• Padme: Corde!
  • Corde: I'm so sorry. I've failed you senator.
  • Padme: Shhhhhhhhh. No. You didn't fail me.

  • Anakin: Don't worry. No harm will come to her. I can sense everything on in that room.
  • Obi-Wan: It's too risky! Plus your sense aren't that attuned my young apprentice.
  • Anakin: Nooooooooo!
  • Padme: Jar Jar, I have to leave the capitol and I was going to leave you in charge while I'm gone... but, I'm sorry you have like zero experience... and well... you're Jar Jar... So I'm going to ask literally anyone else to do the job. Okay?
  • Jar Jar: Okie Day! Messa going home!

  • Padme: Please don't look at me like that.
  • Anakin: Why not?
  • Padme: It makes me uncomfortable.

  • Padme: (Hologram) Yeah! Can I get a different Jedi?

  • Obi-Wan: I can totally see your suit back there.
  • Jango Fett: Suit! What suit? No you can't!
  • Obi-Wan: Yes I can.
  • Jango Fett: Nah...
  • Obi-Wan: You're the bounty hunter trying to kill the senator aren't you?
  • Jango Fett: Whaaaaat? That's crazy! I don't know what you're talking about!
  • Obi-Wan: I've seen enough. You're coming with me! I have successfully arrested the bounty hunter I believe to be the assassin we are looking for!
  • Yoda: Very good! Bring him in! Question him, we will.
  • Obi-Wan: Yes, Master!

  • Obi-Wan: Plus, I only have one seat on my ship so... I don't think he's going to sit on my lap all the way back to Courscant!
  • Mace Windu: Does he have a ship you can use?
  • Obi-Wan: (Hologram) Do you mind if we take your ship?
  • Jango Fett: (Hologram) I'm not gonna let you use my ship!
  • Obi-Wan: (Hologram) Could you guys just maybe send a larger ship?!
  • Mace Windu: No! No we can not.
  • Yoda: Important Jedi business we have!
  • Obi-Wan: (Hologram) All of the Jedi are busy?!
  • Yoda: Yes!


  • Yoda: Fought well you have, my old padawan.
  • Count Dooku: This is just the beginning.
  • Mace Windu: And that's when we found the secret plans, Dooku was carrying for an ultimate weapon called, "The Death Star!" Capable of destroying entire planets! So... being the keepers of the peace that we are... In order to keep those plans from ever falling into dangerous hands... We destroyed that design, and now it's gone forever!
  • Chancellor: You did What?! Errr uh I mean... Thank goodness! Yay! Execute Order 66.

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