Narrator: Peppa and her friends are at the playground. Peppa, Suzy and Danny are on the roundabout.

Daddy Pig: Are you all ready?

Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog: Ready.

Daddy Pig: Then let’s go.

Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog: Whee!

Peppa Pig: Faster. Faster.

Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog: Whee!

Narrator: George is a bit too little for the roundabout. He is playing on the swing.

Narrator: Here is Rebecca Rabbit with her little brother, Richard Rabbit.

Rebecca Rabbit: Hello, everyone.

Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog: Hello.

Rebecca Rabbit: Can I come on the roundabout too?

Daddy Pig: Hop on, Rebecca.

Rebecca Rabbit: Let’s go really really fast.

Narrator: Richard Rabbit wants to go on the roundabout too.

Peppa Pig: Oh, if Richard gets on, it means we can’t go fast.

Rebecca Rabbit: Richard can play with George.

Miss Rabbit: Richard, would you like to play with George?

Richard: No.

Miss Rabbit: George has a dinosaur just like yours. Let’s go and see.

Narrator: Richard Rabbit is the same age as George.

Miss Rabbit: Richard wants to see George’s dinosaur.

George: Grr, dinosaur.

Mummy Pig: George, can Richard play with your dinosaur?

George: No.

Miss Rabbit: Richard, can George play with your dinosaur?

Richard: No.

Narrator: George and Richard do not want to share their dinosaurs.

Mummy Pig: George, it will be much more fun if you share.

Miss Rabbit: That was really nice of George.

Richard: Dinosaur.

(George Pig was crying)

Narrator: George does not like sharing.

Miss Rabbit: Richard, let George hold the dinosaurs now.

George: (giggles)

(Richard is crying and George does crying, too)

Narrator: Richard does not like sharing either.

Daddy Pig: What’s all this crying about?

Peppa Pig: George and Richard always cry when they play together.

Rebecca Rabbit: They’re just too little to play properly.

Miss Rabbit: Can you two big girls teach them to play together?

Peppa Pig: Of course.

Rebecca Rabbit: We can help them make sand castles.

Daddy Pig: Good idea. Let’s go to the sand pit.

Narrator: George and Richard love the sand pit.

Peppa Pig: George, Richard, today we are going to make sand castles.

Rebecca Rabbit: First, we fill the buckets with sand.

Peppa Pig: We turn the buckets over and give them a little tap.

Rebecca Rabbit: Now, we lift the buckets.

Peppa Pig: Hey presto.

Narrator: Richard has made a sand castle.

George: Hey presto.

Narrator: And George has made a sand castle.

(Richard and George giggles)

Daddy Pig: You see, playing together is fun.

(George slaps a shovel at Richard's sand castle, Richard is crying and slaps a shovel at George's sand castle, George is crying and Richard does crying too as well.)

Narrator: Oh, dear. This game has not gone very well.

Peppa Pig: It was your brother’s fault. He broke George’s sand castle.

Rebecca Rabbit: Your brother broke my brother’s sand castle first.

Daddy Pig: Now, now. You two big girls are meant to be teaching Richard and George to play nicely together.

Rebecca Rabbit: That’s right. We’re big girls.

Peppa Pig: And George and Richard are too little to play together properly.

Mummy Pig: Hmm. I’ve got an idea.

Mummy Pig: George, what’s your most favourite thing in the whole playground?

George: Seesaw.

Narrator: George loves the seesaw.

George: Seesaw.

Narrator: It is a bit difficult to play on a seesaw on your own.

(George cries a bit.)

Narrator: Richard wants to play on the seesaw.

Richard: Seesaw.

George: Seesaw.

Richard: Seesaw.

Peppa Pig: Look. George and Richard are playing together.

Richard: Seesaw.

George: Seesaw.

Richard: Seesaw.

George: Seesaw.

Narrator: George likes Richard.

Narrator: Richard likes George.

Narrator: George and Richard like playing together.

The Children: Seesaw, seesaw.

The Children: Seesaw, seesaw.