Holly, dinner. Ooh, hey, it's haircut night? I've been wanting to try something different. No, I don't want to get any food onthis! - : Whoo! - Nice, huh? Feel this. Cashmere. Isn't that the most amazing thing you've ever felt? And to think it came from the underbelly of a goat. Can this be like hot dogs where we love them but don't talk about where they come from? Oh, my God, this lasagna's incredible. Why can't it taste like this at my restaurant? What's your secret? I bake it 10 minutes longer than it says to on the box. My chef ruins it. He puts in weird stuff like walnuts. Hey, that is weird. What are you doing? You know what? This isn't going to work. You're gonna have to feed me. Wouldn't it be easier to just take the sweater off? No, I am never taking it off. I spent every dime I had on this sweater. What are you going to do for fun? Sit around here looking good. I mean, who looks at lasagna and says, "You know what this needs? Some nuts. " Listen, you can borrow some money from me if you want to. No. I don't want to start borrowing money from you. I'm going to get a job of my own. A job? Really? That's great. Doing what? I'm 16. I don't have all the answers. Okay, maybe I can help you. First, you have to look in the want ads. Then you start pounding the pavement. But it could take a while, so you have to be patient and ready to deal with a lot of rejection. Hey, you need any help at the restaurant? - Sure. - Glad that's over. So, you're responsible for water, bread, and clearing tables. That's basically it. And if a waiter gets backed up -- - I help deliver food. - You ready? - Ready. - Give me a hug and go get 'em. Thanks, Jeff. Mm-hmm. Oh, come here. Hey, Holly. Hey, Gary, what are you doing here? Well, I thought we could catch a movie. I'm working. Nah, nah, nah. Seriously, let's go. Just go hang out at my place, and I'll meet you back there when I get off. II don't want to sit by myself in your apartment all night. No, you won't be alone. I think Val's home. Val's home? Take your time. Gary! Don't bother her. I'm not gonna bother her. I'll just keep her company. Have a little conversation. Let her get to know the real me. The real you is afraid to get on an escalator. We're not going to the mall. Oh, yeah, you need help? You have a question about the menu? Uh, you can't read the menu? Okay, let's see. Huh do you like fish? You know. Fish. No? What about steak? Moo! No? Veal? Moo! No? Risotto? You know risotto! - Risotto! - Risotto! Risotto! Great. I'll get your waitress. Another satisfied customer. High fiver. - Yes? - Can you help me? I'd be surprised if I can't. Can I get some ground pepper? Oh, sure. Oh, can I borrow that for a sec? Thanks. Here you go. Um, I think it's jammed. Sorry. Get that. Um let's try. Say "when. " Let me just clear this up for you. Gary, hi. Hello. Holly's not here. Oh, I know. I just saw her at the restaurant. She said I could wait here until she gets off. Oh. And you're going to? Okay. Okay, well, just make yourselfcomfortable. Yeah, I'm kind of in the middle of something here. Well, actually, I'm kind of in the middle of something, too. Really? Yeah. Do you know how I can go about getting a patent? Uh, for what? Can't tell you that until I get the patent. But let's just say scuba diving will never be the same. So, what are we working on? I'm writing a press release for the New York Philharmonic. Ahh. Music. Do you like music? Uh-huh, yeah. See, I never knew that about you. I mean, hey, we never really had a chance to sit down and get to know each other. Yeah, we should do that someday. I like Bundt cake. You know, Gary, I am really enjoying this little conversation, but isn't there someplace you'd rather be, like, I don't know, hanging with your buds? Nah. Those kids got nothing to offer a guy like me. I'm morecomplicated. You are a puzzle. I'll get that. Get what? Hello? Oh, yes, that is something I should talk with you about in my room. If you'll excuse me. Table eight. Holly, table six needs water. Oh, right. Here I come. Oh, my God! My fault. Ha ha ha. Here. I'll clean that up for you. You'll never even tell. Holly. I'll get you a dry chicken. Well, not dry chicken -- you know what I mean. Holly -- Do you know what? This is one of those moments we're