What did you say?

You look just like your mother.

My mother? How do you know...


I've scoured all of Africa for the lost totems of Zambezi, and in one evening, I am presented with not just one, but two of them.

Who the hell are you? And how do you know my mother?

MacAlaster: Within Zambezi, the Mchanga province remains an archeological gold mine for ancient Zambezian artifacts. Zambezi has long been a fertile land, the envy of West Africa. The Zambezi people long sought to protect themselves not just from their neighbours... but from nature itself. And so, the Zambezi people prayed and legend has it that their prayers were answered in the form of five totems. One for each great Zambezi tribe, allowing their bearers to wield the powers of nature. One totem for each of the elemental forces. Air, earth, water, fire and spirit.

For nearly a thousand years, Zambezi existed in a rare state of harmony and prosperity. But as their civilization succumbed to the forces of colonialism, changing faith and war, the totems were lost and forgotten. Countless explorers and archeologists, have spent their lives searching for the lost totems of Zambezi.

Ladies and gentlemen, after thousands of years being lost to the sand of time it is my great pleasure to present to you... one of the lost totems of Zambezi.

(audience murmuring)

Based on the location of this discovery along the Mchanga River, and its inscriptions, we believe this piece to be one of the original five totems worn by Zambezian chiefs, more than a thousand years ago. Although, it is yet to grant me magical powers.


Nevertheless, it stands as a testament to the ancient Zambezi civilization. The lost totem of Zambezi will be on display at the Detroit Museum's Hall of Gemstones. A gift to this beautiful city where it will remain indefinitely.


(camera shutters clicking)

MacAlaster: Thank you, gentlemen.

Great job.



You look surprised to see me, Professor.

What? Maybe you were expecting me to be dead?

I would have confronted you sooner, but when I came back from being kidnapped, I found out you had gone to Africa. Ironic.

I didn't know she was going to hurt you.


She was dangling enough money to fund my expedition.

She said she wasn't going to hurt you and the dollar signs I was seeing blinded me to the fact that that was a lie.

But maybe there's a reason it all happened this way.

That necklace you wear is also one of the lost totems of Zambezi.

We both know the power within it is real, and now that I've found one of its siblings, think of what we could learn.

I think I've learned enough, thanks.

And I haven't had much luck with siblings.

You're connected to this, Mari, whether you want to be or not.

(mobile phone chiming)

I've got to make a call.


Hey, thanks for getting back to me.

Why the 911?

Weather Wizard's tearing up Monument Point.

It's kind of an all-hands-on-deck-type situation.

(electricity crackling)

Any suggestions? Tornadoes aren't really my thing.

Stein: Super heating the air around the tornadoes should theoretically destabilize them.

Flash: I've got the tornadoes, Firestorm, deal with the tsunami.

What, sushi's attacking Monument Point now?

Stein: A tsunami is a catastrophic tidal wave.

You really thought I didn't know that?

Unwinding a tornado was the very first trick I learned.

(eagle screeching)


I'm here.

Oh, your timing is beyond awesome.

I'll help Jacks and Professor Stein, you deal with Weather Wizard.

Why do you let Cisco name the bad guys?

I ask myself that question a lot.

(dolphin chirps)



(theme music playing)

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