Synced and corrected By Katniss Everdeen I just got a brief for a new mission. Oh, well, the game starts in 10 minutes, so can you keep your brief, brief? Yeah, yeah. Okay, what do you got? You got nothing. This mission is just for K. C. What, just for me? Nice. Actually, the organization is pairing you with another teenage spy. The two of you will pose as boyfriend and girlfriend. Boyfriend and girlfriend, I'm not comfortable with you having this type of mission until you're 35 or I'm dead. Dad, it's fine. You'll be working with Brett Willis. Correction, that's fine mighty fine. Whoa, whoa, whoa, they're hooking you up with Brett Willis? Dad, relax. Every time I look at a boy, your head explodes. Well, this time my heart is exploding because I love this guy. He was just named the organization's junior spy of the year. Well, he sounds amazing. And I cannot wait to start a successful, mutually beneficial, professional relationship with him. K. C. Yes. You're drooling on Brett's Head. Okay, I got the brief from the organization center, so let's review? Sure. What you got? Cool. All right, the organization plans on taking on the Willis dribbles on the court, he pulls up for the three. But he's no good, but it's okay because Willis goes after his own shot, gets past through defenders, goes out for the slam and Oh, yeah! Yes, yes. Yeah, whoa! Hey, Kobe. Plan on telling me when it's halftime so we can continue our assignment? I'm sorry, go ahead. All right, the organization plans on taking down an international piracy ring Pirates? Sweet, I call dibs on the parrot. Great, then we'll have two things that won't stop talking. Uh, I meant movie pirates, they're people who steal movies, they make illegal digital copies and they sell them online. I wonder if they ever pirate "pirate" movies. Okay, come on, this is serious. Or the movies rated R Arrh! Come on, really, nothing? I'm sorry, are you not getting this? Are you mocking me, or are you just trying to be funny? Actually, I am being funny. You on the other hand are being a buzzkill. Are you spying? It's my job. Honey, we're off the clock. No, I mean my job as a dad. Brett just did this funny thing like he's playing basketball but it's with wasabi peas. It's Come on, that's classic. Oh, I'm pretty sure love is in the air. A buzzkill? I am so much fun. Look, I'm sorry I take my job seriously. Unlike you, I'm a pro. I can't even believe I was excited to work with you. I can. Excuse me? Who wouldn't want to work with me? I was named junior spy of the year. I'm guessing it wasn't for your modesty. No, actually, it was for taking down 43 spies and Hey, was that a slam? Oh, no, I'm sorry. Go on. What were you talking about again? Oh, yes. Yourself. Baby, I can't believe next month will be 20 years we're married. Mm-hmm. And they said we'd never make it. And by "they," I mean your mother. Yeah, she thought I'd end up with Zane. Zane, my ex-partner. Don't even mention his name. Why? He can't threaten us anymore. I mean, you eliminated him 16 years ago. I don't care, just the thought of him gives me the heebie-jeebies. Fine, changing the subject. So, I was thinking Uh-oh. We should have a big party for our anniversary here in the house. We'll invite all our friends and family, and renew our vows. Yeah, I don't think that's such a good idea. You're right. The house is too small. We'll rent out a restaurant, have a big party, invite all our family and friends, and renew our vows. Yeah, I'm not really feeling that one either. You're right. We need space for dancing and a band. We'll rent a yacht. Oh. Have a big party, invite all our family and friends, and renew our vows. Great idea, Craig. You know what, I got an even better idea. How about we stay in, invite all our kids, watch a movie and order pizza? That's not a 20th anniversary, that's a Wednesday night. Oh, here we go. Every time I want to do something for our anniversary, you say keep it small. Yeah. Well, I want it big. I want it real big. I'm talking pass hors d'oeuvres, flowers, music. I want to dance so hard, my feet hurt. And I want everyone we know to be there, so they can see how happy we are! Oh, in my defense, I was gonna let you choose the toppings. Hey, Kace, what's new? What's new? Marisa, we talked on the phone last night for like 4 hours, and we rode the bus here together. What else could be new? Hey, babe. Uh, that seems new. Hey, Brett, what you doing here? More importantly, did he just call you "babe"? Well, I am her boyfriend. He's your boyfriend? Yes. No. No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Uh, did I forget to mention I have a boyfriend? I think I would remember this monumental historic occasion of you having your first boyfriend. I didn't know I was your first boyfriend. Babe, stop, you know I'm ticklish. Okay, I said stop it. Hi, I'm K. C. 