1 Once upon a time, in an obscure corner of the earth, there was a teeny-tiny encounter. And so began the long, long adventure and days spent in combat involving Son Goku and his friends, and revolving around the Dragon Balls. Battles against foes who were mesmerized by Shen Long, who would grant any wish... Hit the mark! A furious fight against Piccolo, which ended in vengeance... You lose! The matchup against Vegeta, with the survival of humanity at stake... You dumb-ass! The battle with Freeza on Planet Namek... The Artificial Humans and the Cell Games... See you in hell! Now! The final showdown with Majin Boo... As one after another powerful enemies appear, the Super Saiyan Goku, together with his growing sons, Gohan and Goten, and his other friends, save the earth from its tight spots, and before anyone knows it, peace returns to earth. However... Have you sensed it, too, Kaioshin? Yes. He certainly is awake early this time, isn't he? My word, peace truly is short-lived. And after they just created the world anew, too. I would think that Kaio and the others sense it, too, but tell him to be on the lookout, just in case. Mm-hmm. All right. Yes, Kaioshin-sama. Yes, yes... Yes, I have noticed it, too. Hey! Be quiet, Goku! I'm trying to talk here! Goku? Do you mean, Son Goku-san is there? Y-Yes. He is here on my world to train. We cannot allow him to become aware of this. He is sure to take an interest. Yes, of course, where Beers-sama is concerned... G-Goodbye, then... What about Beers-sama? G-Goku! Huh? Is that the name of some candy? Y-You found me out, huh? It is a most delicious candy. Well of course it ain't! Kaio-sama, you were talking like you were pretty freaked out. It's something you don't need to know about. Oh, if you tell me that, I'm just gonna ask you even more! There's no way I'm telling. You were speaking to Kaioshin-sama, right? Maybe I'll go ask him directly. All right! All right! Don't go using your Instantaneous Movement! Don't tell Kaioshin-sama that you heard this from me. There are deities in this world that create planets and life, such as Kaioshin-sama. And, conversely, there are also deities who destroy planets and life. So then, this Beers-sama is one of them? That is correct. Beers the Destroyer. Huh? He's a deity, but he's still a destroyer? Birth and destruction. They're needed in order to maintain balance in the world. I wonder how many worlds will fall victim this time. My goodness... ...Beers the Destroyer is awakening, is he? We won't know peace for some time, huh? Why have you changed into your gi? This Beers-sama guy is pretty strong, right? Don't tell me you're... I can't wait to see how strong he is! Y-You idiot! What?! You just don't get it! Beers-sama's strength is on a completely different level than you are! He's Beers-sama, the greatest destroyer in the world! He's such a capricious destroyer that even Kaioshin-sama would be scared to come face-to-face with him, and maybe pee his pants a little bit, he's so terrifying! The part where he's the strongest in the world has me fascinated! Please wake up, Beers-sama. You must not fall back asleep again. You are the one who set your alarm bomb yourself, aren't you? If you don't get up soon, your backup alarms will... All right... all right. I won't have you sleeping in for 15 years, like you did last time. If you insist on not getting up... ...would you like me to perform my waking-up song for you again? Well then... A-All right! All right. I only slept 39 years this time. That's no more than a catnap. Beers-sama, you are the one who set your wake-up time. Incidentally, why did you choose this time? There's something that I was curious about. Well, I have prepared your bath. Please go take it. No way. I hate baths. You are covered in bomb soot. It could contain mold. Come on! What if I say no? Someone will say "Beers the Destroyer is amazing, but pee-yew!" and word will spread around. Whis, I'm tired of your unfunny jokes. I'll destroy you. By the way, Whis, while I was asleep, did Freeza leave Planet Vegeta destroyed for me? Yes, without a trace. Oh, yeah? I could have given the folks on that planet an eternity, but they'd still be nothing but trouble. And that King Vegeta was especially hard-fisted. I would have been happy to destroy them, too, but their world is so far away, you know? It was too much trouble. I have to admit, though, Freeza is a bad apple, too. He's so self-important. The next time I see him, I think I might destroy him, too. There won't be any need for that. Freeza has been defeated. Eh? You mean there's someone that can defeat Freeza? One moment, please. Huh? It seems like I've seen this somewhere before. Who is this guy? A Saiyan. He appears to be called both Son Goku and Kakarrot. I thought all the Saiyans died in the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Most of them did perish, but some who happened to be on other worlds were spared. And by the way, Prince Vegeta was one of them. Isn't Saiyan hair supposed to be black? I have to say, I'm surprised a Saiyan could defeat Freeza. At this point, the Saiyans have acquired a technique whereby they become what they call "Super Saiyans." What's that? Super Saiyan? Super Saiyan? Super Saiyan?! That's it. That's what it was! What what was? Let's see... Super Saiyan... Super Saiyan... n-God! I dreamed about it! A dream where I fought against a Super Saiyan God, like this guy! Uh-huh. You still don't get it? It was a premonition. Premonition! You mean, your dream? Beers-sama, your premonitions don't have all that high an accuracy rate, do they? That dream you had earlier about that idol moving here didn't come true, did it? You're making fun of me, huh? All right, come with me, Whis. Seer! Seer, are you here? I was taking a walk. What is it? You told me 39 years ago, didn't you, that in 39 years, an arch-rival would appear? Did I say that? You said so, didn't you? Okay, I did. See? The Seer's prophecy and my premonition... An arch-rival of mine is going to appear. A Super Saiyan God! It sounds entirely questionable to me. It's hard to imagine an arch-rival