you are one sorry sight, Rockhead. that's diamondhead, and Speaking of sorry sights, have You looked in the mirror lately? it's payback time for turning Me into a freak. you were always a freak, Kevin. It's just now the ugly is also On the outside. diss me all you want. I'm still 10 times better than You. I've got all your powers plus My own. I'm kevin 11. too bad each one of those is Only a tenth as powerful as Mine. Eww. Gwen is right. This stuff is gross. arrgh! Ha ha! Arrgh! Ha ha ha! Huh? uhh Ben? adrianoCSI What happened? Where am I? presenting our newest Challenger from planet earth. [crowd cheering] challenger? Easy now. You look upset. Rrgh! [crowd cheering] Time to play can opener. [crowd cheering] this one has spirit. you want a piece of me? I eat wimps like you for Breakfast. You want some more? [crowd cheering] Ha ha ha! sadistic, cruel, merciless-- True gladiator material. did I mention that I didn't Want to fight? a human. [crowd cheering] resourceful And a crowd pleaser. I'll make a handsome profit from These two. you. what is up with sending me to This freaky place? I had nothing to do with This. if you didn't, then who did? ok. I definitely do not like That. hey, hands off. Ugh! Aah! ungh! Ohh Where are we? Sorry I asked. We've got to find a way off this Ship and back home. this is your home now. Escape is impossible. we have all been taken from Our native worlds and forced to Fight for our lives for the Entertainment of the galaxy. ugh! This is all your fault. how can this be my fault? I don't know. It just is. [buzz] meal time. ugh, thanks. I had purple slop for lunch. you should eat before teknorg Demands his offering. who's teknorg? the reigning champion. You would be wise to show Respect. wow. Major disrespect. You gonna take that from him? look. I don't want to--uhh. ha ha ha! ok. That's it. You want to fight? Try picking on someone your Own size. this human is full of Surprises. Bring them to me. hey. I am slicks thigma. This is the megacruiser. Everything on this ship belongs To me, including you. I don't belong to nobody, Slick, you sark. I speak. You listen. These eyes see everything on This ship, and these hands Control everything on this ship, And I have decided that your Relationship will make you an Entertaining team in the arena. team? No! I'm not going around tied to This loser. you took the words right out Of my mouth, freakazoid. your fates are now linked. If one of you should happen to Expire, the shackles will ensure The other does, as well. Now, your next opponent awaits. there's only room for one Champion here--me. nice move, moron. give it a rest, kev. This is both our problem. huh? [beeping] great. Now I'm stuck with a stupid Piece of dead weight, but not For long. remember the whole "your Fates are now linked" speech? It was only, like, two minutes Ago. Yaah! Uh! Uh! Ow! Aah! Aah! Yow! Aah! Ohh Huh? oh, gee, I'm sorry. Did that hurt? rrgh! ooh! Ow! Hey, you did that on purpose. duh. [crowd booing] boos? No one boos teknorg. Teknorg is champion. let's get some distance Between us and him while he's Distracted. Uh! you're not the boss of me, Puke bag. hey, if we're gonna stay Alive, we have to work together. why would I want to work with You? You're useless. I can take care of this goof Myself. you were saying? that's it. Mix stinkfly goo with heatblast Fireballs. what for? just do it. Trust me. [crowd cheering] cool. if you use your powers in Combinations, they make up for Not being full power. Ok. For example, xlr8's speed Plus fourarms' strength plus Diamondhead invulnerability Equals-- one mean punch. [explosion] uh! [crowd cheering] presenting our new champion. oh, yeah. That's right. Who's bad? you are so pathetic. now, finish him off. gladly. kevin, no. that's it. It's go timeAgain. yaah! Uh! [gasp] mercy? What a novel concept. Prepare for galactic hyperjump. I need to recruit some new blood Worthy of our champions. nice to finally get a little Respect around here. Thanks for letting him live, Dipstick. you bested the best, then Spared my life. Now you are my master. actually, it was all my idea. I don't want to be your Master. I just want to get back to Earth. even if you could free your Collar and escape, the ship will Soon be traveling to a new Galaxy. there must be some way to get To the guards' collar controls. we have all tried. None of us are powerful enough To overtake them. maybe not alone, but if we All work together oh, I can't take it anymore. I got to get off of this ship Now. stop him. He's out of control. the shock collars. They're disabled. all it takes is a short Circuit and a little gray Matter. eh, get over yourself, short Stuff. A monkey could have done what You did. then why didn't you? freedom! come on. just when I'm starting to Have some fun. the controls to the emergency Escape pods should be somewhere. That slicks guy said he Controls everything on this ship From here. actually, that's not quite Accurate. What I said was these hands Control everything on this ship, Including them, and unlike you, They have no problem finishing Off their opponents. I told you, these eyes see Everything, and so will Everybody else, But your demise will not be the Opening act. Theirs will. [roaring] if we're going down we're going down fighting. nice teamwork. if you try to hug me, you're Gonna get sli-- [beeping] [crowd cheering] what do you think of this? ease up. We still need him to release the Escape pods. I am done listening to you. this is not part of the show. I command you to stop. Stop. Stop. wait a minute. Of course. Uh! Kevin, wait. yaah! What? I said wait. how did you-- this guy doesn't just operate The control console. He is the control console, and Now I control everything on this Ship. well, goody goody for you. So long as I'm not tied up to Your ugly butt anymore. initiating intergalactic Hyperjump launch. whoa, I didn't do that, and I Can't override it. you don't have as much Control over me as you thought. we must get to the escape Pods before we blast off to the Next galaxy. need a handOr 6? All of you, take the escape Pods back to your home planets. You, too. no. My life belongs to you. and I'm giving it back. Go now. oh, man. Not yet. you little human meat bag. Nobody controls slicks thigma. Nobody. kevin? You saved my life? sure. Why do you think I wasted all my Time helping all these other Losers? I just wanted the pleasure of Waxing you myself. your lapdog teknorg isn't Here to help you this time. Oh, and thanks for the tips On combining my powers. come on. Please work, just this once. don't bother trying to dial In another alien. I know all your powers inside And out. [beeping] oh, yeah? I don't think you've been Introduced to cannonbolt. hold still, creep. new game. It's called dodgeball. Come on. Come on. Teknorg, I thought you Escaped. I told you, my life belongs To you. looks like we're even. so I'm a lapdog, am I? uh! ben, are you all right? We were looking all over for You. Where have you been? long story. You ok? I'll live. What happened to kevin? he found somebody new to play With.