Narrator: One of the many joys shared by the Mr. Men and Little Misses is that of dining out. Whether it's a simple sandwich at a casual lunch spot, or a lovely dinner at a fancy restaurant. The good people of Dillydale take great pleasure of dining out.

Gus: Augh!

Mary: Whoops!

Narrator: Who doesn't enjoy trying out a new restaurant with friends.

Rosita: Thanks for inviting me to this fancy restaurant, Mr. Fussy.

Kako: You're very welcome, Miss Scary. I've wanted to try this restaurant for some time. I hear, it's quite excellent.

Rosita: Excellent? But there's not one scary thing about it.

Kako: Precisely. And I'm glad that it stays that way.

Maisy: Welcome to the Dillydale Cafe. I'm Miss Magic and I'll be your waitress.

Bunga: Miss Magic, don't you know it's improper to startle your guests.

Maisy: Oh, sorry, Mr. Fussy. I didn't mean to scare you.

Rosita: You don't heare me complaining.

Maisy: Oh, may I bring you something to drink?

Bunga: Yes, a fizzy pop would be lovely.

Rosita: Make that two fizzy pops.

Maisy: Coming right up. Bizzledy dee and bizzledy bop. Bring in two glasses of fizzy pop.

Bunga: (coughs and sputters)

Rosita: I love it!

Bunga: When I ask for a glass of fizzy pop. I didn't expect a shower of fruit.

Maisy: Oh, my apologies, Mr. Fussy. Perhaps I'll give you something to dry you off.

Bunga: That would be much appreciated.

Maisy: Bibbledy boop and bibbledy bout. Give Mr. Fussy a towel to dry out.

Bunga: Gah!

Rosita: (snorts and laughs)

Maisy: Isn't it amazing?

Bunga: This is anything but amazing!

Bert: (screams)

Bunga: This is the most exhilarating restaurant experience of my life. Now if you don't mind, Miss Magic. We are waiting for you to serve dinner.

Maisy: Absolutely. The special for today is crab soufflé.

Bunga: That's an excellent choice.

Rosita: Is crab the scariest thing you serve?