's best friend Marisa, but I'm sure you know all about me. Even though for some crazy reason which we will be coming back to, I knew nothing about you. Uh, that's because this is new. Very, very new. That's true. You've never actually called me your boyfriend before. Yes, but I have told you a few other things. Well, it was nice to meet you, Brett. I will leave you two lovebirds alone. Wow. Would you get off of me? What do you think you're doing? We're supposed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Not at my school. Look, keeping cover only matters when we're out on the field doing an actual mission. Besides, why do we even have to be a couple for this assignment? Because that's what the organization wanted, babe. They chose us because they wanted the best, and you're here because they wanted someone to help me. Oh, hey, nominations for jerk of the year just came in And look at there, you already won. Congratulations. Thanks. Back row, huh? You know what they say about sitting in the back row of the movie theater. Hmm, yes, I do. It's the best place to spy on people. We can see all the exits and we're close to the projection booth, so we can listen in on my parabolic listening device and determine when this digital piracy is taking place. Popcorn? Why is there butter on it? Because it's Popcorn. Well, clearly, you didn't read the profile that I sent you. Oh, right, you mean the 30-page manifesto about our fake relationship. Well, if you would have read it, you would've known that we met and fell in love on national ice cream day when we bonded over our severe lactose intolerance, which means I, your girlfriend, cannot have butter. So, what I'm hearing is, I don't have to share my popcorn? Okay, babe, let me tell you something about your man here. I didn't read your cover profile because I like to think on my feet. That's right, improvise. It keeps me in the moment, keeps me on my toes. Keeps you from having to do any extra work in advance. Now you're getting me, babe. Okay, stop calling me "babe. " For this mission, my name is "Anesthesia Van Wallingford. " You may call me Annie, Vannie, or Wallie. It is all in the manifest I mean profile. Hey, look, I know you're new to dating and I have no idea why 'cause clearly, you are so charming. But this is not how a couple acts in public. And what would you know about being a couple? The only person you've ever been in love with is yourself. Okay, all I'm getting from you is nag, nag, nag. You're wound up so tight I'm surprised you can breathe. So if you can just relax People would like you more! People would like you more! They're so cute. Love. Just love everywhere. I'm so happy. Oh, man. I hope we're as happy as they are when we're their age. Oh, I know I'll be fun with you, sweetie-poo. I mean Annie, Vannie, or Wallie poo. Okay, now that we know that the pirates are handing off the digital file on Friday, we need to go over the next phase of our plan. Yes, I've been doing a lot of research. Yes, finally, thank you. What have you learned? So most movie theaters don't use real butter. It's a canola-based dairy-free buttery flavoring so it shouldn't affect your fake lactose intolerance at all. Pshh! Well, it's definitely affecting my Brett intolerance. Knock, knock! I am coming in. Hope I'm not interrupting anything. No, we were just hanging out. What's up? Oh, I need to borrow your math book. Oh, who am I kidding? I need to borrow your math homework. I'll lend you my math notes. I'll take what I can get. Oh, uh, Marisa. Oh, I remember. How could I forget a face like that? What, this old thing? You're funny. I like funny girls. I never noticed before but your hair is really pretty. Aww, thank you so much. Hey, you know who else has hair? K. C. She is funny, funny too. Much, much funnier than I am. I really like your perfume. I'm not wearing any perfume. Hey, I got to go. Wait. Marisa, what about the math notes? I'll just fail! Oh, looking good. You're the one working out, but I'm sweating you, girl. Anyway, I've been thinking about what you said. Good, because I've been thinking about what you said. Hah! As I was saying, it is our 20th anniversary and it deserves to be celebrated. I want to make my bride happy. Oh, well, I'm glad you came around. Happy almost anniversary. Yeah. Craig, it's gorgeous. Yeah, I knew you'd like it. See, who needs a big old party anyway? Oh, no, no, no. I think you misunderstood. I love the jewelry and I can't wait to wear it to the big party. By the way, I booked a hall and you have to drop off the deposit by Tuesday. Baby, I don't want to have a big old Hah! Yeah, I'm gonna go drop off that deposit before you kick the wrong dummy. Hey, Marisa, what's up? Last night, we only talked on the phone for like 4 seconds and then this morning you didn't even get on the bus, you just kind of ran alongside it. Well, you know, cardio. Speaking of which, got to go. Okay, Marisa, what