for you to begin with, Beers-sama. Well, even if the arch-rival that the Seer mentioned is an exaggeration, someone fascinating is bound to appear, right? That's why I woke up early this time. I see. So that's why. So, are you going to go see the Saiyans? Of course I am. I have to find this "Super Saiyan God." Super Saiyan God, you say? Such over-the-top naming. It ends up sounding tawdry. I found them. Most of the surviving Saiyans, five of them, are in 4032 Green, on Planet 877, living on a world called "earth." Earth? I'm sure I've been to that planet once, long ago. That's the planet which had something called dinosaurs, which took a rude attitude toward me, so I exterminated them, right? However, one of them, the Saiyan that defeated Freeza, currently appears to be on Kaio of the North's world. A Saiyan at a Kaio's place? That sounds suspicious. Whis, how long will it take to get there? Roughly 26 minutes. About the length of an episode of TV anime, huh? Sure is far! Well, what choice is there? I'll suck it up and go. All right, then, let's be off! To the Kaio of the North's world! Yeah! Bulma-san, happy... ...birthday! Eh?! He's not coming?! Why is he training at Kaio-sama's place at a time like this? That's the kind of guy he is. Geez, I told him about this over six months ago! Huh? Where's Vegeta-san? Looks like he's training. Honest to goodness, you Saiyans... He)', you there! Eh? Don't just sit around, bring me another drink. I'll give you an autograph afterward. All right, what kind of drink would you like? Mister Satan, this gentleman is Bulma-san's father, Dr. Briefs. Th-The greatest genius in the world? Not to mention the richest man in the world. Oh, sweetheart, you're the richest man in the world? Huh, I'm not too sure of that, myself. H-How terribly rude of me! By the way, what kind of drink would you like? D-Don't be absurd! I will bring you something to drink! What can I get for you? Huh? I'm fine right now. Oh, not at all! What would you like to drink? Okay, a cola. A cola! Right, as you wish! I will bring you a whole case, right now! Ah, geez, Papa. How embarrassing. I put it on to look dashin' comin' to Bulma-san's birthday party. By the way, Bulma-san, just how old have you turned this birthday? How rude! As though I'd tell you! It's true that the prizes for the bingo tournament include a castle and an airplane, right? That's right. If that's too much trouble, I can convert it to cash. That's the richest person in the world for you! I wonder if Goku-sa will drop in for at least the bingo tournament. Bulma, are there any X-rated DVDs among the prizes? No! O-Oh, no! Wh-What is it, Goku?! Today is Bulma's birthday party! This ain't good! She'll be mad at me! Oh. Don't startle me over something like that! She's scary. Probably... It would be a close contest between her and this Destroyer guy. Kaio-sama? Goku! Th-This is serious! Here! Right here! Huh?! Bulma is coming here?! No! Beers-sama is! Beers the Destroyer is on his way here! Huh? Eh? I ain't sensing anything. You can't sense the presence of deities! Remember, whatever you do, refrain from doing anything stupid. It will be fine, I tell you. All right! You worry me. Goku, go hide inside the house! Huh? What for? Quickly! And quickly, too. Geez... Hurry! Okay, O kaY! Why, though? Why is Beers-sama coming here? Why, indeed? Wh-Why, Beers-sama... Him, huh? He sure looks like he ain't just anyone, all right? ...w-welcome to my... ...humble place. Thank you for coming... all this way... Long time no see, huh? Kaio of the North... Huh? Oh! That guy's the one they call Beers-sama? I must say... your world... small, huh? Eh? Y-Yes... I'm terribly sorry. Please excuse the cramped fit. Long ago, Beers-sama destroyed it, making it smaller... taking it out after losing at hide-and-seek. Oh, did I? However, considering that you restored your world earlier, and you did not bring it back to its original size, you must prefer it to be this size, don't you? Anyhow... Beers-sama, what brings you here? Ah, I have a little business with the Saiyan inside. Yikes! Come on out here! H-How terribly impolite of me! Goku! Come say hello to Beers-sama! Heya! I'm Go... I was certain you were going to say that! You're old enough to know better! At least offer a proper greeting! Uh, wh-why, hello there. I'm... I mean... My name is Son Goku. It's honorable to meet you, Sir. Good morning. Now then, I have something I want to ask you. Let's see... Super... Super Saiyan God. Yes, yes. Do you know of the existence of this "Super Saiyan God"? Super Saiyan God? I know of just plain "Super Saiyans," but I ain't ever heard of that "God" business. I haven't heard of it, Sir. This is the first time I have heard the term "Super Saiyan God," myself. Ah, I see. I heard from Whis, here, that you're the one who defeated Freeza? Freeza? Yeah, I defeated him, all right. Sir. It doesn't appear to me like you could defeat him as you are, but I understand you transform and power up... into what's called a Super Saiyan. That is correct. You are well informed. But you don't know about the God thing. Whis... Prince Vegeta, on the planet called earth, also a Super Saiyan? Yes. And each of the three others also seem to be able to transform. You know that much, as well? All of them, huh? That seems suspicious. Well then... I wonder if I can find anything by going to earth. B-Beers-sama, I do not think the other Saiyans know, either. I won't know unless I ask them, will I? Whis, how long to reach earth? Roughly three minutes. Three minutes? All right, then. Well, I think I'm going to go see this "earth." Um... You're not going to destroy it, or anything, right? As long as nothing happens to annoy me. Hey, listen! Ain't you... I mean, Beers-sama, I heard you were ridiculously strong. Would you mind showing me just a little of it? Sir? You want to see my power? How? I'd like to have a sparring match with you, if only for a minute! Goku! That's enough! I have lived a long time, but I've never heard a request as unique as that one. You certainly seem sure of yourself. Or could it be that you're simply