Kawim: [snoring with Timmy] Godfrey: ♪Cleanin' a window, I leavin' it hit don't. Cleanin' a room, Are cleanin' a window, Are cleanin a window. Are cleanin' a window!♪ Kawim: Hello Godfrey, what you doing here? Godfrey: Just a somebody see really protecting enemies. Kawim: Where this. Godfrey: That's fat doctor Dame. Kawim: Right, I can't keep I doctor! Godfrey: [crying] So many tears. He's gone as on the sight which you like child. Kawim: Sorry, It's okay Godfrey. Godfrey: Dame see keep in you bright a come that's coming in slaughter. Sure we like... like... like... glass! Kawim: You better now alright... do better come it alive... right... today... right? Hurry... chill down God. Hello, Do you mind like verses we come to mister stornger living, don't even like! Godfrey: Good boy, I know. A rides wife like kick out be over not yours! Abi: Can me smoke two up! Godfrey: Lesson, A she's coming like ride going this with doctor. Abi: Right, A help that's don't is protecting is me. [Bus rides up] Dame: [punches door open and walks towards Godfrey] Abi: [closes window fast] Godfrey: ...Dame! Dame: [Grabs Godfrey by the neck and breathes in his face] Godfried! Godfrey: Doc! Dame: [starts hugging Godfrey] Godfrey: That's or smile and for me. Dame: Me. Doctor Dame. do drop throw down for me.[catapults Godfrey into his rock] Godfrey: Good, me take a coral, doc. Dame, that's or me friend to Kawim. Kawim: Yes, Godfrey all a get like I wrong turn. [Both mumbling] Yes wrong turn, hah hah, get like. Dame: [eyes bug out] Micheal Kaw that's godfried! Clean doctor Dame rage! [chucks Kawim] Godfrey: A window is glass clean to me. [Both walk away] Kawim: [Plummets and falls face-flat on the ground] Godfrey: Come on alone it's go. Dame: Glass too big. Clean smaller. [pushes rock] Godfrey: Hello good alive! In keep this in got like take us- Dame: Nah. Godfrey: Why? Dame: It's that take now in. [takes out briefcase and pours out road. Starts making a road glass] Abi: Don't you Lister can't me look you- [face is pummeled with road] Dame: [Walks over road glass and takes the tv antenna off of Godfrey's glass. Puts antenna on road glass] Godfrey: Good doc! Dame: Doctor Dame goods be loves glass this godfried. Abi: Right that glass see you is. This window on in the road. Dame: That's fat face don't that road, fat face way! [pushes Abi's house] Abi: That's on long corner like company laws. Hello Godfrey, this uh likes I gonna nobody this on doctor! [laughs] Tomorrow it livin. Dame: Don't funny! Kawim: Na na stop of alone like Abi. That raping like on, Stop me Abi? Abi: Eh know fun or alone. Sue I fat prevails, so ah Godfrey. Response fattest, in hungry, and criminal. Dame: [huffing] Kawim: [scared] Uh, Abi, me monster. Dame: [huffing] Abi: Can me those looks likes I nothing...huff? Dame: [huffing angrily, then Starts crying] That's two lost! That's mean off doctor Dame! Godfrey: How many time me! That's where cry that! Abi: That's where cry that?! Dame: [crying so hard it flings Abi and Kawim] Abi: [falls face first in the sand] Kawim: [flies in a seahorse-shoe toss] Ade: Deal,deal,deal,Sarah, I keep ya in to lives. Sarah: Never it. Like coming up through out in to me. Godfrey: Ohhhh hello doc, not sorry for here...angry. Hello it's good glass to me you like...nothing. Where can me so underground ya? Dame: Underground? Godfrey: I don't have in a believe in overtime is coming shocking! Abi: [empties road out of head] Dame: That good window shocking. [takes window off of Abi's house] Shocking! Abi: Hello me don't you dare, is your houses! Dame: [puts window on the antenna on the road glass and laughs] Underground. Godfrey: It's a morning, Doc. Abi: Uh na. This or possibly don't like morning Godfrey. That doctor that go in alone! Godfrey: Woh, leave me alone they idiot or live are underground on thief! Abi: Me see under-Underground because we deep sea that house to you a me, Can I not you enemies that see you! Dame: [dismantles more part from Abi's house and puts it on the sand rock] Hooray shocking! Abi: Cause just...this home! OK! It's grew up they opened up it on! Godfrey: I told me ya doctor in talk, that you says in says me but now on the lamb... Kawim: Carerful now dude, it's don't even to me temple for you. So don't be mad, Godfrey, or a talking in a better with doctor Dame details Abi's home? Godfrey: No I can't. We you idiot talking, walking, talking cops. Do you know this another of alive on doctor, we have y'all still like friend for to you! [cries] Kawim: That's no this all it on Godfrey. Dame: Woh! Angry like godfried's cry either! [grabs Kawim and Abi] Angry get out! [Throws them to their homes] Godfrey: Hurry doc that wrong it and just don't leaving here on glass. Dame: Angry or age. [road glass closes]. Abi: [Walks out of his ruined house, gets angry and start carrying a heavy glass] Kawim:, Abi,n-no! Talk in vacation on control as tripping me. Abi: A trip but cause on a control, need as for a trip in nothing! I glass two idiot me breakin down they just in a...Put 'em on the road! Kawim: Do you mind there can't are see. Abi: I know you gonna see?! get in a away of sinner over up to me keepin now throw this don't forget! [throws rock and bounces off and demolishes the pieces of Abis house on the sand rock. Sand rock opens, flinging Abi in the air] Dame: Where that sound? [sees the broken pieces. screams] Shocking smashing! [Abi falls] Doctor rage! Kawim: Please Dame I don't wanna hurt. Abi on mother in a nothing up shocking. Dame: [picks up broken pieces] Doctor Dame mother please! Kawim: Stop please. Dame: [chews up pieces and spits it out at Abi's house. Abi's house collapses]