is going on with you? Okay, there's something I have to tell you and I wanted to wait till I had the right words, but no matter how I say it, it's just going to sound bad. Okay, well, then just say it. Your boyfriend made a move on me. He did? I cannot believe the nerve of that No, don't worry about it. Why are you taking this better than I am? Look I'm not supposed to tell you this, but he's not my boyfriend, okay? In fact, he's the opposite of my boyfriend. He's your girlfriend? No. I just I can't stand the guy. He's a spy and he's posing as my boyfriend for a mission. That makes sense. You know, I knew something was weird when you suddenly turned up with a boyfriend. Oh, no offense. None taken. But you definitely don't like him. No, actually he makes me want to vomit in my mouth. So what I'm hearing is he's available? So what I'm hearing is to each their own. Look, he's not for me, but if you're into obnoxious egotistical muscleheads, then uh, go for it. Oh, thank you. But wait, you technically are dating him. Well, only until the mission is over and then I cut him loose. Oh, but do me a favor and let him down gently. The last thing I need is to hear him go on about some horrible shrewish witchy ex-girlfriend. No offense. None taken. Hey, honey, your date is here. Wow, what a cute couple. Let me get a picture. Oh, nice one. Dad! What? Oh, fine. I'll leave you two alone, I just want to get a second with Brett. Now listen, this is my baby girl you're taking out. If you break her heart I know, I know, you break me. No, I was just going to say, "I hope we can still be friends. " Here, these are for you. Aww, and these are for you! You think I wouldn't find out? Find out what? That you put the moves on my best friend. What were you thinking? You know we're not really dating, right? Yes, I know that! But not everyone else knows that. You broke cover. Did I? Did I really? Because I thought that keeping cover only mattered when we're out in the field during an actual mission. Where did I learn that? Oh, right, some annoying chick I went to the mission with. You don't deserve me. Again, not really dating. I know that. All right, I'm in the projection booth. I'm about to insert the fast track so we can digitally watermark the files and track the pirated films. Hello? Are you even there? Why aren't you talking to me? Because it's rude to talk in a movie theatre. Get it done. I don't need your play by play. Fine. Initiating digital watermarking sequence. "Just get it done. I don't need your play by play. " Needs more butter. Come on, guys. It should be done by now. All right, we're good, let's go. Oh. Where did you come from? Uh, actually I was born in New Jersey but, um, I've lived on and off in the DC area ever since I was a kid. At first it was hard to like make friends with all the moving around That's not what I meant. Oh, well, then in that case Who's that? I don't know, but she's not leaving. You mess with my partner, you mess with me. Ho-aah! Hah! All right, fine, you win. Just take her, don't hurt me. Excuse me? Man, that's cold. Huh. Now you're cold, out cold. Okay, I'm starting to get the whole junior spy of the year thing now. You were amazing tonight. What, me? Bro, you're the one who saved my butt. It was your contingency plan, I just followed it. Page 26, section 4A. Wait, so you did read my manifesto. I might have skimmed it. Look, Brett, there is something I've been meaning to tell you. I I know things between us have been a little I'm sorry. Oh, uh, sorry. It's It's Marisa. Hey, now that our mission is over, you're cool if I go out with her, right? Yeah. Of course. I mean, it's not like we're actually boyfriend and girlfriend. Sweet. Uh, well, I should probably talk to her before it gets too late. So Yeah, of course. No problem. I wouldn't want it to be too late. So I heard you nailed the mission. Ha, ha. How's it going with the two of you? You two having fun? I was looking through the window and it looked like the two of you are getting along really good. Dad, it doesn't even matter if I like him because he kind of likes someone else. I never did like that kid. Oh, look who went out of his way to send me a kitchenful of I'm sorry flowers. I knew you'd come around about the party. I'd love to take credit but I didn't send you these. Well, then who did? Maybe I have a secret admirer. More likely they're for K. C. Didn't hear that. Let's see. "Looking forward to your 20th anniversary and my ultimate revenge. I'm coming for you, all of you. Zane. " Zane! How can it be from Zane? Now you know why I never wanted to make a big deal about our anniversary. I don't understand. It can't be from Zane, you eliminated him. You eliminated him, right? We've got to call the organization right now. Wait, honey, stop. There's something I need to tell you. What a coincidence, I didn't know that you guys were gonna be