• Bob: You got this, Bob. You can do it.

  • Carol: What happened, Bob?

  • Carol: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Bob: What did you say, Eric?

  • Carol: Aah! Arnie!
  • Bob: Whoa!

  • Carol: Aah! Get this box off me! I can't see!

  • Bob: Yeah, and remember, Grandpa can be a little... quirky. Heh.

  • Carol: Brody....
  • Bob and Carol: Where are the kids?
  • Brody: What are you talking about? Their right there.

  • Carol: So, guess what.

  • Carol: That goes for all of you.

  • Bob: What going on in here?

  • Carol: What's going on? We heard a crash.

  • Bob and Carol: That's it! Upstairs!

  • Bob: Brody, where are the kids?

  • Bob: Hmph. Should've tight it to the roof.

  • Bob: Kids, what is going on?

  • Bob: What's going on in here?

  • Carol: Eric, Patty, come back inside.
  • Bob: Grandpa want us to show us something!

  • Bob: That's it! Everyone in the car now!

  • Patty and Eric: Oops.

  • Bob and Carol: (Growls) That's it! Go to your room!

  • Carol: Oh, my heavens!

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