just a big dummy, instead? Yes, he's a big dummy! He is just a big dummy, you see! Sure. Okay, come at me with your full power. Thank you! I mean, thank you very much! But are you sure you want my full power right from the start? If you get hurt, don't go getting upset and destroying this planet. You have my promise. Well, go ahead. Okay - First, this is "Super Saiyan." And this is "Super Saiyan 2." And this is the mighty "Super Saiyan 3"! Run for it, Bubbles! Well, well, this is a surprise. It appears that this isn't just a bunch of hot air, after all. Heh-heh, you see? If you want, I can go back to "2" for you. No, no, as you are will be fine. Okay, begin. You're looking down on me. All right...! Well then, let's be off. Okay - See you later, Kaio of the North. Are you still alive, you big dummy? Oh, right! I can't just sit around. I have to contact Vegeta as soon as possible! Vegeta! It's Kaio! What do you want with me, Kaio? Listen closely to what I'm about to say. Beers the Destroyer will be there very soon. The Destroyer? I've heard that name before. In any case, once Beers-sama arrives there, do absolutely, absolutely nothing to engage him! Otherwise, it will mean the annihilation of the earth itself. The earth will be annihilated? Goku couldn't leave well enough alone, and was easily beaten. He was what?! Kakarrot?! Super Saiyan 3 Goku was left barely breathing after just two blows. Just two blows, you say? I'm begging you. The fate of the earth rests with you. That really was awesome. Imagine, there being someone like that... I warned you, over and over! Just be grateful you weren't killed! To get any stronger, there ain't no choice but to merge with Vegeta, is there? No... ...even at that, I doubt I could beat him. Let's hope the people on earth don't do anything foolish. He said something about "Super Saiyan God," didn't he? Is that something I can arrive at with training? Or is it the name of a Saiyan called "God"? Is there another...? A senzu bean? I'm better! Kaio-sama, we have to let everyone on earth know! I've already told Vegeta. He's the one most likely to step over the line, after all. Things ain't looking good. I'd better get back to earth right away. Or maybe I should train a bit first. You're finally here, huh, Vegeta? Oh, and why are you wearing your combat gear to your own wife's birthday party? What's wrong? You seem unusually blue. A-ha, could it be that you're in shock over your beloved wife turning another year older? It sure is nice for you Saiyans, not having to grow older. Silence! What do you mean, "silence"?! Hmph! What is this? I've got a knot in my stomach. Is the great Vegeta-sama trembling with fear? What is with you? Beers the Destroyer... Without a doubt, I know I've met him somewhere before... Hey, Prince Vegeta, right? You're all grown up now, aren't you? It looks like this "Ki" that you all use doesn't work on deities. Ah, yes, well... Something's come over Vegeta. Do you remember me now? I remember! When we previously met, you were still just a little boy, huh? Don't you remember? Your father, King Vegeta, put on quite a spread for me. The Destroyer, Beers... ...-sama... What Kaio said was no exaggeration. This guy is trouble. He's way beyond trouble! It looks to me like you're up to something enjoyable here. What's more, I smell something very good. A-Ah, this? My wife is having a birthday party. Your wife? Well, I'll have to go pay my respects. Beers-sama... Oh, right. The point of my visit... Have you ever heard the term "Super Saiyan God"? Super Saiyan God? You don't know it, then? Are you sure your premonition wasn't wrong? I'm never wrong! But you are, quite often. I'm starting to get annoyed. Oh, Vegeta, the man who tells his wife to be silent... Who have we here? O-Oh, th-this is... ...Beers-san and... The name is Whis. Oh, friends of yours? Hello. I'm Bulma, Vegeta's... ...beautiful wife. ...Hello, Bulma-san. ...Hello, Bulma-san. Oh, my! For being friends of yours, they have fine manners. But you don't appear to be from earth. You're aliens, right? Aliens? Th-That's enough! We just happened to drop by earth, and spotted Vegeta-kun here. Sightseeing? If you'd like, why not come party with us, first? You're quite welcome. H-Hey! Well, I do hate to intrude... ...but the truth is, I spotted some of the most delicious-looking food when I first got here. Go ahead, go ahead. C-Come, let's go down there. Hey! You there, the cat monster! How'd you like a match with me? A match? Th-That idiot! I'm pretty good! Oh, Dad, you're embarrassing us! I apologize for his rudeness. Where are the Dragon Balls?! You idiots! If you make any loud noises, they'll hear us! R-Right! All right... This house is ridiculously huge, for crying out loud! Pesky fools! We' re sorry. Sheesh! Just where are the Dragon Balls, anyway? All seven of them are supposed to be together here. I don't know why I can't get my wish granted, but right now, we're in luck! My next goal is to be hugely wealthy! Huh? L-it's not world domination? Getting a great deal of money comes first. I've had enough of living the poor life. We couldn't even get hired for part-time work in these child-like bodies we have, you know! ...Y-Yes... ...Well... I am Great King Pilaf! Earlier, when we were finally about to get Shen Long to grant our wish, Pilaf-sama, you said "Make us young again!" Y-Yeah, but... ...there's no point in dominating the world when we're old, if we're going to drop dead right away. Maybe so, but we're too young like this! It was a relief for me. My life has been greatly extended, in dog years. Stop your griping and hurry up and find the Dragon Balls! And if worse comes to worst, let's just grab anything of value! ...Yes, Sir! ...Yes, Sir! Okay! "Prizes" O-Over here... What is it? "Bingo Tournament Prizes-Keep Out!" You don't suppose... ...all of these... ...are prizes?! That castle is a prize! ...Wow! ...Damn it, what a ritzy bunch! I'll spray graffiti on them! "Stupid" Take that! And that! And that! I. That's quite sordid. ...Come on! ...Let's hurry! Yeah! The Dragon Balls must be hidden here someplace! Find