here. Well, you should have, you're the one who put it on our dating calendar. Again, thanks for getting us that dating calendar. Which reminds me, I can't do the amusement park on Sunday. Aww! But I really wanted to get that picture of you guys coming down in the log flume for your dating scrapbook. But we don't have a dating scrapbook. I beg to differ. Hey, K. C. , do you want to join us? Oh, no, no, no. This is a date, okay. You guys don't need me hanging around. At least not until we all go bowling next Friday. Please check your dating calendars, people. Uh, Kace, are you sure you don't want to stay? I know how much you like FroYo. I really do like FroYo. Like more than you could possibly imagine. I mean, at first I hated it but lately, I can just not get it out of my mind. I just like it so much, but I can't have it. Why not? Because you have it. You and FroYo have fun. I mean Brett. I got to go. Wow, Dad keeps threatening to change the locks on me, but I didn't think he'd actually do it. That's weird. Hello? Who is it? "Who is it?" Your children? Well, how do we know it's really you, huh? What's the name of your mother's junior high? How are we supposed to know? We didn't go there. Just open the door. Hey, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come. Uh, if we're still gonna keep a spare key under the rock, we're gonna need a lot more rocks. Well, you know, there's been some break-ins in the neighborhood and you never can be too safe. Right. Why is it so dark in here? Whoa, get away from the window! Ah! Sure, when I do that, you get all mad, but when he does it, it's parenting. Number one, ow! Number two, what is going on? Honey, we have to tell them. You're right. Kids, sit down. I thought I'd never have to tell you this story but 20 years ago, when I was recruited to be a spy, I was the toughest guy in my class. I could beat everyone except one guy. Zane Fuller. We were fierce competitors, but we became partners and best friends until we were paired up with hot up-and-coming agent Kira King. We both fell hard for her, but only one of us would win her heart. Oh, who won? Me! Or you wouldn't be here. We thought everything was good between your dad and Zane. He was even the best man in our wedding. But inside, he was mad and the more he saw us together, the more his anger festered. What we didn't know was enemy agents from the other side had turned him and he was now a double agent. When the organization found out, we were heartbroken. I volunteered to be the guy to take care of Zane. He was a hard man to find. I finally tracked him down and we wound up in a battle for our lives. I was losing. He had me on the edge of a cliff and was about to end it all Did you make it, did you? Again, wouldn't be here if I didn't. At the last minute, Zane softened and I saw a glimpse of my old friend. He offered me a deal. He offered to let me live if I would let him disappear. Your dad had to take the deal because, well, we had just found out we were going to have a baby. It was K. C. , wasn't it? Ding, ding, ding, you finally got one ring. Yes. So I took the deal and went home, and didn't even tell your mother about it. We got on with our lives and Zane kept his promise and he disappeared. Until a few days ago, when he sent flowers with a message. "I'm coming for you, all of you. " Why are we just sitting here? We need to contact the organization. They can protect us. I never told them. As far as they know, Zane is dead. We're on our own. He's out there and he won't stop until he finds us. If Zane didn't know where we were before, he sure does now. Hey, Marisa, how was the movie after FroYo? Oh, actually, we decided to go to that pottery painting place instead. What? Marisa, that was not approved. I've done all the research and carefully chosen all the best places to have first dates to ensure a successful and long-lasting relationship. Now I don't want us to blow this. Sorry? Did you at least have fun at the pottery place? Yeah, Brett made a mug with our initials on it, see, B. M. Well, that's unfortunate. Well, it sounds like you two are doing great and why wouldn't you be? I mean, Brett sounds like the best boyfriend ever. He's fun, smart, artistic, I couldn't think of a more perfect guy. Ah, you seem to like him more than I do, maybe you should go out with him. Me, date Brett? That is hilarious. Well, I got to go pick up trash on the side of the highway now. Oh, you've joined the environmental group? Yeah, let's go with that. Okay, you can put your weapon down now, Ernie, it's really her. Sorry about that. Just to be safe, we got a new facial recognition system. Why can't we just get a dog like normal people? If anyone who's not a Cooper tries to get into our house, it will go under full lockdown mode. So for the time being, no friends can come over. Ah, so nothing really changes for Ernie. Really? Am I just a