The waves are getting steep. Furl the sail.

Sora: Right. (Something large jets out of the water and rips the mast clean off the raft. Sora looks up and sees Riku in the water, holding onto the mast for his life.) Riku!

Riku: I’m fine!

(The waters start to churn, lightning flashes, and a figure rises up out of the deep)

Riku: What’s that?

(A gigantic cecaelia turns to face Sora and he recognizes her immediately)

Ursula: Oh, he was right. Those wretched guppies are here. Well, it’s about time we settled the score.

Sora: Ursula? But how-- Is this the test?

Riku: Come on! You can work it out later!

Sora: All right!

(Ursula notices Riku standing on top of the floating mast)

Ursula: Sorry, dearies, but I won’t fall for that trick!

(Ursula slams a tentacle into the water and Riku uses the chance to jump back aboard the raft)

Ursula: You dare toy with me! You insignificant fools! To the depths with you!

(She blows large bubbles at them, but dodge out of the way)

Ursula: Time for my revenge!

(Ursula summons lightning bolts, but they escape unscathed. Sora attacks and she snatches him up into her hand)

Ursula: There, I have you now!

(Riku attacks and she releases Sora with a cry. After several attacks, she fades out eerily. The waves get rougher and toss about the raft, sending the two underwater. As the storm rages above with thunder and lightning, Sora and Riku drop down through the water. A keyhole appears and their keyblades flash into their hands. Almost with minds of their own, they aim at the keyhole and shoot a beam of light toward it, engulfing everything. Meanwhile, on the surface of the water, a figure dressed in a brown cloak bearing a crossed symbol on its chest stares down through the water)

?????: This world has been connected.

(Yen Sid addresses Sora and Riku in his Mysterious Tower, having summoned them there for a special purpose. King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy stand beside his chair)

Yen Sid: As a Keyblade Master, Xehanort had a gift like few others. But such great minds are often plagued by a single great question. What is the essence of the human heart that weakens us, or empowers us? The answer, he believed, would be found in the "Keyblade War." What if the challenges of our past were, in fact, a map to the light and darkness that battles within us all? Xehanort had to know, so he renounced his duties as master and chose the seeker's life. Since then, in many a guise, he has clashed with protectors of the light--Keyblade wielders like yourselves. And mark my words--he will trouble us yet again. We must be ready. Which is why you, Sora and Riku, are to be tested for the mark of a true Keyblade Master. No doubt you fancy yourselves masters already, but it takes years of training. Only a true master can teach you the proper way. Both of you are self- taught Keyblade wielders--an impressive feat. However, the time has come for you to let go of preconceived notions, forget what you know about the Keyblade, and begin your training again with a clean slate.

Sora, Donald, Goofy & Mickey: (surprised) Huh?!

Sora: But that’s a formality, right? I already proved myself. Me and the king, and Riku--we can take on anything. Right, Riku?

Riku: I don’t know. (Riku summons his Keyblade) I think that in my heart, darkness still has a hold. (He dispels the blade) Walking that path changed me. I’m not sure if I’m ready to wield a Keyblade. Maybe I do need to be tested.

Sora: Riku…

(He turns back to Yen Sid)

Sora: Then count me in. Put me through the test! Just watch--me and Riku will pass with flying colors!

(He puts his hands behind his head in a confident pose, while Mickey, Donald, and Goofy exchange glances)

Yen Sid: (nodding) Very well, then. Sora and Riku, let your examination begin.

(Some time later, Sora awakes in a sleepy town. He looks around with a great sense of nostalgia)

Sora: Huh? This is… Traverse Town. (He looks down) Hey, what’s with my clothes? Must be more of Master Yen Sid’s magic. (He checks out his outfit, the red and black fabric, and the white straps crossing his chest. He stomps his foot against the ledge floor. Over the rooftops, a figure jumps at lightning fast speed) What happened to Riku? (Sora jumps onto the railing of the ledge) (shouting) Riku! Hellooo? Rikuuu!

????: Shut it.

Sora: Huh?

????: Talk about noise…

(Sora sees a boy in blue hanging from the roof above him and falls off the ledge. Sora picks himself up off the ground as the boy jumps down in front of him, his bright orange hair contrasting his large blue headphones)

????: Sora, right?

Sora: Yeah, but, uh… how do you know that?

(He grabs Sora’s hand and opens his palm)

????: Looks like you’re not a Player.

Sora: A Player?

????: C’mon, keep up. In the Game.

(He shows his own palm to Sora, which reads "43:09" in red-lit numbers, slowly counting down)

????: Players get marked with the time limit. And this Game, I can’t afford to lose. I need my Game partner.

Sora: Okay… I don’t know about any "Game," but can I help?

????: What? Time out. Do you trust every total stranger you meet? Look-- sorry, you’re no good. You’re not a Player. And my pact’s with someone else.

Sora: Okay, so we can’t be partners. Why don’t I just help you out as your friend?

(The boy turns away from Sora)

????: Now we’re friends? It’s not that easy.

Sora: Not saying it is, but…you could make it easier.

????: Yeah, sounds great. Whatever.

Sora: Cool! Lead the way.

(The boy jumps toward a lamppost and swings around it, much to Sora’s surprise. He leaps from the lamppost to a railing and slides upwards, making a huge leap into the air, and landing near the back of the accessory shop. Sora gives a small laugh and follows him to the Second District)

Sora: Hey, I didn’t catch your name.

(Several dog-like creatures appear around them)

????: Dream Eaters!

(One tries to attack the boy, but he dodges)

Sora: That’s a weird name.

????: Not me. Them.

(He points toward the creatures and the same one makes for another attack)

Sora: Right. I knew that!

(The boy jumps back and a cat-like creature appears and attacks one of the enemies. It starts to lead it down an alleyway)

????: Don’t let ‘em surround us! Let’s split up!

Sora: Got it!

(He whips out his Keyblade)

????: Oh uh, and…it’s Neku.

Sora: Huh?

Neku: Neku Sakuraba. You asked.

Sora (smiling): "Neku Sakuraba." That’s a mouthful!

Neku: No. It’s really not.

(Sora laughs)

Sora: C’mon, Neku. Let’s take ‘em!

(They defeat all the Dream Eaters and Sora takes a closer look at Neku’s cat-like companion. It meows and prances around happily)

Sora: These things with you--they’re Dream Eaters, too?

Neku: Yeah. If I’m gonna survive the Game, I’m gonna need some extra help. Think you could control them?

Sora: Sure. I guess…

(The scene flashes back to the conversation with Yen Sid)

Yen Sid: If we are ever to strike down Xehanort, we need the individuals King Mickey spoke of in his letter. We must lead them out of sorrow and slumber, and back to our world. To do so, seven Sleeping Keyholes must be found and unlocked, and a great power retrieved. As you know, every world is walled off from the next, preventing travel between them. In the past, you could bridge these gaps because the walls were broken, or because you could open special Lanes with your Keyblades. But your new goals, the "Sleeping Keyholes," are harder to reach. You’ll recall, in your first journey, that you brought many worlds back from the darkness--but some never returned completely. They still sleep, cut off from all outside channels. Not even the Heartless can enter.

(He waves his hand and it glows with a white aura)

Yen Sid: But these Sleeping Worlds are said to have their own manner of darkness.

(The small image of a dog-like creature appears on the wizard’s desk)

Yen Sid: They are called "Dream Eaters," and there are two kinds-- "Nightmares," which devour happy dreams--and benevolent "Spirits," which consume the Nightmares.

(A lighter colored version of the creature appears beside it. It paws the air cutely and rolls over)

Yen Sid: The Dream Eaters will guide you, just as the Heartless once guided you, to the Keyhole you seek at the heart of each world.

(In Traverse Town, Sora acquires a Spirit called "Meow Wow" and fights Dream Eaters alongside it, catching up to Neku in the Third District. Neku stands in the square and gazes upward)

Neku: I brought you Sora! We had a bargain!

Sora: What’s the matter, Neku?

(A figure in a black cloak approaches the ledge and looks down to them)

Sora: No way!

(He readies his Keyblade and the figure leaps into the air)

Neku: Hey! That wasn’t the deal! You said you wouldn’t hurt him!

(Neku leaps to stop him)

Sora: Don’t! Neku! They’re too dangerous!

(Suddenly, Sora is overcome by a mysterious sleepiness)

Sora: What? Why am I so…sleepy?

(His balance falters and he blacks out. At that moment, Riku awakes in the Third District and looks around)

Riku: Am I in… Traverse Town?

(He looks down at his jeans and feels the collar of his shirt. The back is emblazoned with a large symbol)

Riku: My clothes have changed.

(He realizes he is alone)

Riku: Sora! Where are you?

(He begins to walk)

Riku: I remember we fell overboard after Ursula attacked…and then I think we opened a Keyhole. So…this must be one of the Sleeping Worlds. My Keyblade--it just sort of…popped into my hand when I needed it most.

(He stares at his empty hand)

Riku: Right. It’s started.

??????: Wow! Where’s your Portal?

(Riku gasps, looking toward the direction of the sudden voice. He sees a long haired boy sitting on an arch over the fountain in the corner of the square)

??????: It takes something special to jump between grounds without one.

Riku: Who are you?

??????: My name is Joshua.

Riku: What do you mean, "Portal"?

Joshua: Are we just skipping past the part where you tell me your name?

Riku (impatiently): Riku.

Joshua (chuckling): Hello there, Riku. Portals are like gateways that link up our worlds. Apparently, the world you and I are standing in right now-- well, there are two copies of it. It’s been sort of split in half. Portals are what let folks like us cross between them.

Riku: There can be two of a world?

Joshua: The world is as many things as people need it to be. The concept that we all live in the same world--that’s just in our heads. Surely you knew? I’ll tell you what, Riku. I’ve got a little errand for you.

Riku: Sorry. I don’t trust you.

Joshua: Aw, at least hear me out! I’m looking for a girl named Rhyme. She’s the key to the Portal. And on the other side, who knows who we’ll find? Maybe even your friend…Sora.

Riku (surprised): You know Sora?

(Joshua laughs)

Joshua: Now I have your attention.

(He drops down to Riku’s level)

Joshua: But, unfortunately, I don’t know where he is. If he’s not in this version of the world, I can only assume he has to be in the other one. Simple logic.

Riku: Okay, you wanna find Rhyme? You got it. Let’s go.

(They walk into the Second District)

Riku: Joshua, why don’t they ever attack you?

Joshua: "They" being Dream Eaters? They won’t go after you unless you’re a dreamer. Which is funny, because I’ve got plenty of dreams.

Riku: But they’re definitely attacking me… So…you think I’m a dreamer?

Joshua: Every human being is a dreamer. I had a friend once who said he never dreamed of anything, but it turned out that his were the most powerful dreams of all. You sort of remind me of him. Why don’t we give your dreams shape? In this world, they take form as Dream Eaters, which can become great allies.

(Riku acquires a Dream Eater named "Komory Bat". It flaps its wings happily in front of them)

????: I gotchu now, Joshua!

(A tough-looking boy in a tank top and skull hat runs along the pathway in front of the hotel. He stops in front of them and puts a foot on the railing, pointing at his chest)

????: Once I take you down, yo, me and Rhyme is goin’ back were we belong!

Joshua: Beat. How many times do we have to go over this? You’ve been tricked--by that rogue in the black coat.

Riku: What? Black coats? But that’s…

Joshua: I’m telling you you’ve made a friend of our enemy.

Beat: Just can it, aight? Your inverse psychiatry ain’t gonna work! Let’s go, Dream Eaters!

(He summons a Kooma Panda who happily walks over to Komory Bat)

Beat: What? Man, not cool!

(Joshua laughs. Dream Eaters appear and they fight them off)

Beat (sighing angrily): You know what? Forget it.

(He sits on the railing in defeat)

Beat: This is stale, yo.

Joshua: Playing the tough guy 24/7? I’d be worn out too.

Beat: I just…wanna protect the one person who matters.

Riku: I know the feeling.

(Suddenly, Riku is overcome by a mysterious sleepiness)

Riku: Why am I suddenly…so sleepy?

(His balance falters and he blacks out. The scene flashes back to Master Yen Sid’s chamber)

Yen Sid: Long ago, in the age of fairy tales, the World was filled with light--a gift, many believed, from an unseen power known as "Kingdom Hearts." You see, Kingdom Hearts was protected by its counterpart, the "Chi-blade," so that none could ever lay hands on its mysteries. But in time, the World was overrun by legions who wanted the light all for themselves, and the first shadows were cast upon the land. These warriors crafted "Keyblades" in the image of the original Chi-blade, and waged a great war over Kingdom Hearts. We call this the "Keyblade War." But though the war extinguished all light from the World, the darkness could not reach the brightness inside every child’s heart. With that light, the World was remade as we know it today, with countless smaller worlds shining like stars in the sky. As for the real Chi-blade, it did not survive the battle. The two elements that created it, one of darkness and one of light, shattered into twenty pieces--seven of light; thirteen of darkness. And as for the source of all light--the one true Kingdom Hearts--it was swallowed by the darkness, never to be seen again. As long as it remains there, even the brightest world will have its dark corners. After all, light begets darkness, and darkness is drawn to light. For this reason, some decided to use the Keyblade-- a weapon designed to conquer the light--to defend the light instead. These were the first heroes of the Keyblade.

(Sora awakes in Traverse Town with a jolt)

Sora: Where is he?

(He looks up, but sees no one around)

Sora: They’re both gone. Before I fell asleep, Neku said that he and that creep in the coat had a "deal." But what was the deal? Are the two of them in league? That can’t be right… We never even found Neku’s partner. I guess I should just take a look around.

(Sora makes his way to the First District and finds a hidden entrance to the Post Office beneath the tall mailbox in the square. Through there, Sora travels to the Fourth District)

Sora: Wow! Never been this way before!

(He spots a large stadium with balloons)

Sora: Ooh! What’s that?

(He sees a young kid talking to a Moogle)

Sora: Hey, um…any chance you’re Neku’s partner?

?????: Huh?

(They turn to face him, the Moogle flapping his tiny wings)

?????: Umm…I’m not really sure. All I know is that my name is Rhyme.

Sora: You mean…you’ve lost your memory?

Rhyme: Yep.

Sora: Oh. Sorry…

Rhyme: Aw, it’s no big deal. You know what they always say--"Sometimes memories just need a little help getting out."

Sora: Yeah…that’s true. Huh, "a little help"… I know! Maybe Neku can jog your memory! Come on, Rhyme. Let’s go find him!

Rhyme: Right!

(They walk into the Fifth District, which houses a large multilevel garden. Sora looks up and sees Neku standing on the roof. They reach his level)

Sora: Hey, Neku! It’s you!

Neku: Sora… What? You actually still trust me?

Sora: Of course I do.

Neku: But you know that I tricked you, right? That guy in the black coat, he said he could send me home--me and my partner--but I had to bring you to him first. Sorry.

(Neku hangs his head)

Sora: No big deal. When it really mattered, you stood up for me. And besides-- we’re friends. Right?

Neku: Friends…

(Neku turns to smile at him and Sora smiles back)

Sora: Oh, hey, Neku--this here is Rhyme. Is she your Game partner?

Neku: No. Sorry. I’m teamed up with somebody else.

(Rhyme vanishes)

Neku: Huh?

Sora: What? Rhyme!

(The cloaked figure appears in the center of the rooftop. Sora readies his Keyblade and Neku runs toward the man, who knocks him away with ease)

Sora: Neku!

(The figure raises his arms as a large Hockomonkey Nightmare appears, floating in the air above them. A corridor of darkness appears behind the man, who begins to walk inside it)

Sora: Huh? Hey, wait!

(Sora runs forward, but the corridor closes and the Nightmare blocks his path)

Sora: Out of my way!

(After a tough battle, Sora defeats the Hockomonkey. Meanwhile, Riku wakes up in the Second District)

Riku: What happened? Did I fall asleep?

(He stands up and walks around)

Riku: Where are Joshua and Beat?

?????: Hey, do you mind?

(Riku turns and sees a girl running away from some Dream Eaters. He chases them to the First District, finding them surrounding her at a closed-off door. He summons his Keyblade)

Riku: Stay back.

(Riku takes out all the Dream Eaters and faces the girl with pink hair. She holds a cute cat doll in her hands)

?????: Seriously, thanks. I’m Shiki, how ‘bout you?

Riku: Riku.

Shiki: Thanks, Riku.

Riku: Sure.

(Riku starts to leave)

Shiki: Hey! That’s it? You chat up a girl and then just say, "Sure," and walk off?

(He stops and turns back to her)

Riku: I’m bad at this. Sorry. Look, it’s not safe here. You should go home.

Shiki: If it’s dangerous, how can you just leave me here? Aren’t you my knight in shining armor?

(She plays with her doll while talking and winks at him)

Shiki: Well?

Riku: Kn-knight? You’ve got the wrong idea.

Shiki: Omigosh, I was so just kidding. You get out much?

(Riku crosses his arms, unable to form words)

Shiki: You remind me of this guy I know. Well, good thing we met.

Riku: Yeah, great.

(They walk to the Fifth District. At that moment, Sora and Neku reach ground level, seeing an image of Riku and Shiki, who holds her cat doll)

Sora: Riku!

Shiki: Over there!

(Sora sees the girl’s image run off toward a staircase and he starts to run over to Riku)

??????: Hold on, Sora.

Riku: Hey! We should stick together!

(Shiki cries out in alarm)

Riku: Perfect.

(A Portal appears behind Sora, who watches the image of Riku run after the girl. Joshua appears before Sora and Neku)

Neku: Joshua.

Joshua: Hello, Neku. How long the days without you have felt.

(Rhyme reappears)

Sora: Rhyme! I’m glad you’re okay.

(Rhyme smiles)

Sora: Neku, do you know this guy?

Neku: Yeah. Joshua. He’s my…friend.

Sora: Okay… Are you the one who took Rhyme away? And…why do you know my name?

Joshua: If you’d like to settle down for a sec, I’ll field your questions one at a time. Let’s start with Rhyme. I’m hanging on to her dreams for her. They’re my Portal.

(Sora crosses his arms, looking very confused)

Joshua: Let’s just say, her dreams are a gateway between worlds. Next question--how could I possibly know your name--right? This town has a little secret. It only appears when someone out there has need of shelter. I’ll spare you the details, but right now it’s made up of my dreams. So of course I know you--I dreamed you up. I know your best friend, Riku, too.

Sora: Really? You know Riku?

Joshua: Well, yeah. I’m kind of omniscient.

Sora: Then, where is he?

(Riku stops running as he turns the corner at the staircase)

Riku: You can’t expect me to--

(He sees a lone cloaked figure, Shiki’s doll at his feet)

Riku: Shiki! No way…

(The figure steps on the doll and kicks it away)

????????: How did you get here?

Riku: Who are you?

(The doll hits Riku in the chest)

????????: By choice or chance? You cannot control what you’re not aware of.

(The figure begins to walk down the stairs towards Riku, who backs away slowly. Joshua turns toward the staircase, where Sora sees Riku’s image)

Joshua: He’s right inside this projection, in another imagining of this world.

Sora: You mean…another Traverse Town? Can I get there with your Portal thing?

Joshua: Sad to say, it won’t work for you. My "Portal thing" only opens for the one with Rhyme’s dreams. In this projection, you’re seeing another chain of events, in another world trapped by the Dream Eaters. As for how the world got split in two…I have a feeling you’ll need to ask this guy.

(Sora sees the cloaked figure walk down the stairs in pursuit of Riku)

Sora: Him again.

????????: This wakeless sleep will be your prison…to wander forever.

(Riku reaches the edge of the fountain and stops)

Riku: What do you mean?

Beat: Riku, don’chu listen to that punk!

(Neku and Rhyme sense something behind them and see an image of Shiki and Beat, who is yelling across the water)

Beat: Shiki’s gonna be fine! She told me whassup. Hoodie here set this whole thing up, yo. He promised to send Shiki back to our world, and you was the cost of travel.

(He looks over to the cloaked man)

Beat: Yo, this is seriously one half-baked excuse for a mission. Betchu ain’t even a Reaper.

(The figure takes off his hood, revealing yellow eyes and long silver hair)

Riku: All right. Who are you?

Sora: Who’s…that?

(The image’s form flickers and vanishes. On Riku’s side, the young man raises his arms and summons a Hockomonkey Dream Eater, which flies inside the garden building. The young man escapes through a corridor of darkness)

Riku: Wait!

Shiki: I’m really sorry, Riku.

(Riku tosses the doll back to her)

Riku: It’s all right. Beat, watch her.

Beat: I gots this, yo!

(Riku enters the building and defeats the Hockomonkey. He joins the others outside, where they see images of Sora, Neku, Joshua, and Rhyme)

Shiki: Hey, what is this?

(Riku walks up to Sora)

Riku: What are we…seeing?

(He moves his hand into the image)

Beat: This is so messed up, man!

(Beat kneels down to Rhyme’s level)

Beat: She’s right here in front of me and…I can’t reach her!

(He tries to grab Rhyme, but his hand goes right through the mirage)

Riku: If your hearts are connected, you’ll reach her.

Rhyme: Beat…

Beat: Rhyme…

Neku: Shiki…

Shiki: Neku…

Sora: Riku…

Riku: Sora…

(There is a flash and Sora and Riku stand alone with Joshua, each in their own version of Traverse Town)

Joshua: In their world, something happened that brought their existence to an end. To keep them from fading altogether, I gathered up the very last remnants of their dreams and looked for a place to give them refuge. It was then this world appeared to answer my call, and Rhyme’s dreams allowed us to reach it. Here, I thought they might have a chance--that the pieces of their dreams could make them whole again. Imagine my surprise when I realized dreams take bodily form in this world. It struck me--by linking their dream pieces back together, maybe I could make them exist again. Maybe I could give them another chance.

Riku: It can’t be that simple.

Joshua: Well, why can’t it? By ourselves, we’re no one. It’s when other people look at us and see someone--that’s the moment we each start to exist. All they needed was for someone to see them, connect with them. And the two of you were a big part of making it happen.

Sora & Riku: Joshua, just…who are you?

Joshua: Let’s say…a friend.

(Two large angel wings sprout from his back and he flies up into the sky. A Keyhole appears on the building in front of them. They nod to each other and seal it. The scene flashes back to Yen Sid’s tower)

Yen Sid: One dream is connected to another, which means we must choose in which "Sleeping World" you will begin. I will return you to the Destiny Islands just before they were swallowed by the darkness and plunged into sleep. Once dreams take you, you must let them guide you to the Sleeping Worlds. As there are seven pure lights, there are seven "Sleeping Keyholes." Unlocking these will both grant you new powers, and free the worlds from their wakelessness. Complete this task, and return here safely, and I will name you both…true masters.

(Riku enters a world with a large bell tower. In the square of the cathedral, a tall man in gold armor chases down a dark-haired woman in a violet dress)

???????: Stop her!

(Reaching impassable festival tents, she turns and bows to him, disappearing into a puff of pink smoke. Riku walks into the area, where the woman runs by him. He stops and watches her escape)

???????: You there! Have you seen a gypsy woman?

(The armored man walks over to him)

Riku: Nope. Sorry.

