00:00:04 [Grunts] [bs] that's my paycheck. 00:00:17 Bring that back! this is outrageous! 00:00:19 Come back here! 00:00:21 I mean it! this--thatt. 00:00:29 Mr. peabody! 00:00:30 Oh, no. 00:00:31 You absolutely cannot do this to mrs. thornton. 00:00:33 How did you get in here? where's cornelia? 00:00:35 She had to go chase down her paycheck. 00:00:38 thornton-- eloise, this is not your concern. 00:00:41 But it's so unfair! the poor womon just died. 00:00:48 The truth is her son squandered most of what they had and then ran off to live in bavaria. 00:00:54 He wrote to his mother saying that he'd married into royalty and would always support her in high style. 00:00:59 So, you mean edgasn't really a prince? 00:01:03 Far from it, I'm afraid. 00:01:05 And when he died without a cent to his name, she deluded into herself into thinking that the government had taken claim to his fortune. 00:01:13 I'm sorry, but that's the reality, and there's nothing I can do about it. 00:01:21 The plaza is a business, and services must be paid for. 00:01:34 Do you believe in true love, mr. peabody? 00:01:37 What kind of question is that? 00:01:39 I just meant-- well, she looked so happy there. 00:01:44 Some people think a smile like that only happens when you're truly in love. 00:01:49 Well, I suppose that's just a matter of opinion. 00:01:53 Yeah, probably. 00:01:55 Still, she smiles sort of different now. 00:01:58 Don't you think? 00:02:13 il have these out of your way in a second. 00:02:17 .. 00:02:20 Is he really what you wanted? 00:02:22 Or is he what your father wanted for you? 00:02:27 Just tell me it's for real, and I swear I'll never say another-- the ice machine on my floor-- it's hey, bob, nice to see you again. 00:02:37 Bill. 00:02:38 Right. 00:02:38 would you be a sport and fill this up for us? 00:02:41 I got some champagne that needs chilling. 00:02:45 You don't mind, do you? no. of course not. 00:02:48 Great. thank you. 00:02:52 It's my job. right? 00:03:00 Hey. 00:03:05 Thanks. 00:03:16 [Grunts] good dog, weenie. 00:03:19 Nice work. now, let's go get you a treat. 00:03:23 [Panting] bye, cornelia! 00:03:31 [Panting and grunting] Eloise: The kitchen is absolutely the best place to learn secrets, because chefs know everything about everything, like how to tell if pomegranate is ripe and whose daughter eloped with the milkman. 00:03:46 he has a wax mustache and drives a ferrari and always lets me lick the meringue bowl, whether I deserve it or not. 00:03:55 I usually do. 00:03:58 Come on, you must know something. 00:04:00 Why don't you ask bill himself? 00:04:03 Ask me what? 00:04:04 The child wants to know about you and miss rachel. 00:04:08 Nothing to tell. that was 4 years ago. 00:04:11 4 years isn't very much-- not when it comes to true love. 00:04:16 That's what it was, wasn't it? 00:04:20 It was a long time ago, kiddo. 00:04:35 Patrice, I have a rather small favor to ask. 00:04:38 [WHISPERING] I want you to go around... 00:04:41 Excuse me, sir. 00:04:42 [Piano playing in background] see, she's nice. it's perfect. 00:04:51 [Indistinct] dessert, gentlemen, compliments of the hotel. 00:04:59 I'll give you a moment to decide. 00:05:12 [Chuckles] you've really got them wrapped around your finger. 00:05:17 I know. 00:05:18 I mean, rachel was one thing. 00:05:20 I never figured her father would be so easy. 00:05:23 How did you do it? 00:05:24 Borrowed money all across the country, made it look like I had my own fortune, so I couldn't possibly be after rachel's. 00:05:30 And they really don't suspect anything. 00:05:32 .. 00:05:33 Once we're married, I'll use her money, I'll pay everyone back. 00:05:38 [Scoffs] no, no, no. 00:05:40 She'll even end up paying for her own engagement ring. 00:05:47 peabody right away! 00:05:50 What, no cute, little prank this time? 00:05:55 Hold it right there, young lady. 00:05:59 Ok, I'm sorry about all that. 00:06:01 But you have to listen to me, cornelia. 00:06:03 There's something mr. peabody needs to know. 00:06:06 Out! 00:06:10 we absolutely have to! 00:06:13 Eloise, I'm sure you misunderstood him. 00:06:16 Just 'cause you're not fond of brooks, it's no reason to let your imagination run wild. 00:06:20 But-- now, I know billy's your friend, and you want him and rachel to get together, but this is one situation you need to stay out of. 00:06:28 But, nanny-- I mean, it eloise. 