doormat around here? Oh, we got rid of the doormat too. It said the Coopers. Our new last name is "Takeuchi Chung. " What is wrong with you guys? Are you just going to hide out in this house and grow old? Sounds good to me. Cowards do grow old. Well, spy up, people. I say we go and get this guy before he gets us. And by us I mean you, because he doesn't know I exist and I want to keep it that way. You know what? She's right. Guys, we are the Coopers, okay? We are not sitting ducks, we're taking action ducks, or like flying geese. Okay, I don't really know where I'm going with this metaphor but you know what I mean. Guys, we need to get this guy. Now who's with me? Go Coopers! Go Takeuchi Chungs. Coopers, I mean Coopers. Whew, we rocked that last mission so hard, it's no surprise we're paired up again. Guess you're not as lousy a spy as I thought, huh? What, no comeback? Oh, uh, sorry. Laughing on the inside. Okay, so for this mission, we are posing as ballet dancers auditioning for the national youth ballet of Washington D. C. Oh, sounds cool. We have to get past the first round of auditions to meet our contact, Ileana Devinovich. She's the director of the ballet company. Neat. Neat? This is a dangerous mission. One wrong step and we're floating facedown on Swan Lake. Sounds fun. Okay, now I may be totally off base here but I'm getting the feeling like you're not 100% focused on this mission. And I say this as someone who has a lot of trouble focusing on missions. Look, I'm sorry, okay? I'm just distracted. My family is in a lot I'm sorry, I can't tell you because it's a secret. You do know that I'm a secret agent, right? Keeping secrets is kind of my thing. Okay, seriously, if you can't trust me, who can you trust? Okay, fine, but what I'm about to say cannot leave this room. Pinky swear. That's kind of a girl thing. Oh, just do it. Fine. But you have to pinky swear that we never pinky swore. While K. C. is on her mission with Brett, we need to track down Zane before he finds us. Just one problem. We have no idea where he is. Relax, hole poker. Your mother and I, we've done this a million times. We'll just use the satellite to scan everyone in the metropolitan area. Now you're talking like someone who has a satellite, which you don't. She makes a good point. Okay, um, I suggest we infiltrate every known cell and listen for chatter about Zane. Sounds like Operation "Ain't never gonna happen. " You don't have manpower for that, it's just us. Wow, we've really gotten used to having the resources of the organization behind us. Relax, Craig. Fortunately, we still have our very own little secret weapon. Yes. Oh, thanks, Mom. You're welcome, honey. Judy, what you got? Start with the last known point of contact. The flower store. I'm on it. Go. Here it is, Rosa's roses. Go, baby, go. Found the order for 35 Marylane. The name on the credit card is Cooper. The first name is Craig. Oh, no, Dad is Zane! Okay, I know Ernie's in the organization, but does the organization know he's in the organization? And now that man is coming after my family and there's nothing that I can do about it. This guy thinks he's coming after your family, he'll have to get through me first. Okay, that sounds good. There's nothing you can do about it, but I can. I'll discreetly use HQ's resources and see what I can find out. No, no, no. That's That's way too dangerous. Danger is my middle name. Literally, I'm Brett Danger Willis. My parents were crazy people. Oh, you're crazy hot. What? What? Uh, I said that it's crazy hot in here. Dad, turn on the AC! It's hot. We have to practice our ballet routine. Okay. So I'm gonna put my arm around you like this. Okay. And what are you gonna do with your other arm? Well, I think I'd do something like this. Okay, that works. But the best part is when I spin you like this. Oh, you know what? Uh, I I don't think I'm good enough to rehearse with you yet. In fact, I think I should rehearse on my own and you, you should go practice with Marisa, your girlfriend, my best friend, your girlfriend, Marisa. Okay, come on, we have to do this. No, ah, ow. Ooh, ah, I think I pulled a muscle. I could massage it for you. No! Just go! Have I told you how happy I am about you and Brett? Only four times today, so far. I mean, you guys are just perfect for each other. You're like like macaroni and cheese, like peanut butter and jelly, like mashed potatoes and ketchup. What? It tastes better than it sounds. And some things sound better than they are. Look, I'm just not sure about the two of us anymore. Wait, what did I do? Oh, no, not you, Brett. You don't like Brett anymore? I mean trouble in paradise? Honey, I don't think he's for me. I mean, he's so cute and fun and spontaneous. And what is the problem with that? I want to be the one who is cute and fun and spontaneous. We just We don't have a lot in common. Wait, if you feel