them! ...Yes, sir! ...Yes, sir! You don't think they're inside the castle, do you? Pilaf-sama! Did you find them?! The participation prize is a ten-year assortment of fine hams! Get two or three boxes! Yahoo! The second-place prize is... What a ridiculously huge diamond! Be sure to take it! But if this is the second-place prize... First-place must be... We sure found them easily enough. Pilaf-sama! Th-There really are all seven of them here! ...Yahoo! Yahoo! ...Banzai! Banzai! Pilaf-sama, let's get our wish granted right now! You fool! If we summon Shen Long in here, the ceiling will collapse on us! Hey, you guys! What are you doing in there? W-We're friends of the boy who lives here. Huh? My friends? Y-You're the boy who lives here?! That monkey is talking! ...Mon... ...Mon... Who are you calling a monkey?! I am Great King Pilaf! We came here to burgle the place! What's the big idea, giving them your real name? Hey, Goten! Come over here and see this! There's a funny monkey! I'm not a monkey! Hmm? Hey, boy! Be quiet! Do you want to get hurt?! What? Look. Th-That distinctive hairstyle... It looks extremely familiar... Those blank eyes that reveal such innocence! They look extremely familiar... H-He's that... "Genuine great ape! Clear out! Right! You can have this. Pilaf-sama! Wait for me! Wow, that really was one strange monkey and dog, huh? Mm-hmm. Hey, who was that girl who gave you the pretty rock as a present? Is she your friend, Trunks-kun? She's... my girlfriend. What do you think? Amazing, huh? You mean, you're going out with her? W-Well, yeah. We've even held hands. That's amazing! Y-Yeah, I guess. Amazing. Damn! What is he doing here?! He's still a child, too! And thanks to him, we didn't get the Dragon Balls, did we?! What?! You're creeping me out! Prepare to feast your eyes... on this! I used the diamond to distract their gaze. They haven't realized that the Si Xing Qiu ball has been stolen. You've outdone yourself, Mai! Yes! Just a minute! We can't grant our wish with just one of them. Don't you worry about that, Pilaf-sama. We'll say, "if you want this back, hand over one million zeni," and demand their money! Oh, I get it! Mai, you're a genius! You big-time rascal! Oh, no, not as much as you are, Pilaf-sama. But that diamond was worth more than ten billion zeni, wasn't it? U-Um... Y-You idiot! That huge amount of money just means that much more stress, doesn't it? Y-Yeah! If we get so nervous that we pee our pants, are you offering to wash them for us?! Huh? Eh? Ahem... I'm not so sure about that example. It seemed to be a little bit off-color. I beg your pardon. Hmm? Isn't that...?! It's him! What is he saying?! That girl over there is your girlfriend, Trunks? I don't know who you take after, but you're quite the stud, aren't you? Nice going! Amazing, huh? Y-Yeah, I guess. Call her over here for me. Yo'.! My good lad! You just flew through the air to get here! Never mind about that, I... ...was trying to act cool, and said that you were my girlfriend. You said I was...? N you'.! Then, me? Why would I?! This girl here! Who, me?! Me, with a little boy like you...? You're a little girl, yourself, aren't you? Oh, right. I hate to ask, but pretend to be my girlfriend for a while. P-Pretend to be your girlfriend? What do I have to do? Well, we hold hands... and stuff... H-Hands?! The children these days are so depraved! You're free to eat all the food you want, too. Food?! And there's a bingo tournament, too! Absolutely! Come on! Just a moment. Pilaf-sama, I know he is a child, but holding hands with a boy on the very same day I met him is something I can't... You're actually more than old enough for this, aren't you? Pilaf-sama, there are some things you can say, and some you can't! Do it, Mai! For the food and the bingo tournament! As well as... ...the Dragon Balls it comes with. I've seen that older lady somewhere before... I-it was back then! Yes, that is her, all right! That kid earlier and the one who was with them back then... I'm getting nothing but bad feelings about this! Come on, let's go. R-Right! These "takoyaki" balls are fascinating. They are quite delicious. Both the sauce flavor and soy sauce flavors are fantastic. So your name is Mai-chan? Mai-chan, how old are you? You shouldn't tease the grown-ups! Ka... ...ha... Please don't wreck anything else. Hal! This is crazy! It's no use. I can't beat the Destroyer like this. Beers-sama was much, much stronger. Hey, Kaio-sama! It looks like a quick bit of training ain't gonna be enough to reach this Super Saiyan God thing. I have to admit, I'm not seeing any sign of this Super Saiyan God. I was kind of looking forward to it. From what I hear, as far as the Saiyans go, aside from Son Goku and Vegeta, the others are all half-earthling. And two of them are still just children. Okay, next up is everyone's favorite, the bingo tournament! While the castle and the airplane are both terrific prizes, the main attraction has to be... Look at this! All seven Dragon Balls together! If you win, you can have whatever wish you want granted! Oh? Those balls are a lot like Planet Namek's wish orbs, huh? ...Earth's Kami does appear to be a Namekian, after all... All right! As I recall, a dragon appears from the wish orbs, and grants any wish they want, right? H-Hey, just a minute! Aren't you one Dragon Ball short? The Si Xing Qiu ball is gone! No way! They were all there a little while ago! Hey, are you leaving already? Mai-chan, tell me what your cell phone number is! I don't have anything so fancy! Hold on! You idiot! O-Oh, no, I fell into their trap. You're the one who cried out, you know. At this point, there's little choice left. Damn it! P-Pilaf-sama! H-Hey, all of you! If you don't want this kid to get killed, you'll hand over one million zeni! Well, 100,000 zeni will be okay, too. Wh-What's so funny? I really will kill him! That child says she will kill him, yet the others are laughing. Maybe they need some punishment. N-No! That girl is apparently my son's girlfriend, after all! This is just a silly game. I really, really, really mean it! U-Um, Mai-chan... No