00:06:30 No meddling. 00:06:32 I want you to pinkie promise, promise, promise not to say anything to anyone. 00:06:41 Come on. 00:06:42 All right. 00:06:45 Good girl. 00:07:04 robin. 00:07:04 And I was a pack-a-day smokerfor 25 years. 00:07:06 I do remember sitting down with my boys, and I'm like, "oh, promise mommy " I had to quit. 00:07:13 ♪♪ ♪♪ 00:07:15 my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication I could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. 00:07:23 [ Male Announcer ] CHANTIX IS A NON-NICOTINE Pill proven to help people quit smoking. 00:07:27 It reduces the urge to smoke. 00:07:31 Some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. 00:07:39 If you notice any of these symptoms or behaviors, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. 00:07:43 Tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. 00:07:48 If you develop serious allergic or skin reactions, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some of these can be life-threatening. 00:07:55 Don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. 00:07:58 Dosing may be different if you have kidney problems. 00:08:01 Until you know how chantix affects you, use caution when driving or operating machinery. 00:08:05 Common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. 00:08:09 ♪♪ ♪♪ 00:08:14 my benjamin, he helped me with the countdown. 00:08:17 " "5 days, [ Male Announcer ] IT'S A NEW YEAR. 00:08:25 So, ask your doctor about chantix. 00:08:26 And find out how you could save money on your prescription com to learn more and get terms and conditions. 00:10:19 colors load? 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I'm so sorry. 00:12:27 Allow me. no! 00:12:28 Uh, could you excuse me just a minute? 00:12:30 Yes, of course. oh! oh! 00:12:34 [Sighs] eloise. 00:12:36 Could I get your opinion on something? 00:12:39 It's about nanny's christmas present. 00:12:41 I passed a shop this afternoon that had the most magnificent chinese hair pins. 00:12:45 I was told they were ming dynasty. 00:12:48 Nanny already has loads of hair pins. 00:12:52 Oh, does she? 00:12:56 Nanny, have you ever been wooed? 00:12:59 Well, I suppose I have got a bit testy once or twice, but only if someone really deserved it. 00:13:07 Not rude, wooed. 00:13:10 Oh. 00:13:11 I mean, if a guy wanted to go about it properly, what should he do first? 00:13:22 Well, I suppose it should begin with flowers-- something simple but elegant. 00:13:31 Ly roses. 00:13:34 Perfect. 00:13:39 And what do you think you're doing? 00:13:41 This is a christmas party, you idiot. 00:13:43 And christmas means red, not burgundy, not cranberry. 00:13:48 Red! 00:13:49 Like evese in this room. 00:13:51 .. 00:13:56 ! 00:14:24 Daddy, I'm going to my fitting. 00:14:26 Mr. Peabody: Ok, dear. 00:14:39 Oh, hi, rachel. 00:14:40 Gosh, fancy running into you here. 00:14:43 Hello, eloise. 00:14:45 What do you think? 00:14:47 Oh, fine, I guess, and well, aren't you afraid you might be rushing into things a little? 00:14:56 You mean the wedding? 00:14:57 3 Days ago, you thought it was the most romantic thing you'd ever heard. 00:15:01 Well, it is. 00:15:02 I mean, when you're absolutely sure it's the right thing. 00:15:06 Because you really know with a guy, I mean really, really, really know him, like you know bill, for instance. 00:15:19 of course. 00:15:22 He's my best friend. and why is that? 00:15:25 Well, he's funny and charming, and he lets me win every sword fight. ooh! 00:15:29 [Both giggle] and no matter how tired he is, he'll always play me a song on the piano. 00:15:34 Oh, those show tunes. 00:15:36 What was the one I used to love so much? 00:15:39 It was from "gypsy," I think. 00:15:40 That's my favorite, too! 00:15:42 Did he teach you the little dance that goes with it? 00:15:44 [Scat whispering] [both laugh] oh, he could make me laugh so hard with that. 00:15:53 Sometimes I'd sneak down after the parties were over, and we'd put on these little shows together, just the two of us. 00:16:00 .. 