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[ Thunder crashes ] [ Laughs evilly ] [ Sawing ] [ Electricity crackles ] It's alive! [ Thunder crashes ] [ Laughs evilly ] [ Smooch! ] [ Laughs evilly ] Go, go, gadget go-go! [ Dance music plays ] [ Rip! ] [ Moaning ] I think this photo shoot is premature, Jerry.
We haven't even decided whether we'll be a coffee company or a studio specializing in mermaid porn! Either way, we're gonna need a logo.
Ooh, let's shoot the sexy one first! [ Camera shutter clicks ] [ Creak! ] [ Clunk! ] [ Thud! Shatter! ] [ Gasping ] That model was someone's child, and she died in a topless mermaid costume! It was an accident.
That was a sign from God! We're not doing mermaid porn, got it?! Fine, fine, we'll do the coffee thing! But we still need a logo, and photo shoots ain't cheap.
We'll use this [voice breaking ] in her memory.
Uh we'll crop it! [ Harp music plays ] That was the best 10" cube of tofu I've ever had! I hope someday in the future, everyone goes vegetarian.
[ Zap! ] I am from the future -- a future where everyone is vegetarian! Awesome! That's wonderful! You don't understand! [ Zap! ] Hey, there, buddy.
I'm one of the good one-- [ Gunfire ] [ Groans ] [ Moos ] So, you're saying with no natural enemies, cows became Earth's dominant species, and since cows don't know right from wrong Cows became the ultimate killing machines.
[ Moos ] [ Both grunting ] [ Strained ] Shoot the cow! I can't kill an animal! But I'll knock an animal the [bleep] out!! [ Gun cocks ] [ Gunfire ] [ Screams ] Is that really necessary? [ Zap! ] [ Mooing ] [ Gunfire ] [ Grunts ] [ Mooing ] Quickly! Eat this burger! It's the only way to avoid vegetarian future and change the timeline.
I can't! Trust me! I can't!! Time-out, guys.
! I want to be real clear on this.
You would die to avoid compromising your vegetarian principles? Yeah, yeah, I would! Even if it means I die, too.
Well, I mean, I-it's the principle of the thing.
[ Mooing ] And consequently, all human beings on earth? What do you want me to say?! I want you to admit it's not about meat.
You're actually just a narcissist and a contrarian, and being a vegetarian is about setting yourself apart in order to feel superior to the rest of us! I -- I -- I -- fine.
Give me the [bleep] burger.
[ Zap! ] [ Mooing ] You did it! You saved the human race! Oh, but I don't feel special and superior anymore.
I'm sure you'll find that thing that makes you feel special again, Katie.
What were you thinking, Sabrina, using your magic to turn Harvey's hair purple? Here's a better question, aunt Hilda.
If you know magic, why are you still fat? [ Harp music plays ] Season-one callback, jerks! Whoo-hoo! [ Smack! ] [ Cat howls ] Both: I feel the need, the need for speed! Dick! Eh, did you just say "dick"? No, I thought you said "dick.
" [ Offenbach's "The Galop" plays ] [ Zip! ] [ Crash! ] [ Screech! ] Meep-meep! [ Zip! ] [ Foster's "Old Folks At Home" plays ] [ Ding! ] [ Dong! ] [ Clatter! ] [ Rip! ] [ Rustle! ] [ Thud! ] [ Chopin's "Marche Funébre" plays ] [ Voice breaking ] Meep.
[ Creak! ] [ Crash! ] [ Whoosh! ] [ Sizzle! ] [ Thud! ] [ Upbeat music plays ] And now back to Hey, Evie, want to go out with me on Friday? [ Ting! ] EhPass.
[ Laughter ] [ Muffled ] V.
will never suspect that this ordinary gas station is really the headquarters of our new high-tech crime-fighting team, M.
I can't hear a word he's saying.
Gloria, can you hear Matt? [ Muffled ] Did you just call me fat? Okay, I know they look cool, but there's no need to wear these inside.
Come on.
Masks off.
Hey! Anyone here?! I think your -- your pump's broken! Now, I don't want to alarm anybody, but the agents of V.
already have their acronym figured out.
They're really up our asses.
I'd like to get up Gloria's ass.
What did you say? I said I hate V.
! No, you didn't.
You misheard me because of my mask.
Hey, buddy! Get a move on! Well, it's not my fault, so lay off! Is he paying by check or something? Look, I can't find an attendant, so what do you want me to do?! Mobile-attackserial killers! Like we'll murder V.
's ass! You're not even trying! What if we just call ourselves H.
-- The heroic, elite legion making elitetacos.
[ Sirens wailing ] Uh-oh! It sounds like V.
's onto us.
Bruceyou know what to do.
Why's the freaking open sign on? I don't even think this is a functioning pump! Here's my comment card, you [bleep] Say hello to Miles Mayhem in hell! [ Gunfire, screaming ] I just wanted a tank of gas! Oh, these are civilians.
Think we better get used to wearing these masks.
The forces of H.
were never here.
Talk! Talk, damn you! I ain't saying nothin'! Get my lawyer! [ Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! ] [ Squeak! Wiggle! ] [ Whack! ] No! Aah! Ow! Ow! All right! The body's buried near the river, west of town! Good job, Officer Pixar Lamp! [ Sproing! ] Thwip, thwip! Thwip, thwip smash! Smash [ shing! ] [ Shing! ] [ Rhythmic clacking ] [ Steel-drumming ] [ "Stomp"-esque rhythm plays ] Excelsior! [ Music stops ] Hey, that's called "character branding," true believers! I invented it! [ Chuckling ] Um, is that really -- I said I invented it! Pull over, boy.
Always in search of the perfect ingredients for our gourmet brand of Orville Redenbacher popcorn! Once a corn man, always a corn man, huh, grandpa Orville? Once a second banana, always a second banana, Gary.
[ Chuckles ] Now stop this car.
How's that corn lookin', grandpa? Wet.
[ Growls ] [ Trickle! ] Sorry, son.
At my age, it takes a while to turn off the spigot.
[ Zip! ] Now, what are you doing in the middle of a cornfield all by yourself? [ Click! ] The outsiders will be sacrificed to the thing that dwells among the stalks! [ Cheering ] Son, you've got a choice -- either let us go or I'm gonna tie this bow tie around your [bleep] right before I cut it off.
Foolish old man! As long as I serve the thing that dwells among the stalks, I shall live forever! Live forever, ah? That sure would come in handy if the octogenarian face of a worldwide corporation ever died.
You ever try and re-animate Mboy, I'll rip your nuts off from beyond the grave! [ Click! ] What are we gonna do, grandpa? We're trapped in the cornfield with a demon! No, Gary.
That demon's trapped in a cornfield with me.
[ Click! ] Ow! Get it out, grandpa! [ Screams ] [ Splat! ] [ Ting! ] Pop pop, mother [bleep] [ Whoosh! ] [ Howling ] I'm a man of my word, Cyrus.
[ Shing! ] Oh, n-o-o-o-o! [ Slice! ] [ Click! ] [ Pop! ] [ Pop! ] [ Pop! ] [ Pop! ] [ Upbeat music plays ] Hey, there.
How'd you like to -- Ew, get lost.
Hey, there.
How'd you like to -- I thought you were into spoons.
I go both ways.