(The woman hides around the corner, overhearing their conversation)

???????: All right. Thanks.

(The man walks over to a man with strong features. He is dressed in a long black robe with a red sash hanging from his triangular hat)

???????: I’m terribly sorry, sir. We’ve lost her.

??????: Slippery vermin!

(He turns to the man)

??????: I’m beginning to question having summoned you back from the wars, Captain Phoebus.

(The captain sighs and follows him. Riku continues walking and the woman steps out of hiding)

?????????: Thank you. You stood up for me.

(She walks over to him, smiling)

?????????: I’m Esmeralda.

Riku: Riku. And it’s not like I know what a "gypsy" is. Why are they chasing you?

Esmeralda: Judge Frollo has been hunting us for years. We gypsies are guilty of nothing but loving our freedom, yet Frollo hates whatever he can’t control. Now he’s even brought in fresh blood to torment us.

(She sighs)

Esmeralda: I’d hate to know what darkness drives that man.

Riku: I think I can imagine… Tell me more. Was he always like this?

Esmeralda: I don’t give Frollo much thought. But if you’d like, you could try Notre Dame. They say it’s a place for answers.

(Riku looks over to the cathedral. He enters through the massive double doors, making his way across the tiled floor. The church is silent and still)

Riku: Is anybody here?

?????????: Who…who are you?

(Riku turns to see a man in green clothing in the dark glow of the room. He walks closer and notices his hunched back and disfigured face)

Riku: I’m Riku.

?????????: Oh. M-my name’s Quasimodo. I’m very sorry, but the Archdeacon is away.

(He shyly turns in the direction of the tower stairs)

Riku: Actually, I’m looking for a man named Frollo. Do you know where he is?

(At the mention of the name, Quasimodo turns back to face him)

Quasimodo: My master? He said he had business on the outskirts of the city.

Riku: Do you mean you know him?

Quasimodo: Oh, yes. He’s…he’s very kind. Master Frollo saved my life. He protects me from the outside world.

Riku: He "protects" you from it?

(Quasimodo looks down at his hands and covers his face)

Quasimodo: The people out there would be cruel to me. I’m a monster, you know.

Riku: Is that what Frollo told you? Trust me, looks can be deceiving. A good friend sees you for who you are, no matter what face you wear.

(He smiles)

Riku: You should go out there--find some friends who understand you.

Quasimodo: Oh no… My master forbids it. I’m not to set foot outside.

Riku: Are you sure that’s what’s stopping you? Because I think something else is holding you back.

(Quasimodo starts walking toward the stairs)

Riku: Ask your heart, Quasimodo.

(The man stops)

Riku: I’ll check the edge of town. Thanks.

(Riku walks back toward the entrance)

Riku: Wish I could take my own advice…

(Meanwhile, Sora enters La Cité des Cloches and walks through the town. Judge Claude Frollo looks upon him with scrutiny. Sora notices the man and passes him, sensing an eerie feeling from Frollo’s stare)

Frollo: Stop.

(They turn to face each other)

Sora: What? Who, me?

(The judge walks closer to him, examining his clothes)

Frollo: I’ve never seen you before. Your name?

Sora: I’m Sora.

Frollo: Such disgusting attire. I know what you are.

Phoebus: Judge Frollo. Sir!

(Captain Phoebus runs over to them)

Frollo: What is the matter, Captain Phoebus? Can’t you see…I am interrogating this gypsy?

Phoebus: This kid here? But sir, he’s just a boy.

Frollo: I shall be the judge of that.

(Phoebus looks hesitant to speak)

Frollo: Now, Captain, did you have something to report to me or did you not?

Phoebus: Yes sir. Monsters--they’ve invaded the square!

Sora: Monsters? I’ll take care of it!

(He summons his Keyblade and runs in the direction of the cathedral)

Phoebus: Hey, wait! It’s not safe!

(Phoebus runs after him. Frollo clenches his fist, pulsing with a dark aura)

Frollo: This city is overrun! For decades I’ve worked to purge the city of those wretched gypsies, and now the streets teem with even more disgusting vermin that threaten law and order.

(Sora runs into the cathedral square, where a festival is taking place. A young man with a hunched back dressed in a king’s robe and false crown is waving at the crowd while riding a Zolephant Dream Eater. Several other Dream Eaters are flying about the area as the crowd cheers)

Sora: I knew it was Dream Eaters!

(Sora charges forward and notices the man)

Sora: What are you doing? You need to run!

Quasimodo: Oh no, I couldn’t. Today’s the festival. And look, I’m the King of Fools!

(A Komory Bat flies over to Phoebus, who strikes it down as Frollo enters. He notices the man atop the Zolephant and scowls)

Frollo: Quasimodo!

(Quasimodo gazes at Frollo in terror)

Quasimodo: It’s my master.

(The Zolephant’s eyes light up, sensing the fear from Quasimodo, and it buckles back with a loud trumpet, knocking the man to the ground. He gets up, surrounded by Nightmares, his fear growing)

Quasimodo: No! Oh please, stop! Why doesn’t anything ever go the way I want it to?

(Sora runs over with the Keyblade)

Sora: Get to safety!

Esmeralda: Let me help.

(A dark-haired woman in a violet dress walks over)

Sora: Huh? Who are you?

Esmeralda: Esmeralda. I’m a gypsy.

Sora: Thank you. I’m Sora.

(Esmeralda extends her hand to the dejected Quasimodo. He looks up at her and smiles slightly. They run toward the cathedral doors. Phoebus watches Esmeralda and smirks his approval)

Frollo: Gypsy witch!

(Sora faces the Nightmares)

Sora: Okay. Now you’ve got my attention.

(Sora defeats the Dream Eaters in combat)

Sora: I wonder if that guy is all right. Quasi…what was it?

(Sora enters Notre Dame cathedral and makes his way to the bell tower, passing three gargoyles while entering. He sees Quasimodo introducing Esmeralda to the large golden bells hanging throughout the rafters)

Quasimodo: This is Big Marie.

Emeralda: Hello-o-o!

(Esmeralda spins inside the bell and touches the bell’s clapper)

Quasimodo: She likes you.

(They both smile at each other)

Sora: Looks like Quasi’s gonna be just fine.

(One of the gargoyles behind him straightens his back)

Victor: Indisputably.

(Another does the same)

Hugo: He’s tough.

(And another)

Laverne: We may be hard as stone, but Quasi’s stronger.

Sora: I know… WHOA! Talking gargoyles?

Laverne: Excuse us for havin’ personality!

(Esmeralda starts to leave, walking past a table with a model of the city)

Quasimodo: You could stay here forever.

Esmeralda: No, I couldn’t.

Quasimodo: Oh, yes. You have sanctuary.

Esmeralda: But not freedom. Gypsies don’t do well inside stone walls.

(Quasimodo’s disfigured face takes on a determined look)

Quasimodo: You helped me. Now, I will help you.

Esmeralda: But there’s no way out. There’s soldiers at every door.

(They look toward the model of the cathedral)

Quasimodo: We won’t use a door.

(He walks over to her)

Quasimodo: It’s all right. Are you ready?

(He takes her in his arms and leaps out the window onto the parapet. He jumps down and swings his way out of the cathedral)

Sora: Didn’t expect that.

(He turns to the gargoyles)

Sora: So how come you and Quasimodo are so close?

Laverne: We’ve been friends for years.

Victor: More than a decade of camaraderie.

Hugo: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Sora: He never leaves?

Laverne: Oh, he’s not allowed to leave. Judge Frollo forbids it.

Sora: Why?

Victor: Care to pull up a stool?

Hugo: The short version is, Frollo thinks he’s doing Quasi a favor by keeping folks from seeing that mug of his.

Laverne: After a lifetime of watching from the nosebleed seats, Quasi just wanted to go to the Feast of Fools. And we’re so proud of him for finally working up the courage to do it.

Victor: ‘Tis a shame those creatures dashed his hopes.

Hugo: You should talk. When’s the last time you looked in a mirror?

Victor: Well, you broke it!

(They move closer aggressively)

Hugo: Oh, a wise guy, eh?

Laverne: Knock it off! Ya couple of blockheads!

(She knocks them away)

Laverne: I just hope this one failure doesn’t cause Quasi to give up. He was so close.

Sora: He can’t let his heart be a prison.

(Sora runs to the entrance)

Sora: Don’t worry. I’ll go talk to him!

(Sora leaves and the scene changes to earlier, during a meal between Judge Frollo and Quasimodo)

Frollo: Oh, my dear Quasimodo, you don’t know what it’s like out there. The world is cruel, and you are deformed and ugly. You will be shown little pity. You must believe me. I am your only friend. And how can I protect you, my dear boy, unless you stay in here? Remember, Quasimodo. This is your sanctuary.

Quasimodo: Yes, Master.

(Riku reaches a bridge and sees a shadow come over him. A large creature flies over him)

Riku: A Dream Eater. And a big one.

(It flies to a tower and turns toward him, shooting a large fireball)

Riku: What?

(Riku runs out of the way as it hits a pile of wooden crates. It shoots another as Riku continues to run in the creature’s direction)

Riku: Oh, like this is fair… No use, I gotta run for it.

(Riku dodges more fireballs on his way across the bridge, knocking away smaller Nightmares and other obstacles in his path. He reaches another part of town as the Wargoyle pursues him. In the outskirts, Captain Phoebus has drawn his sword against Judge Frollo as they stand outside a windmill)

Frollo: Stand aside, Captain Phoebus.

Phoebus: I will not! What have these people done wrong?

Frollo: I have proof this family gave harbor to gypsies!

Phoebus: That’s not a crime.

Frollo: I can think of few crimes that are greater.

(The Wargoyle flies toward them as Riku runs in)

Phoebus: What demon is this?

(The Wargoyle descends near Frollo. Frollo walks toward it slowly, his hands folded, pulsing with a dark aura)

Frollo: Oh, you are mistaken, Captain Phoebus. This is no demon. It is righteous judgment! I have been granted this power so that I may smite all gypsies now and forever!

Phoebus: This is all wrong!

Riku: He won’t listen. Once you’ve fallen that far, there’s almost no coming back.

Frollo: How dare you. I am a virtuous man. Good and evil shall be made plain…once the gypsies face the fires of judgment.

(He walks away, quietly laughing to himself. The Wargoyle follows, but Phoebus runs ahead of the creature)

Phoebus: No you don’t!

(The Dream Eater spins and tackles the Captain, knocking him to the ground. Riku runs over to Phoebus, who is holding his arm in pain)

Riku: You all right?

Phoebus: Well, I can’t say you didn’t warn me.

Riku: You should take it easy. I’ll deal with Frollo.

Phoebus: Thanks. I gotta tell you, this is embarrassing--having to rely on a kid.

Riku: You wouldn’t be the first. Sorry.

Phoebus: I’ll admit, you look more capable than me right now. All right, be careful. It looks like that creature…is heading for the cathedral.

(He watches the Wargoyle fly toward the city)

Riku: Okay. Got it.

(The scene flashes back to the bell tower, where Frollo and Phoebus are watching the city below)

Frollo: You’ve come to Paris in her darkest hour, Captain. It will take a firm hand to save the weak-minded from being so easily misled.

Phoebus: Misled…sir?

Frollo: For twenty years, I have been…taking care…of the gypsies. And yet, for all my success, they have thrived. I believe they have a safe haven within the walls of this very city.

Phoebus: What are we going to do about it, sir?

Frollo: Stamp them out…one by one.

Phoebus: You make your point quite vividly, sir.

(The scene changes back to Sora running through the square, passing Phoebus on his way into town)

Phoebus: Oh. Hello again. Sora, was it?

(Sora stops and turns toward Phoebus, who is no longer in armor)

Sora: Hold it. You’re that guy with Frollo.

Phoebus: Easy. I’m not looking for any sort of fight.

(Sora drops his defensiveness)

Phoebus: Finally someone sensible. I’m Phoebus. Tell me, is she still safe in the cathedral?

Sora: If "she" is Esmeralda, then Quasimodo helped her escape.

(Quasimodo overhears their conversation)

Phoebus: Blast.

Sora: What’s wrong?

(The former captain looks up at the bell tower)

Phoebus: It’s Judge Frollo. He’s obsessed with destroying the gypsies, and his mind is in a dark place. When I objected to his barbarous actions, he banished me from the guard.

Sora: What? That’s not fair.

Phoebus: Don’t worry about me. Frollo said he’s found the "Court of Miracles"--the gypsies’ haven within the city. Esmeralda and her friends are in danger.

(Quasimodo holds a necklace in his hand)

Phoebus: We have to find them and warn them before Frollo gets there.

(He drops the necklace, alerting them to his presence)

Sora: Quasimodo, Esmeralda’s in trouble!

Phoebus: Where did she go?

Quasimodo: I don’t know. She…she vanished into the streets.

(He looks down at the necklace, and picks it up)

Quasimodo: She…gave me this pendant. Esmeralda said this would help us find her.

(He thinks for a second)

Quasimodo: "When you wear this woven band, you hold the city in your hand."

(He gasps in realization, holding it up to show them)

Quasimodo: It’s the city! It’s a map, see? Here’s the cathedral and the river. Go this way, cross the bridge and--the Court of Miracles!

(Phoebus pats a hand on Quasimodo’s back)

Phoebus: Well done, Quasimodo!

Sora: Yeah, Quasi, nice!

Quasimodo (confidently): Yes, I’m going to save her.

(They make their way through the graveyard to the Court of Miracles and find Esmeralda)

Esmeralda: Quasimodo? What are you doing here?

Quasimodo: Phoebus and I came to warn you. Frollo’s on his way!

Phoebus: Take what you can and flee!

(They are suddenly surrounded by Nightmares)

Frollo: Well done, Captain Phoebus.

(Frollo walks in)

Frollo: Thankfully, you are every bit as predictable as I had hoped.

(Phoebus growls)

Frollo: Dear Quasimodo. I always knew you would someday be of use to me.

(Quasimodo looks defeated as Frollo approaches Esmeralda. He leans in closely and she backs away)

Frollo: I have you at last, you witch.

(He runs behind her and grabs her wrist, placing his other hand on her shoulder, his face close to her neck. She struggles to rid herself of the odious man)

Frollo: There’ll be a bonfire in the square.

(He starts to lead her away)

Quasimodo: No. Please, Master!

(Frollo looks down on Quasimodo with contempt)

Sora: Frollo, I won’t let you do this!

(He runs toward Frollo bearing his keyblade. Darkness surrounds Frollo, which stops Sora, who feels a presence from behind him. He turns and is knocked to the ground by a Dream Eater. When he comes to, his eyes open slowly and he realizes everyone is missing)

Sora: No!

(He looks around. The Court of Miracles is deserted)

Sora: Quasimodo! Esmeralda! Phoebus!

(He looks down)

Sora: He’s taking her to a bonfire in the square… I gotta hurry!

(He runs to the cathedral square, seeing a wooden platform where Esmeralda is tied to a large stake, a fire burning around her. The area is bathed in a red haze)

Sora: Esmeralda!

(Quasimodo looks down from Notre Dame and descends on a long rope. He runs along the cathedral exterior and swings to the platform. He rushes to Esmeralda and begins to untie her)

Sora: Way to go, Quasi!

(He grabs onto the rope again and swings back to the cathedral, walking up the side of the church. He reaches the parapet in front of the large window and raises Esmeralda’s body in the air)

Quasimodo: Sanctuary!

(Frollo scowls fiercely and starts running toward the cathedral. Sora starts to run after him, but is distracted by stone falling from above. He stops and looks up, seeing the wingless Wargoyle crash down into the platform. It growls at Sora as he readies his weapon. Sora fights and defeats the Wargoyle. Frollo catches up to Quasimodo and Esmeralda on the top of the bell tower. Frollo holds a sword in his hands as Esmeralda scrambles on the ground)

Frollo: I should have known you’d risk your life to save that gypsy witch-- just as your own mother died in her pitiful attempt to save you.

Quasimodo (shocked): What?

Frollo: Now…I’m going to do what I should have done twenty years ago!

(He strikes forward at Quasimodo, who falls back, catching himself on an edge of the wall. Frollo falls over the edge and lands on a stone gargoyle with an eerie face)

Esmeralda: Hold on! Hold on…

(Esmeralda struggles to pull Quasimodo back over the parapet, leaving her defenseless as Frollo stands up, laughing viciously and lifting the sword in the air)

Frollo: And He shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit, forever!

(The gargoyle below him starts to crack and he stumbles, losing the sword and dangling by his arms from the statue. The gargoyle glows and roars at him sinsterly, spilling Frollo into the depths of fear as the statue gives way sending the judge to his death below. Esmeralda starts to lose her grip)

Esmeralda: Quasimodo! Quasi, no!

(Quasimodo falls off the tower and is saved miraculously by Phoebus. The fire rages in the square below as Quasimodo gives Phoebus a thankful hug. The captain pats him on the back and looks up as Esmeralda enters with a smile. Quasimodo faces her and smiles back. He looks at both of them for a second before placing their hands together. Phoebus and Esmeralda give a small chuckle as he smiles warmly. On Riku’s side, Riku runs into the square, seeing the bonfire has continued burning as Quasimodo holds Esmeralda, who is breathing heavily)

Riku: Is she going to be all right?

Esmeralda: I’m fine, thanks to Quasimodo.

Riku: Quasimodo, where did the creature go?

Quasimodo: It’s…it’s up there.

(He looks toward Notre Dame)

Riku: Right.

(Quasimodo watches him leave)

Quasimodo: W-wait. Wait, I’ll go with you!

Riku: Thanks, but stay with her.

(He starts to run, but stops and turns around)

Riku: Quasimodo. Did your heart have the answer?

(Quasimodo nods and Riku runs into the church. He sees a Dream Eater vanish as Victor, Hugo, and Laverne appear)

Riku: Well! I guess…you three got this covered.

Hugo: It was a walk in the park!

Victor: How would you know? You don’t have any legs.

Hugo: Yeah, but-- Aw, gimme a break! It’s just a figure of speech!

Laverne: Both of you, pipe down. And get ready! ‘Cause here come some more!

(She turns around and more Nightmares appear. They charge forward)

Hugo: Yee-haw!

(Riku looks upward)

Riku: It’s up there.

(The smoke and fire billows upwards from the square as Frollo cackles evilly atop the parapet of Notre Dame)

Frollo: Yes! Let it burn. The flames will consume everything!

(Riku runs up to him)

Frollo: You see? This is the power that has been granted to me!

Riku: I see a sad old man with a dark heart.

(Frollo turns to face him and his darkness rages)

Frollo: Again, you are wrong! Now you will be judged, just like the rest!

(The Wargoyle appears and flies up to the tower, knocking Frollo from the parapet. He drops the sword in his hand as he falls toward the square below)

Frollo: Judgment is mine!

(A pair of boots walk toward the sword and Riku looks up to see an all-too- familiar man with tan skin, white hair, and yellow eyes)

Riku: You’re Ansem! Why are you here?

(He is accompanied by the cloaked young man Riku encountered in Traverse Town)

????????: Your best friend is never far.

(Ansem bends down and picks up the discarded sword)

Ansem: So sad. The cost of yielding to the darkness.

Riku: You could write a book about that.

(Ansem points the sword at Riku)

Ansem: But I embraced the darkness--and unless you hurry up and learn to do the same, your story will end just like his.

Riku: I walk the road to dawn!

(He summons his keyblade)

????????: Still afraid of the dark, I see.

(A corridor of darkness appears behind them and Ansem tosses the sword away as the cloaked man enters the portal. Before entering, Ansem smirks at Riku)

Riku: Wait!

(He rushes to the corridor, but it closes)

Riku: He thinks I’m afraid of the dark? No, not while I have the Keyblade.

(He readies his sword before the Wargoyle)

Riku: It will guide me to the light!

(Riku fights and defeats the Wargoyle. It loses its wings and falls. In the nave of the church, Esmeralda and Phoebus walk toward the entrance holding hands while Quasimodo watches happily. Sora walks over with the three gargoyles)

Sora: Quasimodo. You can’t let your heart be a--

Quasimodo: I know. I can’t blame Frollo for putting walls around me. It wasn’t the walls that were holding me back.

(The others nod and Quasimodo walks to the entrance)

Quasimodo: But my heart is free now. I’m ready to really see what’s out there.

(Later, Sora stands near the altar, looking at a powerful statue)

Sora: All that time, Quasimodo let himself be trapped inside the nightmares Frollo gave him.

(He walks to the beam of light pouring in through the large stained-glass window, but stops seeing a figure walking toward him)

????????: Hypocrite. You are the one who has made your heart a prison…

(Sora recognizes it as the young cloaked man from Traverse Town)

Sora: You again. What are you talking about?

(For a split second, a memory awakes in the recesses of Sora’s heart and he sees an image of a boy with black hair similar to his)

????????: Even if you are not the prisoner.

Sora (bewildered): Huh?

(The young man walks into a corridor of darkness, which closes. Sora looks up as a keyhole appears on the stained-glass window. He raises his Keyblade and seals it)

Sora: My heart’s…a prison?

(He closes his eyes, letting the light wash over him. Later, the city is peaceful as Riku, Phoebus and Esmeralda stand in the square with Quasimodo)

Quasimodo: Master Frollo--he made me live inside the bell tower, but the real walls were the ones I built around my heart. You helped me see that, Riku.

(Riku clenches his fist slowly and Quasimodo notices)

Riku: I was…speaking from…personal experience.

Phoebus: I’d say you still keep a lot locked inside.

Esmeralda: We all do that sometimes. There are just some things we need to keep separate from the world at large, at least until we have time to figure them out.

(She smiles at Riku, who nods. Later, Riku thinks to himself about Ansem)

Riku: I know the road my heart walks.

(A keyhole appears above the round glass window of the cathedral. Riku points his keyblade at it and seals the world)

?????: Hey, Axel. You haven’t forgotten?

(Axel sits on the clock tower in Twilight Town eating sea-salt ice cream with his best friend)

Axel: Hm? What?

?????: You made us a promise.

Axel: I did?

?????: That you’d always be there…to bring us back.

Axel: Yeah…

(The boy turns to him and points to his head)

?????: Got it memorized?

(The image of the boy disappears as Axel laughs)

Axel: Best friends forever.

(In a radiant world, someone awakes on his back)

???: Where…

(He turns over and starts to stand up)

???: What happened to me? Roxas?

(He stands and turns, seeing a red-haired man in his reflection)

???: That’s me.

(He looks toward the floor, where four other figures have appeared, two dressed in lab coats, the other two as guards)

???: Dilan, Aeleus, Even, Ienzo--

(Aeleus manages to get to his knees as Ienzo begins to stir as well. The man turns back to his reflection in the glass window and moves closer, touching his face)

???: We’re people again. But only the ones who joined the Organization here.

(Aeleus gets to his feet, slightly disoriented)

???: I guess Xehanort doesn’t count, but where are Braig and…Isa?

(Meanwhile, Sora arrives in an amusement park)

Sora: Wow!

(He sees a lit ferris wheel and carousel in front of a tall rollercoaster. A talking clown face hangs on the archway above the entrance)

??????: That Pinocchio--he must have his poor father worried sick.