gonna look back on and laugh about. Too soon? I'll get that. Hey. How was your first day? No, wait. Don't tell me. Here. Open this first. It's a crumber. You use it to scrape the crumbs off the table. It's a fancy one, too. See, it clips right to your pocket. Arch supports. You're gonna need them for those double shifts. Okay, tell me everything. Start at the beginning and don't skip anything. I got there. I sucked. I quit. You quit? Holly, what happened? I was terrible. I couldn't do anything right. It was your first day. It couldn't have been that bad. I lost five lobsters. Come on, give yourself a chance. When I got my first job at the Hobby Hutch, I wasn't very good, either. They made you assistant manager like the second day. Right, but the first day, I was like, "Macrame? What?" I don't know. I think I'm going to get another job. Well, you're going to have a first day there, too. Come on. Quitters never win. Winners never quit. There is no "I" in restaurant. Get back on that horse! What? Exactly. What about your commitment to Jeff? I mean, he didn't have to hire you. He did you a big favor, and now you're just gonna bail on him? Do you think he's mad at me? I don't know about mad, but he's probably a little disappointed. Hey, you want some toast? I've been dying to try this thing. Okay, so she didn't start out as the perfect employee, but how bad could she have been? She soaked a man's chicken and lost four lobsters. She told me five. Five? I feel terrible. Well, to be completely honest with you, maybe everything worked out for the best. What do you mean? When she left, it was the best. Come on, you're exaggerating. No, I'm not. After she quit, the busboys had a party. There was dancing. Hey, guys. What are you doing here? I'm here for my shift. I want to apologize for quitting. I am not a quitter. There's no "I" in restaurant. What? Exactly. I made a commitment to you, and it was wrong of me to break it. Thank you, Val, for making me see that. Hey, guys, I'm back, and this time, I'm here for the long haul. She's back for the long haul. How long is a long haul? I am proud of her. Do you realize how much courage it took for her to march back in here? She's courageous? They have to work with her. They're the real heroes. It was her first day. She can only get better. Did you see how excited she was, with her little arch supports and her crumber? She's trying to do the right thing. - Val -- - If you don't let her stay now, she's going to be totally confused. Why? Because I gave the advice. She took it. It's out there. You can't get it back. Does she have to listen to everything you say? Yes. She's dazzled by me. All right. But it's Saturday night. This place is going to be packed. I can't have her near the customers. But she can stay? Yeah. I'll find something for her to do. Good. Everybody deserves a second chance. You're right. See? You're dazzled by me, too. So, basically, all you need to focus on now is chopping up these peppers. Are you sure you don't want me out there with the customers? I mean, I'm such a people person. Oh, I know. But tonight I need you to be a pepper person. Okay, well, I'll be anything you want me to be, because I am here for the -- Long haul. Great. Better get chopping. Gary. Hello. - Hello. - Is this a good time? Uh, I was taking a nap. That's what I figured. 'Cause I kept knocking and knocking and knocking. What are you doing? Oh, come on now. Don't tell me you forgot about our conversation the other day. Remind me. I said, "Do you like music?" And you said, "yes. " Oh, right. I think I wrote about that in my journal. And so I started thinking about music, and how much it means to you, how much it means to me, and how much it means to the whole world. Oh, God. So, this is a little something that I've been working on. I hope you like it. Wait. Wait, let me start over, okay? Are you comfortable? Not entirely. Hey, I finished all the peppers. You want me to go help the waiters? Uh you finished all the green peppers. You've still got two more colors to go. No problem. I'll chop anything in any color. Table 10 sent back the lasagna. She wants the poached salmon instead. That's the third one tonight. What is wrong with the lasagna? Maybe it's the walnuts. Who said that? Do