Disney and Pixar's Finding Dory - Theatrical Poster

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Young Dory: Hi, I'm Dory. I suffer from short-term remembery loss.

Jenny: Yes!

Charlie: That's exactly what you say!

Jenny: Okay, okay. We'll pretend to be the other kids now. Hi, Dory!

Charlie: Ahoy there! Do you wanna play hide and seek?

Young Dory: Okay.

Charlie: We'll hide, and you count and come find us!

Young Dory: Okay, daddy.

Charlie: No, no. Not daddy, I'm the nice fish that wants to be your friend, okay?

Young Dory: Okay, daddy.

Charlie: No...

Jenny: I'm hiding!

Charlie: Now, count to ten!

Young Dory: One, two, three, um... four, umm. I like sand. Sand is squishy. [spots other young fish and gasps] Can I go play with them?

Jenny: Dory? Dory!

Charlie: Dory, Dory, Dory! Kelpcake! Undertow, sweetie.

Jenny: Remember, honey. We have to stay away from the undertow.

Charlie: Okay, sweetheart, what about that rhyme we learned? "We see the undertow; and we say..."

Young Dory: "Let's go."

Charlie: No, no. It's: "Heck no!" Okay? Let's try it again. "We see the undertow; and we say..."

Young Dory: "There's the undertow! There's the undertow, there's the undertow. [Mumbles in harmony] [A second pauses as Dory turns] Did I forget, again?

Charlie: No, no!

Jenny: No, sweetie! It's okay.

Charlie: No biggy, kelpcake.

Young Dory: What if I forget you? [gasps in sudden shock] Would you ever forget me?

Charlie: Oh, kelpcake, no!

Jenny: We will never forget you, Dory. And we know you will never forget us.

A film by Pixar Animation Studios

Finding Dory

Young Dory: Hello? Hello!

Wife Fish: Did you hear that?

Stan: What was that, hear what?

Wife Fish: Stan, I just, I heard someone say "hello."

Stan: Who? I didn't hear anybody say hello.

Wife Fish: I don't know, Stan, I just heard someone say hello.

Stan: Yeah, there's a lot of fish here, anybody, literally, anybody could've just said hello.

Young Dory: Hello?

Wife Fish: There!

Stan: Where?

Wife Fish: There! There, right there.

Stan: Where am I looking?

Wife Fish: There!

Stan: Oh.

Wife Fish: Hello?

Young Dory: Hello!

Stan: Ah, hello!

Wife Fish: Oh my goodness, it's a child. Hello! Hello!

Stan: Hi, kid! Over here. Hello!

Wife Fish: Hi!

Young Dory: Hi, I'm Dory. Can you please help me?

Wife Fish: Oh, hi Dory. Uh- Dory, are you lost?

Stan: W-Where are your parents?

Young Dory: Um, I can't remember.

Stan: We'll look around... uh, are any of these fish your parents?

Young Dory: Hi, I'm Dory. Can you please help me?

Stan: Huh?

Wife Fish: Um, honey, you just... uh, you just said that.

Young Dory: I did? I'm sorry. I suffer from short-term remembery loss.

Wife Fish: Oh, how awful.

Stan: Short-term memory loss?

Wife Fish: Oh, okay. Well, you just wait here one second, okay sweet-pie? Stan, Stan!

Stan: What, what?

Wife Fish: What do we do? The poor thing is lost!

Stan: I don't know, well I mean, eh.

Wife Fish: Well, we have to do something! She can't remember a thing!

Stan: She could come from anywhere.

Wife Fish: Wow. You are... you are no help today.

Stan: I'm just-

Wife Fish: Dory? Dory, sweetie? How 'bout we-

Stan: And she's gone.

Wife Fish: Dory? Dory!

Stan: That's not good, Dory! Dory!

Wife Fish: Dory?!

Young Dory: I'm Dory. I lost my family, can you help me?

I'm Dory, I suffer from short-term...