00:16:06 .. 00:16:08 It doesn't really matter now. 00:16:10 We've both moved on. 00:16:15 Yeah, good old bill. 00:16:17 Who his girlfriend is. 00:16:22 His girlfriend? 00:16:24 I don't know for sure, but this morning, I was in the kitchen, and I heard him ordering flowers over the phone. 00:16:31 I mean, what else could I think? 00:16:33 You don't send red roses to just anyone. 00:16:37 Red roses? 00:16:38 From a secret admirer. 00:16:44 Brooks: Rachel? 00:16:45 Oh, I better get out of this dress. 00:16:50 I'll be out in a minute. 00:16:52 You remember eloise, doyou? 00:16:54 how could I forget such an angelic face? 00:16:59 Look, I just wanted to tell you, darling, that I'm off to the lounge for a round of cards. 00:17:04 Oh, don't forget our appointment with prunella at 4:00. 00:17:08 Right. see you then. 00:17:20 Hello. 00:17:24 Good-bye. 00:17:25 I was just in the terrace room. 00:17:28 Goody for you. 00:17:29 Must be a pretty big party you're throwing in there. 00:17:32 That's the hugest ice sculpture I've ever seen. 00:17:36 What? 00:17:37 That was supposed to be delivered to the gold room. 00:18:00 the terrace room is free all day, so I was thinking it would be absolutely the perfect time for you to teach me that new song on th that's what you were thinking, huh? 00:18:08 I want to be able to play it for my mother when she gets home as a christmas present. 00:18:14 Ok. what time? 00:18:16 3:45, And don't be late. 00:18:24 Varian chocolate cake. 00:18:29 [Elevator dings] Mrs. Thornton: Yes? 00:18:41 Who is it? 00:18:51 Ooh. 00:18:56 No. 00:18:57 [Running footsteps] [exhales heavily] eloise, what do you think about this for sir wilkes? 00:19:06 And where have you been? 00:19:07 I've had a rawther exhausting morning, and if I don't lie down this minute, I know I shall faint. 00:19:13 Please do not disturb me for at least 17 minutes. 00:19:33 [Rustling] " [gasps] just what I need-- an international, state-of-the-art spy kit. 00:19:54 Well, I'll be going now, nanny. 00:19:56 Where are you going to? 00:19:58 And what happened to your 17 minutes? 00:20:00 Oh, I couldn't possibly rest at a time like this, not when the fate of mankind is resting on the shoulders of me--eloise! 00:20:08 [Door slams] [sighs] Eloise: The oak bar, 1530 hours. 00:20:20 [Indistinct chattering] [WHISPERING] I have the suspect in my sights. 00:20:28 He has craftily chosen to hide out in the one room I am not allowed into. 00:20:32 After all, I'm only 6, for Lord's sake. 00:20:38 Obviously, I'll need a plan. 00:20:57 "Mr. brooks oliver iii. 00:20:59 " mr. brooks oliver iii? 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00:26:48 I'm supposed to have a meeting. 00:26:51 I guess the others haven't shown up yet. 00:26:54 That's ok. you can wait here with us. 00:26:58 So far, the plan's going just swimmingly. 00:27:01 Um, I have to run and get something. 00:27:04 Why don't you sit here and, uh, sing with bill? 00:27:08 It'll be just like old times. 00:27:16 .. 00:27:17 Told eloise about the little shows we used to put on. 00:27:21 Hmm. 00:27:24 [Playing piano slowly] Bill: ♪♪ Memories linger ♪♪ 00:27:38 ♪♪ some happy, some sad ♪♪ 00:27:41 ♪♪ but when I'm beside you ♪♪ 00:27:43 ♪♪ the sad's not so bad ♪♪ 00:27:58 [pla up-tempo music] [playing piano slowly] this was always one of your favorites, wasn't it? 00:28:16 ♪♪ Wherever we go ♪♪ 00:28:19 ♪♪ whatever we do ♪♪ 00:28:21 ♪♪ we're gonna go through it together ♪♪ 00:28:27 ♪♪ we may not go far ♪♪ 00:28:30 ♪♪ but sure as a star ♪♪ 00:28:33 ♪♪ wherever we are, it's together ♪♪ 00:28:38 ♪♪ wherever I go, I know she goes ♪♪ 00:28:42 ♪♪ wherever I go, I know he goes ♪♪ 00:28:47 Both: ♪♪ No fists, no fights, no feuds, and no egos ♪♪ 00:28:52 ♪♪ amigos ♪♪ 00:28:54 ♪♪ together ♪♪ 00:28:56 ♪♪ through thick and through thin ♪♪ 00:28:58 ♪♪ all out or all in ♪♪ 00:29:00 ♪♪ and whether it's win, place, or show ♪♪ 00:29:05 ♪♪ with you for me ♪♪ ♪♪ and me for you ♪♪ 00:29:07 ♪♪ we'll muddle through ♪♪ ♪♪ whatever we do ♪♪ 00:29:10 ♪♪ together ♪♪ 00:29:12 ver we go ♪♪ 00:29:19 what in god's name is going on here? 00:29:22 Get back to work this instant! 