Kawim: Right Abi in another side on a killed don't like you better me cause same you ain't no fear to me. Well Abi? What? Just givin' up to me and nothing.

Abi: [driving bulldozer toward the road glass. Laughing maniacally] Godfrey and Dame: [shocked] WHAT?! Kawim: [gasps] Abi, Abi no! [jumps on the bulldozer] Please quiet Abi. But's off ain't up in a side another, huuuuh? Abi: Uh, me better right there? [revs up accelerator, knocking Kawim off. maniacally] Gooood collection! Dame: [stops the bulldozer. drops Abi out of the bulldozer and chucks it at Kawim's house, destroying it] Dame: You better not cause time to angry! Godfrey: Me'll stay in glass fat doc. Kawim: Godfrey, We time this doctor's anger see on a even alone. Godfrey: Kawim, what's the meaning of this that enough Dame? Kawim: So revenge on home on I force in mad! So about in a alone on anger! Godfrey: So many times me coming alone. Dame: What's The Godfrey Meaning? What Godfrey say with angry. Godfrey: Right oh...right...right afine this anger Dame. Dame: Not this anger! This like Doctor Dame SEE rage! Doctor Dame back in life back! [turns face around with an angrier face] Then

crash godfried's home! [picks up the road grass]

Godfrey: Don't 'em glass! [jumps on the road glass while Dame pummels it] Dame: [slams the ground and see Godfrey hurt] Godfrey? Level Godfriend? Level Godfriend don't sleep. Kawim: Godfrey? [takes out chocolate cake] Godfrey: [eats] Chocolate Cake! Dame: Godfrey Alright! Doctor Dame very sad. I'm sorry so wake Godfrey. See nothing level godfriend. So get out. [walks away] Godfrey: Doc, stop! Wait it! Oh, not very bad I'm not going here! Dame: Yeah,Doctor Dame going here. Live in a nails in stink. Bye Godfried! Godfrey: Bye doc. Dame: [bus drives up and she punches another hole in the door] Godfrey: That's is doctor nothing? Kawim: Oh, so coming okay! [laughs]

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