Narrator: Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig are taking Peppa and George out for a day on the river.

Grandpa Pig: Welcome aboard, me hearties!

Granny Pig: Peppa, George, let's put your life jackets on.

Narrator: When Peppa and George are on Grandpa Pig's boat, they must wear life jackets.

Grandpa Pig: On this boat, I'm the captain.

Granny Pig: Aye aye, captain!

Peppa Pig: Aye aye, captain!

Grandpa Pig: When captain Grandpa tells you all to do something, you must do it.

Granny Pig: Unless it's something silly.

Grandpa Pig: Captain Grandpa never says anything silly.

Granny Pig: Of course not, Captain Grandpa.

Grandpa Pig: George! Raise the flag!

Grandpa Pig: Peppa! Ring the bell!

Peppa Pig: Aye aye, Captain!

Grandpa Pig: Granny Pig! Take the wheel!

Granny Pig: Aye aye, Captain!

Grandpa Pig: Full sail!

Peppa Pig: Full sail!

Granny Pig: Maybe you should go a little slower, Grandpa Pig.

Grandpa Pig: Good idea, Granny Pig. I don't want to use up all my petrol.

Peppa Pig: Grandpa, I liked it when we went fast.

Grandpa Pig: Don't worry, Peppa. We'll go fast later!

Peppa Pig: Look! There's another boat!

Narrator: Here's Granddad Dog. He's taking Danny Dog out for a day on the river.

Grandpa Pig: Ahoy there, Granddad Dog!

Granddad Dog: Ahoy there, Grandpa Pig!

Peppa Pig: Hello, Danny!

Danny Dog: Hello, Peppa!

Narrator: Granddad Dog is Grandpa Pig's very best friend.

Grandpa Pig: I'm surprised your boat is still afloat, Granddad Dog. It must be almost as old as you are.

Granddad Dog: This old boat can go faster than your rusty bucket any day, Grandpa Pig.

Grandpa Pig: All right, you old sea dog. Race you.

Granddad Dog: Prepare to lose, water hog.

Granny Pig: You two are acting like little children.

Grandpa Pig: Granddad Dog called me a water hog.

Peppa Pig: You called him a sea dog first, Grandpa. You should say sorry.

Grandpa Pig: Only if he says sorry first.

Danny Dog: Granddad, say sorry to Grandpa Pig. He is your best friend.

Granddad Dog: No. He's a water hog and my boat is faster than his.

Grandpa Pig: All right, sea dog. Let's race to the next bridge.

Granddad Dog: On the count of three.

Grandpa Pig: One... two...

Granddad Dog: Go!

Grandpa Pig: You started too soon.

Granddad Dog: Catch me if you can, water hog!

Grandpa Pig: Sea dog!

Grandpa Pig: Is that as fast as you can go?

Grandpa Pig: Can't catch me!

Grandpa Pig: I win!

Narrator: Oh, dear. Grandpa Pig's boat has run out of petrol.

Granny Pig: Very clever, Captain Grandpa.

Grandpa Pig: Maybe I did go a bit too fast.

Granny Pig: How will we get home?

Peppa Pig: Look, there's Granddad Dog.

Granny Pig: Granddad Dog can tow us home.

Grandpa Pig: I'm not being towed by that sea dog.

Granddad Dog: I haven't offered to tow the water hog.

Granny Pig: Will you two ever grow up?

Peppa Pig: Grandpa, say sorry to Granddad Dog.

Grandpa Pig: I'm sorry I called you a sea dog.

Danny Dog: Granddad, say sorry to Grandpa Pig.

Granddad Dog: I'm sorry I called you a water hog.

Granny Pig: That's nice. Granddad Dog, would you be so kind as to tow us home?

Granddad Dog: It would be my pleasure, madam.

Granddad Dog: Catch this, Captain!

Grandpa Pig: Aye aye, skipper!

Narrator: Granddad Dog is Grandpa Pig's very best friend. Granddad Dog is towing Grandpa Pig's boat home.

Grandpa Pig: The main thing is I won the race.

Granny Pig: Grandpa Pig.

Peppa Pig: Naughty Grandpa Pig.

Grandpa Pig: Peppa. Ring the bell.

Peppa Pig: Aye aye, captain Grandpa.