00:29:24 This is the plaza, not a cabaret. 00:29:26 And until you acquire something that passes for talent, I suggest you remember your place here. 00:29:31 Don't you dare speak to him like that! 00:29:33 Bill happens to be a very close friend of mine whom I asked to stay because you were an hour late to our meeting. 00:29:43 I--i beg your pardon, but-- not mine, his. 00:29:55 Ahem. I apologize. 00:29:57 Please tell me you're loving this as much as I am. 00:30:02 I'll thank you to remember that it's people like bill who are the very heart and soul of this hotel. 00:30:11 .. 00:30:13 For a wonderful time. 00:30:23 [Elevator dings] thank you, max. 00:30:40 [Gasps] it's christmas eve eve! 00:30:43 Would you mind braiding skipperdee's ears for me? 00:30:49 [Chitters] aah! 00:30:51 I'm late for my morning rounds! 00:30:53 [thud] gee, I sure do hope they fixed this elevator. 00:31:01 I heard last night it plunged 16 [elevator dings] [crowd screaming] boy, you're good. 00:31:22 [Loud ringing] good morning, mr. salomone. 00:31:26 Good morning, eloise. 00:31:26 Did you happen to see any packages arrive from my mother, preferably large ones addressed to me--eloise? 00:31:34 No, but I'll keep my eyes open. 00:31:37 See that you do. 00:31:39 All right. 00:31:40 Hi, phil. hello. 00:31:43 .. 00:31:44 She's so cute. 00:31:46 Brooks: Well, you know, you're motivated. 00:31:48 When you're motivated to do something, you can accomplish it, I think. 00:31:50 It's like I was motivated when I met rachel to get her [chuckles] I think we found a decent orchestra. 00:32:01 It's only 32-piece, but, you know, who's going to be listening to music when they have this vision in white before them? 00:32:07 You're awfully quiet this morning, my dear. 00:32:10 Just a lot on my mind, I guess. 00:32:13 Well, don't you worry, sweetheart. 00:32:15 After tomorrow, you won't have a single care in the world. 00:32:20 Don't bet on it. 00:32:27 Brooks: Well, I'm off to the barber for a shave. 00:32:30 Uh, look my best for our special dinner tonight. 00:32:38 Last one before we're married. 00:32:51 Eloise:" the absolutely best person to go to when you need something and aren't big enough to get it yourself is the concierge. ours is named walter. 00:33:02 He speaks 7 languages and is always very nice to me, because here's the thing of it-- he has rawther a crush on my mother. 00:33:10 Which is about to come in quite handy. 00:33:12 Good morning, walter. hello, eloise. 00:33:14 I'd like 2 tickets to tonight's performance of "gypsy," please. 00:33:19 "Gypsy"? tonight? 00:33:20 [Inhales] that could be very difficult. 00:33:24 Oh, well, never mind, then. 00:33:26 I'll just tell mother you did your best. 00:33:29 Wait. wait, wait, wait. 00:33:31 Um, let me make a phone call, see what i can do? 00:33:35 [Whistling] and an appointment at the barber shop asap. 00:33:41 I suddenly remembered I need a trim. 00:33:44 What? 00:33:45 [Whistling continues] suspect getting his whiskers shaved. 00:33:49 Eloise: The barber's name is vincent. 00:33:52 He's from italy, which may be why he has trouble that's short " ah, eloise! come in. come in. 00:34:00 Eloise: If there's one thing I absolutely detest-- it's getting my hair cut, even if it's for a good cause. ok. 00:34:08 What are we doing today, eh? what? 00:34:11 Just a trim, thank you. 00:34:14 Oh! 00:34:14 Don't you want to try something different? 00:34:17 Maybe a nice bob, eh? 00:34:19 I make the layers real short, eh? 00:34:21 Oh! oh. uh, all right. 00:34:24 Well, I guess we do a trim like you say, eh? 00:34:27 She's a feisty one, this one, eh? 00:34:30 [Chuckles] oh, boy. 00:34:32 So, eloise, tell me-- you go someplace special for the holidays? 00:34:35 Oh, I couldn't possibly leave the plaza at christmas, not with everything going on. 00:34:40 There's one party after another-- weddings, balls. 00:34:44 There's even a harvard alumni christmas party tonight. 00:34:48 Did you say harvard? oh, that's right. 00:34:51 you must be terribly excited. 00:34:55 I mean, you're bound to run into someone you know. 00:34:57 I bet rachel can't wait to meet your school friends. 