1 I don't care what you say! I'm gonna do what I want all day! I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of the world! - Look, it's the Supreme court squad! - Extreme! Supreme court squad: Extreme watch out, it's the judging machine Robo justice! - Order in my courtroom! - Supreme court squad, assemble! It's justice John G. Robots with robo-gavel action. - Wow! - Cowabunga! Watch out! Here comes android scale-la with laser-gun eyes. Pew pew pew! Pbck! Taste appellate jurisdiction, riff-raff! And now for the first time ever, it's wrath hover Ginsbot, soaring 1,000 feet high. - She really flies! - Cool. I'm appointed for life to kick your butt! Go online and order yours today. Whew! Whew! Whew! Yeah! Eeeeee! Right there holy co-o-w it's finally here for Jeff to enjoy-y-y Clarence, it's here. Okay, grandma, I'll turn the TV down. Sumo, it's here. Ow! Now just a warning, guys what you're about to see might actually take your breath away. Okay. Get ready. 3 2 1. Open your eyes! - Ta-da! - Aw, neat. No, Clarence, up here. - What is it? - I don't know. It's the wrath hover Ginsbot action figure. - It's got a removable helmet. - Wow. It's got three different rocket launchers - Wow. - Jeff: and can even fly with a remote control. - Wow! - Yeah, that is pretty cool. - Thank you, Sumo. - Congratulations, buddy. She's a beautiful lady, and you're a lucky man. Now let's take this baby out for a spin. Whoa, whoa. Oh, Clarence. Oh, Clarence. No. No. This doesn't go outside. It goes up here so it can stay in mint condition forever. You mean you woke us up at 6:00 a. m. on a Saturday just to show us a toy we can't play with? Yeah, Jeff, don't you want to see her fly? Oh, I'm sure wrath hover Ginsbot will do plenty of flying Whoosh! on "Supreme court squad: Extreme the animated series. " They're doing all-day marathons, so I figured we could watch it all day. All rise. Be seated. Continuing case B84 Robo-frog versus Robo-frog Extreme. The plaintiff may proceed. Your honor, I am prepared to present evidence that the illegal factory on my client's property was built by his former business partner, Robo-frog Extreme. - As it clearly states in the - Why all the talking? No one's flying or fighting or anything! They are fighting, Sumo with the power of law. Psst. Psst. Hey, Sumo. Sumo, over here. Sumo, I need your help. I-I-I got to play with that toy. I can't stop thinking about her. You mean that hover bot or whatever? Just forget it. Jeff's never gonna let you. Sumo, I promise you with all my heart that Jeff will be fine with it 'cause we're not gonna tell him. - Clarence, no. - But it'll work. I got the perfect plan. I just need you to distract him for a bit, okay? Come on, I know you were into her, too. Maybe. I mean, well I don't know, Clarence. Sumo, come on! If I don't play with that toy, I think I might probably die. All right, already. I'm in. As it clearly states in the robo-law constitution article 78 section 34, "all robots' property shall be enjoined in the remainder for all time forthwith " Da da da da da da da da-la-da! Da da da da da da da da da da da-la-da-la-da! da da da da da da da da da da da daaaaaaa Hmm. Uh. We will continue with the defense's - cross-examination of the - Hey, stop. I'm just looking at all the channels with better stuff on. See, you got "pawn hoarders," "swamp wives," "storage hoarders," "angry swamp wives," - "storage swamp hoarders. " - Sumo! Go back to the big screen. I can't see. Color it in right here. Hmm. Hmm! - Mwah! - Uh, on the night in question So, this guy is the same guy as before, right? - That's the key witness. - And is he the one that wants to build the factory, or is he trying to stop the factory from being builded? Just pay attention to the trial, and it'll make sense! - I'm trying! - Did you or did you not meet with Mr. Robo-Frog on october 24th?! Well, I I don't know. Careful. Careful. Huh? Your honor, I would like it to be struck from the record where I lost my temper back there! - Hey, Sumo! - Um, I got to go wash my hands. Okay, just wash your hands after. Hey, Sumo. I got the hovercraft lady. Ah, cool! How'd you get it out without messing up the box? Don't you worry your bald little head, Sumo. I have my twicks. Yep, everything went swimmingly. Now, let's fly this hog before Jeff notices we're gone. All right. Here goes. Oh, gwapes! Well, I