(Screen shows 20th Century Fox logo with no jingle and it fades black. It shows the words like, "FAI Films," "In association with Youngheart Productions," and "A Young and Faiman Production." The title shows, "FernGully: The Last Rainforest" with a flower growing on the side of the F. It turns black and it shows the art animation.)

Magi Lune: (narrating) Our world was much larger then. The forest went on forever. We tree spirits nurtured the harmony of all living things, but our closest friends were humans. Then, as sometimes happens, the balance of nature shifted, and Hexxus the very spirit of destruction rose up from the bowels of the earth and rained down his poison. The forest was nearly destroyed. Many lives were lost and the humans fled in fear, never to return. Most think, they didn't survive. It was only by calling up the magical powers of nature that I was able to drep Hexxus inside an enchanted tree and saved FernGully.

(Magi was done narrating from the art.)

Magi Lune: Which is why it is so important for you to learn to use these powers. I won't be around forever and you'll have to--

(Magi saw Crysta looking outside.)

Magi Lune: Crysta?

Crysta: (looks at Magi) Yes.

Magi Lune: That is why it is so important for you to learn the secrets of--

(The song, "Life Is A Magic Thing" starts from the begining and Crysta looks outside again.)

Magi Lune: (talk quietly) Crysta!

Crysta: Magi, yes. The secrets. I know, uh, but I mean it's all right, now. That was so long ago and you trapped him in that tree and everything's so... (backs up) I really have to go now, but I'll see you later, okay? Bye!

(Crysta flew away outside and she flew through the lake, the trees, and the waterfall. But, the pipe music plays from the nature and she flew right up through the trees. She flew up outside of the forest and she saw Pips.)

Pips: Hey!

Crysta: Pips!

(Pips plays his pipes and she flew to the flowers to get one. He continued playing it and she didn't like that noise. Pips tries to play it but Crysta blocked inside his pipes with flowers. He gets the flowers off.)

Pips: You know, you're spending more time with Magi than you do with me.

Crysta: Oh well, what can I learn from you?

(Pips holds her hands and then she flew away.)

Pips: Hey!

(He flew with her around the forest.)

(Song: Life Is A Magic Thing)

When a sleepy planet comes alive

And I wake up in the warm sunlight

There's a simple harmony to life

A magic thing

(Ock and Rock walks to the butterflies from the clean pond and checks.)

Then I walk among the flowers and trees

(Crysta flies up to Ock and Rock to greet for a tiny while.)

Crysta: Hi, Ock. Hi, Rock. (giggles)

(Ock and Rock were squawking.)

And I feel the earth beneath my feet

And I remember that the air we breathe

Is a magic thing

Everybody, now!

Life is a magic thing

Yeah, yeah

(The Beetle Boys were eating grapes, but Crysta flew right to them and she continues flying.)

Life is a magic thing

(The beetle boys were getting ready to ride and they flew after Crysta.)

Stump: (yelling for action)

Root: (laugh) Comin' through! Watch out! Here I come!

(Pips flew right to them and the beetle boys were messed up by riding the beetles. They accidentally sticked into the very juicy fruits.)

Life is a magic thing

Yeah, yeah


Life is a magic thing

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

(Crysta and Pips were flying together and they flew inside the log with holes. The beetle boys returned and they catch up to Crysta and Pips.)

Root: There she goes. Come on, don't lose her.

(Crysta and Pips flew out of the log and they kept flying.)

Root: Whoa, whoa!

(Crysta flew up first and Pips and the beetle boys stopped flying. She looks down and she keeps flying up.)

Crysta: Okay.

(Pips and the beetles boys looks up and they saw Crysta.)

Pips: Crysta, stop!

Beetle Boys: Whoa!

(She flew up and she was outside of FernGully. The sun shines and she closed her eyes. She hides behind the leaf, she looks up and she goes outside of FernGully with a leaf. She slowly looked around outside of FernGully. But she saw a volcano and she can still see the volcano. The bird flew far away. Pips and the beetle boys were still looking at Crysta. But they saw a dangerous bird coming.)