00:35:00 [Stammering] well, actually, I'm afraid I won't be able to attend. 00:35:04 You see, I've been called out of town on, uh, business, and I won't be back so-- jeez, that's too bad, and on the eve of your wedding, too. 00:35:15 Oh, well, I'm sure rachel understands, you being an ibusinessman and all. 00:35:41 winter championship and she's going in with no protective gear? 00:35:46 Her hands could dry out. 00:35:47 [ Female Announcer ] DAWN HAND RENEWAL WITH Olay beauty. 00:35:49 It helps your hands seal in moisture while you do the dishes. 00:35:53 .. 00:35:53 [ Spongecaster ] SO IT'S NOT A CHORE. 00:35:56 ] rolls with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. 00:36:04 .. 00:36:07 Now in allpillsbury cinnamon rolls. 00:36:11 savewith christmas mattress spectacularat sears! 00:36:13 Get an extra 10% offmattresses already half off. 00:36:16 Plus instant rebates up to$300 on select mattresses. 00:36:19 And free delivery and haulaway hurry, it all ends sunday. 00:36:23 Sears. 00:36:56 lifethat -- spending the daywith my niece. 00:36:59 I don't use super poligripfor hold because my dentures fit well. 00:37:03 Before those little pieceswould get in between my dentures and my gum,and it was uncomfortable. 00:37:08 Even well fitting dentureslet in food particles. 00:37:10 Just a few dabsof super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal outmore food particles so you're more comfortableand confident while you eat. 00:37:18 So it's not aboutkeeping my dentures in. 00:37:20 It's about keepingthe food particles out. 00:37:23 [ Charlie ]TRY SUPER POLIGRIP FREE. 00:37:26 whatwill lose? 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Eloise: Bill! 00:40:30 Have a good holiday. merry christmas, bill. 00:40:32 look who's been to see vin how dare he trim the hair of such a fearsome pirate! 00:40:38 and don't think I didn't stomp him in the knee caps for it, either. 00:40:42 Hey, have a good one, bill. thanks, kevin. 00:40:44 Have a good what? vacation. 00:40:46 I'm taking the train up to vermont for a couple days. 00:40:49 What? now? 00:40:50 Not after all I went through to get your christmas present! 00:40:54 Here, see? 00:40:55 " I figured you could take rachel with you. 00:41:04 Look, eloise, I know what you're trying to do here. 00:41:09 Moi? I'm not trying to do anything. 00:41:12 Jeez, can't a person want to see 2 friends go out and have a good time? 00:41:17 Besides, she'll need some cheering up. 00:41:19 Brooks has to go out of town on busin and knowing how you love the theater, and she loves "gypsy," the whole thing is rawther perfect. 00:41:27 Which is why you can't go to vermont! 00:41:30 You absolutely can't! 00:41:34 Thank you, eloise. it's a lovely gift. 00:41:37 Meaning you'll take her? 00:41:39 Meaning I'll ask her. 00:41:42 And if she says yes? 00:41:44 I guess I could take a later train. 00:41:48 ♪♪ Jingle bell, jingle bell ♪♪ 00:41:50 .. ♪♪ 00:41:52 Eloise: Next to opening presents, the absolutely best part of christmas is decorating the tree. 00:41:57 You have to load it with tinsel, or it'll shrivel up and die. 00:42:02 Everyone knows that. 00:42:04 ♪♪ Jingle bell, jingle bell ♪♪ 00:42:07 .. ♪♪ 00:42:08 we mainly hang all the ornaments while nanny dances around singing christmas songs at the top of her lungs. 00:42:17 ♪♪ In the frosty air ♪♪ 00:42:20 .. ♪♪ 00:42:22 nanny likes her eggnog rawther strong. 00:42:24 ♪♪ To rock the night away ♪♪ 00:42:28 ♪♪ jingle bell time is a swell time ♪♪ 00:42:32 ♪♪ to go gliding in a one-horse sleigh ♪♪ 00:42:35 look, nanny, it's snowing! 00:42:36 .. 00:42:37 ♪ 00:42:40 it's a sign. it absolutely has to be. 00:42:43 But keep your fingers crossed, just in case. 00:42:46 [Clock chiming] what for? 00:42:48 I'll tell you later. 00:42:49 .. 00:42:50 ♪♪ 00:42:52 .. 00:42:55 [Electronic buzzing] [music stops] wow! wow! 00:43:01 Eloise! 00:43:07 I think I found it. 00:43:09 Tahitian. quite rare. 00:43:12 Nanny detests pearls. 00:43:18 [Ticking] [indistinct chattering] [laughter] [chimes] have a good evening. you, too. 00:43:59 [Door opens] young lady, there's something I have to say to you. 00:44:05 I do wish you wouldnrush out of here late at night like that without at least telling me where you're going. 