that way, then why are you still with him? Because you were so into us and I didn't want to disappoint you by breaking up with him. And I've seen the way you look at him. I know you like him. No, no, no, I would never do that to you. No, but I want you to. Please take him back! Wait, wait, wait. So the guy that I couldn't stand that you like, that suddenly I like, but I thought that I couldn't like him because you liked him and now that you don't like him, I can like him? I'm not sure. Can you repeat that? I don't think so. Just to be clear, you're saying that I can go out with him? Yes, but on one condition. You have to break up with him for me. Hey, no better way to start a relationship with a guy than to dump him. Okay, here's the plan. When we meet our contact, we're going to mention the secret code words "rotten apples" and she'll hand over the smuggled documents. Got it. But, um, after the mission, I need to talk to you about something. Why not now? Because now is not a good time. If it were a good time, I'd say let's talk now. Mmm, no, I think you should tell me now. You tend to get a little distracted when something's on your mind. And what if you get distracted when I tell you? Junior spy of the year, babe. Do you need to bring that up every 2 minutes? Well, you know, I used to bring it up every minute, but I don't want to sound like a braggart. Tatiana Andrews and Gorky Finkter! That's us. Gorky Finkter? That's the name you gave me? Well, don't worry, your middle name is still Danger. Gorky Danger Finkter? You're messing with me, right? Right. Come on, what is it you wanted to tell me? Not now. I'm not going to lift you up in the air unless you tell me. Fine, I'm very sorry but Marisa would like to break up with you. You think that's funny? You think that was going to break my heart? Well, you seem to like her. Nope, I like someone else. You were dating my best friend when you liked someone else. I guess so. You know what? You are a dog. No, you're lower than a dog because dogs are awesome and you're not. K. C. What? You're the other girl that I like. Oh, well, in that case I like you too, a lot. I know. I cannot believe we made the cut. I cannot believe how far a leotard can get up your butt. Hey, how about after the contact hands over the papers, you and I go out on a real first date? That sounds good. I could actually go for a kale salad. Kale salad? Tatiana and Gorky, congratulations on making it to second round. You are both talented dancers. Where did you study? Rotten apples! Well, uh, Rotten Apples dance academy? No, just, um, rotten apples. Oh, like big apple, New York, New York. Uh, I think what he means to say is we study ballet at rotten apples. We've been compromised. Watch your back. Well, dating for 2 minutes, you're already bossing me around. Oh, we're dating! You know I totally had that guy, right? Yeah, I could totally tell by the way you were lying on the ground, mister spy leaguer. I will hunt you down and I will make you pay! Unbelievable. Was that Zane? No, the flower shop. They refused to refund my money. This hunt for Zane is a dead end. Mm-hmm, you're right. Judy, you've been taking the lead on this. What's our next step? Well, we could No, never mind. No, come on, any idea is a good idea because it might lead to a new idea. Just tell us what you were thinking. Okay. Cut the dead weight. He's slowing you down. Nobody cares what you think, bolt-head. Okay, enough is enough. I'm done playing Zane's games. I'm taking control of this situation. Great, what are we gonna do? Pack, we're going into hiding. He's right. New town, new identities, new jobs. That's right. Sayonara, Takeuchi Chung. Well, good luck. Nice meeting you all. I'm going back to my box. Great news, guys. Brett found Zane. Zane, uh Zane? No, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone named Zane. Is that even a name? Sounds inzane to me. You guys, it's okay. K. C. told me everything. Your secret's safe with me. He pinky swore on it. You said you won't say anything. Sorry. Anyway, I tracked Zane down to a remote third world country. He's currently being held in a maximum security prison in solitary confinement. Then how did he send those flowers? He just bribed a guard to let him use a computer, and then from there he just hacked Dad's credit card. Bottom line, Zane is no longer a threat to your family. You're all safe. That's why you're junior spy of the year. Give me some. Okay. And a pretty cool guy too. Oh, I love hearing that from my girlfriend. Wait, what? I'm sorry. Was I not supposed to call you that? Oh, nah, it's cool. I'm good with the terminology. I'm his girlfriend. She's his girlfriend. Well, it's it's been a long day. I'll text you later, okay, babe? Okay babe. Babe. Come on. Hey, let me talk to Zane. Tell him it's his son. Hey, Dad. Yeah, your plan is working. I'm in. Rob, your name's on TV!