talking, hostage! Your chest is touching me. Oh, this is an entertaining side show, isn't it? All right, I'll play along! You adorable little villains! The Great Saiyaman does not stand for bad guys! ...Yeah! Yeah! ...Way to go! Seems fishy. By any chance, is that the Super Saiyan God? P-Please, do not get the wrong idea! That is just Kakarrot's son, dressed up in a disguise! Young lady, go ahead and try to shoot me! Th-That's crazy! S-Stay back! It really is okay for you to shoot me. I think that will liven things up a bit more. I know! While you're at it, shoot all your bullets at once at me! Mm-hmm, that will be great! A-All of them? It's no problem. He can deflect all of them away. But don't shoot at my feet or anything. Let's keep it simple. Aim right for the face, okay? Okay, villains! Shoot as much as you like! Okay, but you asked for it! How do you like that, you villains?! Do you now realize the power of the Great Saiyaman?! That's not like him. He's not accustomed to drinking so much. You guys, I thought that was just a toy, but it's a real gun, isn't it? You children shouldn't be carrying something like that. If it hadn't been me, this could have been really serious. Ee-yow! Videl! Videl, are you okay? Videl-san! Gohan! What's the big idea, hittin' your own wife? L-I'm so sorry! Here, let me have a look. Can you heal her, Turtle Hermit-san? I'll give her mouth-to-mouth... That has nothing to do with an injured leg! You haven't changed at all, you dirty old man! N-Neither have you! How could you do that to a great sage?! Allow me to heal her. Wh-What do you think you're doing? You should watch what you say. This person is Kami-sama. K-Kami-sama? You don't mean, for real? Are you really Kami-sama? It's better. Thank you very much, Kami-sama. Um, your tummy is carrying... Shh! It's still a secret. Oh, it is? Gohan, no more drinkin' alcohol for you for a while! Got it?! Y-Yes. Thank you, Dende... I mean, Kami-sama. This is a dream, right? A dream. But I thought we were dreaming before, and it was all real. By any chance, can you deflect bullets, too? Of course I can. You knew that when you started the act, right? And you there, the dog, you can't just stand there in a daze. You have to hurry up and come slashing at me! S-Sorry. And monkey, your intensity leaves a lot to be desired! What a shame. It could have gone over better. We'll try harder next time. Wh-What did you think? That was an entertaining show, right? One of them came flying at me, too. It feels a bit itchy. Unpleasant. Very unpleasant. So then, will you destroy the earth? It might be best to renew the whole planet at once. Before Creation cometh Destruction. Hey, come on, you guys! That's all for the side show! Now, let the fun of the bingo tournament begin! P Bingo! P P Bingo! P P Bingo! P What's come over Vegeta? P Fun time bingo! P P Earth is a fun place to be! P P The food 'vs good there, too'. P P Fun time bingo! P P Fun time bingo! Yeah! P That was somewhat engaging, huh? Yeah. I never figured him to be such a poor singer and dancer. He could give your songs a run for their money, Whis. I'm sorry to hear that. Well, let's collect ourselves by getting some more food. Yeah, all right. Okay, that was good. All right, children, that Ball isn't a toy. You can't go carrying it around without asking first. But your little skit was kind of entertaining. Thank you. Okay, the Dragon Balls are all back together, so let's start playing bingo! I sacrificed my pride to preserve Beers' mood, so things managed to work out. But it shouldn't be an issue anymore. All that's left now is to get him to leave earth while he's still in a good mood. Is anyone one spot away from bingo yet? Beers-sama... Have you tried that dessert they call "pudding" yet? It truly is velvety-smooth and delicious. What's that? Pudding, you say? Where exactly is it? Over there. Oh my, it was here just a moment ago. Don't tell me you ate them all, Whis. Indeed not! You there, is there any more pudding? L-I'm sorry, but the pudding over there is the last of it. You there... Would you mind sharing one of those with me? Make that two... one for me. If not, at least let us have one, for me. Beers-sama, that's not fair. You've already had one, right? Hand it over. Boo! No way! What?! I'm eating them all myself! But there are so many of them! All of them are mine! Give me one! No! Give me one! No! Give me one, you dummy! You called me a dummy. I'm gonna turn you to candy and eat'cha! Oh, no! I look away for one second, and...! Now I'm completely upset! Hey! What did you do that for?! Beers-sama! Please stop! S-Stop him! Ten-san'.! He's out of this world! Kuririn-san, get the others out of here! Y-Yeah... Are you all right? Goten! Get her two friends! Uh-huh! You wouldn't give me any pudding, so I'm gonna hurt you some more. Stop! Damn it! It doesn't matter anymore! This way, Beers! Thanks for waiting. Ho! This tastes absolutely delicious! What do you call this food? Huh? O-Oh, it's called sushi. Oh, yum. He beat Vegeta in the blink of an eye! Mai, wait here a minute. Goten! I know! Fu... ...$ion! Ha! Yay! G-Goten has gone and turned delinquent again! His fighting senses, at least, are pretty good. Hey, you! The cat-person! Cause a big ruckus over pudding, will you?! Anyone who has manners that bad gets their butt kicked by Gotenks! What did you say? You earthlings are probably accustomed to eating it, but for me, it's an unknown food, whose flavor I can't even guess! Pudding! Even the naming makes it sound delicious, doesn't it?! Y-You hush! Don't! You're no match for him! Ow! Ow! I'm sorry'. I imagined that you'd be beyond the pale, but I never thought our levels would be this far removed. Damn, the end is finally here. You run out of pudding, and the Super Saiyan God isn't here. I guess it's time for destruction. Hmph, it might be an honor to be eliminated by Beers the Destroyer. Oh, well isn't that a nice thing to say? All right then, as you wish... Hey, that's enough of that already! I don't care if you're a friend of Vegeta's or not, but you've turned my 38th birthday upside-down, you know! 38th, is