Optimus Prime: Previously on Transformers Prime It is best that you three remain under our watch.

Megatron: Gaze upon Dark Energon! Legend tells that it holds the power to revive the dead.

Ratchet: Cliffjumper's signal popped back online.

Optimus Prime: Let's find Cliffjumper!

Arcee: Cliff!

Ratchet: What is this??

Arcee: Don't know. Cliff was covered in it.

Starscream: Wait! Lord Megatron! You do not know what it will do!

Arcee: Tighten your grip, Jack.

Jack: H-Hey! What's with you, Arcee?

Arcee: I thought you might actually enjoy the ride if we weren't getting shy at it.

Jack: Oh, bring it!

Miko: Ready, set-

Bulkhead: Miko, I'm supposed to be protecting you.

Miko: Bulkhead, I'm strapped tight inside ten tons of metal muscle. I'm protected.

No fair, Bumblebee! You've been driving a lot longer than I have! Thank goodness for peace and quiet! Houseguests can be such a bother! Wha? Optimus? By the Allspark! I needed that! And stay broken! Now, what could have caused that?! I have a grave suspicion, Ratchet Dark Energon. Lord Megatron? It's as if the blood of Unicron the Destroyer flows through my veins! As if I hear his very thoughts. I now know what I must do. And what can I do to assist you, Master? Quit groveling. And wait my command. Soundwave! I fear that when our Master reached for the stars he came down with a touch of space madness. Lord Megatron has not sound on his judgment since his return. Increase global surveillance! Quit groveling. And wait my command. I'm not deaf! But if Optimus Prime lives I believe it is in Lord Megatron's best interest that we ensure his enemies destruction. If the residue Arcee found on Cliffjumper brought your broken equipment to life, it would stand to reason that the very same substance brought Cliffjumper back from the dead. That would account for his life signal inexplicably coming back online, but Dark Energon? It's so scarce seems to be virtually non-existent. What would it be doing on Earth? It was transported. By Megatron. - For what purpose? - To conquer this planet, by raising an army of the undead. Well, Megatron would need to break quite a few toaster ovens. I mean, where on this world would he find that many cybertronian dead? - That was awesome! - Can we do it again? Sweet! Sorry! Must have left that in the back seat Autobots, prepare to - Roll out? - Remain here. Ratchet, you'll come with me. Arcee, we'll be outside communications range for some time so I'm putting you in charge. Dude, You're biggest. You should be the boss! - Err, he never picks me. - Optimus With all due respect. Plain bodyguard is one thing; babysitting's another. Besides, Ratchet hasn't been in the fields since the war. My pistons may be rusting, but my hearing is sharp as ever! For the moment it's only reconnaissance. And why do I hear an edge in your voice? Arcee, much has changed in the last 24 hours, and we all need to adapt. Ratchet! Bridge us out! OK, chief so, what's on the activities list? I'm going on patrol. But Optimus told us to stay. When you are in charge you can call the shots. 'Bee! With me! Bulkhead, you're in charge. Souh what's on the activities list? How about band practice? But we are not a band Why so antisocial? Come on, Raf, do you play anything? Hmm keyboard? Laptops and samples, good! Jack? I, sometimes mess around on the harmonica. Do I look like I do country? Just cover yourself in fake blood and jump around screaming. Bulkhead! Percussion! We'll go for a big industrial sound. DIY, we are a band! You just need to learn the songs. This one's a ballad, 'My fist, your face'. Come on! You can't handle raw power? Proximity sensor. Quick, hide! Prime! Agent Fowler. Uh. He's not here. Nobody's here. Except me, of course. Wh-, where did he go? Wait, don't tell me, He's out pankacking a mini-mall! Now, I don't know what language you 'Bots speak on your planet, but Prime promised he would handle the Decepticons, and blowing a crater in the middle of Nebraska is not what the word 'handle' means to me! So, you tell prime Since when are you, 'Bots, electric? - Hey! How are you doing? - Contact with civilians! Team Prime has really gone off rules this time. Wait, don't tell me! You are running a day-care center? - Hummm - We are interns. Student interns. Earning extra credits in Mechanics!