The movie open with a group of little children on a bus after a short scene with a pigeon.

Kids [singing] Neck bone. The neck bone's connected to the head bone. The head bone's connected to the brain.

As the bus enters through the gate and pulls a stop the kids rush out

Kid 1: I scared you.

Kid 2: No you didn't

The teacher manages to make her way off the bus.

Teacher (Voiced by Edie McClurg): Okay everyone remember our field trip rules no pushing, biting and sneaking up on each other. [One child scares his friend which makes him cry] 

What did I just say [Begins to count the students]...18...19... Okay! We're missing one who are we missing? [Flinches as she hears a knock on the closed school bus door] Oh Sean Gunson Willis.

The door opens to show a very short boy Sean (Voiced by Max Neuwith) Thanks Mr. Gunderson

Mr Gunderson (Voiced by Will Forte) Your welcome kid.

Sean: Good luck at that poker game tonight.

Sean glances around trying to figure out how to get down. The

steps were pretty high for such a small boy but he finally

manages to get down.

Teacher: Sorry Sean I did not see you.

Sean: It's all right when I was on the bus I found a nickel.

Teacher: All right everyone partner up get your field trip buddy.

Sean looked around as everyone began to partner up.

Sean: Jerry you and me? Okay I don't mind [Another person walks by him] Johnny? no paring up with Bob great choice Roberrrrt. Sean Gunson Willis? [A chubby boy just gives him a blank look] We're friends, we see each other at lunch. [Another student approaches him and they both walk away] Okay I don't mind.

Teacher: Well Sean It looks like you and me again.

[Sean gives her a nervous chuckle as he takes her hand and ahead of them sean sees the rest of the kids way ahead of them]

Sean: Come on Mrs Hind we're falling behind

Mrs. Hind: [Chuckles] don't worry dear we'll get there soon.

Tour Guide (Voiced by Will Forte): Now stay close together, We're entering a really dangerous area, Welcome to the scare floor [The kids gasp as the sea the entire scare floor]

Tour Guide: This is were we collect the scream energy to power our whole world now can anyone tell me whose job it is to go get that scream?

Kids: [All at once] Scarers.

Tour Guide: That's right now can anyone of you give me the real scariest roar?

The children yell excitedly which shows them all saying me but sean however is in the back trying to be heard

Sean: Ah Sir! Over here!

Kid 3: No no it's like this (Roars)

Sean: Hey guys watch this [Another kid roars] Hey I got a really good one 

[2 more kids Roar]

Sean Roars so loudy the entire class turns around thinking because of his scare, Sean smiles sfter fianlly being heard. Then sees a bunch of human scarers coming out.

Sean: Whoa, Hey that's my big brother hey Travis over here!

Travis looks down to the kids and sean after being heard by him.

Travis (Voiced by Doogal Star: Jimmy Fallon): Well hey kids and little bro, are on a school field trip?

Children: Yes

Mrs. Hind: Yes we're here to learn about scream energy and what it takes to become a scarer.

Travis: Well hey you're all in luck. Because I just happened to be a scarer. I learned everything I know from 

my school. [Flips his hat around to show a student congradulating from college] Humans University. It's the best scaring school

there is.

A big and fat bearded scarer grabs his hat.

Scarer (Voiced by John DiMaggio): You wish [To Sean and the class] Brave Tech's the best.

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