Wu: Previously on Ninjago...

Important clips from the previous episode plays, followed by the intro, which features each of the ninja, Nya, and Sensei Wu.

Wu: Episode two, Home.

The episode starts with Wu meditating in his room, birds chirping in the distance. That is interuppted by the boys fighting.

Kai: My turn! Uh, it's my turn!!

Cole: You want a little more, take this!

Wu's eyes snap open. He stands.

Jay: Oh yeah? How about a little of this!

Wu picks up his sacred flute and places it in its place.

Kai: Monkey paw to the head!

Cole: Ninja, roll!

Wu opens the door to the game room, only to find it empty, an open pizza box and two empty soft drink bottles on the floor.

Jay: Draagon puunch!

Wu looks around, confused, before turning and leaving the room. He opens up the door to the training course and finds his pupils training hard. The first shot is of the whole course. Jay is swinging his nunchuks around, deflecting arrows. Cole takes a running leap and knocks down a dummy with his scythe.

Kai: Ninjaaa-go!

Kai does spinjitzu around the course as the shot changes. Zane is meditating and suddenly snaps his head up. He jumps in front of Jay.

Jay: Hey!

An arrow sets itself in the lightning chain of Jay's nunchucks.

Jay: Huh?

Zane then steals Cole's scythe and slices a swinging dummy in two.

Cole: Hey! What?

Zane: Ninjaaa-go!

Zane performs spinjitzu, coating the course in ice. Kai slips.

Kai: Whoa!

Kai gets up and walks to where Jay and Cole are standing.

Kai: This roof isn't big enough for the four of us.

Cole: Correction, this roof isn't big enough for him.

The shot moves to Jay's face, with Zane's ice tornado in the background.

Jay: It's like he's in his own world. I bet he can't even hear us!!

Zane throws a shuriken and spins twice, his leg outstreched in a kick. Wu walks in.

Kai: Sensei, Zane's ... weird.

Wu: What is weird? Someone who is different, or someone who is different than you?

Cole: No, Sensei. He's ... weird weird.

Flashbacks from each of the ninja follow. The first is Cole sitting on the toilet reading newspaper. Zane walks right in and starts combing his hair.

Cole: Do you mind??

The next flashback belongs to Jay. He, Nya, and Zane are watching a romance movie.

Movie Guy: Goodbye, my darling.

Nya and Jay start crying, while Zane starts laughing. Nya and Jay look at Zane, surprised and confused. The final flashback is Kai's. He yawns and opens the fridge, finding a note from Zane.

Kai: Huh?

Zane's note: I'm sorry. I consumed the last of the deli meat. Cheese?

Another version of Kai's flashback goes as follows: Kai yawns and opens the fridge, only to find Zane sitting in it.

Kai: Ah! Holy baloney!

Zane is holding a sandwich and sitting next to a block of cheese.

Zane: I'm sorry. I consumed the last of the deli meat. Cheese?

Zane holds up cheese to Kai.The flashbacks end and the shot turns to Kai, Jay, Cole and Wu staring at Zane, who is bowing to a dummy. The dummy swings his axe and it hits Zane in the head. He rubs his head, confused.

Kai: We like the guy. He's really smart. He's just ... a little off sometimes.

Wu: Zane is a brother, and brothers are often different. ... I should know.

The shot changes to a view of the monestary, before panning down, following the path of the stairs. The screen focuses on the mailman, who is out of breath and climbing the stairs.