00:44:14 [telephone rings] I'll get it! 00:44:19 Bon soir. eloise speaking. 00:44:20 Mother! the most wonderful thing just happened. 00:44:24 I caere tomorrow. 00:44:25 Eloise, I'm afraid I'm not going to be home after all. 00:44:29 What do you mean? 00:44:30 My flight was postponed because of snow. 00:44:32 Well, can't you take a different plane? 00:44:33 They're not letting any plane off to new york. 00:44:37 No. I understand. 00:44:39 Darling, I'll try. 00:44:41 I know you will. 00:44:42 I love you, too. I love you so much. 00:44:45 Bye. bon soir. 00:44:50 What is it, love? 00:44:52 That was maman. 00:44:53 They're not letting any planes take off to new york because of the snow. 00:45:00 Ohh, elois I am so sorry. 00:45:06 Ohh. I'm sure she'll do her best. 00:45:09 I know she will. it doesn't matter. 00:45:12 Well, of course it matters. you miss her. 00:45:17 But here's the thing of it, you see. 00:45:21 We'll just have to celebrate all over again, won't we? 00:45:24 That way, we'll have 2 christmases instead of one. 00:45:28 I never really thought about it like that. 00:45:31 [Chuckles] I guess that's why I have you, isn't it, nanny? 00:45:35 Yes, pet. 00:45:43 [Indistinct chattering] rachel. 00:45:47 Daddy. 00:45:48 What are you doing up so late? 00:45:50 .. 00:45:54 What is it? 00:45:56 Nothing. 00:45:57 .. 00:46:00 You look so happy. 00:46:01 I'm glad you and brooks had a nice evening together. 00:46:05 Oh, actually, he had to go to a business meeting. 00:46:10 I was with a friend tonight. 00:46:14 Well, better get some sleep. 00:46:17 Big day tomorrow. 00:46:21 Good night, daddy. 00:46:24 Good night. 00:46:31 [Humming] oh, can I help you, sir? 00:46:39 [Indistinct chattering] [indistinct] certainly, madam. 00:47:00 Just go up to fifth avenue there to your left. 00:47:04 GO RIGHT TO 66th. 00:47:05 Hey, thank you. ok. 00:47:07 [Indistinct chattering] excuse me. 00:47:15 Is the, uh, harvard christmas party over? 00:47:21 I beg your pardon? 00:50:51 Ordered a gift online and we .. 00:50:54 .. 00:50:55 What is it? 00:50:58 Oh just return it. 00:50:59 Returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. 00:51:02 If it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. 00:51:06 we have to get that outta this house. 00:51:10 .. gahh, .. 00:51:14 Priority mail flat rate shipping only from the postal service. 00:51:17 A simpler way to ship and return. 00:52:20 Set your pace to island time. 00:52:23 Rich chocolate over creamy coconut. 00:52:29 Almond joy and mounds. 00:52:33 Enjoy more. 00:52:35 ] [ Male Announcer ]SCORE DELIVERY PIZZA... 00:52:38 Hut! hut! 00:52:39 [ grunts ]OUCH! 00:52:40 [ Male Announcer ]...MINUS THE DELIVERY PRICE. 00:52:44 For fresh delivery taste without the delivery price, it's digiorno. 00:52:51 ]Alli work. 00:52:52 So if you go froma croissant with butter to a whole wheat rollwith olive oil, you'll go from roughly16 grams of fat to about 6. 00:52:59 Take alli with that, and you're down to 4.5. 00:53:02 Alli helps you reacha healthier weight, when you get active, eat right, and take alli. 00:53:07 Alli will blockabout 25% of the fat you eat. 00:53:10 And for every two poundsyou work to lose, alli can help you loseone more. 00:53:14 Fda-approved alli --how hea works. 00:53:17 Learn more at 00:53:21 ]100 chips or 100 pringles. 00:53:24 Both cost the same, but onlythe pringles superstack can makes everything pop! 00:53:29 ♪♪ ♪♪ 00:53:30 ♪♪ whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪♪ 00:53:33 ♪♪ yeah, yeah ♪♪ 00:53:36 ♪♪ hey, hey ♪♪ 00:53:37 [ Male Announcer ]THE CHOICE IS YOURS... 00:53:40 100 Of these or 100 pringles. 00:53:42 Same cost but a lot more fun. 00:53:45 Everything pops with the pringles superstack can! 00:53:48 ♪♪ ♪♪ 00:55:21 otc lines of nfl training camp to p4-hour frequent heartburn protection to the test for two weeks. 00:55:26 [ Diehl ] PEOPLE THINK We're indestructible, but if you're out there and you're feeling burning it's gonna affect the way that you play. 00:55:32 Prilosec otc is the one thing I can count on to block my heartburn. 