you have a problem with walnuts? No. I'm just not sure if people like them in lasagna. I'm sorry. And you trained where? I'll I'm saying is if you took the walnuts out, I bet it would be as good as Stouffer's. Oh, no, you didn't. It's not just me. The other night, Jeff said that -- Jeff? Jeff loves my lasagna. Jeff? Do you have issues with my lasagna? No. Well, according to that, you do. Uh, I wouldn't call it an issue. Oh, my God! Oh, come on! Walnuts in lasagna's a little weird. What else have you lied to me about? Nothing. Look, let's not make a big deal about the walnuts. This is not about walnuts. This is about you lying to me. I didn't want to hurt your feelings. Well, they're hurt. And now I can't trust you anymore. Oh, come on, Lowell. No, no, no. We're out of here. I said, we're out of here. Come on, guys, you can't leave me like this. - Lowell -- - Ay! Lowell, please -- What happened? He asked about the lasagna, and I was just trying to help. I got a restaurant full of people out there. What am I supposed to do? Waiting on a poached salmon. Where is everybody? Gone. Well, who's going to cook the food? I will. What? You don't cook. Yeah, I can. Omelets. I cook killer omelets. That's it? Just omelets? No, no, no, no. That's good, that's good. All right, tell everyone that the chef's throwing out the menu. He's decided to do omelet night. - Omelet night? - It's whimsical. People love that. Go, go, go. We better start cracking eggs. Wait a second. How are the two of us going to cook enough omelets for a restaurant full of people? You're right. We need help. Okay, now I'm hearing the phone ring. Are you? Yes. Hello? An emergency? Thank God. Okay. That was Holly. We have to go to the restaurant. Oh, okay. It's not a musical emergency. - Holly, they're loving your omelets. - Oh, great. I need three cheese, a veggie, and a Denver, no onions. Okay, got it. What's going on? I just saw Lowell leaving on his motorcycle with a huge sack of walnuts. Um, I kind of accidentally insulted him, and he quit. - Oh, no, Holly. - Well, what do you want us to do? Start cracking eggs. Val, start grating cheese. - What are we making? - Omelets. Ooh, Holly's making omelets? Can I get one with sun-dried tomatoes and just little bit -- : No. You know you interrupted my song. What are you talking about? Val. I mean, I had her right in the palm of my hand, and -- uh-oh. What? Well, I'm pretty sure I had a band-aid on this finger when I came in. Well, where is it? I must have dropped it in the eggs. What? It's okay, it's okay. I got another one, see? Gary! What's the matter? Gary's band-aid's out there in somebody's omelet. Ew! I'll go look for it. No, no, no. You stay here. Keep working. I will go look for it. Just do not say anything to Jeff, okay? He's already freaked out enough as it is. Good evening. Hi. Would you like to have your omelet fluffed? It's a little service we provide. Ah, gotcha. Mushroom. Val! Val! Found it. Miss. Uh-huh? I'd like my omelet fluffed. Uh, you know, looks good. You don't want to over-fluff. Okay. I need clean plates. Where's Gary? Getting more eggs. Fine. I'll wash them myself. - How does this thing work? - Squeeze the lever. Mm, it's not working. Squeeze harder! - Aah! - Turn it off! Wait, wait -- oh! Aah! What the -- Val, you okay? Honey -- Oh, my God, my sweater! Jeff, hurry! Get it out! Jeff? Yeah? Either you're missing a lobster, or that's one freaky cockroach. Thanks, guys. Enjoy your evening. Come again. That's it. We did it. - Yay. - Whoo. Well, I say we celebrate. Oh, not with a song. Let's celebrate sitting down. Aren't you glad you stuck with the job? Omelet night -- big success. Yep. After I pay to get my kitchen cleaned up and the rotisserie fixed, I bet I clear 10 bucks. Okay, so maybe it wasn't your best night, but Holly here went from bus girl to head chef on her second day. I'd call that quite a success story. I quit. What? You can't quit. You're on a roll. Help me out. - You're fired. - Thank you. From now on, when I say I suck, I suck. That is not what I want to hear. If at first you don't succeed -- you're right. You sucked. Come on, kiddo. Help me scrape your sweater off the rotisserie. Well, here we are again.

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