Sensei Wu:

"Previously on Ninjago"

Shows last episode

Theme song plays

Sensei Wu is meditating. He hears a loud noise

and puts his secret flute away. He walks over

to Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane's video game room.

The boys are not there.

He opens the door to the courtyard and finds them training.

(Series of cries and grunts)

Zane covers most of the ground in ice.

Kai, Cole, and Jay group together.


"This roof isn't big enough for the four of us."


"Correction, this roof isn't big enough for him."


"It's like he's in his own world. I bet he can't even hear us!"

Sensei Wu walks up to them.


"Sensei, Zane's... weird."

Sensei Wu:

What is weird? Someone who is different? Or someone who is different from you?"


"No, Sensei, he's... weird, weird."


"We like the guy, he's really smart. He's just... a little off sometimes."

Sensei Wu:

"Zane is a brother, and brothers are often different. I should know."