(Sora looks around)

??????: Still, that little fella’s some miracle. Imagine… Mr. Geppetto’s wooden puppet, brought to life by the Blue Fairy.

(He spots a familiar insect in a top hat and tails sitting on the steps ahead of him, his tiny umbrella resting in his lap)

??????: She made his wish for a son come true because he’s given so much happiness to others. Now Pinocchio needs me to guide him and be his conscience, so maybe one day, he can be a real--

(He laughs)

??????: Well, now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Jiminy.

(Jiminy Cricket stands up)

Jiminy: First, you gotta go find Pinoke.

Sora: Hey, Jiminy! What’s up?

(Jiminy hops around to face Sora)

Jiminy: Hmm? Who are you? You shouldn’t be here, young man.

Sora: What? Are you okay, Jiminy?

Jiminy: Huh? You mean you’ve heard of me? Well, I’ll be. The name Jiminy Cricket’s already spread far and wide.

Sora: Really, you feeling all right? It’s me, Sora!

Jiminy: Sora, you say? Gosh, I don’t think I recognize ya, but the name does have a familiar ring.

Sora: Umm… Oh, yeah!

(The scene flashes back to Yen Sid’s Chamber)

Yen Sid: In the Sleeping Worlds, real time does not flow. Unless one restores the world by waking it from its slumber, it will stay locked in a dream forever. Thus, you may encounter familiar faces…but they are just figments of the dream. In actuality, they are sound asleep--trapped within a world that is also sleeping. What’s more, whilst someone may no longer dwell in the real version of a world, dreams may paint a fuller picture, and restore what seems to be missing.

(The scene returns to Sora at Prankster’s Paradise)

Sora: The real Jiminy Cricket wasn’t trapped in this world, so maybe…it’s like the dream world’s putting him back where he belongs.

Jiminy: What’s that? I can’t hear ya.

Sora: Right… It’s very nice to meet you, Jiminy.

Jiminy (chuckling): Well, sure. The feeling’s mutual, Sora.

Sora: Oh yeah. So how come you said I need to get out of here?

Jiminy: You can’t fool me. You still think we know each other. And you’ve just about got me thinkin’ it, too. Hmm, but where was I? Oh, yes, this is a terrible place! Boys here are allowed to wreck things and loaf around and make jackamules of themselves! And poor, lost Pinocchio, he wandered in here on my watch.

(He gasps)

Jiminy: That’s right! That’s where I musta heard your name, Sora--from my friend Pinoke!

Sora: He knows me? But how?

(The scene flashes back to a wooden boy who is stuck inside a cage)

Jiminy: Shame on you, Pinocchio, playin’ hooky and…and goofin’ off in a place like this!

Pinocchio: I’m sorry, Jiminy. I was going to school till I met somebody. Yeah! Uh, two big monsters, with big green eyes!

(Suddenly, his nose grows a few inches)

Jiminy: Oh, you don’t say. And then what happened?

Pinocchio: They, uh, they tied me in a big sack!

(His nose extends even further to the boy’s dismay)

Jiminy: Sounds like you were horsin’ around.

Pinocchio: But I snuck off when they weren’t lookin’.

(His nose finally grows out of the cage, sprouting flowers and knocking Jiminy off his perch and onto it)

Pinocchio: My nose! What’s happened?

Jiminy: There! Ya see where those tall tales will get ya?

Pinocchio: But it’s all true! Even the fella in the black clothes who said to play a trick on Sora.

Jiminy: What? Now who was he? I’ve had just enough of your fibbin’.

(He looks down at Pinocchio’s nose)

Jiminy: Hold on… I guess that part was true. Tell me, Pinoke, did that man in black say anything else to ya?

Pinocchio: Umm…he sure didn’t.

Jiminy: Well, good.

Pinocchio (pointing): Hey, look at that!

(A blue star flashes in the sky and floats down to them)

Jiminy: That star again! The Blue Fairy!

(The star takes the form of a beautiful woman with a blue dress and blond hair. Two translucent wings are attached to her back and she holds a wand with a star-shape at its point)

Blue Fairy: Why, Pinocchio. What has happened to your nose?

Pinocchio: Oh, um…

Blue Fairy: Perhaps you haven’t been telling the truth, Pinocchio. Sir Jiminy?

Jiminy (nervous): Well, ya see, um, Your Honor, um, Miss Fairy…

Pinocchio: Oh, please help me. I’m awful sorry.

Blue Fairy: You see, Pinocchio? A lie keeps growing and growing, until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

Pinocchio: I’ll never lie again--honest I won’t.

Blue Fairy: I’ll forgive you this once. But remember--a boy who won’t be good might just as well be made of wood.

Pinocchio & Jiminy: We’ll be good! Won’t we?

(They look at each other)

Blue Fairy: Very well. But this is the last time I can help you.

(She flashes her wand and Pinocchio’s nose is returned to normal to his amazement. The scene returns to Sora and Jiminy Cricket)

Sora: That guy again.

Jiminy: Forget him! If I don’t find Pinoke, he’ll turn into a donkey like the rest of the boys.

Sora: Right. Then let me help you find him, Jiminy.

Jiminy: Really? I’d be grateful. But how in the world do you know Pinocchio?

Sora: Oh, um… Hey! Over there, I see him!

(Pinocchio is running around near a giant 8-ball ride)

Jiminy: Gosh! That is Pinoke!

Sora: All aboard, Jiminy.

Jiminy (laughing): Take it away!

(Jiminy hops on Sora’s shoulder and they catch up to Pinocchio, who is wearing a purple and green outfit)

Jiminy: Pinocchio! There you are!

Sora: Pinocchio, it’s not safe for you here. Listen to Jiminy and go back to--

(Pinocchio turns into a Jestabocky)

Jiminy: Oh my!

Sora: Dream Eaters!

(Several more of them surround Sora)

Sora: Only one way to solve this problem.

(Sora defeats all of the Dream Eaters)

Sora: Those Dream Eaters were pretending to be Pinocchio. So, then where’s the real Pinoke?

Jiminy: Sora! Up there! Look at the top of that tower!

(Sora looks where Jiminy is pointing to see Pinocchio)

Sora: You’re right. Come on, Jiminy!

(They run off toward the rollercoaster to get better access to the tower and find Pinocchio at the top)

Jiminy: Gee, Pinoke, how’d you manage to get up here?

Sora: C’mon, let’s go home.

(Pinocchio turns into another Jestabocky, which sticks its tongue out at them and disappears)

Jiminy: Another impostor.

(Sora searches around from the vantage point of the tower)

Sora: There! See him walking?

Jiminy: Well sure, if that’s really him.

Sora: Don’t give up, Jiminy. Come on, let’s go!

(They eventually find Pinocchio standing high above a large trampoline, surrounded by Komory Bats)

Sora & Jiminy: Pinocchio!

Pinocchio: Jiminy! Help me, Jiminy!

Jiminy: Oh my stars above! We’ve gotta do something!

Sora: Okay, I got it covered.

(Sora runs up the ramp to the trampoline and bounces on it high enough and retrieves Pinocchio, setting him down)

Jiminy: Oh, Pinoke! Look at ya!

(Pinocchio has the ears and tail of a donkey)

Sora: I think, for now, you two better get out of here.

(They leave and Sora defeats the Nightmares. He dispels his Keyblade and turns to leave, but is stopped by a corridor of darkness. The cloaked young man steps out yet again)

Sora: You again?

(A tall man with silver hair in another black coat follows)

Sora: Xemnas? This is impossible!

Xemnas: My my, a hollow puppet that’s managed to grow a heart. Just imagine that.

Sora: Pinocchio isn’t anything like you Nobodies. But if Pinocchio could be given one--shouldn’t you be able to have a heart inside you, too?

(Xemnas gives a breathy laugh)

Xemnas: Maybe so. However--do not forget that you, yourself, are not so very different from us.

(He walks back into the corridor)

Sora: How am I anything like a Nobody? That doesn’t make any sense.

(Sora walks out of the circus tent)

Sora: Well, I hope they got home safe.

(The blue star flashes in the sky and floats down to Sora, who shields his eyes from the light. He is startled by the Blue Fairy’s sudden appearance)

Blue Fairy: You must be Sora.

Sora: Oh. Yes, ma’am. And you must be the Blue Fairy.

Blue Fairy (nodding): That’s right. And I’m afraid that I have grave news. Good Geppetto went off to look for Pinocchio, and he was swallowed by a whale named Monstro.

Sora: What? Have you told Pinocchio and Jiminy about it yet?

Blue Fairy: Yes, and when I told them Geppetto was still alive inside the whale, and at the bottom of the sea, those two little ones ran off at once. They’re very determined to save him.

Sora: But that’s crazy! I’ve gotta find them!

(Sora runs off and the fairy vanishes. The scene changes to Pinocchio and Jiminy on a cliff by the sea)

Jiminy: This Monstro--I’ve heard of him, Pinoke. He’s a whale of a whale! Why, he swallows whole ships, alive! And besides, it’s dangerous! Why I, uh--

Pinocchio: Good-bye, Jiminy.

Jiminy: Good-bye? I may be live bait down there, but I’m with ya.

(He jumps into Pinocchio’s hands and the boy walks off the cliff and falls down into the water. After Sora trudges through the sea, he reaches a wavy sea bed, where Pinocchio and Jiminy and running from something. Sora looks past them to see Monstro the whale who opens his jaws angrily, roaring at them. It flies over Sora, sending him spiraling through the water and knocks into the surrounding land. Pieces of rocky debris fall and close off the entrance of the cave Sora entered through. The current in Monstro’s wake is intense, pulling Jiminy, Pinocchio, and Sora through the water. Sora gains his balance while Pinocchio and Jiminy swim frantically with Monstro in pursuit. The whale’s open maw gains on them slowly)

Sora: Pinocchio! Jiminy!

(Monstro’s great jaws clamp down on either side of them and Sora swims toward the whale. A Chill Clawbster flies past him, swimming towards Monstro, who roars as the Dream Eater sends a beam of ice to Monstro, who slows down considerably as it nears the surface)

Sora: Oh no!

(He continues to race toward them, finally catching up to a frozen Monstro caught in a sea of ice. The Chill Clawbster flies over the ice)

Sora: I’ll have to claw my way past, then rescue my friends!

(Sora fights and defeats the Chill Clawbster, destroying the ice around Monstro. He encases Monstro in a bubble and uses it to follow the Chill Clawbster as it tries to escape. The Nightmare attempts to attack it, but pops the bubble instead, giving Monstro the chance to swallow the Nightmare instead, knocking Sora down into the water. Sora resurfaces in time to see Monstro heave his giant mouth open, and screams as it sneezes him away. Sora wakes up on land, having lost Monstro completely. He looks out at the water as the waves lap against the shore)

Sora: I get it now. After this, Pinocchio and Jiminy’s world gets dragged into darkness, and they end up cast into the sea between worlds, along with Monstro. And then…they end up in Traverse Town, and the belly of the whale. That’s when we meet for real. It’s like Master Yen Sid said--I’m in the dream Pinocchio’s world is dreaming. And that world will never be right again until it wakes from sleep.

(A keyhole appears in the sky and Sora seals it. Later, Riku arrives inside Monstro. He looks around Monstro’s mouth, where several piles of wood rest)

????????: Pinocchio!

(He notices an elderly man aboard a wooden boat)

????????: Son! Where have you run off to?

Riku: Isn’t that…Geppetto? Then…this must be…

(Riku swims over to the boat and finds Geppetto the clock maker sitting on his bed, his head in his hands)

Riku: What’s the matter?

(Geppetto is startled)

Geppetto: Huh? Goodness, who are you?

Riku: Riku.

Geppetto: Oh, Riku. You poor lad. Seems you were swallowed up by Monstro just like the rest of us. My name is Geppetto, and I’m looking for my son, Pinocchio.

Riku: Pinocchio’s gone missing?

Geppetto: I’m afraid so. After all my searching, I found him here in the whale. But then he ran off again to who-knows-where.

Riku: That sounds kind of…familiar. Mister Geppetto, let me go look for your son.

Geppetto: You would do that? Thank you. Are you sure?

Riku: Yeah. Leave it to me.

??????: Did ya say you were really going to help us find Pinocchio?

(Riku turns to see Jiminy Cricket on a nearby table)

Riku: Jiminy?

Jiminy: Huh? That’s right--name’s Jiminy! Jiminy Cricket. But shucks, have we met?

Riku: No--you know, never mind.

Jiminy: Hmm, if you say so. Anyway, Pinocchio comes first.

Riku: Right. Any idea where he went?

Jiminy: Well, I’m almost certain he wandered off with a stranger.

Riku: Can you describe him?

Jiminy: Hmm…I remember he was dressed in a black coat.

(Riku gasps)

Riku: A black coat? He’s back again.

(He touches his heart and pauses for a moment)

Riku: Thanks.

(He walks away but Jiminy hops onto his shoulder)

Riku: Huh?

Jiminy: Well, I’m goin’ with ya. Pinocchio’s gonna need his conscience, and that’s where I come in.

(Riku and Jiminy searche through Monstro’s insides to find Pinocchio walking with a hooded man)

Jiminy: Pinocchio!

(The boy turns and sees them)

Pinocchio: Jiminy!

Riku: Let him go now!

(The hooded one faces him and taps Pinocchio forward. The boy is confused for a moment and looks up at the figure, then runs to Jiminy, who hops to meet him)

Jiminy: Thank goodness. Are you all right? Riku and I looked for ya everywhere.

Pinocchio: Uh-huh. I’m just fine. Sorry, Jiminy. I messed up real bad. You and Father must have been so worried about me.

Jiminy: Why, Pinocchio, I think ya just might be finally startin’ to learn.

(Riku walks over to the hooded figure)

Riku: Who are you?

(The figure removes his hood to reveal a doppelganger)

Riku: Me?

(A corridor of darkness appears and the boy enters it. Riku runs to follow but it closes before he reaches it, standing stunned)

Jiminy: As I live and breathe…

Riku: That was my…my dark side. I gave in to the darkness once. And ever since, it’s chased me around in one form or another. The Seeker of Darkness who stole my body…a puppet replica of the shadows in my heart…and now, I’m facing me.

Jiminy: Your dark side?

Pinocchio: Gee, Riku, don’t you have a Jiminy like I do? He’s my conscience. He’s taught me all kinds of important stuff. Maybe you just need somebody to show you what’s right and wrong.

Jiminy: Sure. You can’t shoulder all your problems alone, ya know. You must have somebody--a friend you can talk to?

Riku: Yeah…actually, I do. That stupid grin he’s always wearing--he’s the best teacher I could ever have.

Pinocchio: Gee whiz…I wish I had lots of good friends.

Jiminy: You will, Pinocchio. More than you can count.

(Monstro lets out a wail)

Riku: What now?

(He looks to the entrance of another Chamber)

Riku: Is something in there? Pinocchio, Jiminy, you should head back. I’ll see what’s shaking things up.

Pinocchio & Jiminy: Okay!

(The two leave and Riku proceeds further in Monstro until he finds a Char Clawbster, which has latched itself onto the whale’s innards. As Riku enters, it shoots out a blast to the entrance and Riku quickly skids on the ground to dodge as the Char Clawbster jumps over him. Riku summons his keyblade and the monster turns to face him. Riku fights and defeats the Nightmare. Back in Monstro’s Mouth, Geppetto laughs happily as Pinocchio runs into his arms. They hug tightly as Riku watches)

Riku: I thought I was only sent into the past on the Destiny Islands. So why does it seem like time was rewound in this world, too? Maybe it’s like Master Yen Sid said--the world was freed from darkness, but has yet to wake from it. It’s trapped in a never-ending dream.

(A keyhole appears in the air and Riku seals it. Meanwhile in a large castle, the red-haired man walks into a Study, massaging his neck)

???: Where are they? I’ve turned this castle upside down.

(He looks up to see Ienzo and Aeleus searching about the room. Books are strewn everywhere)

???: Hey. Are the other two still out cold?

Aeleus: Dilan and Even are conscious again, but still unstable. They’re resting inside.

???: Gotcha. Well, I guess I’ll give the castle grounds a sweep.

Aeleus: Don’t. If they were back, we would have found them by now.

(The man scratches his head)

???: So do ya think they were blasted off to some other world, or what?

Ienzo: I highly doubt it. When someone who’s lost their heart is recompleted, they should return to the place where it happened. And if that world is unavailable for whatever reason, a refuge is made for them in the realm between--a world called "Traverse Town." They would be sent there. Or perhaps--

???: No, look, okay--the fact is--we’re here. We’ve been recompleted, right? So they should be here too--plain and simple.

Ienzo: I agree, it is strange.

??? (sighing): What a drag. Could they not have been recompleted at all?

Ienzo: Well you see--

???: Ah! Forget it.

(He walks to a portion of the wall where a painting was once hung)

???: You know what? I’ll bring ‘em back myself.

Ienzo: Huh? How, exactly?

(Aeleus stands)

???: Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?

(He looks up at a message on the wall. There is a flash and Sora opens his eyes to find himself in an artificially lit world. Digital strips line the edges of the landscape as he scans his attire)

Sora: What? This outfit… Hey, I know where I am!

(He looks up to see an enormous flying machine, its core giving off a bright light. The Recognizer pulses with energy as it soars above the city)

Sora: Whoa! What is that?

(Sora runs through the city in an attempt to catch up to it. The Recognizer Sora chases eventually hovers to the ground and lowers it’s passenger bay. A group of Black Guards stand at the ready)

Sora: Whoa! Oh man!

(The Guards see Sora and walk toward him)

Black Guard: Identify. State your handle, program.

Sora: I, uh…don’t have any handles, but the name’s Sora!

Black Guard: Verifying handle "Sora"… Handle not found. Stray program recognized.

(Two black guards grab Sora, who struggles)

Black Guard: Isolating for quarantine.

Sora: Whoa there! That is so unfriendly!

(He manages to break free and runs back into the city. Meanwhile, Riku appears in The Grid and stares down at himself)

Riku: My clothes… Is this world special?

(He looks up at a flash of light)

Riku: A Dream Eater?

(A Recognizer lands near him)

Riku: No… Let’s see how this plays out.

(Two Black Guards exit the Recognizer as it lowers its passenger bay. Two more come from behind Riku and surround him, grabbing him by the shoulders)

Black Guard: Another stray.

(Riku concedes, releasing their grip, and walks to the Recognizer. After it takes off, the ship flies through the digital airspace. Riku stands in place aboard the ship next to another man)

???: Are you a prisoner?

Riku: Yeah. It looks that way.

???: Name’s Sam.

Riku: I’m Riku. Where are we, Sam?

Sam: We’re on the Grid.

(Riku is transported to the Game Grid, a long multileveled playing field. He stands along a spacious lined raceway)

???: You’re in luck.

(He turns around to see a man in a black suit with glowing yellow stripes. He is joined by two Black Guards)

???: Only a precious few are granted Light Cycle battle privileges.

(The Black Guard to the man’s right walks up to Riku and hands him a small rod. Riku looks at it and then back at the man)

Riku: You gonna explain why it’s so lucky?

???: I’ll show you.

(The man smirks and Riku hears a humming sound from behind him. Two Light Cycles speed from behind him on both sides and race down the track. He looks at the rod in his hands)

Riku: How hard can it be?

(He runs forward, holding the rod in both hands and a Light Cycle forms in the air beneath him. He drives at full speed down the raceway, his front wheel extended in the air for a moment. He races along the track, dodging lasers from following Recognizers and sending enemy racers crashing into the stream of light eminating from the back of the Light Cycle. A Commantis Dream Eater appears but Riku makes quick work of it and it flies away)

Riku: I think I’ve had enough entertainment for one day.

(He activates the cycle’s weaponry and shoots a heart shaped hole into the Grid wall and rides through it. He comes to a stop in the city)

???: Riku!

(Sam runs over to him)

Sam: You made it. You escaped from the games.

Riku: Yeah.

Sam: I know a way off the Grid. Wanna come with?

Riku: No. You go ahead. Wait, what’s the way out?

Sam: Through the Portal.

Riku: Portal?

Sam: Yeah, it’s like a gate that opened when I came here. Once I’m back in the real world I can delete CLU. And then…then my dad will be able to come home.

Riku: Your dad?

Sam: He vanished--twenty years ago when he came here to the Grid. But because he needed to protect his disc from CLU, he went into hiding. He’s been trapped there ever since. But I’m gonna change that.

Riku: I see… Sam, you mind if I go with you after all? To the Portal?

Sam: Sure. I’ll take what help I can get. But first there’s somebody I need to meet. He’s in the City.

(The scene flashes back to Sam with his father at the safe house. Due to the years spent in hiding, Kevin Flynn resembles CLU only older, more defeated. Near them stands a replica of a classic Light Cycle)

Flynn: I tried to get back, but I… I couldn’t get to the Portal. It uses massive power and it can’t stay open forever. And like a safe, it…it can only be opened from the outside. It closed on me, Sam. That’s why I never came home.

Sam: So the Portal--it activated when I came in. So it’s open now.

(Sam walks over to the open wall window and looks out toward the city, where the I/O Tower beacon is lit, shining straight up into the clouds)

Flynn: Not for long. Only one millicycle. About eight hours.

(He stands beside Sam)

Sam: So we go now. We go home, we can make a run for it, we get you out of here.

Flynn: Sam. Don’t rush.

Sam: What do you mean, "don’t rush"? The Portal’s gonna close.

Flynn: My disc is everything, Sam--it’s the master key. The Golden Ticket, the way out. And not just for me.

Sam: What do you mean?

Flynn: Our worlds are more connected than anyone knows. CLU figures if I can be in--

Sam: He can be out?

Flynn: With my disc, it’s possible.

Sam: And then what?

Flynn: Game over. The guy doesn’t dig imperfection. What’s more imperfect than our world? I can’t let that happen. I won’t.

Sam: So what do we do? Nothing?

Flynn: It’s amazing how productive doing nothing can be.

(He walks over to the Light Cycle and puts a hand on it)

Flynn: CLU is planning something. We’ve known that for a while. It’s his game now! The only way to win is not to play.

Sam: Yeah, well that’s a hell of a way to live.

Flynn: But it is a way. Sometimes life has a way of moving you past things like wants and hopes.

Sam: That’s great, Dad. Keep telling yourself that.

(Sam leaves)

Flynn: Good night, Sam.

(The scene switches back to Sam and Riku, who are running through the city)

Sam: Kill some time till I get back.

(Sam leaves and Dream Eaters appear around Riku, who takes out his Keyblade)

Riku: Glad I get to fight more than boredom.

(Along a bridge, Sora comes face to face with an armored opponent. The man reaches for the identity disk on his back and splits it in two, holding them out as weapons. Sora readies his keyblade as Flynn, Sam and a young woman watch from an adjacent area)

Flynn: Tron… He’s alive.

??????: Look at that boy’s weapon. It’s different.

Sam: But it’s something you programmed, right, Dad?

Flynn: Huh? No, Sam… No, I’ve never seen it.

(The armored man backs down and touches his helmet, as if listening to a command. Sora lowers his guard for a moment, but regains it as the man flips over him and escapes)

Sora: What was that about?