Duke: And finally Joes, don't ask don't tell as been abolished. So, Chuffles, if there's anything you'd like to tell us, I'm asking. Ho! Roadblock. You look different.

Roadblock: Duke, I don't know what's done me this harm! I woke up this morning; me and Flint had switched arms.

Flint: I can't touch Lady Jaye! Not with these! Oh guys, I think I might be a racist.

Duke: Snake Eyes? What happened to you? You look like someone tryed to paint you like spider-man then tossed you in the grass. Has this happened to anyone else?

(Scarlett is seen with marker nipples on her combat vest.)

Duke: Scarlett? Cover yourself, woman!

Scarlett: Huh? *gasp*

Duke: I don't know how Cobra's doing this, but I'm damn well gonna find out! Yo Joe!

(The GI Joe gang breaks into Cobra's sanctum)

Duke: Cobra! Put your checkbooks away, 'cause this one's coming outta your ass!

Serpentor: What ever voodoo you're using to mangle us, we've had enough! My helmet's not made to come off! I look like Ebert under here and NOT Ebert in his prime!

Roadblock: What're you so surprised about?

(Dr. Mindbender mumbles as he approaches the group)

Serpentor: We removed this from Dr. Mindbender's mouth!

Duke: What's going on here? I wanna see Cobra Commander now!

Cobra Commander: I-I couldn't stop it. A giant hand from the heavensss, taping me to what looked like enormous brightly colored dynamite.

Duke: What kind of nonsense are you blathering?

(Duke pulls away at Cobra Commander's covers to reveal he has been bifurcated from the waist down)

Duke: Woah! What did this?

Cobra Commander: We're nothing, you see...playthings that have bored our fickle God! It's judgement daysss.

Scarlett: Duke, I'm scared.

Duke: Don't worry, Scarlett. We'll find whoever or whatever has done this to us.

(A cruel boy is seen twirling a bicycle wheel and pushing a GI Joe character's face onto it)

Cruel Boy: Oh no! Please don't take my face! My BEAUTIFUL face!

(The cruel boy is shot in the back by Duke's tank, and drops to the floor, apparently dead)

Duke: Gotcha, ya massive abomination! Yo Joe!

Roadblock: Uh, did we just kill a kid? I mean, Yo Joe, but I think that was a kid.

(Duke looks up after hearing what Roadblock said)

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