Jak 3 NSTC cover
This is the Script of Jak 3.

Note: The missions in Jak 3 are not in a specific order, therefore it's possible some of the scripts are switched, mixed, etc.

Intro movie Edit

Veger: By order of the Grand Council of Haven City, for heinous acts and crimes against the people, you are hereby banished to the Wasteland for life.

Ashelin: This is a death sentence, Veger. There must be another way.

Veger: Your protest was overruled! This dark eco freak is dangerous! Now drop the cargo!

Pecker: This is an outrage! I am outraged beyond words. Although I do have something to say! Not everyone agrees with this ridiculous aaggrrkk! Decree...

Daxter: Yeah! We want a recount!

Veger: Oh, I see you wish to join him.

Pecker: Actually we are not that outraged. Farewell Jak! Stay out of the sun... Drink lots of water... If you can find it...

Daxter: Jak?

Jak: Go back to the city, Dax.

Ashelin: I'm sorry. The Council is too powerful. There was nothing I...

Jak: I know.

Ashelin: You just stay alive, you hear me? That's an order! Someone will find you, I promise.

Veger: May the Precursors have mercy on you.

Jak: Daxter!

Daxter: Don't thank me! I'm only here because you wouldn't last a second without me! Okay tough guy, you got us into this mess, now ya gotta get us out!

Pecker: Ahh! What a team we'll make!

Jak: Let's just get moving. But which way?

Daxter & Pecker: That way!

Pecker: Oh, and I suppose you know where you're going, eh?!

Daxter: Better than you do, bent beak!

Jak: Aghh... let's just move.

Pecker: This was all your stupid idea.

Daxter: No, it was yours! Only a birdbrain could have thought this one up. Let's go with him... we'll help together... you mean we'll die together! I can't believe the city hates us... we saved those lowlifes!

Flashback begins

Torn: Jak, the city's divided. Reports say new Krimzon Death Bots are holding a vital section of the industrial area! My men are getting their asses kicked! The KG have a new leader. We're trying to find out who it is.

Samos: I'm afraid I've got more bad news. A large group of surviving Metal Heads have concentrated in another section of the city.

Jak: But we destroyed Kor!

Samos: It appears the strongest Metal Heads have survived. The battle for the city has just begun!

Ashelin: The people are blaming you, Jak.

Flashback ends

Daxter: Right. Good plan, Jak... A nap would be nice... Just a teensy little rest...

Pecker: Aggh! This bird is overcooked!

Jak: The palace...

Flashback begins

Samos: Report...

Torn: It's bad! The city's become a battlefield! Mechanized Death Bots have taken the industrial section, and the surviving Metal Heads have expanded their hold on the Westside. We're losing ground on all fronts.

Ashelin: The Council's meeting tonight in emergency session. Rumblings about you, Jak. It doesn't look good. They think your friendship with Krew helped the Metal Heads get into the city.

Jak: You don't believe that do you?

Samos: What's in the past is done. Right now, Metal Heads are assaulting the Palace. They're looking for something, and I have no idea...



Samos: By the Precursors!

Flashback ends

Damas: Looks like we've found some live ones... heh, barely. Here's the beacon we were picking up. Who gave you this? We'll take them with us! Let's move! I smell a storm coming!

Act 1 Edit

Let The Games Begin!Edit

Daxter: Ahhh, I love water. Oh yes, it's so good. Desert bad.

Damas: Well, you've come back from the dead have you? And my monks were ready to pray for you. I am Damas, King of Spargus.

Jak: Spargus? Wait, nobody lives outside Haven's walls... not a whole city.

Damas: Ahh yes... we ARE the forgotten ones. Haven City's refuse, thrown out and left to die. Just as you were. But now that you have been saved, your life belongs to the people of Spargus. And we will use it well. If it's actually worth anything.

Daxter: Hey! That sounds like a bad deal!

Damas: You are in no position to "deal." Out here everything is either useful or dead weight. Prove yourselves worthy, or the desert will be your grave.

Jak: You need to work on making a better first impression.

Damas: Ha ha ha! In the unforgiving Wasteland we value strength and survival above all. We will see where you stand soon enough. Complete your training, then enter the arena. Just the bravest crawl out and are allowed to stay in Spargus. It's quite simple really.

Daxter: Um, what happens to the ones that don't crawl out?

Damas: Then it will be as if we never found you.

Daxter: I was afraid of that.

Pecker: Hail all citizens of Spargus! Welcome to the arena of death. Where we get to watch other people wet themselves in fear! These halls will once again test two newcomers, each fighting to prove their worth to stay among us. Let's hear it for Jak and his obnoxious talking animal!

Jak: Pecker! There you are. Where were you?

Pecker: Damas says, I am to be his new counsellor. He says my wisdom will serve him well. Oh yeah and um... Damas also says that ahh... you two are likely to die in the arena today, and he hopes your death is very ahh...

Daxter: Will you stop that! Damas can talk for himself!

Damas: He is right. You will most likely die. And yes, Pecker is my new advisor.

Pecker: Unlike you, some people appreciate my talents... It beats working for a living... I saw a few of the fights earlier. Oooo... not a pretty sight.

Daxter: Why you little...