??????: Hey, that weapon. Can I see it?

(Flynn, Sam, and the girl walk over to him and Sora looks at the Keyblade, holding it out to show her. She bends down and takes a good look)

??????: This is just incredible. What a program--the weapon and the wielder.

Sora: Program? Not me! This is called a "Keyblade," and I’m Sora.

Sam: I’m Sam.

Sora: So this is, like, Tron’s world, right?

Flynn (surprised): You know Tron?

Sora: I, uh…yeah, I’ve met him…and stuff.

Flynn: Listen, that program you just fought was Tron.

Sora: What? That was Tron?

Flynn: Tron used to be a good friend. Together, we created this place, the Grid. It was something, man… but then CLU staged a coup. I was exiled, and… Tron wound up getting derezzed. Or so I thought. CLU made him into a new program called Rinzler. That’s the thing about programs. Mess with the code just a little, and their whole nature and memory can change.

Sora: But that’s…horrible! Hmm… Most of this is over my head, but both Tron and this world do seem pretty different. Still, if that’s really the Tron I know, we should change him back.

Flynn: Bingo. And now you’re up to speed.

(Flynn opens his arms in a zen-like motion)

Flynn: If we’re lucky, CLU kept a backup of Tron’s source code. He’s a program, after all. He’d be methodical like that.

(Flynn chuckles)

Sora: So, if we get Tron’s "source code" back from CLU, we can put him back to normal, right?

Flynn: That’s the idea.

Sora: Great! Thanks, mister.

(He turns)

Flynn: Where are you going?

Sora: I’m going after CLU.

Flynn: Do you even know where he is?

Sora: Nope, no idea.

??????: What a strange User. You’re nothing like Flynn or Sam. Come on, Sora. I’ll show you the way.

Sam: Huh?

(The girl walks over to Sora)

Flynn: Quorra, we have to keep moving.

Sam: Yeah. What are you gonna do if Rinzler attacks again?

Quorra: If we’re in a hurry, we have to take care of Rinzler first.

(Sora nods)

Sora: The two of us can handle him.

(They smile. Flynn thinks it over carefully)

Flynn: All right. Do what you can. Maybe you and Sora can help Tron.

Sam: Dad, no.

Flynn: Relax, Sam. I have a feeling Sora is someone we can trust. Now you and me need to press on.

Sam (sighing): Okay.

(He passes Quorra)

Sam: Quorra, be careful.

Quorra: You too.

(Sam walks away with his father)

Quorra: All right, it’s you and me. You ready, Sora?

Sora: Yeah. Let’s do this, Quorra.

Quorra: CLU should be at the helm of his battleship, the Rectifier. We can get there with a Solar Sailer from the underground docks.

(Inside the Rectifier, CLU activates an identity disk hologram and stares at an image of Sora. He is intrigued by the weapon in Sora’s hand)

CLU: That’s this? A "Keyblade"…

(He deactivates the hologram and smirks, tossing the disk back to Rinzler, who stands behind him. Rinzler nods, and returns the disk to the slot on his back as he walks out of the room. CLU stares out the window at the digital landscape. Sora and Quorra take a Solar Sailer and sneak aboard the Rectifier)

Sora: You sure we’ll find Tron’s source code here?

(They search the room)

Quorra: It’s not here. Maybe CLU has it with him. Sora. Let’s look elsewhere.

Sora: All right.

(Quorra stops as the door opens, revealing Rinzler. She whips out her identity disk, but Sora grabs her arm)

Sora: Wait, Quorra! Let me talk to Rinzler. A little heart-to-heart might job his memory.

Quorra: He’s a program, Sora. Programs don’t have hearts.

Sora: That’s not true. The Tron I remember, he had something.

(He turns to Rinzler)

Sora: Hey, you used to be called "Tron," right? CLU did something to you to mess with your memory. You’re a little confused, but that’s okay. C’mon, remember, Tron!

(Rinzler readies his weapons and strikes, spinning in the air and sending the disks flying at Sora. Sora gasps and Quorra jumps in front of him, but they are both hit. Quorra jumps back up and sends her disk flying at Rinzler, who smoothly dodges it. Sora gets up as Quorra’s disk returns to her)

Quorra: I don’t think Rinzler…is quite the friend you remember.

(She rushes Rinzler again as Sora massages his arm, looking down)

Sora: He just needs time, that’s all.

(Sora looks up as Rinzler kicks Quorra in the face and she falls to the ground)

Sora: Quorra!

(He runs forward as Rinzler moves to destroy her)

Sora: Tron, don’t!

(Sora barely reaches them when the doors shut and Rinzler escapes with Quorra)

Sora: Tron…why?

????????: That’s what we do. Put the most precious memories in the back of our minds where they’re safe.

(The cloaked young man appears)

????????: Or in your case, the most precious…hearts?

Sora: Not you again!

??????: The memory and heart are tightly linked.

(Sora gasps. A corridor of darkness appears and Xemnas steps through)

Sora: Xemnas!

Xemnas: Rub a few memories together, and you get a spark of emotion, a feeling. But in a digital world, memory does not work like that. Nothing is ever felt. You can hold a thousand, a million times the information, but there is still no heart with which to parse it. Once, my master, Ansem, found an old system and made a copy of its Master Control Program…and used it to serve his own ends. This is the original data of that system. Here, data can be copied.

(Sora sees a duplicate of himself)

Xemnas: Memory can be changed and easily manipulated.

(Several more copies of Sora appear around him)

Xemnas: Tron is a digital entity, so why would he be any different? He obeys the rules of this world. Sora--what about you?

Sora: Me?

Xemnas: Your heart, memories, your data, and your dreams. The bits and bytes that have made up your life so far--can you say for sure they are not just copies of someone else’s?

(Sora ponders, but shakes his head)

Sora: Yes! My memories and feelings belong to me.

Xemnas: You had better check.

(He turns away)

Xemnas: Make certain the box’s contents match what’s on the label…since you have been chosen.

(Xemnas returns to the corridor)

Sora: Chosen for what?

????????: You think this is the realm of dreams, but there, you are mistaken. Data does not dream, cannot dream.

(The doors open and Sora feels the wind from the digital sea whip around him. He fights to stay his ground)

????????: This world is real. You haven’t the slightest idea where you are-- that you have already wandered off the path.

Sora: What do you mean?

(The young man gives a small laugh and enters another portal. Meanwhile, Riku defeats the Nightmares and hears noises in the tower Sam entered)

Riku: What?

(He runs ahead to find Flynn and Sam. Sam is holding an injured Quorra in his arms)

Riku: Sam!

Flynn: Who’s this?

Riku: I’m Riku. Sam and I were on our way to the Portal.

(Sam nods to his father)

Flynn: Come with us.

Riku: Where are we headed?

Flynn: The Portal, but we need a Solar Sailer. There’s one in the underground docks.

(The walk on ahead, and the scene flashes back to the elevator of the End of Line Club tower. Sam and Flynn ride the lift down watching over a wounded Quorra moments before they run into Riku. Sam notices his father’s disc is missing)

Sam: Your disc… Dad, it’s gone.

Flynn: It is.

(Flynn kneels down and checks on Quorra)

Flynn: She’s stable.

Sam: We have to go back. CLU will use it to reach the outside world. I can stop him from destroying it if you’d just let me do this!

Flynn: You’ve done enough already!

Sam: So what do we do now?

Flynn: I don’t know. Nothing. We do nothing. Be still. Wait.

(He pauses for a second)

Flynn: We can hop a Solar Sailer. A full-on sprint to the Portal. We can beat CLU there! Let’s get her out of here.

(They reach the docks and ride a Solar Sailer. They lay Quorra on the floor and Flynn scans her code from a hologram on her identity disk)

Sam: Is she gonna make it?

Flynn: I don’t know.

Sam: But didn’t you write her code?

Flynn: Some of it. But…the rest is just…

(He moves through different lines of blue code in the hologram, until he reaches a spiral shaped one with a small red piece)

Flynn: …beyond me.

Sam: She’s an ISO.

Riku: ISO?

Flynn: A whole new life form. Quorra is the last ISO.

Riku: And you created them?

Flynn (smiling): They manifested, like a flame. They weren’t really…really from anywhere. The conditions were right and they came into being. For centuries we’ve dreamed of a pure existence beyond our own. I found them in here, like flowers in a wasteland. They were spectacular. Everything I’d hoped to find in the system--control, order, perfection--none of it meant a thing. The ISOs--they were gonna be my gift to the world.

(He reaches into the code and pulls out the red piece, which flies away like a moth)

Flynn: There, good as new. It’s gonna take a while for her system to reboot.

(Quorra’s left arm begins to regenerate)

Riku: So what happened…to your gift?

Flynn: CLU. CLU happened. He was built to create the perfect system. But endless potential can never, ever be fully realized. CLU saw the ISOs as an imperfection, so he destroyed them.

Sam: He screwed up.

Flynn: No, he’s me. I screwed it up. Chasing after perfection--chasing after what was right in front of me. Right in front of me.

(He stares at his son as Riku walks down the Sailer)

Riku: Look to hard for one thing and you miss everything else. And then, the people around you get hurt in the process. Like Xehanort. His single- minded thirst for answers created Ansem. We all have a little of that curiosity in us… So if we’re not careful, any one of us could create an Ansem.

(A Recognizer flies off to their left, alerting them to its presence)

Riku: Great. They found us.

Flynn: We’ve been put on a new course.

(They end up at a docking station and hide from Rinzler. Quorra takes out her disk and hands it to Flynn)

Quorra: Good-bye.

(Quorra runs out to distract Rinzler)

Flynn: Quorra. Quorra!

Sam: No, wait!

(Rinzler leaps down and subdues her)

Flynn: She’s removing herself from the equation.

Sam: We can’t just let her go.

Riku: Yeah.

Flynn: No. Hold on, Sam. What about getting you to the Portal? You shut them down from the outside.

Sam: But Quorra comes first! And we still have to get back your disc.

Flynn: Sam. If you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either.

Riku: If this is a father-son thing, I won’t butt in, but we should probably get back that disc at least--before CLU uses it to destroy the outside world. Come on, Sam.

Sam: Right.

(He turns to Flynn)

Sam: Meet me on the flight deck, and get us some wheels.

Flynn: Wheels? What’s your plan?

Sam (smirking): I’m a User. I’ll improvise.

(Riku and Sam run ahead)

Sam: Riku, I gotta save Quorra too.

Riku: I know. We will.

(Sam laughs)

Sam: The disc should be somewhere on the Throneship. I saw it dock here earlier.

(He looks around and spots the Rectifier)

Sam: Over there!

Riku: All right.

(They reach the ship and find Flynn’s disc, which is suspended by lasers in a circular hole overlooking the front of the ship. Sam walks up to it and takes it, sounding an alarm. The doors open and Rinzler steps in with a captive Quorra)

Quorra: Sam. Go!

(Rinzler knocks her to the floor and takes out his weapons. Riku summons his Keyblade and Sam throws his disc at Rinzler, who spins in the air to dodge it. Riku leaps at the wall and kicks off of it sending a powered swipe of the Keyblade at Rinzler, who loses his discs and falls off of the ship)

Quorra: What are you doing here?

Sam: To the flight deck!

Quorra: But CLU will be here any minute. We’ll never make it.

Sam: Don’t worry. Riku’s here to help.

(The escape the Rectifier and run along the docks, looking for Flynn. Meanwhile, Sora finds himself on the Game Grid)

Sora: What in the world?

Announcer: Combatant 13 versus Rinzler.

(Sora looks around and sees CLU and Rinzler enter through a platform in the floor)

CLU: Greetings, Sora. I’ve been waiting.

Sora: Who are you?

CLU: I am CLU.

Sora: So it was you! You’re the guy who turned Tron into Rinzler!

CLU: Correct. I had to repurpose his code.

Sora: Well, un-repurpose it!

CLU: Yes. Under the right parameters, I might.

Sora: Huh?

CLU: You have a little item called a Keyblade. It can open any lock, isn’t that right? Hand it over, and I’ll change Rinzler back into Tron.

(Sora summons his Keyblade as Rinzler steps forward)

Sora: The Keyblade? I…I can’t. This is what lights the darkness. A chance to make everyone happy!

CLU: Ha! Flawed reasoning. I’ll have to take it by force.

(CLU descends on the platform as Rinzler rushes forward and readies his disks. He spins in the air, sending both disks flying at Sora, who blocks them with his Keyblade. They fly back to Rinzler and he readies another shot)

Sora: Tron, why can’t I get through to you?

(Quorra watches him from above)

Quorra: Fight, Sora!

Sora: Quorra!

(Sora blocks more strikes from Rinzler)

Sora: You’re okay! I can’t believe it!

Quorra: Yes. I think Tron heard you. Long enough for me to escape. You can do it. You can get through to him!

(The Rectifier begins to take off and Quorra braces herself as Sora continues to block)

Quorra: Sora, you have to fight him!

Sora: But Quorra! How can I--

Quorra: You have that key. It will bring him to his senses.

(Rinzler leaps into the air and strikes, his identity disk creating sparks against the Keyblade)

Sora: I’ll try!

(Sora forces Rinzler back, and he lands in a swift stance)

Sora: Let’s go, Tron!

(After a grueling battle filled with acrobatics and ceiling matches, Rinzler feels something deep within him. Sora jumps into the air and a holographic sensor appears over Rinzler’s chest. He proceeds to push it, sending Rinzler into a low power state. Rinzler hovers for a bit and sinks to the ground. Sora walks over as CLU ascends to the stage again. He sends his identity disk at Sora, but Rinzler suddenly jumps up and takes the hit, knocking CLU’s disk away with his own. He falls to his knees as the disk hits the wall and the ceiling and crashes down on the piece of the floor beneath him, shattering it)

Sora: Tron!

(Sora reaches out to him and Rinzler tries to grab his hand, but is too late and falls. CLU watches his descent)

CLU: I’ll deal with you later. I have to retrieve Rinzler.

(Quorra walks over to Sora, who is still staring down the hole in the floor)

Sora: He reached for my hand.

(Quorra gives a sympathetic look)

Sora: Tron is still in there.

Quorra: You and that key have a special power.

Sora: So do you--power to make me see it.

Quorra: So, does that mean we’re friends?

Sora: Of course.

(They chuckle. Later, Sora stands alone on the Game Grid)

Sora: What if my memories aren’t my own? No, I gotta be like Tron. Maybe we’re walking the wrong path, but our hearts will lead us back to the truth.

(A keyhole appears and Sora seals it. Riku, Sam, and Quorra catch up to Flynn and they board a Light Jet, which turns from red-lined to blue. They take off and head for the Portal at the I/O Tower. Upon entering, they find CLU waiting for them on the bridge. Flyn steps forward)

Flynn: This is mine.

(He walks toward CLU)

Flynn: Had a feeling you’d be here!

CLU: You! You promised that we would change the world…together! You broke your promise!

(The Commantis Dream Eater appears behind him as wind whips around the Portal)

CLU: I took the System to its maximum potential. And now, you see the applications at my disposal!

(The Nightmare spins the disc on its back and claws at the air with mechanical pincers)

Flynn: I don’t believe it.

(Riku walks up)

Riku: You can leave this one to me.

(Riku fights and defeats the Commantis. It disappears, leaving CLU shocked)

CLU: I created the perfect system!

Flynn: The thing about perfection is that it’s unknowable. It’s impossible, but it’s also…right in front of us, all the time. You wouldn’t know that because I didn’t when I created you. I’m sorry, CLU. I’m sorry.

(CLU stares at him for a second before kicking him away. Sam gives a yell and tries to tackle CLU, who simply tosses him over his shoulder. He rolls on the ground in pain as Quorra checks on Flynn. Riku runs over with his Keyblade out)

Flynn: Go.

(Quorra nods and uses a rope to spin around the platform and land in front of Riku and Sam as CLU walks toward them. She takes out a lightsword and faces him)

Flynn: CLU! Remember what you came for.

(CLU walks back over to Flynn and the bridge opens, splitting him and Flynn from the others. CLU kicks Flynn in the face, flipping him over. He takes Flynn’s disk from his back and activates it, pulling up a hologram of Quorra)

CLU: No…

(He looks over at Quorra, Sam, and Riku who are at the Portal. Quorra looks back at him)

CLU: No… Why?

(He turns to Flynn)

Flynn: He’s my son.

(He deactivates the hologram and throws the disk into the ground beside Flynn, running back up the bridge to the Portal)

Flynn: Go!

(CLU jumps over the gap in the bridge and nearly misses as he grabs onto the other side)

Sam: Dad!

(Flynn stands up)

Flynn: Sam! It’s time!

Sam: No!

Quorra: Sam. It’s what he wants.

Sam: I’m not leaving you!

Flynn: Take her!

(She hands Flynn’s disk to him, and he takes it)

Flynn: Yes!

(Sam holds the disc upward, activating the Portal. Light engulfs them)

Flynn: Good-bye, kiddo.

(The identity disk floats upward in the pillar of light and Sam gives his father one last glance. CLU stands up and Riku runs toward him)

Riku: Don’t even think about it.

(Flynn gasps and kneels down quickly, his long coat flowing behind him. He touches the ground and a burst of energy ripples out from him. It reaches CLU, who feels a strong tug backwards towards Flynn. He reaches out to the Portal and tries to walk but is unable to overcome the force pulling him as Flynn stands up with his arms out. The wind gathers strength and CLU is knocked backwards into Flynn’s body, sending out a massive pulse of bright energy, which engulfs everything. The light dissipates and Riku, now alone, walks over to where the Portal once was)

Riku: The Portal is gone. These gates that connect worlds--maybe when we pass through them, we’re challenged, and changed. And it’s not over. There are more trials ahead we have to overcome. But we’ll be ready, Sora.

(A keyhole shines in the air and he seals it. Meanwhile, in Yen Sid’s Mysterious Tower, Goofy and Donald stand looking out the window as Mickey looks through a bookshelf)

Donald: Gee, I hope Sora’s okay.

Goofy: He’ll be just fine as long as Riku’s with him.

(Mickey gasps)

Mickey: You don’t think--No!

(He turns to face Yen Sid, who is sitting in his chair)

Mickey: Master Yen Sid!

(A black bird flies in through the moon-shaped window)

Goofy: Look, it’s a raven!

Mickey: Uh-oh!

(The bird flies over to Yen Sid’s desk, carrying a scroll in its claws and something shiny in its mouth)

Yen Sid: That raven is Maleficent’s.

Donald: What’s it got?

(It drops the items on the desk and flies back out the window. Mickey stares at the crown)

Mickey: Why, that’s Minnie’s.

(He picks up the scroll and reads it)

Donald: Well?

(Mickey gasps)

Goofy: Gawrsh, what’s it say?

Mickey (gravely): It’s from Maleficent. She’s kidnapped Minnie.

Donald & Goofy: She took Queen Minnie?

Mickey: The letter says for me to return to Disney Castle…or else.

Yen Sid: Mickey, there is no time to waste.

Mickey: Okay…you fellas stay here.

(Donald and Goofy give Mickey a salute)

Donald & Goofy: King Mickey, we’re going with you!

Mickey: Gosh…I guess you’re right, pals. We friends need to stick together. Master Yen Sid, we’ll be back!

(Yen Sid nods. The gummi ship flies away from the world as the sorcerer muses in his chair)

Yen Sid: The timing is too perfect, too calculated. Maleficent must sense a change in the forces of darkness. A change…like Xehanort.

(Meanwhile, Sora walks back into the Fifth District)

Sora: Huh? I’m back in Traverse Town.

(Joshua watches him from an above platform)

Joshua: Why, hello down there, Sora. I’ve been waiting.

(Sora turns around to see him)

Sora: You do know you can wait on the ground, right? Come down so we can talk.

Joshua: Now?

Sora: "Now"? What do you mean, "now"? You’re the one who said you were waiting!

(Joshua gets down to Sora’s level)

Joshua: You know you’re turning more into Neku every day. But listen, I’m glad you two showed up because--

Sora: You "two"? Does that mean Riku’s here?

Joshua: Yes. But you and he are still a world apart. He didn’t seem especially worried, though. He knows he’ll find you.

Sora: Yeah.

Joshua: Just look at Neku. He and the others all found their Game partners.

Sora: Oh, they’re back home safe now?

(Joshua shakes his head)

Joshua: Remember what I told you. Their existence is on the line--and the Reapers are dead set on erasing them for good. But they found refuge in this world, and luckily each other too.

Sora: "Reapers"?

Joshua: Right. If Neku and the others want to get back to where they came from, they need to win the "Reapers’ Game." It’s like a series of missions. Those are the rules of their home ground. Except…this time, the mission is a tough one. They’re pitted against a Dream Eater that can summon a hundred more like it. So, I was sort of hoping you and Riku could help us out. You have your Keyblades, and with those, we might still have a chance.

Sora: Well, I’m glad he’s here with me.

Joshua: If he is, Riku’s on one side of the Portal, and you’re on the other. He might be by your side--he might be a million miles away. You can’t measure the distance in time or space. Even without the wall between you, it’s hard to say.

Sora (nodding): Don’t worry. He’s with me--even when it might seem like he’s not.

(Joshua smiles and looks away)

Joshua: Then you two are lucky.

Sora: You and your friend are lucky too, Joshua.

Joshua (laughing): I appreciate you saying that with conviction, even though you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Sora: Hey!

Joshua: Anyway…Neku and his partner are pinned down in the fountain plaza. I can count on you, right?

Sora: Always!

(Sora enters the Fountain Plaza in the Fourth District, where Neku and Shiki are finishing off some Dream Eaters. An orb of light switches from Neku to Shiki, ending the battle. Shiki holds her cat doll)

Shiki: This is starting to wear me down. Can we get a time out?

(They look into the sky and see a large bird-like Nightmare riding a broom and holding its hat like a spellbook. The Spellican waves its wing and summons a lightning bolt, which strikes the ground near Neku and Shiki, actually knocking Shiki into the fountain with a yelp. Out of the lightning appears a group of Dream Eaters)

Neku: What?

(A Tatsu Steed sends a fireball toward Neku, but is stopped by Sora)

Sora: Miss me?

(Shiki rights herself in the pool)

Neku: Sora?

Sora: I’ll take it from here!

Neku: No. I don’t need your help.

Sora: ‘Course you do! Where are your Dream Eaters? How else can you fight?

Neku: I don’t need them anymore.

(Shiki gets out of the fountain, dripping wet)

Sora: Oh, right, your partner. Well, don’t you want to make it out of the Game? Who’s gonna help her if you get hurt?

(Neku and Shiki slowly nod to each other)

Neku: Okay, you win.

(Shiki runs ahead)

Neku: I’ll let you do the sweating.

(Sora fights and defeats the Nightmares, and the Spellican disappears)

Sora: He got away!

(Sora dispels his Keyblade and Shiki and Neku return)

Neku: Sora.

Sora (to Shiki): So, you must be Neku’s partner.

Shiki: Yeah. I’m Shiki. Nice to meet you. Neku told me all about you.

Sora: Cool. But you should have seen him. He looked everywhere for you.