00:55:36 When I take it in the morning I'm ready to go for the rest of the day [ Male Announcer ] Prilosec otc. 00:55:41 One pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn! 00:55:44 Buy two 42-count boxes of prilosec otc. 00:55:48 Get $25 back. 00:55:51 Let me go! I told you! 00:55:53 Oh! ugh! oh! 00:55:55 Let me go! 00:55:56 Just as soon as we tie the knot, and it's all legal. 00:56:00 Oth grunting] rachel will never marry you. 00:56:07 Who's gonna stop her? 00:56:09 Let me out! ugh! 00:56:12 Let me out of here! 00:56:14 [Grunts] let me out! 00:56:17 [Indistinct chattering] [organ playing] hey! 00:56:45 [Sighs] [exhales] Nanny: Well, if you do see her, would you tell her that I'm looking for her, please? 00:56:57 Thank you, mr. salomone. yes. 00:57:28 Eloise: Nanny? 00:57:30 Come in, nanny! do you read me? 00:57:32 Nanny? come in, nanny. 00:57:37 Eloise: I'm under the tree. 00:57:39 Nanny, can you hear me? 00:57:43 Under the red box. 00:57:44 Nanny, if you can hear me, pick up. 00:57:52 Nanny, help me! please! 00:57:55 .. 00:57:58 Eloise? 00:57:59 You're there! 00:58:00 [Gasps] oh, nanny, that horrible brooks locked me in the basement closet! 00:58:03 [Grunts] out of my way, for lord's sake! 00:58:09 Ohh! 00:58:10 Ohh! 00:58:13 [Both scream and grunt] aah! 00:58:22 [Panting] eloise! 00:58:26 In here! 00:58:27 I'm in the cabinet! 00:58:30 I'm locked in! 00:58:32 Ohh! 00:58:33 .. 00:58:38 Oh, my sainted aunt fanny! 00:58:42 Ah! 00:58:47 [Grunts] stand back, 'cause I'm come, come, coming in! 00:58:53 [Grunting] oh, eloise! what happened? 00:59:02 Come on, nanny! there isn't much time! 00:59:05 ["Wedding march" playing] come on! 00:59:49 [Panting] [grunting and panting] where'd she go? 01:00:02 To have and to hold-- [gasps] Man: From this day forward, for better, for .. 01:00:12 [Panting] shh, shh, shh! come on. 01:00:20 Man: In sickness and in health, till death do you part? 01:00:24 I do. 01:00:26 [Panti] I need a raise. 01:00:29 Do you, rachel, take brooks to be your wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward-- for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer-- [panting] in sickness and in health, till death do you part? 01:00:49 [Gasps] no-- I'm sorry. 01:00:57 [crowd gasps] I can't do this. 01:01:02 [Murmuring] what--what do you mean? why? 01:01:06 [Panting] [crowd murmuring] [nanny gasps] that's why. 01:01:20 What's going on here? 01:01:30 Ohh! 01:01:32 [giggling] ooh! 01:01:49 Eloise: Of course, nanny and me replay the whole story over hors d'oeuvres of holiday fudge. 01:01:56 We think we're rawther brave. 01:01:59 Then we all sit down to our christmas eve feast and eat absolutely so much that all we can do is lie around and wish that we hadn't eaten the fudge. 01:02:11 Nanny: "And ever afterward, it was always said of him "that he knew how to keep christmas well. 01:02:19 "And so, as tiny tim observed, '" would you mind very much if we asked mrs. thornton to come over tomorrow? 01:02:33 No one should be alone on christmas. 01:02:38 I think it's a fine idea, pet. 01:02:41 [Telephone rings] mother? eloise. 01:02:47 Oh. hello, mr. peabody. 01:02:48 There's something I want to discuss with you. 01:02:51 Something to discuss with me? 01:02:53 Yes. 01:03:45 Mud? 01:03:46 Yeah, dirt? 01:03:47 Do you think the two of us will ever find the one? 01:03:50 Well, we've been left behind .. 01:03:54 Aw, man! 01:03:54 ...But we have got... 01:03:55 See ya! 01:03:57 ...Each other. 01:03:59 ! ♪♪ 01:04:00 [ Male Announcer ] Swiffer attracts dirt. 01:04:01 The 2 in 1 swiffer sweeper uses electrostatic dry cloths to trap and lock more dirt than a broom and uses dirt dissolving wet cloths to clean better than a mop. 01:04:10 You're quite the pickup artist! 01:04:11 [ Male Announcer ] 2 In 1 swiffer sweeper gives cleaning a whole new meaning. 01:04:16 otc lines of nfl training camp to put our 24-hour frequent heartburn protection to the test for two weeks. 01:04:21 [ Diehl ] PEOPLE THINK We're indestructible, but if you're out there and you're feeling burning it's gonna affect the way that you play. 01:04:27 Prilosec otc is the one thing I can count on to block my heartburn. 