it? H-How dare you... hit my... Bulma!! You filthy bastard! This is incredible! I think Vegeta has finally surpassed Goku, hasn't he? Take this! Wh-What's that? Are they launching off extra-large fireworks at the Capsule Corporation again? Well? Sure enough, that doesn't seem to be Super Saiyan God, either. Enough, already. I'm going to destroy the earth and head back. Whis! Just a moment! So it's a sea urchin battleship roll? This is quite delicious, too. L-I won't let you do it! You're always "destroy this," "destroy that"! Let it go. I told you, it's already over. Vegeta! Vegeta! Whis, I say! You called, Beers-sama? It looks like this Super Saiyan God is just a pointless dream, like you said it was. And I'll say it again! I'm gonna destroy the earth and head back! As you wish. But could you please wait a little while longer? H-How is the tuna roll? Fantastic! Incidentally, I don't seem to have very much time. Could you wrap some of this up to go? Um, the earth is, I suppose, enjoyable in some aspects, so I will give you one last chance. You, over there! Yes, you there! You! M-Me? Yes. You, the tasty-looking one. H-He's gonna eat me! Come over here. L-I'm yucky! I taste incredibly yucky! Rock-paper-scissors with me, and if you win, I will leave. But if I win, I will destroy the earth. R-Rock-paper-scissors? Destroy the earth? No way! I'm lousy at rock-paper-scissors! The fate of the earth has been entrusted to you! This is your first big role, isn't it? If you lose, you're to blame. P-Pu-erh, I'll get you! Ah! So that's it! Hey, I get it! I know why you're the one he picked, Oolong! He thinks that you're just an ordinary pig! And as a pig, he thinks you can only throw scissors! However, you're a pig-man! He doesn't realize you can also throw rock and paper! He's sure to throw rock, so Oolong, if you throw paper, you'll win! L-I get it! A-All right! L-Let's do this! Are you ready yet? Y-Yeah! All right... ...Rock-paper-scissors! ...Rock-paper-scissors! Fools! I heard your whole strategy. Wait! Goku! Goku-sa! Goku! Son-kun'.! You, again? What do you want? Did you get a handle on what this "God" thing is? That's still a mystery, but don't destroy this planet. I am a god of destruction. I know that, Beers-sama. But just this once, give us a pass. And do what? Are you going to fight me again? I'd like to say I will, but you've got me in a bind. To be honest, no matter what I do, I ain't gonna be able to beat... That's it! Beers-sama, is it okay if I try my luck at something? For what? You know, that Super Saiyan God thing. There just might be a chance of getting one! How so? Would you give me just a little bit of time? Just a little? Okay? Please! Very well. But just a little. Thank you! Bulma! I'm gonna have to use the Dragon Balls! That's fine. If it's going to put that dumb rude jerk in his place, then use them all you want! That's a spiteful thing to say. The man is a deity! Huh? A deity? Yeah. So? If you're a deity, then don't go pitching fits over something like pudding, you dummy! He's no ordinary deity. He's a god of destruction, the most terrible kind in the world. His name is Beers-sama. He's the strongest guy in the universe. Strong enough that he scares the crap out of Kaio-sama and Kaioshin-sama. Everyone, please mind your manner of speech. If you happen to offend Beers-sama, you will be destroyed, along with the entire solar system. B-Beers-sama! S-Stop that! It has the opposite effect with middle-aged women! Shut up! OW! Goku, what are you going to do with the Dragon Balls?! Come forth, Shen Long! And grant me my wish! So that's it! You're thinking of having Shen Long put a stop to the destruction of the earth! Nope. That would be too much for him. The Capsule Corporation, huh? Rich people have the wildest attractions, huh? I shall grant thee any wish. Now, speak! Listen, Shen Long... Um... do you know what a Super Saiyan God is? Huh? What's that? Ho, that's the same question that I was going to ask. Yeah, I do know. Huh? You know it? Really? Really. Ls your wish whether or not I really know? No. No, no, no, no. If you know, then could you bring one here for us? I cannot bring one, for one does not exist. Super Saiyan God is a deity that can only be formed by Saiyans temporarily. What do you mean by that? You are asking many questions. What exactly is your wish? Beers-sama says to produce a Super Saiyan God. Hm? Ah, B-Beers-sama?! Why, it is Beers-sama! Pleased to meet you! Tell them how to form a Super Saiyan God. Er, right! I've never seen Shen Long like this. A Super Saiyan God is a savior, created by chance by a handful of righteous Saiyans, who long ago questioned the evil acts of their fellow Saiyans, and led a revolt against them. This savior had immense power, and dispatched the evil Saiyans in no time at all, but shortly thereafter, they returned to normal, with their power apparently used up. Once again, Planet Vegeta became a world of evil Saiyans, and the savior was also eliminated from their legends. This vanished legend goes... This story sure is long, huh? Are you getting this, Vegeta? Shh! Keep quiet! ..."Five Saiyans who possess righteous hearts join hands, and by instilling light into another righteous Saiyan, they will become a Saiyan god." I have now told you the method. Farewell. Please excuse me. Five Saiyans who possess righteous hearts? Hmph, that's impossible. The only two Saiyans like that are Gohan and Goten. How rude of you! While we may not be able to say much about Vegeta, Trunks has a righteous heart, doesn't he? Ha! Any kid his age that already has a girlfriend is impure. My, you sound like an old fogey! Are you sure you're not just jealous? Yeah, Piccolo-san! Are you sayin' Goku-sa is impure, too? Hmm, it's true that Goku may be pure, but he's purely a fool for fighting. Whether that counts as a pure heart is a subtle distinction. Shut your mouth, you dirty old geezer! Wh-What did you call me?! Such a thing to call a sage! Hurry up and give rise to a Super Saiyan God! Um, broadly speaking, don't all five of the Saiyans here possess hearts that are righteous? Hmm? Even