Dillydale Goat Show is a scene from the Mr. Men Show episode Pets


Moose: Welcome to the 150th Annual Dillydale Goat Show! Ha ha! Meet our judges, Miss Sunshine, Miss Scary and finally Mr. Rude. I'm Mr. Happy. Let's start the show! We have three contestants on this year's goat show. First off, give it up for Mr. Quiet and his goat, Trixie!

Kako, Dora, Herry, Mary, Dagget, Mr. Guniea Pig, Norbert, Elmo, Bert and Pinky: (cheering)

Moose: Trixie performs very well, fast, confident and perky little goat. Ha ha ha! Fantastic!

Zee: I don't mean to show favorites, but Trixie's my favorite goat ever. I love her! Love her, love her, love her!

Swiper: I don't need to tell goats apart. Except for the smell.

Rosita: Goat show? I thought I was judging the annual Dillydale ghost show! There's nothing scary about goats.

Moose: Next, please welcome Mr. Lazy and Waylon.


Moose: Now there's a goat that doesn't want to do some hard work. And Mr. Lazy appears to be giving up.

Cookie Monster: (snoring)

Moose: And for our last contestant, Miss Magic and her goat, Nutmeg!


Spike: Ooh, Miss Magic. I'm afraid with no goat, we'll have to disqualify you.

Maisy: Oh, she's here. She's just invisible. Lickety dee and lickety doat. Show us now a friendly goat!

Moose: Very nice, but still not a goat.

Maisy: Dippity doo and dippety dicken. Bring in a goat and not a chicken.

Rosita: We have a winner!

Moose: Hold on, Miss Scary. That's a dragon, not a goat.

Maisy: Alright. Uh, Let me try again. Zalitty. Isn't it amazing?

Moose: Why hello there, Nutmeg. Show us what this goat of yours can do, Miss Magic.


Maisy: Oh. She's really good to you. Isn't she?

Swiper: Oh man.


  • Swiper wears a top hat in this segment.
  • Shape detectives is the best for this segment.

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