Hats is the Season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show


Narrator: Ah, hats. It's not unusual to see the Mr. Men and Little Misses wearing a hat. They wear them to keep warm, as protection from the sun, or simply to be stylish.

Mr. Bounce: Whee! Hello! Goodbye!

Narrator: Fortunately, for those in need of a good hat, there's Miss Magic's hat shop.

Miss Chatterbox: (giggles) I'm so glad that you asked me to buy a new hat, Mr. Fussy. I really like shopping for hats. Oh, and mittens. And hair ribbons. I heart hair ribbons! But hat shopping is fun too.

Mr. Fussy: I welcome you opinion, Miss Chatterbox. Now, let's see if we can find some perfect and charming hats.

Miss Chatterbox: (giggles) Hey, Miss Magic. I love it when you do that! I wish I could do magic.

Miss Magic: Hello, welcome to Miss Magic's hat shop. I guess you're looking for a hat.

Mr. Fussy: I certainly am, Miss Magic. But, um, where are all your hats.

Miss Magic: Well, there are many special hats to choose from. That way each hat has different personalities. For example, mine has a red lining, because I like red.

Mr. Fussy: Doh!

Miss Chatterbox: I guess you like rabbits, too. Kinda goes with being magic. I wonder what it's like to become magic.

Mr. Fussy: Miss Magic, I would like a hat that is just like me, neat, tidy, always on time and charming. And of course, no rabbits.

Miss Magic: Ooh, coming right up. Lickety split and lickety splat. Bring Mr. Fussy a very special hat.

Miss Chatterbox: Yee haw! Ride up high, Mr. Fussy! Get along, little doggies!

Mr. Fussy: Miss Magic, I might say charaming and large hats. I'm afraid I'm not to comfortable with a cowboy look.

Miss Magic: Oh, no problem. I have another idea. Bibbledy boop and bibble bussy. Bring me a hat that suits Mr. Fussy. Isn't it amazing?

Mr. Fussy: (coughs and sputters)

Miss Chatterbox: This one is so you. It cleans, it tells time, it's grand. Well, it's grandfather clock. Yep! That's a keeper!

Mr. Fussy: Please, Miss Magic. I just wanted a hat with a small brim, perhaps, a jaunty feather.

Miss Magic: Ooh, why didn't you say so? Zara zee!

Mr. Fussy: Gah! What's a bird's nest doing on my head?

Miss Chatterbox: Mr. Fussy, it's called fashion! It's totally you.

Mr. Fussy: I just want a hat that is appropriate for me.


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