Hammy: Is that me? That's pretty neat.
Spike: Is it on?
Bucky: Red light's on.
RJ: Welcome to RJ's Wild World of Nature, featuring my trusty crew Bucky, Quillo and Spike. Say hi, Spike. Nice.
Spike: Hi, Mom.
RJ: Nice. Today, our subject is Hammy the squirrel. The North American red squirrel is a native of Vanezula. His interests include good books, long walks in the park and nut collecting. Let's see what happens when Hammy discovers this boomerang!
Quillo: Ta-da!
RJ: OK, go, go. Come on, in here.
Spike: Hide, hide, quick. This is gonna be so sweet!
Bucky: Gimmie that!
RJ: No, no, no... Hey, he's coming!
Hammy: Oh, boy! Look what I found. Dibs! It's mine, it's mine! That does not taste very good. [cat yowling] You stop that!
RJ: Hey! Easy, giggles. Hold it down over there.
Spike: OK, RJ.
RJ: And now, back to our program.
Hammy: What the...? You guys, quiet. Begone! I don't believe in you. No! All right, I believe in you! I'll go crazy! This stupid...! Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! Oh, come on!
RJ: What do you guys think? Should we tell him?
Spike: Oh, come on. We got three more left in the box.
Verne: Hey. RJ? Kids?
Spike: Here's Uncle Verne.
Verne: What is going on? You're teasing him and filming it. Is that what you're doing? Give it to me.
RJ: No, Verne. Take it easy. Just trying to have a little...
Verne: "Oh. We're having fun?"
RJ: That's not what it looks like.
Verne: Yeah. A box of boomerangs. He throws them, they come back, hit him and you film it? Congratulations. You've turned into humans. I've heard they hurt people and they film it.
Hammy: Hey, look what I found! It tastes shiny. It's mine. Nobody touch it, I saw it first. What does it do? I don't care. It's mine, it's mine, it's mine! Let's just not have this again.
Verne: Get rid of the camera. The camera causes half the problem.
Spike: Yes, Uncle...
RJ: We promise we will never do it again. OK, welcome to another episode of RJ's Wild World of Nature. Today, the naked American box turtle.
Verne: You having a good time? You know what your problem is? You're a hack with a camera.
RJ: Come on, relax.
Spike: Look out.
Hammy: Hey! Look what I found! Is it on right? Is it backwards? Nobody touch it, I saw it first. Get away! 'Cause it's mine!
Spike: Close your eyes, young ones.
Hammy: It's mine!

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