(Neku waves his hands around)

Neku: Hey, Sora, stop talking!

Sora: What? Why? You said you need her. That’s a good thing.

(Shiki smiles shyly)

Shiki: That’s sweet, Neku.

(He strokes his hair)

Neku: I need you to stop annoying me.

Shiki: Mm-hmm. Well, I still think it’s sweet.

(She hugs her doll)

Shiki: It’s nice to be needed.

Joshua: I’m sorry, is this a bad time?

(They look over to see Joshua walk in)

Joshua: Because that Dream Eater we’re after has retreated to the other imagining of this world.

Sora: "Other imagining"? You mean…where Riku is.

Joshua: Yes. He and our other friends will do what they can. But we’ll just run ourselves in circles at this rate. We need to trap that thing in once place, and then we can finish it.

Sora: Trap it where?

Joshua: The Third District.

Sora: Okay.

(Sora, Shiki, and Neku start to run toward the Third District. Neku hangs back a second, puzzling Joshua)

Neku: Joshua.

Joshua: Yes. Neku?

Neku: Tell me--are we really gonna make it home?

Joshua: But Neku, I thought you couldn’t afford to lose. Give up on yourself and you give up on the world.

Neku: Right… So I’ll see you there?

(Joshua is surprised)

Joshua: Me?

Neku: Yeah. You’re my friend. It’s your home, too.

(Joshua gives a soft chuckle)

Joshua: Maybe it’s you that’s turning into Sora.

Neku: Huh?

Joshua: …Thanks.

(Meanwhile, Riku enters the First District of Traverse Town)

Riku: Traverse Town? Why am I back?

(He hears footsteps behind him)

Riku: Joshua.

Joshua: Nice of you to join us.

Riku: What happened?

Joshua: Trouble happened. I was hoping one of you could help.

Riku: When did Sora get here?

Joshua: Bravo, Riku. Why can’t he be this quick on the uptake?

Riku: Yeah, well. Sora’s a little…

(They laugh softly)

Joshua: Now, let’s get down to the problem. We’ve got a nasty Dream Eater on our hands. It keeps jumping between worlds. Not only that, it knows how to summon creatures like it--pretty powerful ones, too. The others are on a mission to stop it, but they need help.

Riku: The others? You mean Shiki and her friends?

Joshua: That’s right. They all found their Game partners, and Shiki is over fighting in the other Traverse Town. In fact, Sora is helping them out.

Riku: Good to hear. So what can I do?

Joshua: Actually, the Dream Eater just reappeared in the foundtain plaza. I sent Beat and his partner to face it.

Riku: I’m on it.

(Riku starts to leave)

Joshua: Riku. There’s something else you need to know.

Riku: Hmm?

Joshua: These two Traverse Towns separated by the Portal… I was under the impression they were parallel worlds, but it looks like I was wrong.

Riku: Wrong how?

Joshua: That’s where it gets tricky. After you and Sora left, Shiki crossed the Portal to join her Game partner. Did you notice Players have a mission timer inscribed on their hands? Well, when she got to the other side, Shiki had more time left on her clock than her partner. And when Beat’s partner crossed over from the other side, she had LESS time left.

Riku: So time flows differently here and there? So what? That’s true of any two worlds. Their home world would be running on a different time axis, too.

Joshua: Yes, I understand that. But if these Traverse Towns were parallel worlds, then time would flow the same in both. But it doesn’t, ergo they are not parallel worlds.

Riku: You mean there’s a past…and a future.

Joshua: No. Impossible. The worlds are clearly separate--it’s not just time that sets them apart. As you yourself noted, every world flows at its own pace, which tells me that for all their similarities, these are two distinct worlds.

Riku: Distinct worlds?

Joshua: Yes…but this is all conjecture. It’s like the same world imagined by two people. What does that tell you? That we’re in…

Riku: A dream…

Joshua: Yes. Bravo again, Riku. In which case none of this may matter one bit to me or my friends. But to you and Sora, I think it might be a vital clue.

Riku: Right… Thanks. So you need me in the plaza?

Joshua: Wow. I’m running out of "bravos."

Riku: Be right back.

(Riku enters the Fourth District as Rhyme and Beat are fighting the Spellican)

Riku: Beat!

Beat: About time, yo!

Riku: Beat, what happened to your Dream Eaters?

Beat: Don’t need ‘em when I’ve got my Game partner. And I don’t need you!

Rhyme: Oh, here we go again. Five seconds ago, it was, "Where’s Riku"-- and now the act?

Beat: Bwaaah! Don’t tell him that.

(Rhyme giggles. The Spellican’s face makes a slight twitch as it hovers in front of them)

Rhyme: It’s so nice to meet you. I’m Rhyme. Riku, right? Sorry my partner’s acting like a doofus.

(Riku dispels his Keyblade)

Beat: I am not! You always gotta go around and…and garnish my reputation!

Rhyme: Since when? You burned that bridge all by yourself. "Nobody raises his reputation by lowering others."

(Riku laughs)

Beat: Yo, Riku. You gonna sit there and let her get in my grill?

Riku: Sorry, it’s just…you two are cut from the same cloth.

Rhyme: I know!

Beat: I ain’t made of cloth!

(Beat laughs)

Rhyme: Beat looks and talks like a punk, but there’s a heart of gold in there somewhere.

(The Spellican continues to twitch…)

Riku: Yeah. He’s come through for me, so I know what you mean.

(…and twitch…)

Beat: There, see? I’m a--

(…and twitch)

Beat: Rhyme! You didn’t just call me a punk again!

(The three laugh, sending the Spellican into a fit of rage)

Riku: All right, now we ruffled its feathers.

(Riku summons his Keyblade)

Riku: Ready to do this?

Rhyme & Beat: Yeah!

(The Spellican summons a group of Dream Eaters and proceeds to fly towards the First District on its broomstick)

Beat: Me and Rhyme’ll handle things here.

Rhyme: You go after that thing!

Riku: Right!

(Riku chases it into the Back Streets, where it summons a herd of Cera Terror Dream Eaters, which stampede down the alley)

Riku: Quantity versus quality, huh?

(Riku defeats the Nightmares and Joshua appears on an upper ledge with the Portal)

Joshua: Riku, the Third District! We’re going to pin it between both worlds!

Riku: Got it!

(Joshua and the Portal disappear as Riku runs to the Third District. He quickly jumps off walls to catch up to the Nightmare and lands in front of it)

Riku: I got you now!

(Beat and Rhyme enter from an upper area)

Beat: This is my street, yo!

Rhyme: You gotta play by the rules.

(The Spellican escapes through the Portal)

Beat: Oh, no!

Rhyme: Hey!

(Riku dispels his Keyblade)

Riku: Sora, you got this.

(Sora enters the Third District square, where Joshua watches from the above area. The Portal appears along with the Spellican. Sora readies his weapon)

Sora: I got it, Riku!

Joshua: It’s working! He pulled through for us!

(The Spellican summons more Dream Eaters, which take off in various directions)

Neku: We’ll handle things here. You take care of the boss!

Sora: Will do!

(Neku heads off through the door to the Second District. A great lightning bolt strikes and the Spellican sends a Hockomonkey, Wargoyle, and Char Clawbster against Sora, who defeats them all. A Keyhole appears in the sky and the Spellican flies into it)

Sora: Not again!

(Neku, Shiki, and Joshua walk over to Sora)

Neku: Hey Josh, where’d it go?

Joshua: Somewhere else. Out of Traverse Town, and out of my reach. We’ll just have to let it go.

Neku: Great…

Shiki: So we failed the mission?

Joshua: Hmm…

Sora: I’ll go after it!

Neku: What?

Sora: C’mon, I’m not an actual Player. Can’t I bend the rules?

(Shiki and Joshua chuckle)

Joshua: Well, I guess the rules of the world don’t apply if your hearts are connected--right, Sora? That’s how you roll.

Sora: Right! Then it’s settled.

(Sora faces the Keyhole and aims his Keyblade at it. Neku looks up from the ground, hesitant)

Neku: Sora.

(Sora looks over at Neku)

Neku: Thanks. It wasn’t easy, but you made it easier.

Sora: Yeah.

Shiki: Wow, Neku. You’ve changed.

Neku: Huh? You think?

Shiki: Yeah, you’re less dorky.

Neku: What?

(Shiki giggles)

Shiki: Once you find your friends, Sora, you should come hang out in our town!

Neku: Definitely. See you in Shibuya.

Sora: Sure. It’s a deal.

(He walks back over to them and holds his hand out. Neku and Shiki place their hands on top of his. Sora looks over to Joshua, who adds his)

Joshua: Anything I should pass on to Riku?

Sora: Nah. I’ll see him soon.

(The three smile at him. Sora seals the Keyhole. Later Beat, Riku, and Rhyme stand in the Third District, watched over by Joshua)

Beat: This is so tired, yo. Every time we chase him down…

Riku: I know. But we’ve got an ally on the other side. Don’t worry.

Beat: Yeah, well, I still don’t like it.

(Joshua steps off the high roof and floats swiftly to the ground)

Joshua: You know, you are such a good listener, Beat. You’re like a sponge, really.

Beat: Me? I’m not a sponge. I’m just me.

(He makes a fist and Rhyme laughs)

Joshua: You mean "Daisukenojo Bito"?

Beat (flinching): Hey! Don’t use my full name!

Riku: That’s a weird name.

Beat: Hey!

(Rhyme can’t help but laugh, which sets Riku off also. A Keyhole appears in the sky)

Riku: Well, it’s time to go.

(He walks toward the Keyhole)

Rhyme: Hey, Riku--thanks.

Beat: Yeah, stay cool. We’ll catch up with you soon.

(He gives a thumbs-up)

Rhyme: Mm-hmm. Say hi to Sora.

(She waves and he waves back)

Riku: Sure.

Joshua: Riku. Remember what I said. Be careful. If this really is a dream, it’s going to lie to you to try and make you think it’s real.

Riku: I got it.

Beat: What? I don’t got it.

Joshua: You and Sora would break your heads on this one.

Beat: Bwaaah?

(Everyone laughs and Riku seals the Keyhole. Meanwhile in the library of Disney Castle, Maleficent and Pete are holding Queen Minnie captive as Mickey, Donald, and Goofy come to her aid)

Donald: Pete, you big thug!

Pete (laughing): "Thug" works for me. We all got a role to play, right?

Goofy: Gawrsh, at least he’s honest, in a dishonest way.

Maleficent: Silence! No underling of mine shall be insulted so.

(Pete covers his mouth)

Maleficent: I have great plans for dear Pete and for all the worlds…once I have taken them for my own.

(Pete nods)

Mickey: Then I’ve got bad news for you--that day’s never gonna come.

Maleficent: Perhaps you should take a few moments to reconsider. Or does the queen’s life mean nothing to you at all?

Minnie: Mickey! Don’t you listen to her! You can’t let Maleficent have her--

(Pete covers her mouth tightly)

Mickey: No! Minnie! All right, Maleficent. Tell us what you want.

Maleficent: Let me see… Shall I begin with this world? I much preferred it in its darker, more ominous permutation.

Pete: You said it. This place needs some lights-out time!

Mickey: You’re lying, Maleficent. Not even you would go through this much trouble just for that. What is it you’re really after?

(Maleficent sighs and smiles)

Maleficent: Very perceptive. I presume you are familiar with Xehanort, the man who led me to discover worlds outside of my own?

Mickey: You know him?

Maleficent: As do you, I see. Yes, he shared everything with me--how to go about winning a heart over to the darkness, and, most gloriously, about the seven hearts of pure light--the ones that would grant me the power I need to conquer all worlds. However, the worlds were too complex, too much for even me to contain. It seemed I had miscalculated. Then it came to me--of course! I could go about conquering other worlds in my own manner.

(They glare at her)

Maleficent: You do have the "data" for all the worlds, do you not?

(Pete gives an evil chuckle)

Maleficent: And now you will hand it over to me.

Donald (shocked): No!

Goofy (shocked): Uh-oh!

Mickey (shocked): What do ya mean?

Pete: Don’t you bozos pretend you don’t remember. Me and Maleficent was trapped inside it. Now cough it up!

Mickey: Why do you want the data?

Maleficent: I’m afraid that is no concern of yours.

(Mickey struggles to contain his fury)

Pete: Ah-ah-ah… Wouldn’t want her Royal Minnie Mousiness to get a boo-boo, now would we?

(Maleficent moves closer)

Maleficent: I see you have failed to recognize the futility of your situation. Very well…

(The orb at the end of her staff glows)

Maleficent: Face your doom!

(She sends a ball of fire at Mickey. Suddenly, two wheels fly out of a black portal. One pierces the ground, blocking the attack sent at Mickey and the other causes Pete to lose his grip on Minnie. Once free, Minnie counters with a Faith attack)

Minnie: Light!

(Maleficent turns away as a pillar of light surrounds Minnie, knocking Pete to the floor. Mickey and Minnie rush to each other and smile)

Minnie: Oh, Mickey!

Mickey: Minnie!

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy summon their weapons)

Mickey: Maleficent…you lose!

(Maleficent scowls)

Pete (getting up): Say, uh, milady, I think the pipsqueak’s right. We better hit the road!

(She touches the orb on her staff)

Maleficent: I now know that what I seek lies within these walls. Trust that I will eliminate you in good time.

(She starts to walk away into a corridor of darkness)

Pete: Hey! Wait for me! Maleficent?

(He runs after her)

Pete: Waaait!

(The corridor closes behind him. Mickey dispels his Keyblade and a hooded figure walks out of the shadows toward the wheel stuck in the floor)

Mickey: You used the darkness to get here? That was reckless.

(The man pulls the wheel out of the tile)

Mickey: But gosh, I didn’t expect you to save us…

(The red-haired man holds the wheel over his shoulder)

Mickey: Axel.

???: Axel didn’t. My name is Lea.

(He points to his head)

Lea (smiling): Got it memorized?

(Meanwhile, in a royal training yard Mickey, Donald, and Goofy stand in uniform facing a Ducky Goose Dream Eater. Donald shivers)

Donald: We’re doomed!

(Donald runs away)

Mickey: Donald! Where ya goin’?

Goofy: Stand back! Here goes nothin’!

(Goofy closes his eyes and runs with a holler, sword pointed up)

Mickey: Hey, Goofy, that’s the wrong way!

(Mickey faces the Dream Eater and readies his weapon)

Mickey: All right. I’ll show ya what a Musketeer can do!

(Sora walks in to see Mickey rush toward the Dream Eater, which knocks him away. He runs to help and slices the Nightmare down to size)

Sora: King Mickey, are you okay?

Mickey: Huh? Have we met before?

Sora: What?

(He looks around at the training yard, which bares no resemblance to Disney Castle)

Sora: Wait, is this like what happened with Jiminy and Tron? But…I’m not in Disney Castle, and that world isn’t one of the ones that’s asleep. I don’t get it.

(Mickey walks over)

Mickey: You okay? What’s wrong?

Sora: Oh, um… I was wondering…where I was?

(Mickey notices his Keyblade)

Mickey: Hmm? Where’d you get that key?

Sora: This? It’s a Keyb--

Mickey: Shh!

(Mickey runs closer)

Mickey (whispering): I know. You came from another world, right?

Sora: Huh? Uh, yeah.

Mickey: My name’s Mickey. I’m workin’ on a problem. That’s why I’m in this world bein’ a Musketeer.

Sora: Hmm… So, am I in a world the king visited that I don’t know about-- a world that’s trapped in sleep somewhere? ‘Cause I guess…

Mickey: You seem confused.

(A group of Dream Eaters appear)

Mickey: Look out!

Sora: I’m Sora. Let me handle ‘em.

(Sora rushes into battle and defeats the enemies)

Mickey: Thanks. I sure owe ya one. Some Musketeer I turned out to be.

(Goofy runs around swinging his sword wildly)

Goofy: Where’s the bad guys?

Sora: Goofy!

Mickey: Everything’s under control, Goof.

(He stops and finally opens his eyes)

Goofy: Really? You mean we clobbered ‘em?

(Donald walks back in slowly)

Donald: Are they…gone?

Sora: Hey, Donald!

(Donald jumps in fright)

Donald: What? Who are you?

Goofy: Gawrsh, do I know you from somewhere?

(Goofy and Donald walk over to them. Sora thinks for a moment)

Sora: No… Nice to meet you.

Mickey: Say fellas, this is Sora. And it doesn’t matter when we met. Once we make a friend, we’re friends for life.

Donald: Hi. I’m Donald.

Goofy: And I’m Goofy.

Sora (nodding): Friends for life.

Mickey: Now, we’ve gotta go protect the princess! Donald, Goofy, follow me!

(They start to leave)

Sora: Hey wait! You’re not gonna let me come along?

Mickey: But you’re not a Musketeer. And this mission is fraught with danger.

Sora: All the more reason I should help. When the going gets tough, the tough call their friends.

Mickey: Hmm… Well, all right. Thank you!

Goofy: Great! Should we do the thing?

Sora: The "thing"?

(Goofy whispers into Sora’s ear and Sora understands. Mickey points his sword in the air)

Mickey: All for one…

(The others do the same)

Everyone: And one for all!

(The scene changes to earlier, where Captain Pete of the Royal Musketeers is addressing Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in front of Princess Minnie)

Pete: Congratulations, boys. In light of your lacklustrious potential, I dub you Royal Musketeers!

(Mickey and Donald stand in salute)

Pete: Just look at yas--all dressed up, and goin’ nowheres.

(Goofy is zoning out, but Pete ignores him)

Pete: Now then, let’s get right down to your inaugurary mission--bodyguards to…Princess Minnie! Some nefarious nincompoop has got it out for her, see?

(They jump with a start)

Pete: And it’s your job to personally keep her safe.

Mickey: Somebody’s after the princess? Count on us!

Donald: What? So soon? Don’t we get to practice?

Goofy: Why? The one, two…

(He counts on his fingers)

Goofy: …uh, three of us are ready for anything!

(Pete smiles evilly to himself)

Mickey: Don’t worry. Donald’s real brave, and Goofy’s clever. And while I may be small, I’ve got the heart of a Musketeer!

(He takes out his sword)

Mickey: All for one…

(They tap their swords together)

Everyone: And one for all!

(The scene switches to Princess Minnie’s carriage led by two horses along a long dirt road. Sora, Donald, and Mickey stand on top as Goofy holds the reins in the front. They hear loud footsteps from behind and turn to see a giant Tyranto Rex running after them)

Sora: A Dream Eater!

Mickey & Donald: Bad guy!

(Donald falls over in fear, losing his hat)

Goofy: Bad guy?

(The Tyranto Rex jumps and attacks the carriage, knocking Mickey, Donald, and Goofy off. Sora takes out his Keyblade)

Sora: Gotta protect the carriage, no matter what!

(The Tyranto Rex shoots fireballs at Sora, who knocks them back until the Dream Eater falls. Sora dispels his Keyblade and turns around to see a trio of beagle bandits. They snicker and smirk, pointing their rapiers at him)

Sora: Huh?

Beagle Boy #1: We’ll be lightenin’ your load by one princess.

Beagle Boy #2: Now make like those Musketeers and scram.

Beagle Boy #3: Au revoir.

(The third Beagle Boy throws his rapier at Sora, causing him to lose his balance and fall off the carriage. Minnie pleads through the window as the carriage races out of sight. Sora stands and sees a disappointed Mickey, Donald, and Goofy walking toward him)

Sora: Your Majest--ah, I mean, Mickey!

Mickey: Sora!

Sora: I’m sorry. They got away with the princess.

Mickey: Dont’t be. It’s not your fault.

Goofy: As long as we all stick together, I know we can get the princess back!

Donald: It’s hopeless…

Mickey: Goofy’s right. As a team, we can do anything!

Sora: Yeah! Come on!

(They walk through the rustic countryside until they reach a river)

Goofy: Hey, look, Mickey! There’s the carriage!

(The carriage stands abandoned near a leafless tree)

Goofy: But there’s no sign of the princess.

Donald: Then that means…

Mickey: Yep. She’s out there somewhere, counting on us to come to the rescue.

Donald: Yeah, ‘cause we’re Musketeers!

Mickey: And we’re gonna be the ones to save her!

(They run off toward a bridge)

Sora: Hey! Aren’t you forgetting someone?

(Sora runs after them. He finds the Beagle Boys hiding out in a tower across the river. Sora takes care of them, while Mickey frees the princess)

Mickey: Sora! Thank you. Princess Minnie is safe. We couldn’t have done it without ya!

Sora: Sure. Happy to help.

Minnie: Oh, my hero!

(Goofy sees the Beagle Boys behind them)

Goofy: It’s the bad guys!

(Sora, Mickey, and Goofy ready their weapons again)

Beagle Boy #1: Thought we’d go down easy-peasy, eh?

Beagle Boy #2: Lemme at ‘em!

Sora: All right. We can do this all day!

Mickey: Wait, Sora. Got any suggestions, Goofy?

Goofy: Hmm…

(Goofy thinks for a second and sees the window behind the Beagle Boys)

Goofy: Aha!

Mickey: You’ve got an idea?

Goofy: And it might even be a good one, too! Hold on.

Mickey: Sure, take your time.

(Goofy grabs Mickey)

Goofy: Charge!

(He blasts through the window and flies into a tree branch, which buckles back and ricochets them back into the tower, knocking the Beagle Boys out the window on the other side and into the river)

Goofy: How’d I do?

Mickey: Yeah! We did it! Hurray for the Musketeers!

(Donald walks in from the stairs)

Donald: We did it?

(They take out their swords and assume their stances)

Everyone: All for one, and one for all!

(Later, Sora and Goofy through the palace training yard at nighttime. Sora yawns and stretches)

Goofy: Huh? Do you see that?

Sora: Hmm? What’s up?

Goofy: Hey, you! Not so fast!

(Goofy runs away)

Sora: Goofy, where are you going?

(Sora runs after him past Mickey, who is standing with Pluto)

Mickey: What’s the matter, Sora? Hold on!

Sora: Oh, Mickey. Goofy just sort of…took off.

Mickey: Goofy’s gone? But why would he leave his post?

(Donald comes running through)

Donald (screaming): HELP!

Mickey: Not you too, Donald?

(Donald skids to a stop and runs back)

Donald: What do we do? It’s a disaster!

Mickey: Calm down, Donald! Start from the beginning.

Donald: The captain’s gonna kidnap Princess Minnie!

Mickey: What? But he’s the one who made us Musketeers.

Donald: It was all a big lie.

Mickey: A lie? Well…lie or no lie. Musketeers don’t ever run from danger!

Donald: Then it’s time for me to get a new job!

(He starts to run)

Mickey: Donald, wait! Together we can stop Captain Pete.

Sora: Yeah. We’re in this together!

Mickey: C’mon. We’ll be right beside you, ‘cause we’re friends.

Donald: I just can’t do it. I’m sorry.

Mickey: Donald!

(Donald runs away)

Mickey: Donald…

(Pluto whimpers)

Sora: He’ll be back. I know it.

Mickey: Aw, thanks, Sora.

Sora: So, this "captain" guy’s the culprit. I wonder what he’s up to.

(He hears a loud laugh)

????: What am I up to?

