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Pilots Edit

  1. a) Johnny Bravo / b) Jungle Boy in "Mr. Monkeyman" / c) Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women

Season 1Edit

  1. a) Super Duped / b) Bungled in the Jungle / c) Bearly Enough Time
  2. a) The Sensitive Male / b) Bravo Dooby-Doo
  3. a) Date With an Antelope / b) Did You See a Bull Run by Here / c) Cookie Crisis
  4. a) I Used to be Funny / b) My Fair Dork / c) Twas the Night
  5. a) Blarney Buddies / b) Over the Hump / c) Johnny Meets Farrah Fawcett
  6. a) Hip Hop Flop / b) Talk to Me, Baby / c) Blanky Hanky Panky
  7. a) Beach Blanket Bravo / b) The Day the Earth Didn't Move Around Very Much / c) The Aisle of Mixed-Up Toys
  8. a) Substitute Teacher / b) A Wolf in Chick's Clothing / c) Intensive Care
  9. a) Jumbo Johnny / b) The Perfect Gift / c) Bravo, James Bravo
  10. a) Going Batty / b) Perry the Butler / c) Red Faced in the White House
  11. a) The Man Who Cried 'Clown" / b) Johnny Real Good / c) Little Talky Tabitha
  12. a) Johnny Bravo Meets Adam West / b) Under the Big Flop c) Johnny Meets Donny Osmond

Season 2Edit

  1. a) Bikini Speace Planet / b) Moby Jerk / c) A Gel for Johnny
  2. a) Johnny Get Your Tutu / b) Johnny's Inferno / c) Forest Chump
  3. a) Karma Krisis / b) A Star Is Bruised / c) The Prince and the Pinhead
  4. a) Claws / b) Cover Boy / c) To Helga and Back
  5. a) Endless Bummer / b) Jailbird Johnny / c) Bravo 13
  6. a) Doomates

Season 3Edit

  1. a) Galaxy Boy / b) Damien's Day Out / c) Noir Johnny

Season 4Edit