Stump: Never, never go above the canopy. Never go above the canpony.

Pips: Crysta!

(She looks at Pips far away.)

Pips: Crysta!

(She looks at the bird coming.)

Crysta: (gasps)

(The bird flew after Crysta faster and they were in the forest. The bird flew right to the beetle boys. The beetle boys screams and they were dodged by flying away. The bird was after Crysta and Pips got Crysta. The bird almost got her.)

Pips: I got ya.

(Crysta and Pips hugged each other for protection and they saw the bird flying away. The bird was flying up to go outside of FernGully to stay out.)

Stump: Are you crazy, going above the canopy?!

Root: Yeah, we was almost falcon fodder!

(Crysta was confused and she got am idea.)

Crysta: I've got to tell Magi.

Pips: Tell Magi what?

(Crysta flew away.)

Pips: Hey, wait! Wha-What'd you see... up there?

(Crysta was flying by herself to go see Magi far away and she saw Magi's giant tree. She tries to get there, but Ock and Rock blocks Crysta in the way like a guard.)

Ock: Halt! Who goes there?

Rock: Hi, Crysta!

Ock: Okay, what's the password?

Crysta: Oh, come on, you guys.

Ock: Is that the password? It sounds good.

(Crysta flies to Magi's giant tree.)

Crysta: Bye!

Rock: "Bye." That's it! That's the password!

Ock: Well, I don't know if that's the password or not. I'm so confused, you--

(Screen skips into Crysta getting in Magi's beautiful garden and she flies to look for Magi.)

Crysta: Magi? Magi.

(She looks around and she saw Magi beautiful giant flower.)

Crysta: Oh, Magi, I just saw the most incredible thing above the canopy. A whole other world. The sky went on forever. And way over in the distance as far as I could see, there was this enormous rock like a...

Magi Lune: Mountain. That was Mount Warning.

(Magi growing plants with her magic.)

Crysta: And next to it was a...a... I don't know. It looked like a strange black cloud rising out of the earth.

Magi Lune: Smoke, I should think.

Crysta: What's smoke?

Magi Lune: Oh, there are many things in our world you don't yet know about, Crysta.

(Magi grabs the magic seed and does magic with the seed.)

Magi Lune: There are worlds within worlds, Crysta.

(Magi flies with the seed with magic and Crysta follows Magi. The flower grows from Magi's magic.)

Magi Lune: Everything in our world is connected by the delicate strands of the web of life, which is balanced between forces of destruction...

(The tree cracks a little bit and they go on top of the broken tree.)

Magi Lune: ...and the magic forces of creation.

(Magi puts the seed on the broken tree.)

Magi Lune: Help it grow.

(Magi gently puts Crysta's hand on the seed to make it grow. Crysta was worried and she does her magic to make it grow. The vines come out and it gets a little bigger. It hides inside the tree and the vines come out from inside the broken tree.)

Crysta: Why can't I do it?

(Magi helps the broken tree grow with her magic powers, and all the vines touch the inside ground and it attached the broken tree. The small tree grew on top of the fixed tree.)

Magi Lune: Everyone can call on the magic powers of the web of life. You have to find it in yourself.

Crysta: I want to, Magi. You know I do. But I was thinking about that smoke. Do you think it could be... Hexxus?

Magi Lune: No, there isn't a force in nature that could release him, and there are no poisons here on which he can feed. Hexxus is trapped for all time. Now, that's enough for today.

Crysta: But, what could have caused the smoke?

Magi Lune: Now, now, now, off you go.

Crysta: But, Magi--

(Crysta was a little sad and she flew away. Magi saw something happening, but she couldn't see it. She uses her magic to open all of the trees way on the other to see outside. She saw a volcano with black smoke.)

Magi Lune: Hexxus. (looked back and looked forward.)

(Screen skips into the forest, Crysta flew through the pond, she heard Pip's pipe music and flew up to the tree with holes. She went to talk with Pips on the one hole of the tree.)