(He sees Captain Pete walk in from above)

Pete: I’m up to plenty!

Sora: Pete?

(Sora takes out his Keyblade)

Pete: Whozzat?

(He laughs)

Pete: A stranger lookin’ to be endangered… You, mangle these yardsticks!

(A group of Dream Eaters drop in. Mickey jumps to the balcony and faces Pete)

Mickey: Captain Pete, by the power vested in me as a Musketeer, I arrest you, mister!

(He points his rapier at the captain, who laughs loudly)

Pete (laughing): That’s a good one. Well, how’s about this? By the power invested in my fist, I clobber you!

(He punches Mickey, distracting Sora as a Me Me Bunny knocks him out. Later, he hears voices)

Donald: Sora?

Goofy: Sora?

(Sora opens his eyes)

Sora: Donald… Goofy…

(He stands up and searches around)

Sora: Where’s Mickey?

Goofy: Captain Pete and his guys took Mickey to Mont Saint-Michel. And that means he’s in big trouble! Once the tide comes in, the dungeon’ll fill up with water!

Donald: And so will Mickey.

Sora: Well, come on. We gotta go save him!

Donald: Oh…but how?

Sora: What are you saying? You and Goofy wouldn’t have come back if you weren’t ready to save him! We’re friends--friends for life, remember?

(Donald nods)

Donald: Yeah!

Goofy: Best of friends to the very end!

Sora: Good. Let’s go!

Goofy: Right.

Donald: Okay!

(The scene changes to a captive Princess Minnie being presented to Captain Pete)

Minnie: Release me! This instant!

Pete: Actually, it’s time to say "bon journey," Your Royal Highness.

(He bows sarcastically)

Minnie: Captain Pete? What is the meaning of this?

(Pete laughs)

Pete: Oh, don’t you lose any sleep over it, Princess. I’m just gonna seize the throne and rule happily ever after. After you name me king, that is.

Minnie: What? I most certainly would never agree to that.

Pete: Bien sewer. And that’s why the real you won’t be the one doin’ the namin’. I got myself another stooge to take the stage. All’s you got to do is keep your royal mouth nice and shut.

Minnie: A double? Mickey and the Musketeers will stop you!

Pete: Oh, never you fear, Princess. Those chowderheads will be outta the picture real soon. So, how we lookin’, boys?

Beagle Boy #1: A-okay, boss.

(He holds up the knob to the contraption)

Beagle Boy #2: Test run’s done.

Beagle Boy #3: We’ll flatten them like crepes!

Pete: Good. Now, you mutts hold on to that thing no matter what!

(He bends down to Minnie’s level)

Pete: If’n you don’t mind, Your Highness, we have a seat reservated for you backstage.

(He laughs and starts to leave)

Pete (laughing): It’s gonna be curtains soon. "Curtains"! I love it!

(The Beagle Boys sneak up behind Princess Minnie and trap her in a chest. Meanwhile, Riku enters the Country of the Musketeers in the courtyard of the Opera House, where he sees Captain Pete skulking about the entrance)

Riku: Isn’t that…Pete? What kind of world did I end up in this time? Well, one thing’s for sure--that guy adds up to trouble in any world.

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy take a boat from the shore to Mont Saint-Michel and comb the fortress, looking for Mickey. They eventually find him in the deepest dungeon which has just been filled with water. They stand over him as he wakes up)

Mickey: Donald? Goofy? You too, Sora? You came back.

Donald: C’mon, men! We gotta save the princess!

Mickey: Aw, fellas. We’re not even real Musketeers.

Sora: Wrong. You are real Musketeers! And don’t let anybody else tell you you’re not.

Donald: It doesn’t matter what you wear.

Goofy: Only what kind of heart it is that beats inside of ya!

(Mickey stands up and puts his hat back on)

Mickey: You know what? You’re right, pals. When the bunch of us stick together, we an accomplish anything! Pete said he was headed for the opera house. And that’s where we’ll find Her Majesty! C’mon, Musketeers. We’ve got a princess to rescue.

(Meanwhile, Riku walks onto the theatre stage, seeing a large set of a pirate ship)

Riku: What’s all this for?

(He sees three shadowy figures carrying in three familiar character cutouts)

Riku: Is that supposed to be Mickey and the others? Yeesh. Those three are together even when they’re made out of wood.

(The Beagle Boys place the figures on the stage, chuckle, and exit. Pete stands aboard the pirate ship)

Riku: Pete!

(Pete smirks and looks up to a hanging scaffold, where a large crate falls onto the wooden cutouts, smashing them and itself to pieces. Riku gasps and Pete laughs evilly. Riku spots the Beagle Boys leaving and runs to follow them)

Riku: Wait!

(Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Mickey rush to the Opera House. Upon arrival, Sora spots the Beagle Boys around a large chest)

Sora: Hey. Over there!

Beagle Boy #1: Oi! Those nitwits!

(He points to Sora and the Musketeers)

Beagle Boy #2: The boss is gonna be mad.

Beagle Boy #3: Hurry!

(The first beagle runs inside while the other two carry in the chest, which is calling in distress)

Minnie: Help!

Mickey: Princess! C’mon. It’s time to put our Musketeering to the test!

(They run inside the Opera House as Riku runs backstage and finds the chest. It moves slightly like something is inside)

Riku: Is someone…

(He hears a faint voice from the chest and summons his Keyblade. He opens the chest and sees the princess)

Riku: Minnie!

(He helps her out of the box)

Minnie: Oh, thank you for saving me!

(She walks off)

Riku: Where are you going?

Minnie: I have to help the Musketeers.

Riku: What happened? Tell me what I can do.

Minnie (stopping): Who are you?

Riku: Riku. Mickey’s my friend.

Minnie: Oh, Riku, the stage has been rigged with a machine to lure Mickey and the others into a terrible trap. If we could only find something to control the device from here…

(Riku looks behind her to see a Beagle Boy take a knob from the wall)

Beagle Boy #3: Lucky I remembered. Look what I nearly forgot!

(He turns around to see them glaring at him)

Beagle Boy #3: Eh? Why’s the box sans mouse?

Beagle Boy #1: Oi, quit messin’ around.

Beagle Boy #2: The boss is losin’ his patience!

(The short beagle looks back to the princess and the other two follow his gaze)

Minnie: There is it! That’s the gadget we need to retrieve!

Riku: I’m on it.

(He runs after the Beagle Boys who try to escape)

Beagle Boys: Run for it!

(Riku searches for the Beagle Boys throughout the Opera House and reclaims the stage gadget. Riku returns to the backstage area to be kicked over by a Holey Moley Dream Eater that shot out of the floor. He stands up and looks around, but sees nothing. He feels a tap on his shoulder and turns around, but still no sign of it. He finally spots it sticking out of a wall on the far side of the room. He summons his Keyblade)

Riku: They just never want to make this easy, do they?

(Riku fights and defeats the Holey Moley. Minnie finds him)

Minnie: Riku, hurry! The machine!

(He inserts the stage gadget into the scaffold controls and turns it until it stops)

Riku: How do you like that?

(The gears on the wall spin and they hear Pete’s voice from the stage)

Pete: Impossible!

Riku: Looks like I was right in the nick of time…Sora.

(Sora and the Musketeers confront Pete on the stage)

Mickey: The jig is up, Pete!

Donald: There’s no escape!

Goofy: Yeah, it’s three against one now!

(Pete, wearing Minnie’s crown, chuckles and looks over to his left. A hanging scaffold falters and drops a large crate over the Musketeers and Minnie)

Sora (running toward them): Look out!

(The crate stops and disappears in midair)

Sora: Huh?

Pete: Impossible!

Sora: Riku. Riku saved us. He’s been by our side. All right! Musketeers! Get the princess to safety! I’ll handle things here.

Mickey: Right. Thanks, Sora!

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy escape with Minnie)

Pete: Why you… How dare you thwart me in the nick of time! This don’t add up, I tell ya. Hey! Over here, boys!

(The Beagle Boys jump from the bridge above and Sora readies his Keyblade)

Sora: That’s right, you’ll need help.

(The Beagle Boys drop to the stage and fight Sora as Pete shoots ammo from the cannons on the set. Once disabled, Sora tosses the Beagle Boys at Pete, who buckles backward)

Pete (growling): I’ll do it myself!

(Pete descends to the stage and fights Sora. Gaining the upper hand, Sora knocks Pete into one of the cannons, defeating him)

Minnie: They’re safe. Oh, thank goodness. You truly saved the day, Riku. I see you’re as brave as a Royal Musketeer.

Riku: "Musketeer"? What is that, anyway?

(She cups her hand to whisper and he bends down to hear)

Riku: They…they actually say that?

Minnie: Of course. Every Musketeer is taught those words. It’s a very important motto and solemn pledge.

Riku: You’re right. And it does fit the moment.

(He raises the Keyblade)

Riku: All for one…and one for all.

(Later, a Keyhole appears on the wall and Riku seals it. Princess Minnie addresses Sora and the Musketeers. She raises a sword and they bow to her. She walks toward them)

Minnie: In gratitude for being so brave and saving us all, I hereby officially dub thee Royal Musketeers.

(She touches each of them with the sword)

Minnie: Thank you all.

Mickey: Hurray!

Goofy: We did it!

(Mickey draws his sword)

Mickey: Fellas?

(They follow suit, tapping them together)

Everyone: All for one, and one for all!

(Later, Sora stands in the training yard)

Sora: All for one, and one for all!

(A Keyhole appears and he seals it. Meanwhile, Lea is speaking with a wide- eyed Yen Sid)

Mickey, Donald & Goofy: WHAT!?

Donald: Absolutely not!

Yen Sid: I sensed something was amiss nearly the moment Sora and Riku departed. Xehanort must have known what we were attempting before we even began.

Goofy: But you do know where they are?

(Yen Sid strokes his beard)

Yen Sid: You must understand, this examination is in no way how the Mark of Mastery is usually found. However, in light of what they must do next… it was a necessity. If Sora and Riku complete their test, by finding the seven doors corresponding to the seven pure lights, they will return home with a new power. At that point, they will both be true masters. However, the dangers make this more trial than test.

Mickey: But are they safe right now?

Yen Sid: Considering their ability, I would like to believe that they are. However, all my attempts to locate Sora and Riku end…questionably. Xehanort is a devious tactician. There is nothing we can do that he will not, to some extent, be able to predict.

Mickey: So…

Yen Sid: As you can see, the Organization’s members are complete people again. Xehanort will be no different. We cannot afford another moment’s hesitation. We must consider any strategy to outwit Xehanort and catch him off guard.

(He looks to Lea)

Yen Sid: I must warn you again--the road will not be easy.

Lea: Fine. Let’s jump right in.

(Meanwhile, n a starry sky, magic swirls around to the sounds of an orchestra as Mickey Mouse, dressed in a robe and pointed hat, stands atop a tall piece of rock. He waves his arms around, directing the path of shooting stars. Sora walks in to the rocky landscape, watching him)

Sora: Whoa!

(Mickey sends up huge waves of water on either side of him. A large thundercloud appears with a crash and the Spellican comes roaring out towards Sora. He readies his Keyblade, but the Spellican knocks him out. Sora wakes up in a Mysterious Tower)

Sora: Is this--am I back at Master Yen Sid’s tower?

(He looks around)

Sora: Something seems off.

(He sees Mickey, still in robe and hat, sitting on Yen Sid’s tall chair waving his fingers around as if conducting. A dark aura swirls around him as if in a trance)

Sora: King Mickey!

(The mouse is unable to respond. Sora sees a music stand with notes spinning around it, pulsing with dark energy)

Sora: Is this what’s troubling him?

(He summons his Keyblade)

Sora: All right…

(He strikes the music stand, which blows him backwards. The Keyblade clatters to the floor followed by Sora, who sits up and rubs his head)

Mickey: Gosh, is that a Keyblade? Who are you an apprentice to?

(Sora hears Mickey’s voice and looks from his Keyblade to Mickey, who is still sitting entranced)

Mickey: I’m Mickey, the sorcerer’s apprentice.

Sora: Apprentice? Wait--am I in some world where the king was still in training? So does that mean this world is sleeping?

Mickey: What’s wrong?

Sora: What? Oh, uh, I’m Sora--the, uh, ‘prentice of…umm… Hey, listen, Your Maj-- …I gotta stop that. Mickey--what can I do to save you?

Mickey: Thank you, Sora, but it’s no use. A monster’s possessed that music. And he’s releasing darkness that stops anybody from going in there to fight him. To dispel the darkness, we need a Sound Idea.

Sora: It’s that Dream Eater I let escape.

(He walks over to the sleeping Mickey)

Sora: Okay. Where do I get a "Sound Idea"?

Mickey: What? You’ll find one for me?

Sora: Of course!

Mickey: Thank you.

Sora: It’s not every day I get to do a favor for the king.

Mickey: Huh? Did ya say something?

Sora: Oh, nothing. Long story. So what exactly is a Sound Idea?

Mickey: Hmm…

(Another music stand swirling with purple notes appears in a burst of light)

Mickey: Inside this musical score should be a power that can sweep away any darkness. But you gotta be careful. In between those clefs and notes are monsters--not as strong as the big one, but still pretty strong.

(The score sheet flashes with darkness for a split second)

Sora: Got it.

(The scene flashes back to Mickey in his red robes, carrying buckets of water for Master Yen Sid. Tired, he puts the buckets down and wipes his brow, seeing a blue pointed hat adorned with moon and stars perched on the desk in the room. Mickey makes sure that Yen Sid isn’t around, then scurries over and grabs the magical hat. Placing it on his head, it glows slightly. He feels a surge of energy and waves his hands around, sending bursts of magic around the room. It swirls through the window and the landscape changes to the starry sky and rocky expanse, where the Spellican is flying around. The scene changes back to Riku, who walks into the Mysterious Tower where a torrent of water is flowing down the stairs)

Riku: A flood? Strange… It’s coming from upstairs.

(He runs up the stairs into Yen Sid’s chamber, which is filling up with gallons of water. He sees someone in Yen Sid’s chair)

Riku: Mickey!

(Mickey looks to be in a trance as his fingers dance in the air, the dark aura coming off of him. Riku sees the enchanted music stand and walks over to it)

Riku: It’s this musical score. It has him trapped.

(He gets out his Keyblade)

Mickey: You won’t be able to defeat that darkness with brute force. I’m Mickey, the sorcerer’s apprentice. Who are you?

(He walks over to Mickey, who is still in a dream. Riku is unsure where to look)

Riku: Riku.

(He dispels his weapon)

Riku: If brute force won’t work, tell me what will.

Mickey: Do ya really mean you’re gonna try and help me?

Riku: Yes.

Mickey: Gosh, Riku, something tells me you and I are gonna be good friends, and we’ll help each other out a lot someday.

(Another music stand appears with swirling blue notes)

Mickey: Inside this music is a Sound Idea powerful enough to dispel the darkness. Can ya find it?

Riku: I’ll try. Leave it to me.

(The scene flashes back to Mickey, who waves his hands around and enchants a nearby broom. The broom grows arms and picks up a pair of buckets. Mickey watches as the broom fetches water for his master and after a while falls asleep still wearing the hat. In the midst of his slumber, the broom has continuously brought up water to the point where it’s flooding the room. Mickey’s foot slips into the water, which wakes him up and he is shocked to see a group of brooms dumping more water into the room. He races across the water in his heavily soaked robes, sending spells flying everywhere. One flies into the window and the landscape changes to a precipice beneath stars, where the Spellican is flying around. The scene changes back to Sora, who enters the musical realm with the power of his Keyblade. He is soon surrounded by a beautiful Pastoral Symphony as he walks among the clouds, through a glen, and past the stormy fields until he finds the Sound Idea at the top of a hill overlooking the sunrise)

????????: So easily you sink into the depths of slumber.

(Sora turns to see the silver-haired youth walking toward him)

Sora: Why are you here?

(Sora readies his Keyblade. The young man turns and flower petals float past him in the air)

????????: Beautiful world, isn’t it? Almost like a dream.

Sora: Why are you following me around?

????????: You really haven’t caught on? Or are you just assuming it’s all part of your little "test"? I’m not part of the dream. And if you thought I was…

(He catches a petal and crushes it)

????????: …then you’re softer than they say.

Sora: What?

????????: But…this will all be over soon.

(He starts to leave)

Sora: Just who are you people?

????????: Sleep on and we will meet again.

Sora: Hey!

(The cloaked man vanishes)

Sora: What does that mean?

(The Sound Idea flashes with light and floats over to Sora who gains its power. Meanwhile, Riku enters the musical realm with the power of the Keyblade. The Nutcracker Suite fills the air as he walks through woods of moonlight, gold, and gleaming snow until he finds the Sound Idea. It floats over to him and he takes it. Suddenly, the world turns black and Riku finds himself near a bald mountain. Spirits of the dead swirl around the rocky peak. Riku flies to the summit, where he finds the silver-haired youth near the edge of the volcano. The boy smiles and Riku lands nearby)

Riku: You waiting for me?

????????: Yes. The boy chosen by the Keyblade--Riku.

Riku: What?

????????: It was yours first, wasn’t it? But you succumbed to the darkness you could not control, and your prize--the Keyblade--passed onto Sora instead. Your mistakes always end up being other people’s problems.

Riku: Maybe so. But I’m here to change all of that.

????????: Once again you performed predictably, although on a grander scale than I imagined.

Riku: If you’re feeling so chatty, let’s skip to where you reveal what this is all about.

(The boy looks to him with unflinching eyes as a burst of fire erupts from the crater behind him)

????????: I don’t know how you did it, but you really have found a way to trap darkness inside your heart. And a boy who’s immune to darkness is of no use to us.

Riku: Well, there’s some good news.

????????: Your abyss awaits.

(The volcano erupts and the young man vanishes as smoke fills the area. The great demon Chernabog emerges from the depths of the mountain, black as night with two enormous wings. It roars as a dark melody fills the air. It bears its fangs down at Riku, the sulfur smell burning his nose. Riku sends a spinning tackle into the beast, who roars and sends him flying back across the valley. Pillars of fire erupt from the lava river below, but Riku dodges as Chernabog sends the spirits of the dead to attack him. They latch onto him as he flies toward the evil god, draining his strength away. He manages to spin in the air, kicking them off, as he nears Chernabog again. He musters up all his might into a final strike to the heart. Meanwhile, Sora returns to the Chamber and releases the Sound Idea)

Mickey: Thank you, Sora. I can tell you found us a Sound Idea. Well, I guess we should try and put it to work.

(Sora nods, summoning his Keyblade. He swings the blade as if conducting music. The Sound Idea glows brightly and swirls of musical score burst out of it, drawing into the enchanted music stand)

Mickey: That’s strange… Is one Sound Idea not enough?

Sora: Don’t worry. I’ve got a friend out there who will help. He’s always picking up the slack for me.

(Riku returns to the Chamber)

Mickey: Thank you, Riku. Say, can we try out that Sound Idea?

(Riku releases it and it floats in the air. Riku gets out his Keyblade and begins conducting. Music score swirls out in all directions, but he sees no change in the enchanted music stand. Suddenly, a second Sound Idea appears and the two dance in the air, sending their musical score in all directions as Sora conducts. Music fills the room)

Mickey: Wow! The sounds are all joining together to make even more powerful music!

(The musical score unlocks the enchanted music stand and the dark aura disappears)

Sora: Yeah. Two forces are better than one. Right, Riku?

(Sora walks up to the music stand, which is swirling with red notes)

Sora: Okay. Can I get in there to fight that thing now?

Mickey: Yes. But Sora--

Sora: I’ll be fine! See ya in a jiff.

(Sora enters the final musical realm with his Keyblade. Thunderclouds appear and he finds himself on a tall precipice. The Spellican flies through the starry sky and laughs. Sora catches up to the Spellican and defeats it. Mickey hops back into his body and wakes up, stretching. He chuckles happily until noticing the hat on his head. He sets it back down on the table and walks over to Sora)

Mickey: Thanks, Sora! Don’t know what I woulda done without ya!

(They shake hands)

Mickey: Oh no! The water! I’m in big trouble if I don’t fetch it!

(He runs to the door carrying buckets, but stops and turns to Sora)

Mickey: See ya real soon, Sora!

Sora: Yeah. You know it.

(Mickey leaves, the old door creaking behind him. A Keyhole appears and Sora seals it. Riku looks around and the flood is gone. Mickey wakes up and checks himself out)

Mickey: That was amazing! What happened?

Riku: Sora.

Mickey: Sora? Funny… Just hearing that name kinda makes me wanna smile.

Riku: Yeah. That’s how he is.

Mickey: Whaddaya know… Riku and Sora. The Sound Ideas you two set free joined together. And when they did, they made a great and powerful harmony.

(Riku nods)

Riku: Sora can find the brightest part of anything, and pull off miracles like there’s nothing to it. It’s pretty hard not to smile around him.

Mickey: Wow! No wonder the music sounded like so much fun. But I bet he’s got you to thank for that. Having such a good friend means he could really enjoy it.

Riku: Huh?

Mickey: It’s like each of you is holding on to a little part of the other. Your hearts are always in tune, so they’re free to sing. Gosh, I hope I can be part of the team someday.

(They shake hands)

Riku: You will. Trust me.

(Mickey giggles. Later, a Keyhole appears and Riku seals it. The scene changes to the real Yen Sid’s chamber, where Mickey, Donald, and Goofy look nervous)

Mickey: Master Yen Sid. Gosh, do ya think he’ll be able to do it?

Yen Sid: It’s clear you cannot teach a cat to bark. But Merlin and the three good fairies are aiding him in a place that’s more…temporally flexible. My hope is that he can at least learn to wield it. He certainly has fire, so I suppose it depends now on how strongly it burns.

Mickey: Oh… But what about Sora and Riku?

Yen Sid: Well, if we are running on the assumption Xehanort knew what we were planning, then he still would need to have been there--back in the very place and time when the Destiny Islands were lost to darkness. Otherwise, Sora and Riku would have been beyond his reach.

(Goofy taps his head slowly thinking)

Mickey: Gee, do you really think it’s possible Xehanort could have planned things that far in advance?

Yen Sid: No, as a matter of fact, I do not.

Goofy: But what if he did the same thing as Sora and Riku did, and he jumped through time?

Yen Sid: For that to work, a version of himself would have had to exist at both source and destination. Not even Xehanort can transport his whole body across vast reaches of time.

Mickey: Oh… Oh no. I remember--Xehanort did give up his body. It was a version of him that was possessing Riku.

(Yen Sid’s eyes grow wide)

Yen Sid: No! It cannot be. Could he be that cunning, possess that kind of foresight?

Mickey: If it’s all right with you, can I go help Sora and Riku out?

Yen Sid: How? You cannot enter the world of a dream. Where will you go?

Mickey: If Xehanort really is behind all this, then they won’t stay in the dream worlds forever. Eventually, they’re gonna reappear somewhere that we can go reach ‘em. And we can even probably guess the place. Follow the hearts, and you’ll find the way.

(He places his hand on his chest)

Mickey: That’s something Master Aqua told me once.

Donald: King Mickey…

Goofy: We’re goin’ too.