Vegeta? Don't you judge me! Vegeta-san may have been evil a long time ago, but I'm not so sure about now. Is he evil? Now that you mention it, you're right. He hasn't done anything bad for a good while now. Stop insulting me! You're saying the great Vegeta-sama has a righteous heart?! It doesn't matter, just hurry up and give it a try! Why does Kakarrot get to be the main one? Quit complaining! Father, h-has there been any change? W-Well, I ain't sure. There, thanks for waiting. These are called tempura prawns, are they? That's good, too. Oh, they did m. Well, Kakarrot? Father, you have an outstanding battle power. Goku has finally gone and become a god! Son-kun! Go ahead and show him! Don't bother, Goku! It won't do any good to fight him. That was not godly. B-But... The reason your battle power went up is due to nothing more than collecting energy from the others. He's correct in saying so. If all you have is battle power that appears superficially, you can't call it godly. Ah, that makes sense. Yeah, you're right. I don't feel like I could beat you, Beers-sama. Oh, no... Listen closely, everyone. Please remember what he said. The light from five of you is instilled into one other. The total number of Saiyans you need is six, is it not? Oh, so that's it! We goofed up! Six? Then, one other... one other... That's it! Vegeta, you've got an on-the-level younger brother, don't you? On a faraway planet. What's worse, I don't even know where it is. You didn't even get his cell phone number? Enough! I was looking forward to an interesting development, but you've disappointed me. I'm starting to get drowsy, so I'll destroy the earth right now, and head home. E-Excuse me! There is one other! Videl-san? What other one? Um, not quite another one, but soon to be another one, you might say. But it definitely has Saiyan blood. What are you talking about, Videl? Your papa may be a great man, but I'm a full-blooded earthling! I'm not talking about you, Papa! Um, Videl-san has a baby inside her tummy. D-Do you mean it?! I do. I didn't say anything, because I wanted to surprise you, Gohan-kun. Hooray! ...Wow! ...Congratulations! Are you turning God, or not? C-Come on, let's add Videl-san, and try it again! Mm-hmm! Will this even work? It hasn't even been born yet. We've got nothing to lose, so let's just try it! Right. Maybe it's not going to work after all... Hey, that's the same old Goku as always, right? But look at him. His hair is red! You're right. He also looks a bit thinner. I can't tell what Goku's battle power is. Congratulations. It appears they were successful. It was worth waiting so very patiently. Really? Have I become a Super Saiyan God? We should know once we start fighting. Now, come and fight me. All right! Well, here I come! Sure. If you're the stronger one, I won't destroy the earth for you. Huh? You mean it? Thanks so much! Okay, everyone, this will be dangerous, so please give them a little more room. Well? What are your impressions on being a god? I'm stunned. I see. You're surprised. That's the same impression I had. Good. Keep that up. What's wrong? You seem dissatisfied. A little. You don't care to be a god? Nope. I never knew there was a world like this. What do you mean? A world that I couldn't come to by myself. And you're unhappy with that? Yeah. I ain't happy! Hmm? What's that? An earthquake? You say such interesting things. You don't like working with your friends to become a god?! Oh, I'm happy. I'm happy, but without using everyone else's power, I couldn't fight with you like this, Beers-sama! That frustrates me! Then why did you turn God? Because I wanted to fight you, Beers-sama. You really are a fool for fighting, huh? I get that a lot. Let's follow them! Right! Here we go! They're ramping it up! Excuse me. I beg your pardon. What is this mysterious, delicious item? Huh? Oh, it's ice cream. Ice cream? How novel! Imagine, making food this cold! Exactly how does one make it? L-I don't know. Oh, my. A reply as cold as this ice cream. Well? That was a pretty good one, wasn't it? It looks like they're having a pretty wicked fight, huh? Th-That bastard! He always snaps up the best of things for himself! But still... Wh-What? I'm glad that's not me. Huh? Are you still unhappy with being a god? A bit! That pride will prove to be a weakness! Good-for-nothing pride! It's rare that a Saiyan would be so hung up on it. Wh-What power! That ain't true. Vegeta has far more pride than even I do. Hmph, now that you mention it, he forsook his pride earlier, to protect the others. I know. He forsook even his pride as the prince. Ain't that amazing? I kind of respect him for that. And that's why you also forsook your pride to turn God, right? That's right. I wonder what those two are talking about. It's almost as though Goku were receiving training. I should also say that there's something I'm dissatisfied with. Huh? What's that? I still haven't even come close to fighting all-out. Oh, really? I was going at about 80 percent of all-out. Huh? 80 percent? Then let's see if you can keep up with this speed! What's the matter? Do you mean business yet? Yeah! I mean business! What's this? Using blasts now?! Ha! This isn't some sporting event! Stop enjoying destroying things! He's not God! He's reverted to a mere Super Saiyan! C-Can you see them, Kuririn? No, I can't. If you're gonna start using blasts against me... ...then I... ...have one for you! Go ahead. Feel free. Hal! That's Goku's Kamehame-Ha! Hmm? What's that? I'll return the favor! I'll take it, just like this! Wh-What is that? Beers' attack! Th-This is bad! Damn it...! Apparently, you haven't realized it, yourself. Wh-What? Your Super Saiyan God time ran out a good while ago. R-Really? B-But... It seems as though while you had turned God and were fighting me, you absorbed that world into your body. Which is why, even though you've returned to normal, you haven't powered down all that much. You're something else. I might even say you're one of those rarely-seen prodigies. If that's true, then I'm glad... Then openly recognize that joy. That's what you wanted, isn't it? I