-Robotics! OK Let's move! I'm taking all three of you into federal custody. For your own protection. We are protecting them. Is that so? Well, maybe you can explain that to my superiors at the Pentagon! Don't use that phone! It's - Out of order. - This isn't over, Big 'Bot, not by a long shot! Optimus, what do we hope to find here? The site of the largest cybertronian battlefield on this galaxy. On Earth? You must be jocking! Do you recall the period late in the war, when both sides began hiding their energon spoils off-world? Of course, that's the reason energon deposits exist on planets such as this one. It is also the reason battles came to be waged on planets such as this one. And I fear Megatron's memory is as long as history. Sir! Agent Fowler. We have a situation. I'm en-route from the Autobot base. I'll brief you in person. Agent Fowler, I'm en-route from the Autobot base. I'll brief you in person. Autobot base, said! Humans. Always the weak link. Fetch me this 'Fowler', So that he may brief us instead. Hey! Big bird, I'm flying here! What in uncle Sam's beard!? First the freeways aren't safe, now air travel?! You wanna dance, 'Con? I'll lead! Never an Autobot around when you actually need one! My ears! It's an S. O. S. From Fowler. Did you trace it? Location scan in uncomplete. - Oh, well. - Oh, well? Seriously? Fowler's a jerk! Whether you like the guy or not the Decepticons may have it! And Agent Fowler knows your location Our location! And did we not just witnessed how fast Fowler backs down from a 'Bot; The 'Cons will totally make him squeal! But we lost the transmission. Fowler could be anywhere. Maybe I can near it down. About five years ago the Government started microchipping their agents. You know, like owners do with pets. What? I saw it on TV. Anyway, if I can hack into the Fed's mainframe maybe I can pinpoint Fowler's coordinates. You know how to hack? - But you're like two years old! - Twelve. And a quarter. Welcome, agent Fowler. You treat all your guests this nice? Any friend of the Autobots. Autobot? That one of them coin operated wash-my-own-car places? Oh, so that's how it's going to be, hmm? Apparently no one has told you I have no appreciation for human humor. Make our guest comfortable. Latitude 39. 5, Longitude 116. 9. OK, wait here. Ow, don't break up the band! Jack, you're in charge! Guess we three have run out the place. Miko? Miko? Fowler? The whole Decepticon shipbay. Alright! What's the plan? Miko! Unwise. Miko, get down! Hold him still! Miko, look away! - But - Turn your head away! Arcee, Bumblebee, do you read? Loud and clear, Bulkhead. - I have a situation. - Bulkhead, they're children Humans, just do whatever. You are where?! She is where??!! What should we do? Bulkhead may have not even realized she'd followed him. Miko hasn't seen the 'Cons in action like we have. She has no idea. Those are the coordinates. Their destination is still locked in. You're in charge! In charge of who? Arcee to base, come in. Jack? Listen up, we need you to bridge us back. Hello? Bumblebee, metal to the pedal! Agent Fowler, I have one single request that would save your family the pain of grieving. Tell me the location of the Autobot base. No problem. But I need to ask you something first. Yes, I'm listening. I've got an issue with the customer service around here. Can I speak to the manager? I make the decisions here. I am in charge! Bring the prod. What's taking Arcee and Bumblebee? Dude, the cons could be putting the clamps on Fowler right now. Let's just storm the joint! They're here! Why don't those guys hang with their own 'Bots? This isn't one-on-one time. Are your bones vibrating? You there! Scrap! I'll ask nicely one last time. - The Autobot base! - Sure thing buddy right after you eat my star-sequined shorts! As I imagined. Energon and human nervous systems don't mix. For the first time in my life, Optimus I had hoped that you were wrong. Optimus! Been well? I see you brought your trusty watchdog. I could certainly be condolencing in a scrapt yard by now. Why don't you invite him down here for a chat? I know why you're here, Megatron. Hardly a surprise, Optimus. After all, you and I have been at this a long time. And your time has come to an end! Rise, my army! By the Allspark! Behold the power of Dark Energon!

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