Mickey: Aw fellas, you’re my best pals. But this time, I really do need to go it alone. The dangers are greater than anything we’ve ever faced before. If something were to happen to Sora and Riku and me--why, you’ll be the only ones left to keep this world safe.

(Goofy and Donald sigh sadly)

Yen Sid: Mickey, I was not able to locate Sora, but I sense Riku’s presence in the realm between. Trust your heart, and I know you will find him.

Mickey: Thank you. I promise I’ll bring them both back safe and sound.

(Sora arrives in a Dark City at the base of a tall skyscraper)

Sora: Wait, isn’t this…

(He walks around)

Sora: Is the Organization’s world sleeping too? No, it can’t be. I know I definitely found the seven Keyholes already. So, I’ve gotta be awake again and in the real world. But why here?

??????: Aw, what’s the matter, sleepyhead?

(He searches around)

Sora: Who’s there? Show yourself!

??????: We jumped through a lot of hoops to get you here.

(A crosshair locks onto Sora and the arrowgun powers up)

??????: But it looks as if it’s gonna pay off.

(Sora dodges the bolt as it strikes the ground. He sees a man atop an adjacent skycraper, who jumps down to street level. The man dispels his arrowguns and smirks at Sora with his good eye, a scar lining his face)

Sora (surprised): You’re a part of this?

Xigbar: Hey. Let’s hit these plot points in order, Sora… Roxas. First, you must be wondering about your revised itinerary. "Why am I here, not back home?" The answer’s simple. We brought you to this place! Hijacked your little slumber party before it started. And ever since, we’ve been both your companions and your constant guides.

Sora: Before it started?

(He gasps)

Sora: The man in the robe! And so that guy in the black coat, and Xemnas…

Xigbar: Bingo. You were able to go back in time to just before your home became a Sleeping World, only because a past version of you already existed there.

(Xigbar walks up close to Sora, who backs away slowly)

Xigbar: And I can see, in the past, you already met Mr. Robe Guy. Yup, he was there then to make sure you ended up here now.

Sora: That’s ridiculous!

Xigbar: It sure is. It’s too perfect. Who’d ever believe it? Which is why you idiots never saw it coming. You thought you were off doing some kind of test, right? Well, test this--how come you’re wearing the same clothes if you’re already back home? You are not gonna wake up, okay? Look--there’s no real versus dreams anymore. There’s just you, us, and this.

Sora: I see. Fair enough.

(He summons his Keyblade)

Sora: So what? At least I know who to blame for it!

(He glares at Xigbar, ready to fight)

Xigbar: Ooh, I see you’ve still got that angry look down. But, here is where I tag out. I got just a few more hoops I gotta jump through.

(He teleports away, leaving Sora alone. He reappears upside down in the air above Sora, laughing as he shoots the ground around him with thirteen bolts. In each bolt’s place, a cloaked figure appears. To Sora’s immediate front stands the young man from his previous encounters, fully unhooded)

????????: Come with me.

(He extends his hand, and Sora has a flash of Riku doing the same on that fateful night. Suddenly, Sora feels dizzy and he holds his head)

Sora: What?

(He looks to his right and sees Xigbar)

Xigbar: Pleasant dreams, kiddo.

(Sora collapses. On the beach of the Destiny Islands, Sora awakes to see a young man with silver hair gazing into the water. A figure in a brown robe with an X across its chest walks up to the young man and speaks with him)

????????: Yes. This was where it started.

(Sora turns his head to see the cloaked young man sitting to his left)

????????: At this point, I still had no idea that I was talking to myself. He cast away his bodily form just to set me on the appointed path.

Sora: What do you mean?

????????: That is Xehanort reduced to just a heart--the being you and your friends called "Ansem."

(Sora turns back to see the robed man standing before him)

Sora: Whoa!

(Sora blacks out again. When he comes to, it is nighttime on the Destiny Islands. He sees the robed Ansem entering the Secret Place)

Sora: Him!

(He then sees himself running towards the Secret Place)

Sora: Is that…

????????: Yes. The point in time that Xigbar mentioned.

(Sora looks over to see the cloaked youth again)

Sora: Me, right before my world was swallowed by the darkness.

????????: To move through time, you must leave your body behind. Ansem first sent me on my way, and then placed himself here when the time was right. That was what set all these events in motion.

Sora: What are you saying? That he knew everything that would happen?

????????: No, not everything. But remember, Ansem possessed Riku and saw his experiences in real time.

Sora: So? That could only tell him so much. How did he know I would be here today?

????????: Simple.

(There is a loud boom and a gust of wind. Kairi’s form flies out of the Secret Place)

Sora: Kairi!

(Sora tries to catch her, but she disappears. Sora again blacks out and awakens in Traverse Town. In the night sky, a star blinks out. He then feels himself floating and opens his eyes)

Sora: What is…

(He looks around, seeing several other floating images of Sora. He gazes down to the First District and slowly descends to the ground. Looking up, he sees the other images of him walking around as in his previous visits to the town. One such Sora falls to the ground and disappears)

????????: You’ve been here many times.

(He notices the youth beside him again)

????????: Your first journey… your voyage through memories… in the datascape… in your dreams. Relived again and again…like déjà vu.

(Sora sees King Mickey with his Keyblade race through the door to the Third District)

Sora: King Mickey?

(He reaches out his hand as Goofy and Donald pass through him. Donald turns to Goofy, who points to the sky. Sora follows their gaze to see a star blink out. He looks back down and Goofy, Donald, and Pluto are walking up the stairs)

Sora: Donald! Goofy!

(Sora runs to catch up to them. Upon reaching the stairs, Pluto races out of the side alleyway and through door to the Third District)

Sora: Pluto!

(He pursues Pluto to the door and hears a faint voice)

????: Sora!

(Sora collapses and awakes in The World That Never Was wearing a black outfit)

Sora: Huh? Am I back?

(He sees Mickey, Donald, and Goofy run through the alleyway into the city)

Sora: Wait, Your Majesty! Donald! Goofy!

(He runs after them and turns a corner. He stops when he sees a blond girl in a white dress)

Sora: Naminé, is that you?

(She turns and runs away)

Sora: Wait! Naminé!

(He catches up to her and grabs her hand, though she continues looking away)

Sora: I’ve got a message for you. I meant to tell you once this was all over.

(She looks toward him and her form changes to a girl in a black cloak with dark hair)

Sora: Huh? Who are…you?

(She looks away from him and a tear rolls down Sora’s cheek. He touches his face with surprise)

Sora: Wh-why am I…

(She pulls away from him, her hood up)

Sora: Hey, wait!

(A faint voice calls)

????: You’ve gotta wake up…

(She runs up the stairs and vanishes as the world contorts. He grabs his head and makes his way through the endless city. He catches up with the hooded figure, who stands in the center of a large crevasse)

Sora: C’mon, wait up. Who are you?

(The figure takes off his hood, revealing his blond hair. He turns to face Sora)

Sora: You’re… Roxas. How can you be here? Am I dreaming?

(Roxas shakes his head, saying nothing)

Sora: C’mon, say something.

Roxas: This could have been the other way around.

Sora: Huh?

Roxas: But it really has to be you.

Sora: What do you mean?

Roxas: There are so many hearts that are connected to yours. You’re me, so you can feel what I felt.

Sora: No. Roxas, you’re you. We’re not the same. I wanted to tell you that. That you deserve as much as I do to be your own person.

(Roxas gasps and smiles)

Roxas: Sora, see? That’s why it has to be you.

(Roxas grabs Sora’s hands and Sora is filled with Roxas’s memories and experiences. Roxas vanishes and Sora is overwhelmed with emotion. He stands there, unable to move)

Sora: Not again. Did they cause all this pain?

(He clenches his fist)

Sora (yelling): What do you want me to see?

(A faint voice calls)

????: Sora, don’t chase the dreams. They’ll lead you nowhere, just to an abyss you’ll never be able to wake up from.

(Sora continues through the contorted city, eventually finding a boy with long silver hair and a girl in a pink outfit. He runs to them)

Sora: Riku, Kairi, I found you!

(He catches his breath and they turn to face him. Their forms start to dissipate)

Sora: Huh?

(When he looks at them again, he sees a tall brown-haired young man and a blue-haired young woman staring back at him)

Sora: Who…

Terra: Ven.

Aqua: Ven.

(Sora looks at them with confusion, not noticing his own form has changed to a blond boy)

Sora: Huh?

(Terra and Aqua extend their hands to him. Sora nearly reciprocates, but their forms begin to waver and the two walk away from him, fading back into Riku and Kairi. Sora, himself again, starts running after them, and no matter how much might he puts into every step, it seems if he’s running in slow motion)

Sora: What is going on?

(He struggles to reach his friends and hears a voice calling to him from nowhere)

????: Sora! Don’t! You’ve gotta wake up! Sora!

(The voice distracts him and he takes another look back at Terra and Aqua, who fade away and the world dissolves into Memory’s Skyscraper. Sora continues to run, every footfall heavier than the last)

Sora: Wait!

(He reaches out his hand and a bright light appears engulfing everything. The scene changes to the Destiny Islands at sunset, where a young Sora and Riku are running along the beach. They stop, seeing Aqua above them on the bridge. She jumps down and speaks with them, smiling. The world shifts and Sora sees Ansem)

Sora: What…

(Ansem starts to turn and Sora is blown backwards. Meanwhile, Riku descends into a synthetic-looking castle)

Riku: Where am I now?

(He looks up to see various broken panels on the wall)

Riku: Why am I here? I unlocked all seven Keyholes--so I should be back in the world I came from.

(He turns and proceeds through the castle, reaching the Verge of Chaos)

Riku: Is that… Sora?

(He finds a spectral image of Sora floating comatose inside a bubble surrounded by a swirl of darkness. He runs over to his friend)

Riku: Sora!

(Peering into the bubble, Riku sees images of Riku and Kairi walking away and Pluto running through Traverse Town. He reaches in and grabs Sora’s hand, pulling at it)

Riku: Sora! Don’t! You’ve gotta wake up! Sora!

(The image of Sora ceases to move and the dark swirl of energy around the bubble flies outward and coalesces into a hooded figure with glowing red eyes. Riku faces it and scowls)

Riku: Are you what’s trapping him in that nightmare?

(He readies his Keyblade and the symbol from Riku’s back appears on the hooded figure, with slight differences)

Riku: ‘Cause if you are… I’m what nightmares fear!

(The figure teleports away, sending bolts of darkness at Riku, who blocks with his Keyblade. The figure sends a red barrier to trap him, but he dodges away before it implodes. After a grueling battle, the Nightmare’s eyes dim and it fades away. Riku runs over to Sora’s image)

Riku: Sora, don’t chase the dreams. They’ll lead you nowhere, just to an abyss you’ll never be able to wake up from.

(The image of Sora dissolves into an image of Memory’s Skyscraper, the Dark City appearing and disappearing around him)

Riku: What? What’s going on in Sora’s world? Why won’t he open his eyes? Is he still in the nightmare?

?????: That is right.

Riku: Ansem!

Ansem: Sora can no longer wake up. No matter how many nightmares you consume, you cannot wake someone who has fallen into the chasm of dreams.

Riku: What?

Ansem: Dreams hold our memories. Sleep holds our dreams. And darkness-- it holds our sleep. Sora’s heart belongs to the darkness now.

Riku: Sora would never give in to the darkness!

Ansem: But you feel it, don’t you? This world, the nightmare, the abyss. Why haven’t you returned to the reality whence you came?

Riku: No. This is a…

Ansem: Dream of a dream. A twofold nightmare. This whole journey, you have been inside Sora’s dreams. And now darkness within darkness awaits you.

(Riku feels his foot fall and looks down to see a pool of darkness surrounding him)

Riku: What?

(He sinks in, unable to pull his legs up)

Riku: No. I can’t get loose!

(He cries out, grasping at anything to help him, but he falls into darkness. In the endless abyss, Riku’s consciousness resonates with Ansem’s)

Ansem: At the start of your test, when you struck out from that tiny island, you saw me there dressed in a robe. Immediately you knew something was wrong, so without even knowing it, you dove into Sora’s dream. And you became exactly what that sigil on your back represents--a Dream Eater to protect Sora from nightmares.

Riku: Me? I’m a Dream Eater?

Ansem: Correct. But you failed to protect him. After all your efforts to command the darkness and protect those you cherish, it is a shame you locked that power away in the end.

Riku: Except…it’s not over. I can still save Sora.

(Ansem’s orange eyes glint)

Ansem: So you understand what to do. Set the darkness in you free, and you can rescue your friend.

(Ansem holds out a hand to Riku)

Riku: Ansem. Or…Xehanort. You used to be a Keyblade wielder. But darkness stole your heart, and the Keyblade with it. Don’t you see? That’s half the reason I’m even on this journey.

(He places a hand over his heart)

Riku: After allowing darkness into my heart, am I still fit to wield the Keyblade? Even after locking you away, here you are, haunting me again. So I get it now. There’s no point in trying to hold the darkness back.

Ansem: At last, you see clearly.

Riku: You know…when I look at you…there’s this memory that flashes back. A secret I said I’d keep when I was little. The main reason I kept dreaming about seeing the outside world…was ‘cause of him.

(Something changes in Ansem’s eyes)

Riku: My journey begins here, and now.

(He summons his Keyblade)

Riku: I’m going back to the real world, and then to Sora’s side.

(Ansem drops his hand)

Ansem: That…is your answer?

Riku: Yes. I know the way. Consume the darkness, return it to light.

Ansem: You can try.

(Ansem folds his arms and summons his dark Guardian. After a high tension fight, Ansem descends to the ground, which is lined with dark tendrils)

Riku: Ansem! You’re part of my heart now. Part of the light!

(Darkness creeps behind Ansem)

Ansem: Ever the fool, boy. And forever a pawn of the darkness!

(Ansem folds his arms again and the dark vines encase him in an orb. The Guardian appears above it in a larger form, with wings protruding from the sides of the orb. The Guardian stretches his arms out to his sides, gathering energy and sending it toward Riku. Riku dodges to the side and rushes the orb, when the Guardian hits him with a series of punches from above. The world lurches and Riku finds himself far away from Ansem, who sends several flying discs at him. Riku seizes the opportunity and jump kicks off one of the side walls, and uses his momentum to fly forwards toward the next wall. He kicks off that one as well, dodging more energy from the Guardian, gaining speed and force with each kick. Riku leaps off another wall heading straight for the orb, when he spins around, using his center of gravity to place all his force on his Keyblade and pierce the orb holding Ansem. The Guardian stares down at him, outstretching his hand as Riku stands before it, raising his Keyblade. The Guardian lowers his arm and dissipates. Riku breathes a short sigh of relief)

Riku: Strength, to protect what matters.

(Riku closes his eyes. In the Dark City, a comet appears and strikes a fallen building below, giving off light in front of an unflinching Xigbar)

Xigbar: Oopsy-daisy. Wasn’t easy putting you into a second sleep, and he almost woke you up.

(The dust settles and Sora, in his red clothes again, is down on one knee, touching the ground and out of breath)

Sora: So then, all that stuff I just saw--did you put that in my head?

Xigbar: No. That wasn’t "stuff," it was a dream. The falling asleep part was definitely our bad. But we can’t put stuff in your head. Hey, I got an idea. Ask your heart. See if it’s got a clue.

Sora: Well…my heart was aching. That’s why I kept going.

Xigbar: Oh… Thank you, Sora’s heart, for pushing him right into our clutches. Aren’t hearts great? Steer us wrong every time.

Sora: You know, right, because you all have hearts! Axel and Roxas and Naminé, and that other girl. I felt what Roxas felt and…they laughed together, got mad, and they grieved. You have to have a heart to cry.

Xigbar: It’s about time you noticed.

??????: Indeed.

(Xemnas appears behind them)

Xemnas: A heart is never lost for good. There may have been variances in our dispositions, but a number of us unquestionably showed signs of a burgeoning replacement. Once born, the heart can also be nurtured. Our experiments creating Heartless were attempts to control the mind, and convince it to renounce its sense of self. But understand, one can banish the heart from the body, but the body will try to replace it the first chance it gets, for as many times as it takes. And so I knew, even after we were divided into Heartless and Nobodies, it was just a temporary separation.

Sora (yelling): Why, then? Why did you lie to them and tell them they had no hearts?

Xigbar: Xemnas and Xehanort formed the Organization for a specific reason-- round up a bunch of empty husks, hook them up to Kingdom Hearts, then fill them all with the exact same heart and mind. Translation--they were gonna turn all the members into Xehanort.

Sora: Make more Xehanorts? You tricked your friends to… But you--aren’t you scared of just turning into someone else?

Xigbar: Me? I’m already half Xehanort.

(His yellow eyes appear mad)

Sora: That’s nuts…

Xemnas: However--through weakness of body…weakness of will…or weakness of trust--most of the original members we had chosen for the Organization were inadequate. Thus, naturally, they never had a chance to attain their goal. Yet, even this was to be expected.

(Sora scowls)

Xemnas: We have learned of the heart’s folly, and we have achieved our other goals. This last excursion has proven to be a worthy closing assignment for the Organization.

Sora: Just stop it! You treat people’s hearts like bottles on a shelf, but they’re not!

(He summons his Keyblade as Xemnas smiles)

Sora: Hearts are made of the people we meet, and how we feel about them-- they’re what ties us together even when we’re apart! They’re what…make me strong.

Xigbar (pointing): Duh! You’re strong because of the ties you have with other people. As if the Keyblade would choose a wimp like you.

(Sora turns on Xigbar)

Xigbar: But no pouting. We see much bigger and better things in your future…once you side with us.

(He extends his hand and Sora turns his eyes to his Keyblade, sighing)

Sora: I know the Keyblade didn’t choose me, and I don’t care. I’m proud to be a small part of something bigger--the people it did choose.

(Xigbar gasps)

Sora: My friends. They are my power!

(Behind Sora stand the images of Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Roxas, Xion, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. They hold their weapons out, facing Xigbar)

Xigbar (nervously): Those are just words. You’ve lost.

(He struggles with this thought)

Xigbar: Fine. See where your power gets you here. Xemnas! He’s all yours.

(Xigbar leaves. Xemnas raises his arms and the pieces of the buildings behind Sora rise into the air, causing debris to fall into the chasm below. Sora readies his Keyblade and stands firm)

Xemnas: As your flesh bears the sigil, so your name shall be known as that…of a recusant.

(Xemnas teleports several yards away and throws pieces of skyscraper at Sora. They crash to the ground as he dodges them, falling away into the abyss. Xemnas gets out his ethereal blades and moves in to attack. After exchanging blows, Xemnas traps Sora in an energy barrier, sending lasers in his direction. Using quick instincts, he leaps off the wall and over the top of the barrier, when Xemnas teleports away)

Xemnas: Despair shall be yours!

(Xemnas sends a skyscraper at Sora, knocking him and the platform away. Sora goes into a dive and after dodging more buildings from the laughing Xemnas, lands on another fallen wall and the battle continues, Xemnas’s attacks escalating in ferocity until Sora is able to muster his full strength in a final blow. Xemnas, weakened, teleports away. Sora breathes heavily, his body emitting darkness, and he lies on the ground. A corridor of darkness appears and the silver-haired youth steps out of it)

Sora (weakly): You…again.

????????: You just make it too easy. I know you think you’ve won, but you lost the moment you dived this far in. You’re in the deepest pit of slumber, and you’ve worn yourself down to nothing. There’s no returning to the world above.

Sora: What do you mean?

????????: We told you. It was not the Sleeping Keyholes that guided you. They are not the reason you are here. You’ve been on a path, one we laid out for you. That sigil on your chest is the proof.

(He points to the white crossing straps on Sora’s outfit, forming the shape of an X)

Sora: What?

(Sora looks down at it)

????????: See? That sigil, the X, it tells us where you are at all times.

(He makes an X-shape in the air)

????????: You had wondered aloud before--why we kept showing up where you were. It’s because we need you, Sora. Or, to be more precise, we need what will be left of you--the thirteenth dark vessel.

Sora: Why…I…

????????: Why was it assured you could come here today? Because I followed my destined path, and I’m here looking at you right now. You can move through time, but time itself is immovable.

(Sora’s vision starts to blur and he wipes his eyes)

Xehanort: Today, all of my selves throughout time were meant to gather here, and to welcome you, Sora, as our thirteenth member.

(He kneels beside him)

Xehanort: These facts cannot be changed.

(A tendril of darkness creeps along Sora’s arm)

Sora: What’s…gonna happen…

Xehanort: I have now told you all that I know. We are all here, and what the future holds in store is beyond my sight. I will return to my own time, and grow into the man who becomes all these others.

(The darkness covers Sora)

Xehanort: While I know this future now that I have lived it, returning to my own time will erase the memories and experiences I have gained here. Still, my appointed path is now etched in my heart, which will first lead me to seek the outside world.

Sora (weakly): Riku…

Xehanort: Your heart will sleep forever in the folds of darkness. And your body will be another vessel for me. So light gives way to darkness. Good night, Sora.

(He reaches toward Sora as Sora vision goes black. In a white room with white thrones, a comatose Sora is seated. As Sora floats through the black abyss, a heart floats above him before he reaches a pit of darkness. The heart glows and envelopes Sora’s body, encasing it in familiar armor. The armor lays to rest on a stained-glass platform of Sora as the glowing heart watches from above. At Memory’s Skyscraper, Riku opens his eyes)

Riku (thinking): This place… Did I finally make it out of the dream? Sora and I have been split up since the start of our journey, because Ansem--no, because Xehanort planned it. And that means…we’re a long way off course from the Mark of Mastery exam Yen Sid gave us.

(He looks around)

Riku: All right. Sora’s gotta be here…somewhere.

(Riku walks to the edge of a large chasm, where the city stops)

Riku: End of the road, huh?

(He stares at an enormous floating castle)

Riku: I know I’m back in the real world, but I still have my Dream Eater powers. Which means…he still hasn’t woken up. Where are you, Sora?

(He hears a quiet meow and gasps, searching around for the source. Riku cups his hand to his ear and hears a small whimper. He stares into the castle before him, seeing a Meow Wow rolling around on a platform)

Riku: A Dream Eater! Is that where Sora is?

(He looks at the gap between the edge and the castle)

Riku: How do I get across?

(A Komory Bat appears in the air and lands on his shoulder, chirping. He looks ahead to the Meow Wow)

Riku: Right. I get it.

(He pets the Komory Bat, who shivers happily. Riku summons a bridge of light to cross over to the castle. He enters a white room with white thrones. Looking down over the center platform, he gasps)

Riku: Sora!

(Riku jumps down and runs over to him, but is stopped by the sudden appearance of the cloaked youth , who blows Riku back with a wave of his fingers. Riku lands on the platform with a pained cry)

Xehanort: Hands off my new vessel.

Riku: "Vessel"?

Xehanort: Yes. We originally had our sights set on you. But, you developed a certain…resistance to darkness. So we did what the Keyblade did, and moved down the list.

(Riku stands up slowly)

Xehanort: Roxas… Now, there was a worthy candidate. But, unfortunately, he became too aware of himself, and returned to Sora. Organization XIII’s true goal is to divide Xehanort’s heart among thirteen vessels. Thanks to you and Sora, we learned not all our candidates were fit for the task. But, we managed to make up the difference. And now, Sora, the thirteenth vessel, is within our grasp.