Pecker: Let the games begin!

The Arena Heats Up Edit

Pecker: The candidates have... won the challenge!

Daxter: That's right! We bad! You haven't forgotten what I taught you Jak!

Damas: Anyone can make a few measly jumps. Now let's see how you rate against the living. Readjust the Matter-Formers. Prepare the arena for full combat!

Pecker: Prepare the arena for full combat!

Damas: I just said that.

Pecker: I know... I was just adding... you know... how you do the thing with the... anyway. Prepare the warriors!

Daxter: You mean we have to fight against actual people? With actual weapons? Who actually want to hurt us?

Jak: Fine! Bring 'em on!

Daxter: All right, that's it! I wanna be on his shoulder!

Jak Earns a Battle Amulet Edit

Damas: Something you're not telling us, animal man?

Pecker: He has been touched with dark eco, my liege.

Daxter: Our boy here gets all mean and nasty when you piss him off. So don't piss him off. Word to the wise!

Damas: Ah... then he is dangerous. And that could be useful. Your bravery has earned you your first Battle Amulet. If you are victorious in two more arena fights, you will earn your citizenship to Spargus. Here is a gate pass to allow free passage in and out of the city. But, beware there is no true refuge outside our walls. The desert is less kind than I. And for your victory, a gun mod is your prize.

Daxter: Oh yeah! Now we're talking! Hey? What do I get? Nothin'... as usual!

Jak Meets Kleiver Edit

Kleiver: Those were some sweet moves in the arena, boy. But a little more choke and you would have popped, eh?

Jak: You talking to me?

Daxter: Yeah! You talking to... him?

Kleiver: No, I'm conversing with me sweet departed mum. Of course you, ya bore head. You two are from the Big Smoke, eh?

Jak: Who's asking?

Kleiver: The guy who runs this place, that's who. Kleiver's the name. You blokes stick with me, and I'll take care of ya. In fact, I've got a job for ya right now. Ride me Leaper Lizard here and catch a few of those little buggers that've been raiding me storerooms. Snag me 6 of them puppies, and I'll let you drive one of me racing vehicles. That is, if Damas ever lets you leave the city.

Jak: I think we can handle that.

Daxter: Nooo! I hate riding animals... they make me chafe!

Jak Meets Seem Edit

Daxter: Check out these funny dudes, huh... hee hee hee... Nice threads. I didn't know rubber was back in. What are ya working on, monk boy?

Seem: It is none of your concern, animal.

Daxter: Look, coloring book, we've had a hard week. Don't push it!

Seem: The arena shows all, dark one. Hate consumes your eyes.

Jak: Great. Thanks for the tip.

Seem: It will destroy you... just as these Precursors destroyed themselves.

Daxter: It doesn't look like any Precursor crap we've seen.

Seem: These artefacts are an abomination. One fell on the great volcano. We sent an expedition to the mountain, but my monks never returned. Ill tidings sing in the wind. I fear the remaking of the world is at hand.

Daxter: I think you've been out in the sun a little too long. Let's go, Jak.

Seem: You must leave this place! Heroes think they can save the world, when they themselves are lost. You could not possibly understand the dark forces at work here.

Jak: Don't talk to me about dark powers. I want to know what this is. Stand back.

Seem's Warning Edit

Daxter: You cracked it, Jak.

Seem: Don't touch it! Dark eco!

Daxter: Yeah. You're impressed now aren't ya? Come on, give him his props.

Seem: Those are solid eco crystals. It has been passed down through time that they power the greatest of Precursor technologies. Strange... It speaks an ancient dialect. The earliest Precursor forms. Something about re-claiming this unfinished world...

Jak: Those look like coordinates. Like the ones from...

Seem: It is picking up a very powerful signal.

Daxter: I don't think we're gonna like what this thing is yapping to!

Seem: Even you cannot save us from this, hero!

Daxter: Hey, I'm the real hero here. You can call me... Orange Lightning. Zazaziing!

Seem: You may carry the colour of our creators, animal, but we have plans to save ourselves. Stay out of our business. You and Orange Lightning are not welcome here!

Kleiver's Race Challenge Edit

Kleiver: Well if it isn't the newbies.

Daxter: Keep yappin' chicken boy, we'll see who...

Kleiver: Bite ya bum, rat face, or I'll pound ya!

Daxter: Uurgh... Great stink of the Precursors. I got two words for ya... tooth brush!

Jak: Nice rides.

Kleiver: You like what you see? We use these babies to make runs into the deep desert to retrieve artefacts. Tough wheels for tough work.

Jak: You said we could use one.

Kleiver: I did, didn't I? But not one of those. Those are for the big boys. You can use that one.

Daxter: Hah! What a runt!

Kleiver: Seems to fit you.

Jak: Get in, Dax. I'll drive.

Kleiver: Care to wager a little somethin' on a race, then? If you win, I'll let you keep that little vehicle for as long as you live. And if I win?

Jak: I don't have anything.

Kleiver: I'd say that yappy rodent of yours is a bit bony, but skinned and buttered he'd make a nice treat. My vehicle against him.

Daxter: Forget it buddy! Jak would never...

Jak: Done! What? Don't worry. If there's one thing I can do, it's race.

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