• Yugo: Huh? Rin!
  • Zuzu: Huh?
  • Yugo: Rin! You're safe.
  • Zuzu: Sorry. Wrong girl. Huh?
  • Yuri: You're remind me of Lulu and Rin.
  • Zuzu: Wait. Why do you think I was Rin? Who is this girl? Huh? Ah.
  • Mieru: I can't believe it. That's Zuzu down there. First she's act so flirty with my honey bunny, Yuya and she's all lovely dove with another guy. WHAT NERVE!!

  • Dennis: Hey, Yuya!
  • Both: Hmm?
  • Yuya: Dennis?
  • Dennis: Hey, did you hear. I just had a match with Zuzu in one.
  • Gong: Zuzu?
  • Yuya: Where at?
  • Dennis: Volcano Zone. Why?

  • (Celina sees Shay losing and falls down)
  • Celina: Oh, no. How will I ever find out the truth now?

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