01:04:31 When I take it in the morning I'm ready to go for the rest of the day [ Male Announcer ] Prilosec otc. 01:04:35 One pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn! 01:04:39 Buy two 42-count boxes of prilosec otc. 01:04:42 Get $25 back. 01:06:18 @ by the way, they fit perfectly. 01:09:07 [Jingles] [elevator dings] go on, pet. 01:09:39 Merry christmas, mr. peabody. 01:09:42 That remains to be seen. 01:09:43 Eloise, I'm told what happened today was your doing. 01:09:48 Is that true? 01:09:50 Go on. 01:09:50 Admit it, you little wedding-wrecker. 01:09:52 Now, just a minute-- that's enough, prunella. 01:09:59 Well? 01:10:02 I just wanted her to have true love, and it would never be with brooks. 01:10:07 It just couldn't be. 01:10:09 So, you decided to take matters into your own hands. 01:10:13 Is that it? 01:10:15 Well, I may have slightly arranged for her and bill to sort of run into each other, but I had to, mr. peabody. 01:10:24 If you just saw them together-- I mean, really saw them-- you'd know that. 01:10:31 That that's where her heart's always been. 01:10:34 It's always been bill, mr. peabody. 01:10:37 They belong together. 01:10:40 So, it's true, then? 01:10:42 You're responsible for all this? 01:10:50 Thank you. 01:10:52 That's all I wanted to know. 01:10:59 [Elevator dings] what is the meaning of this? 01:11:03 I demand to know why I have been summoned down here at this ghastly hour. 01:11:08 thornton, but it seems you have a visitor. 01:11:12 Madame, I am prince gavarac of bavaria. 01:11:17 Your son edgar was married to my sister. 01:11:20 Please forgive me for not coming sooner. 01:11:22 My country has been in great turmoil since edgar's passing. 01:11:26 He was deeply loved by our people. 01:11:29 Now, it has taken me many months, but I have finally persuaded the government to release part of edgar's foe. 01:11:36 Not all of it, .. 01:11:41 Will be well taken care of for the rest of your days. 01:11:45 Oh. 01:11:49 You mean-- we would be honored if you remain a resident of the plaza. 01:11:56 .. 01:12:00 It is my home, after all. 01:12:04 And always will be. 01:12:10 Bill? 01:12:14 Your highness, I'm told you have quite a talent for the piano. 01:12:19 I think a song is called for. 01:12:26 Thank you, eloise. 01:12:29 [No audio] Prunella: Thank you? 01:12:33 Do you mean to say you're going to let some demonic child determine who's fit to marry your daughter? 01:12:38 If she says one more word-- a waiter, instead of a fine, upstanding citizen like mr. oliver? 01:12:44 Come on, shake a leg, slim. let's go. 01:12:48 Brooks? 01:12:49 Special agent kringle, fbi. 01:12:51 I been tailing slim here for the past week. 01:12:55 Fingerprint analysis just confirmed he's our boy. 01:12:58 Real name's jimmy stutts. 01:12:59 Wanted in 3 states for forgery, fraud, and extortion. 01:13:05 You were saying? 01:13:08 Come on, stutts. 01:13:11 Well, it seems I wasn't the only one who had suspicions about him. 01:13:17 Why, you-- come on. 01:13:23 All: the herald angels sing ♪♪ 01:13:28 ♪♪ glory to the newborn king ♪♪ 01:13:32 ♪♪ peace on earth and mercy mild ♪♪ 01:13:37 .. ♪♪ 01:13:40 thornton ever had a better christmas present. 01:13:45 Well done, my love. 01:13:47 But I didn't get her anything. 01:13:50 Are you sure about that? 01:13:53 See, it's not the presents that come wrapped in ribbons and bows that count as much as the ones that come from here. 01:14:01 All: the herald ang .. ♪♪ glory to ♪♪ 01:14:08 ♪♪ the newborn king ♪♪ 01:14:10 mm-hmm. 01:14:12 the herald angels sing ♪♪ 01:14:16 .. ♪♪ 01:14:26 mother! 01:14:28 I knew you'd make it! 01:14:33 All: the herald angels sing ♪♪ 01:14:38 the newborn king ♪♪ 01:14:42 ♪♪ peace on earth and mercy mild ♪♪ 01:14:47 ♪♪ god and sinners reconciled ♪♪ 01:14:52 ♪♪ joyful, all ye nations rise ♪♪ 01:14:57 mph of the skies ♪♪ 01:15:01 ♪♪ with angelic host proclaim ♪♪ 01:15:06 ♪♪ christ is born in bethlehem ♪♪ 01:15:11 the herald angels sing ♪♪ 01:15:16 ♪♪ glory to the newborn king ♪♪ 01:15:22 I absolutely love christmas. 01:15:35 Captioning made possible bydisney-abc domestic television captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc.

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