Riku: Thirteen…Xehanorts?

(He looks up and gasps as the rest of the seats are filled with hooded figures)

Riku: What is…

Xehanort: The real Organization XIII.

Riku: The Organization?

Xehanort: I am Xehanort from the most distant past. My future self gave me a task--to visit the splintered versions of myself in many worlds, and ensure they gathered here today.

Riku: From the past?

Xehanort: There are restrictions to movement through time. First, you must leave your body behind to do it. Then, there must be a version of you waiting at the destination. Upon arrival, you can only move forward as per the laws of time. And you cannot rewrite the events that are destined to happen.

Riku: What have you done?

Xehanort: My most future self will arrive soon. Then, time for all of us will return to normal…

(He raises his hand up to the highest throne, where a smoky figure is slowly appearing)

Xehanort: …and I will go back to my era to live the life fate has in store. He can vouch for that.

(A light twinkles above and shoots down where Xehanort stands, knocking him back. A figure appears in the light, holding up a Keyblade)

??????: Stopza!

(A large burst of energy fills the room, and Xehanort’s body freezes in midair. Riku opens his eyes and sees Mickey)

Mickey: I’m glad I’m not too late.

Riku: Mickey!

Mickey: Just grab Sora so we can go! I can’t stop them for long.

(Riku looks up, seeing the rest of the Organization is also frozen, specifically the figure forming from darkness)

Riku: Okay!

(Mickey is suddenly hit from behind, flying across the room)

Riku: Mickey!

(The king lands on the floor, dropping his Keyblade. The time spell on the room begins to waver)

Xehanort: I said, hands off!

Riku: How can you be moving?

(Young Xehanort summons his Keyblade)

Mickey: Oh no. Are you…

(Xehanort’s eyes glow and he looks upon them with fury, giving off a dark aura)

Xehanort: Begone.

(The room transforms to a place beyond time and space. Riku faces Xehanort and readies his Keyblade. Xehanort teleports close and Riku swings at him, but he teleports elsewhere. Xehanort swings his Keyblade, releasing a wave of energy, which narrowly misses Riku, who leaps onto a tall pole in the middle of the room. He spins around the pole and aims for Xehanort, who sends out a multitude of energy bolts, which Riku deflects with his Keyblade. Riku flies into Xehanort, but before he could strike…)

Xehanort: Time stop!

(Riku is frozen in midair for a second, when Xehanort teleports again, a large clock appears behind him. Riku runs over to Xehanort, striking the clock in five swipes. Xehanort winces and the world wavers, the clock begins spinning backwards, each tick ringing in Riku’s ears. Xehanort summons ethereal blades and knocks Riku away from the clock, while teleporting madly. Riku tries desperately to reach the clock, but Xehanort’s attack are so frequent and strong that he is unable to reach it and the clock reaches twelve)

Xehanort: You shall wander forever!

(The clock spins wildly and the world rewinds. Riku faces Xehanort, Keyblade bared and notices Xehanort’s injuries seem to have healed. The two exchange blows again, Riku struggling to keep up with Xehanort’s continuous teleportation and unceasing energy bolts. Eventually, Xehanort stops time and summons the clock again, which starts counting down. Riku takes this opportunity to dash over to the pole again, spinning around and snaking his way up the beam. Xehanort sends more bolts at him, which Riku recochets back with his Keyblade, causing Xehanort to flinch. Riku, having gained the appropriate height on the beam, leaps off in a powerful burst of speed and shatters the clock as it nears twelve. The world dissolves back to the Round Room)

Mickey: Are you okay, Riku?

Riku: Yeah. Thanks, Mickey.

(The time spell placed on the room vanishes and Mickey looks up)

Mickey: Master Xehanort! We were right about you!

(Riku looks up to see an old man on the highest throne)

Master Xehanort: All of this was decided. My twelve selves would welcome me here on this day, when I would return a complete person. It is the future which lies beyond my sight.

Mickey: Why are you doing this?

Master Xehanort: In ancient times, people believed that light was a gift from an unseen land by the name of Kingdom Hearts. But Kingdom Hearts was safeguarded by its counterpart, the Chi-blade. Warriors vied for that precious light, thus beginning the "Keyblade War." The violent clash shattered the Chi-blade into twenty pieces--seven of light, and thirteen of darkness. And the only real Kingdom Hearts was swallowed by the darkness, never to surface again. I once tried to create my own pure light and darkness to forge the Chi-blade, but the attempt ended in failure. In my eagerness, I had lost sight of the correct way to achieve my goal. I acted rashly. I can admit that now.

(He smirks)

Mickey: What you did back then--your mistakes--changed the destinies of three of my friends!

Master Xehanort: Ah, but destiny is never left to chance. I merely guided them to their proper places. The broken boy who failed to be the blade… the misguided master who sacrificed herself for a friend…and the feckless youth who became my new vessel.

Mickey (sadly): I couldn’t find a way to save ‘em. But I wanted to believe that their sacrifice stopped you for good. Why? How was I so blind? I should’ve seen it, as soon as Maleficent started gathering the seven princesses of heart.

Master Xehanort: Yes. They were all my doing. I used the evil fairy to find seven pure lights for me, just as I prepared thirteen vessels to fill with pure darkness.

Riku: But you failed. Sora stopped you in your tracks on both counts.

Master Xehanort: Yes, he did. That dull, ordinary boy--a Keyblade wielder so unlike any I have ever seen. However, I have not abandoned my ambitions-- the seven guardians of light and the thirteen seekers of darkness.

(He chuckles evilly)

Mickey: Seven guardians of light? Well, for Keyblade wielders, there’s me and Riku and Sora. And my three missing friends, that’s six. Then the seventh would be…

(He gasps, looking around at the thrones)

Mickey: That means…the thirteen seekers of darkness…

Master Xehanort: Yes, little king. Perceptive. But Sora and another on your list belong to me now. And that puts you three guardians short. But worry not. All of the pieces are destined to appear. Your seven lights just like my thirteen darknesses, whose final clash will beget the prize I seek--

Master Xehanort & Mickey: The Chi-blade!

(Master Xehanort stands on his throne and summons his Keyblade)

Master Xehanort: But first, the thirteen darknesses shall be united. All the seats have been filled. And now the last vessel shall bear my heart like the rest!

(He waves his hand and Sora’s throne rises higher)

Mickey: No!

Riku: Sora!

(They run toward Sora. Mickey jumps, using the other thrones to get to him, but Xemnas slams him against one as Riku is knocked to the ground by Ansem. Sora’s throne reaches Master Xehanort’s height and he laughs quietly. He holds up his Keyblade, waving his hand over it. It pulses with red energy and he raises it high. With a swift motion, he points it at Sora. Mickey and Riku watch helplessly as a glowing heart speeds toward Sora from the end of Master Xehanort’s Keyblade. It nearly reaches Sora before there is an explosion)

Mickey: He made it!

Xemnas: You!

(In a flurry of flames, Lea stands on the throne, holding a lifeless Sora in one hand and his weapon in the other)

Xigbar: Axel!

Lea: Axel? Please. The name’s Lea. Got it memorized?

Xigbar: You’re not supposed to be here!

Lea: Promises to keep. I’ll always be there to get my friends back. What, bad timing?

(He looks up at Master Xehanort)

Lea: You had your perfect little script, but you kinda forgot to write the sequel. Now, let’s find out what happens!

(Xigbar slams his fist against the arm of his throne)

Xigbar: What now, you old coot? Our time is up!

(Master Xehanort smiles and one of the still hooded members of the new Organization XIII jumps out of their throne, summoning a claymore and aiming at Lea. Lea moves just in time to block with his weapon and the force of the blow knocks the man’s hood off, revealing his blue hair)

Lea: Isa!

(Saïx stares at him with cold yellow eyes, putting pressure on his claymore. Lea jumps away after struggling to counter Saïx’s force on his weapon. Mickey uses this distraction to summon his Keyblade, but Xemnas teleports away before Mickey could swing at him. Riku dispels his Keyblade and resummons it backwards in his hand to perform a backwards slice at Ansem, who also teleports away. They both reappear in the air, looking down on them near Master Xehanort. Mickey, Lea, and Riku stand with their weapons ready on the platform below)

Riku: Why are you here, Axel?

Lea: No, I told you my name;s-- Agh, whatever, Axel, fine. Now let’s get outta here!

Mickey: Right!

(Ansem summons his Guardian, who rushes down and grabs Mickey and Riku, as Lea jumps back. Riku struggles to get free before hearing a strange and familiar sound. At the top of the room, a shooting star zig-zags in the air to the sound of screaming and Donald and Goofy appear and fall into Ansem’s Guardian, which disappears, dropping Mickey and Riku. Goofy and Donald lie on the floor, dazed)

Donald: Were we supposed to do that?

Goofy: I think so.

(Riku can’t help but laugh)

Mickey: Goofy, Donald! You saved us!

(Ansem, Xemnas, and the rest of the Organization begin to fade)

Master Xehanort: We are out of time. Neither the union of light nor darkness has been achieved, and we must all return whence we came. But, the gathering of the seven and thirteen is nigh.

(Young Xehanort and Riku exchange stares, as do Saïx and Lea)

Master Xehanort: Let us finish this at the fated place, once your lights and my darknesses have joined together!

(Master Xehanort fades and they are scattered. Riku, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Lea return to the Mysterious Tower)

Yen Sid: Seven lights, thirteen darknesses… Master Xehanort has been busy.

(Lea leans against a shelf as Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Riku surround a comatose Sora, who is sitting propped up against the wall. Donald and Goofy are at a loss for words as Riku kneels next to his friend)

Mickey: Aw, Sora. Don’t tell me your heart’s sleeping, too.

Yen Sid: No, Mickey. This affliction is not the same.

(They look back to Yen Sid, who is sitting in his throne, his back to them)

Riku: Can we do anything for him?

Yen Sid: In your Mark of Mastery exam, you were to unlock seven Sleeping Keyholes. By doing so, you would awaken those worlds from their prison of slumber, and also acquire the power to free a heart from its sleep. Riku, you unlocked those Keyholes within Sora’s dreams. Therefore, it stands to reason that you now have the power to awaken Sora’s heart.

Mickey: You want him to dive back into Sora’s sleep? But Master, Sora’s heart is down in the darkest abyss. If Riku’s not careful, he might just get trapped down there with him. No… I’ll go instead.

(Yen Sid gets up from his chair and walks over)

Yen Sid: And perhaps you may even succeed, Mickey. But there is no denying Riku stands the better chance, having dived into Sora’s heart as long as he has.

(Mickey contemplates this as Donald and Goofy look worried. Riku looks to Sora and smiles)

Riku: Mickey… I really appreciate it. But…I’ll go wake Sora up.

Mickey: Riku.

(Mickey holds out a hand and Riku looks back to Sora)

Riku: Look at his face. Sleeping like nothing’s wrong--like there’s nothing to even worry about. He’s always been like that. The three of us would agree to work on the raft, and then this guy would go and take a nap on the beach. You see, it’s my job to keep him on his toes. Besides, what kind of Keyblade Master sleeps through his test?

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy smile)

Riku: I’m doing it for me, too. Sora saved me once. And…I heard him call my name. He needs me.

Mickey: There’s something real strong that binds us to each other. Even in the darkness, you can reach him. All you gotta do is follow that connection!

Goofy: Gee, we’re all connected to Sora.

Donald: You said it!

Lea: And if the darkness gets ya, I promise I’ll bail you out. "Dark Rescue" is my middle name.

Riku (standing up): Guys, thank you. Sora and I will be back soon.

(He bows to Master Yen Sid. He summons his Keyblade and his light resonates with Sora’s body, opening a Portal to the dark recesses of Sora’s heart. Everyone nods in agreement and Riku enters the Portal. Riku dives down past hundreds of floating images of Sora, as his friend’s memories drift around him. He awakes at the bottom of the black abyss and stands up, the darkness below rippling with every movement)

Riku: This abyss… Am I in Sora’s dream?

(An armored figure rises from the pool below and raises his Keyblade, a Nightmare symbol emblazoned on its helmet)

Riku: What?

(The world suddenly turns white and the armor becomes a cloud-like ink, as if all the darkness in the room were concentrated into this one shape. Riku dodges as the wisp of ink surges forward at him, delivering several blows to his back before releasing back out into the abyss. The air is stark and Riku and his Spirits fight their hardest against this fast foe. The Nightmare easily dodges by turning into ink, but otherwise provides fast strikes against Riku. After wearing it down, the armored Nightmare raises his blade, an orb of darkness seethes at the end of it. Riku holds his stance before globs of darkness shoot out from the orb and Riku merges with his Dream Eaters, warping space to send the globs back at the Nightmare. With his last shot, Riku teleports above the armor and sends a powerful downward slice with his Keyblade, shattering the Nightmare’s helmet. With a flash, the armor bursts, releasing Sora onto the dark pool)

Riku: Sora!

(Sora begins to descend into the darkness, which is sinking into a platform marked with Sora’s image. The pool begins to shrink, leaving Riku by himself on the platform. He looks up to see the black Keyblade, which loses its cloak of darkness as well, returning to normal)

Riku: I’ll find you, Sora.

(He takes Sora’s Keyblade in his hand and a keyhole appears on the floor. He takes a relieving sigh and jumps into the air, sending a beam of light at the keyhole. Light envelopes all. Soon, his ears reach the familiar sound of waves, and he opens his eyes to find himself on a Destiny Islands at sunset. The light from the golden sun twinkles on the sleepy water as Riku stands at the edge of the dock, gazing out at the sea. He turns, startled by the appearance of…)

Riku: Roxas?

Roxas: What is it that you’re so afraid of?

Riku: Huh? Hmm… Losing something that’s important.

(Roxas’s image fades and Riku, shrugging it off, walks to the beach. There he sees…)

Riku: Roxas?

(He looks closer at the boy)

Riku: No, wait…

Ventus: What is the one thing you care about more than anything else?

Riku: Hmm… My close friends.

(Ventus disappears as well)

Riku: What is going on?

(He looks to the tiny adjacent island attached by the bridge and gasps, seeing someone sitting on the bent tree trunk)

Riku: Sora!

(He reaches the bridge and runs across it, but the figure sitting there is not Sora, but a girl)

Riku: Who are you?

Xion: Riku. What do you wish?

Riku: More questions… All right… I wish…to recover something important that I lost.

(The world flashes and he reappears back on the beach. He looks into the water and sees a floating bottle. It reaches the shore and he picks it up)

Riku: What’s this?

?????: You were not the visitor I expected.

(A tall man in a red robe walks toward him. Riku recognizes him immediately)

Riku: DiZ! I mean… Ansem the Wise. What are you doing here?

Ansem the Wise: Perhaps I wanted to atone for events of the past, even if no apology can undo the harm I have wrought. I felt…that I ought to leave at least something behind. So I digitized myself and my research, and hid them within Sora.

Riku: So this is…data?

Ansem the Wise: Yes. A clue, I hope, to finding yourselves or your lost friends in your hour of need. The heart has always been quick to grow. Each exposure to light, to the natural world, to other people, shapes this most malleable part inside of us. Nobodies are not different from us in that manner. Sora was the only one able to return to his human form without destroying his Nobody. That is a statement to the love in his heart for other people, and the bonds that tie them together. Perhaps…he has the power to bring back the hearts and existences of those connected to him-- to recreate people we thought were lost to us forever. Our most precious treasures--even an empty puppet--the trees of the forest, and the petals on the wind--there are hearts around us everywhere we look. And it does not take superhuman powers to see them. Surely we remember as children the way our hearts made everything seem so shiny, and perfect. Sora has a heart like that--uncorrupted, willing to see the good before the bad. When he sees the heart in something, it then becomes real. When a connection seems broken, he may have the power to mend it. He has touched countless hearts, he has accepted them, and he has saved them. And some of those hearts have never left him--whether they fell into darkness or were trapped there--whether they sleep in the darkness of Sora’s heart, or were welcomed into its warmth--they can be saved. All Sora needs to do is be himself and follow wherever it is that his heart takes him. It is the best and the only way. The rest is in there.

(Riku looks at the bottle)

Riku: All right. Thanks. Thank you.

Ansem the Wise: Of course. Now why is it that you are here?

Riku: Uh…I kinda need to wake Sora up.

Ansem the Wise: Don’t tell me he’s gone to sleep again?

Riku: Yeah. What’ll I do with him?

Ansem the Wise: What, indeed?

(They laugh)

Ansem the Wise: Never fear. Sora is safe.

Riku: Huh?

Ansem the Wise: He’s not here. You see, by defeating the Nightmare imprisoning Sora, you freed him.

Riku: You mean…the Sora wrapped in that black phantom?

Ansem the Wise: Then, you came here, and you were questioned by three young people. That was the final key to awaken him. Sora is awake. You can go home now.

Riku: Really? Thank you.

(He points Sora’s Keyblade across the water and a keyhole appears. He shoots a beam of light at it and floats into the air)

Ansem the Wise: Young man! I do not believe you ever told me your name.

(They smile)

Riku: It’s Riku.

(Riku flies into the keyhole and awakes in Yen Sid’s tower, surrounded by Mickey, Lea, and Yen Sid)

Mickey: Riku!

(He sits up suddenly)

Riku (calling): Sora!

Sora: Hey, Donald! Come on, you’re hogging it all!

(Behind him, Sora sits at a table filled with desserts)

Donald: Aw, calm down, Sora, and drink your tea.

Goofy: Gawrsh, it sure is yummy!

Riku: Hey!

(Sora turns around, wearing a party hat and fake mustache glasses. He takes them off and greets his friend)

Sora: Riku… You’re safe! Riku!

(He jumps onto Riku and laughs)

Riku: Wait, haven’t we got this backwards? And why are you having a tea party?

Sora: You’re safe, Riku!

(He hugs him again)

Riku: Ah, never mind. You okay? Feeling all right?

Sora: Yeah, I’ve never been better. I was watching what was going on in my dream. And I could hear your voice the whole time. Thanks, Riku. Thanks, everybody!

(Everyone smiles happily)

Sora: Oh yeah! Did we pass the test?

(Yen Sid nods)

Yen Sid: You performed truly admirably, both of you.

(They push each other off the ground, knocking a chair aside, and they present themselves front of Yen Sid’s desk)

Yen Sid: More than anything, I am grateful to have you both back from Xehanort’s deception unharmed. And I am grateful to Lea, whose spontaneous actions turned the tides. I am also deeply sorry, for failing to percieve the danger and throwing you headlong into a perilous test. This experience has revealed many hidden truths, and we must gird ourselves for the great clash with darkness that lies before us. I believe we need a new Keyblade Master, one with a new kind of power. Sora and Riku, you both deserve the honor. However, one of you braved the realm of sleep again to unlock the final Keyhole and save a friend. Riku, I name you our new true Keyblade Master.

Sora (excited): Way to go, Riku!

(He places a hand on Riku’s shoulder and laughs)

Riku: Y-yeah?

Sora: I knew you were gonna pass with flying colors. This is just so awesome!

Goofy: Gee, Sora, you’re kinda acting like it’s you that passed.

Donald: I told ya Sora still needed some practice.

Sora: Hey.

Riku: Really? I’m a Keyblade Master?

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy walk over to them)

Mickey: Congratulations, Riku!

(Mickey holds out a hand and Riku shakes it)

Riku: Thank you, Mickey. I owe it to my friends.

(Sora laughs)

Lea: Ah, I’ll catch up with ya in no time flat.

Sora: What? You wanna be a Keyblade Master?

Lea: Yeah. I mean, I came here to learn how to wield one.

Sora & Riku: YOU!?

Lea: Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence. You know, I was gonna come swooping in, Keyblade in hand! But I just couldn’t get mine to materialize. Must be in the snap of the wrist or something.

(He holds his hand out and a fiery Keyblade flashes into his hand, surprising him)

Everyone: WHOA!

(Later, Sora walks out of the Mysterious Tower, being seen off by Riku, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy)

Goofy: Do ya have to go?

Sora: Well…I did doze off… I just have some stuff to take care of.

Donald: Are you gonna be okay?

Sora: Yeah. I won’t be long.

Mickey: Be careful.

Riku: Very careful.

Sora: Right. See you soon.

(Sora summons his Keyblade and a keyhole appears in the sky. He shoots it with a beam of light. Later, he awakens in Traverse Town and stands up)

Sora: Good. I was hoping this world was still here. But where are they?

(He looks around, seeing no one around. He looks to the ground before hearing a small whimper. He turns, seeing a Meow Wow running toward him)

Sora: There!

(It leaps into his arms and licks his face as Sora laughs. He bumps into something behind him and sees a Kooma Panda gazing dreamily at him. To his right, a Necho Cat prances around merrily and on his left, a Komory Bat flies toward him)

Sora: Hey!

(A multitude of Spirits that Sora encountered gather around him, chirping, squawking, and roaring)

Sora: Thanks. You’re the best.

(Meanwhile, inside a mysterious labyrinthine castle, Ventus smiles)

"The darkness awakens"

(On the Destiny Islands at sunset, a young man looks out into the sea)

Xehanort: This world is just too small.

"The light in the darkness"

(A young woman stands alone on a dark beach gazing at the water)

"leads to the last key"

(At the Mysterious Tower, Donald and Goofy sit on the front steps)

Goofy: Sora’s late. Do ya think he’s okay?

(Donald sighs)

Goofy: Gawrsh, Lea sure hurried back to Radiant Garden, and now Master Yen Sid’s sending Riku away, too, on some mystery errand. Ya think we’ll ever get to do something important?

(Donald looks up, getting Goofy’s attention)

Goofy: Oh! Welcome back, Riku! Hey, wait…

(They jump in surprise. Inside, Yen Sid speaks with King Mickey)

Yen Sid: The Keyblade Wars of yore plunged the true Kingdom Hearts into darkness, and the Chi-blade was shattered. But the light still shining in the hearts of children rebuilt the world that we know today. And the light from the broken Chi-blade was then divided into seven, to protect the number of pure hearts in the world.

Mickey: Seven pure lights. They’re…the princesses of heart.

Yen Sid: Indeed. Those seven pure hearts form the very source of all light in the world. If they are lost, the world will again give way to shadow. Thus, even if we deliberately avoid finding our seven lights to avert another Keyblade War, Xehanort will still target the seven princesses in order to forge the Chi-blade.

Mickey: So…there’s gonna be a clash between seven lights and thirteen darknesses…and there’s nothing we can do to avoid triggering the Keyblade War?

Yen Sid: To protect the seven pure hearts, we will need seven lights strong enough to stand against the thirteen darknesses.

Mickey: So we’re missing one guardian of light.

(The door opens and Riku enters)

Mickey: Riku! You’re back!

Riku: That’s right. Master Yen Sid, I brought you the "guest" you asked for but…you never said why.

(The "guest" enters)

Mickey (surprised): Huh? Wow!

Yen Sid: I have come to learn that you, too, can wield a Keyblade. I am glad you are here.

(He stares intently at Kairi)