Pips: So, what'd the Mag have to say, huh?

Crysta: She said I should get serious.

Pips: 'Bout time.

Crysta: Oh, and stop hanging around with bug-brained layabouts like you.

(Batty flew crazy to it the tree.)

Batty Koda: OOOHHH, NOOOO!

(Batty accidentally bumps Pips' tree and Crysta and Pips fell off and they floats outside that see Batty hittng those trees.)

Batty Koda: (bumps one tree) Red light. (bumps another tree) Red light again. Immediate clearance requested! Immediate clearance! OOOHHH, NOOOO!

(Crysta carefully flew after Batty.)

Pips: Where you goin'? Crysta!

(Batty accidentally bumps inside the giant multiple holed tree and the two fairies came out. Crysta goes inside.)

Crysta: Hello?

(She heard Batty scream and his noises. She looks up but there's no Batty. She looked down and she saw Batty going crazy by flying. Batty flew up to her and he was going insane and continues yelling. She was scared and she tries to do her first magic.)

Crysta: Bless your heart with magic light. I give the gift of fairy sight.

(Crysta uses her magical powers to calm Batty down and Batty stopped yelling and not going insane. The magic circles around Batty's face. Batty shaked his face and his eyes were swirly. He saw the fairy with his blury eyes and his eyes were clear and clean. He saw the real Crysta and he was clean and quiet. He was very normal now.)

Batty Koda: (sighs) Oh, what a strange little bug.

Crysta: I did it, I did it!

(Batty was begining to fall.)

Batty Koda: Oh! Gravity works.

(Batty fell down and hits it on the ground. Crysta saw Batty being unconsious on the ground, and the fairies saw him too. Crysta flew down to Batty and gently hold Batty's head.)

Crysta: Ohhhh. Poor guy.

(Batty's electric channel turns on and he wakes up. He looks at Crysta.)

Batty Koda: Oh!

(Crysta smiled, and Batty was controlled and he was hyper. He gets up.)

Batty Koda: Primary testing laboratory. (electrified) NNO! Pass the probe. Graduate students all gather forward. (electrified) NO!

Pips: Love the haircut.

Batty Koda: (screams)

Crysta: (to Batty) It's alright. We won't hurt you. (to Pips) He's still a little confused.

Pips: Clearly.

Batty Koda: Hello, I'm an nocturnal placental flying mammal, a member of the family of pteropodidae of Ptero-didn't I. (laughing) If you can't tell, (electrified) I'M A BAT! (chuckles) Yes, I am. And they used to call me "Batty," Batty Koda. (to Crysta) Pleased to meet you. (kissed Crysta's hand.) Bonjour.

Crysta: (giggles)

Ash: And where are you from?

Batty Koda: I just blew in from a biology lab. I'm back, and I'm flappin' free. Let me tell you a story that's all about--

(Batty get electricuted and plays the techno horror out of his mouth and closed his mouth and kept playing.)

(Song: Batty Rap)

Batty Koda: Yo, the name is Batty, the logic is erratic

Potato in a jacket, toys in the attic

I rock and I ramble, my brain is scrambled

Wrapped like an animal, but I'm a mammal

All of our cosmetics are noncarcinogenic. (electified and screamed)

I've been brain-fried, electrified, infected and injectified

Vivisectified and fed pesticide

My face is all cut up 'cause my radar's all shut up

Nurse, I need a checkup from my neck up, I'm Batty

Seems to have no effect, Doctor Get me another one. Get me another animal!

They used and abused me, battered and bruised me

Red wires, green wires stuck 'em right through me

So hear my batty word and exercise a little prudence

We're dealing with... humans

Crysta: Humans?

Batty Koda: WHERE?! (crouched) No, no, no, no! (imatating Ricky) Lucy!

Crysta: No, no, there are no humans.

Elder #1: They're long gone.

Elder #2: Vanished

Elder #3: Definitely extict.

Ash: They only exist in stories.