Optimus Prime: Previously on Transformers Prime

Megatron: It's as if the blood of Unicron the Destroyer flows through my veins!

Jack: Dark Energon?

Ratchet: It's so scarce seems to be virtually non-existent.

Fowler: Contact with civilians!

Bulkhead: We are protecting them.

Starscream: Fetch me this 'Fowler'. Tell me the location of the Autobot base.

Bulkhead: It's an S. O. S. Scrap!

Megatron: Rise, my army! Behold the power of Dark Energon!

Optimus Prime: Megatron has desecrated the resting place of our fallen ancestors. And his own. Not even the dead are free from his warmongering.

Megatron: At last, symbiosis. I can feel it. I possess complete control over my army. Destroy them!

Ratchet: Optimus, if our combatants are already deceased, how can we possibly defeat them?

Optimus Prime: Ratchet, retreat! Bridge yourself back to base base.

Ratchet: No, I shall stand with you, Optimus. You may require a medic when this is over with. I recommend dissection. The smaller the pieces, the better.

Optimus Prime: Sound advice, old friend.

Megatron: I have mastered Dark Energon. When you fall, Optimus, you too shall join my army.

Bulkhead: Get in, now!

Raf: Thanks, Bulkhead.

Jack: Yeah, thanks.

Bulkhead: Wh-what are you doing here?

Jack: We were worried about Miko. Have you seen her?

Miko: What's she look like? Everyone out! And this time, please, wait here? Where is Miko? Miko? I heaved on your floor mats. Sorry. Remind me never to do that again. Think they forgot about us? I'm gonna heave again. Bring them to the brig. Commander Starscream is keeping the other human there. Bumblebee! We appreciate clearing the front door for us. But storm in the Decepticon warship was not on the activities list. Tell me about it - Friendly! - Hello! Brought the humans, uh? You try getting them to stay behind. We need to find Fowler and get this kids out of here. - He's in the brig. - He's in the brig. My dear agent Fowler. You do realize the Autobots have abandoned you. I am the only one you can rely upon now. So tell me what I want to know or. Please, no more. They're in secret government base. Go on. - Yes? - In the old steel mill. Or was it under that carnival's fun-house? Someone find out what is going on out there. Optimus This prolonged exposure to Dark Energon is sapping our strength. We cannot falter now. Optimus! After all these years, Optimus Still at the top of your game. My legion, finish them! Clear. Wait in here. They're slowing us down and they're easy targets. They'll be alright in here, as long as they stay put. That, was intense. Wise? It's your fault that we're stuck in this intensity. - What were you thinking, Miko? - Did I ask you to follow me? You wanted us to be a band. Doesn't that usually mean to play together? Well, maybe I decided to go solo. Well, maybe I have some regard for your safety. Oh, I'm sorry, it's your name 'Optimus'? You can leave my protection to Bulkhead, thank you very much Stop it! Both of you! H-hey, Raf, Raf, it's it's OK. Yeah, we're gonna be fine. Our bots will come back for us. Yeah, they're gonna take us home. How do you know? Hey, Raf, what do you make of that? It's important. Really important. Wake up! You pathetic lump of flesh! Hmm grandma? Is it cookie time? Well? Not so fast. - I wouldn't. - Oh, but I might We've got to get this to Optimus. How do you know it isn't just a recipe for space-nachos? I know math when I see it. And that is one serious equation. Can you download it? I've got a flash drive. But I don't see anywhere to plug it in. This tech is way alien. Now, agent Fowler and I will take our leave. The evil said yeah! - Miko, take a picture! - Great idea! Hey, you! Not of that! Of THAT! Go! Go! Go! I told you to stay put! I like pie. - You wish up a pie? - You found Fowler! Rock on! Bravo, Optimus. Though this is but a prelude. You may wish to save your strength for the main event. You will not prevail, Megatron. Not while energon still flows through my veins. Fitting, for is Dark Energon which flows through mine. If this wasn't Megatron's endgame What is? What happened to you guys anyway? We engaged an army of undead cybertronian warriors. Zombies? You fought zombies, and I missed it? Bulkhead You exercised extremely poor judment in allowing the humans to accompany you. It won't happen again, Optimus. - I promise. - But it wasn't Bulkhead's fault. Miko, please! And check it out. Recon! Ratchet, have a look. It could be of importance to Megatron. Woah, Megatron's back? That's really bad news, right? I don't understand. That's the 'Con who tried to blow Raf away. At least that's what he looked like before Bulkhead rearranged his grill. Miko, Raf was almost killed. This isn't a game! When are you gonna get that through your thick skull? Hm we were all almost killed, Jack. You, me, Raf even them! Well, if this was just an average day with the Autobots then I don't wanna be a part of it. Not anymore. Jack, putting you in harm's way was never our intent. However It is no longer the safety of you three that is at risk but the safety of all human kind. We will respect your decision if you wish to leave. No point in long good-byes. Here's the door. Come on, Raf. I'll be OK, Jack. See you at school. Sure thing. I know, you don't exist. Don't make me hunt you down. Please, Lord Megatron, I meant no-ARHG! I ordered you to await my command! And instead, your mindless agenda resulted in the disassembling of my ship! And the delay of my plans! My intentions were pure, Master. I only wanted you to be rid of Optimus. No one rids me of Optimus Prime but me! Do you understand?! DO YOU??!! Lord Megatron, I will make things right, I swear! I know how to set your plans back on course! Explain, Starscream. Quickly. Now I understand why you had to rush home. Don't you have something more exciting to do, Miko? So, this is where you hang, uh? Back home in Tokio I have loving parents and two pure-breed cats, Tchitchi and Dingdong. I went to the best school to piano lessons since I was three How nice for you. No, how boring. It wasn't me. Why do you think I jumped at the chance of transfer here? To Jasper, Nevada. The entertainment capital of the world? Yeah, well, the brochure lied. Piano lessons were starting to look pretty good in fact. But then, the last couple of days happened. Do you have a point? You bet. I saw what you did today. When you saved Raf. When you came to save me. I've been raised to be responsible. To my schoolwork, to my mom, my job Dude, hear me out. You're no fry-cook, you're a rockstar! Stop trying to pretend you're normal, Jack. You'll never fit in. You were born to do so much more. Thanks, Miko, but I think normal suits me fine. It can't be Optimus! These are engineering specs for a space-time vortex generator. Megatron is building a Space Bridge. If he hasn't already. The sooner he leaves, the better. Bulkhead a Space Bridge runs in two directions. Megatron may not be using it to leave Earth. But to bring through his conquering army. The main event Megatron referred to. But the only place Megatron could possibly recruit that many fallen warriors Precisely. Cybertron.

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