can't do that. The first matter at hand right now... still how huge the difference in our powers is! Then give up and bow out! What is going on? Damn it...! Goku-sa! ...Goku! ...Kakarrot! ...Father! Hey, what did you just do? L-I don't know. You don't know? You are a fascinating one. What? Why did you stop? I wanted to get you to say "I give up." I give up. I give "P! Beers-same, you sure are strong. There ain't no way I could stand up to you. You're the strongest in the universe, all right. It looks like you finally realize the terror of Beers the Destroyer. However, you are definitely strong, yourself. In the long, long history of fights I've been through, you are the second-strongest. Huh? Wh-What, only second place? All right, let me tell you one last thing... What? That you've decided not to destroy earth? No, I can't do that. I make it a rule not to change my mind once it's made up. Then, wh-what...? My attendant, a man named Whis, is over there, right? Huh? Y-Yeah... While he may be my attendant, he is also my teacher. Eh? T-Teacher?! Then, the strongest one in the universe is... This world is the "7th Universe." I am the Destroyer for the 7th Universe. There are 12 universes in all, you see. Don't you expect that there are even more fantastic guys out there? Goku-sa! ...Goku! ...Son-kun! L-I'm all right. I'm still alive. Well then, as promised, I will now destroy earth. Oh my, Beers-sama, you destroyed just a small piece of earth, huh? Hmph, that's too bad. I guess I don't have enough strength left. I'll have to destroy it completely some other time. Beers-sama... You there, when Beers-sama passes away, would you be the next Destroyer? Hey! I'm afraid not. That's too bad. Mrs. Vegeta... Huh? Me? Wh-What? I'm sorry for all the commotion. Never mind that, apologize for hitting me! S-Sorry. Hey, what are you, dim?! If you don't mind, please invite us to your next party. If you promise not to act up. Agreed. And this time, I'm going to have some of that pudding. I'll have the whole pool filled and ready for you. However, don't go telling me you don't like it after you eat it. If I don't like it, I really will destroy the earth this time. Then we'll get to fight again, right, Beers-sama? Farewell. Unbelievable. Absolutely right. Beers the Destroyer did not destroy them. Could it be because of the marvelous character of Son Goku? He keeps making more and more friends... ...until now, at last, even Beers-sama... No, we can't say it was entirely because of Son Goku. It's that whole group... no, it may even be because of the whole earth. Son Goku, who was supposed to have been a savage Saiyan, to say nothing of Vegeta, changed after coming to earth. Humankind aside, it really is a wonderful planet, isn't it? Those people have all sorts of problems, but they are brimming with a wondrous charm. I guess that was kind of fun. I have to admit, his latent ability is something unfathomable. Although, I wouldn't call him an arch-rival. Even so, it's been a long time since I've seen you have to use nearly 70 percent of your power, Beers-sama. What was his name again? Son Goku. Between him and Vegeta, they really might become my arch-rivals before too long, huh? You seem pleased by that. As are you, aren't you, Whis? It can become dull when we both live so long. Besides which, I do not sleep. Well, I'm a bit tired, so I think I'll take a three-year nap. Three years? That is a fairly brief snooze, isn't it? There appear to be many more delicious things on earth, after all. Sure enough, you did not feel like destroying earth after finding how delicious the food is. Oh, I don't know about that. Ah, come to think of it... I had them pack us something absolutely delicious, called sushi, for us to bring back with us. Beers-sama, would you like some? Or would you rather sleep? Ha! I'll have some, of course! It looks like you sampled quite a bit of tasty food while I was off fighting, huh, Whis? Oh, this is some beautiful food, isn't it? You apply a little of this fluid, called soy sauce, and eat it. What is this little green lump here? That? Ah, now that you mention it, the chef said "Use it as you like," and that it was called "wasabi." Ah, come to think of it, I did hear you talking about that. While I was fighting. Let me go get us something to drink. Let's see, here... That won't do! Yow-w-w... That was mean of you. Beers-sama, you do take out your temper on innocent worlds, after all. Hmph. This is all earth's fault. All right, let's head back to earth right now, and destroy it! My word, after I said "Use it as you like," you are the one who gulped it down, right, Beers-sama? Well then, let's make it "if I don't like the taste of sushi, it means destruction!" instead. Now then, please wake me in another three years. It was good, wasn't it? Okay, good night. Ah, Beers-sama, be sure to brush before you go to sleep. Huh? Yeah... all right, all right... Okay, one more time, then! Bulma-san, happy... ...birthday! Yeah! 38 years old! Shut up! Let's drink! When you're backed into a corner, you may be more fearsome than anything. Hey, Kakarrot, next time, I'm the one who gets to turn God! You be sure to cooperate with me. Yeah, of course! But when you overexert yourself to get stronger, it leaves you all worn out afterward! Oh, come to think of it, Vegeta, when Bulma got hit, you were all, "My Bulma!", got angry, and turned into an awesome Super Saiyan, huh? I felt so loved! L-I don't remember saying that! J-Just that, at the time, I definitely think I surpassed you! Yeah, you sure did. Next time, when we fight someone who gives us trouble, have him slap Bulma for us. Hey! I thought you weren't here when Vegeta went off like that. You arrived long before that, using your Instantaneous Movement, to see how things played out, didn't you? Uh, well... Son-kun'.! Is that true, you jerk?! While everyone else was getting beat up?! Sorry! Sorry! I was watching the enemy's movement, trying to put together a strategy, but well, I didn't come up with anything. Bulma! Smack him two or three more times! Yes, Sir! Whoa, I'm sorry! I know I made a mistake!