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Tween Dory: Hi! I lost my family, can you help me?

Fish: Where did you see them last?

Tween Dory: Well, uh, funny story, but I - uh. I forgot.

Fish: Aw, sweetie. Do you wanna come swim with us?

Tween Dory: That is the nicest offer I've gotten all day, I think, I can't remember. Anyhoo! Thanks but, heh, I'm looking for someone. Ugh, can't remember, can't remember, can't remember!

Dory: Hi! I'm Dory. [fish swim away] Was it something I said? Kidding. Okay, okay... you're not coming back. I was looking for something, and then I... okay. Totally get it. Date night, have fun!

Fish: Well, I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for.

Dory: You and me both. Any idea what that was? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but - okay. I guess we'll hang out another time. Don't be a stranger... stranger. Huh?

Marlin: A white boat, they took my son! My son! Help me, please!

Dory: Look out! AH!

Marlin: AH!

Dory: Oh, sorry! Are - are you okay?

Marlin: He's gone, he's gone, no! He's gone!

Dory: There, there. It's alright. It'll be okay.

Marlin: He's gone. No, no, they took him away. I have to find the boat!

Dory: A boat? Hey, I've seen a boat.

Marlin: You have?

Dory: Uh-huh. It went this way- it went this way! Follow me!

Marlin: Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

1 Year Later Edit

Dory: Klaus, Klaus, the pinata's dripping. (Snores) Hand me the ratchet wrench, I can fix it. Ow! Hey Marlin, phew, hey guys, I was just- Owowowowowow!

Marlin: Dory! It's not time to get up yet, you have to go back to bed.

Nemo: And remember, the anemone stings.

Dory: Right, yeah, sorry. Back to bed, back to bed. Hey Marlin- OW!

Marlin: Back to bed! That was it, very simple!

Dory: Ah! Got it.

Marlin: Back to bed! Back to bed!

Dory: Hey, Marlin, I-

Marlin: And we're up. That's it, ready to start the day.

Dory: And we were looking for something-

Marlin: Nemo.

Dory: Right. I remember it like it was yesterday. Even though I don't even remember yesterday all that well.

Marlin: Anyway, I would say the scariest moment of the trip was the four sharks.

Nemo: Wait, I thought there were three sharks?

Marlin: No, no. There were defiantly four.

Nemo: But last time you told it, there were three.

Marlin: Son, which one of us traveled across the entire ocean?

Dory: Nemo did. Obviously we had to cross the ocean to find him so, ha, you know. He went first.

Marlin: I guess that's true, isn't it.

Mr. Ray: Well, you made it! You almost missed the field trip.

Dory: A field trip? Ooh! I love field trips, where are we going?

Mr. Ray: I thought you told her?

Marlin: I did tell her. Uh, Dory.

Dory: Yeah.

Marlin: Mr. Ray has too many fish to keep an eye on today-

Dory: Uh-huh.

Marlin: So, uh- it would be best if today.

Dory: Mmhm...

Marlin: You weren't exactly with the class.

Dory: Oh. Why not?

Marlin: Well, you know, you have problems remembering things sometimes.

Dory: That's the one thing I can remember, yes.

Marlin: Okay, and sometimes it's not your fault, but it can cause you to wander.

Dory: Mmhm...

Marlin: And Mr. Ray doesn't really have time to worry about, uh, fish who wander.

Dory: Sure.

Marlin: In other words, he doesn't have enough help.

Dory: Poor guy, you know, he's so over-worked.

Marlin: You understand?

Dory: I totally understand now.

Marlin: Okay.

Dory: Mhmm.

Marlin: Good.

Dory: He wants me to be the teachers assistant.

Marlin: Uh- no. Not exactly.

Dory: Wow, I am so honored, I have never been a teaching assistant before.

Marlin: Mr. Ray, you got help.

Mr. Ray: Oh, ho ho. Okey dokey.

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