hope you've learned a valuable lesson from Robo-frog. Your illegal factory may have generated as much inaccessium as you could want, but at the cost of something even more important your friends. And now look at you. Your friends have left you all alone. Wait a minute. Where are my friends? Okay, shouldn't be too bad. Just put the head back on. - Sumo? Clarence? - Uh-oh. Where'd you guys go? Oh, there you are. I've been thinking and you were right - we should play with my Ginsbot. - No, no! That's okay. - Really, we're good. - Nonsense. I'll go grab it now, and we can what did you say, Clarence? "take it out for a spin. " Be right back. Mmm! Jeff, hold on! Jeff! I'm hungry. - Sumo, come on. Not now. - No, Jeff, I'm really hungry. - Like, I might pass out if I don't eat. - Oh, okay. I mean, I guess I could go see what I have in the kitchen. Yeah. Hurry up. I'm feeling woozy. Okay. I bought you some time. Now go fix that toy! No problem. All right. Nice and careful. Unh! Oh, no! That didn't work at all! Okay. Okay. Okay. I can fix it. I can fix it. Mmm. Some of this. Mmm. Oh, pencils! Well, let's take a look. Eeeeeeeee. There. A perfect peanut-butter sandwich. Yeah, I can't eat this. I'm allergic to peanuts. But you just said you wanted peanut butter. I did not. I said I wanted rice butter. Rice butter? Is that like rice milk? - Yes, except butter. - Interesting. I don't think I've ever had rice butter before, but it sounds delicious. I bet we have some around here somewhere. Do people make it? Psst. Sumo. Uh hey, Jeff. Maybe you should go look around for a rice-butter churner thing. Oh, okay. I'll be right back. Then we should open the Ginsbot already. What the heck happened, man?! - I thought you were gonna glue the head on. - Oh, glue. You got to tell Jeff the truth. I'm sure he'll understand. I can fix it still. You just need to stall him for a little bit longer. Guys who was copying my toy box? Jeff. Jeff, wait. Don't jump to any conclusions. Let me explain. It's a crazy story really funny, actually. You see, I was going to the bathroom, and I heard a strange noise come from your room. So I ran in there, and there was this, um, raccoon, and he just came through your window, and he was gonna break your toy. He didn't say that or anything, but I could just see it in his eyes, and then he just broke it. And I said, "no, bad boy. You put that back before Jeff finds out. " But you know raccoons. They can't fix anything. They're not beavers. So I guess what I'm trying to say is here you go. You're welcome. - That's what happened, right, Sumo? - No. Clarence broke it. Clarence! Ouch! I couldn't stop myself! - Jeff, I need help! - Did you even read the manual?! You never respect my wishes! I just wanted to play with my friends! Who buys a toy and leaves it on a shelf?! - It's just cruel! - Yeah, well, I never received it. No, I will not hold. It's my daughter's birthday, and if I don't get it tonight, someone's gonna pay. ! I will not hesitate to get my lawyers involved. Good. My daughter's birthday thanks you. - What's going on? - Go sit over there! Robo-court is now in session. I'm ready to hand down my verdict. Wait, but we haven't been formally charged with anything. Quiet in my courtroom! Now, Jeff, you need to loosen up. Toys are for playing with, not leaving on the shelf. But I was going to take it out so we could play with it. Silence! Clarence, you need to respect Jeff's property. Messing with other people's stuff is not cool. Now, I find you both guilty and sentence you to hold hands and say you're friends again. - Friends. - I'm still your friend, Jeff. I was wondering, Sumo Who were you talking to - on the phone earlier? - I ordered a new Ginsbot. All you got to do is call the company, tell them you never got it, and voilã they send you one the very next day. Well, what about the new one? - Yeah, who gets it? - Me. You'll just break it, and you'll just keep it in a box. But, hey, I'll let you guys watch me play with it if you want. - I'm gonna get you. - And then I'm gonna break you. Hey, guys, am I still banned forever from flying? - Yep. - Yep, you sure are. All right. Just checking. Supreme court squad: Extreme watch out, it's the judging machine robo justice of every sort better pipe down in Ginsbot's court

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