Optimus Prime: Previously on "Transformers Prime"

The Forge of Solus Prime. Do not ever make me regret which one of you I spared. Target the space bridge for Cybertron. A few swings of that hammer, and bam. Our ground bridge is now a space bridge. Megatron has discovered that the Omega lock is on Cybertron. Megatron must be stopped no matter the cost. The Autobots have seized the Omega keys. We have located the Omega lock. Autobots, I would suggest that you hand over those keys. And if we refuse? We can all watch them instantly perish together. 2x26 - Darkest Hour Not how I wanted to spend my first trip to Cybertron. - Starscream. - Jack, it's time to come out and play. Go ahead. The Autobots were prepared to sacrifice themselves for my planet. - I'll do the me for theirs. - Me, too, creepy. Perhaps we should oblige them. If my decision dooms the future of the Autobot cause on Cybertron, so be it. But I will never forsake our human allies. Now, if you please, the Omega Keys. One at a time. You first, big boy. If I don't get the girl, I'll make you eat this key. You're welcome. Get scrapped. If this human was important enough to entrust with the Matrix of Leadership, he's worth two Omega keys. No tricks. The keys, if you please. Optimus, were you successful? Ratchet? It's June Darby. How are you? Busy, miss Darby. I am expecting urgent news from the Autobots. - Oh. Is Jack with them? - No. Why? I haven't seen him all day, and he isn't returning my calls. I will have Jack contact you immediately should I hear from him. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must keep the comm lines clear. Ratchet? Hello? Now bear witness as a new era dawns on Cybertron. Behold! The age of the Decepticons! By the Allspark. - Whoa. - Whoa. - Instant home makeover. - Shiny. You have what you want, Megatron. This conflict is between Autobots and Decepticons. Allow me to return the humans to Earth. Oh, I wouldn't recommend it. They'll be far safer here. Is the space bridge locked on target? Per your instructions, Lord Megatron. Excellent. Why rule only one world when I could rule two? No. Hey, it's Jack. I can't answer 'cause I'm probably out saving the world right now. Optimus, do you read? An unknown energy spike in Earth's atmosphere is crashing all my systems. Please tell me this is related to the activation of the Omega lock. If the Omega lock can restore Cybertron, it'll do the same to Earth, right? No. It will cyber-form your planet in favor of its new matrix destroying all indigenous life in the process. Such raw power! What should I call my new domain? New Kaon? Or perhaps "Gilded Earth". - No! - Leave our planet alone! Optimus, can you read? Ratchet, please open a space bridge. I guess we should cancel the welcome-home party. Attend to our master! He requires medical attention! Prime! He will pay for dooming Cybertron to remain a lifeless husk! They can run, but they can never again run home. The children! What happened? Somebody say something! Optimus destroyed the Omega lock. What?! You did What was necessary. There was no time for another prolonged battle, Not with Earth in imminent danger. So you destroyed the only device in any universe capable of restoring our home? Optimus, we needed that. You weren't there, Doc. And it's not your place to second-guess a battlefield decision. It most certainly is! There had to be another way! I-It wasn't that simple, Ratchet. Megatron was using the Omega lock to attack the Earth. Optimus saved our planet. What about our planet?! All of our struggles and Energon spilled and countless sacrifices for nothing?! Right decision or wrong, what's done is done. And we have another problem here on this world. The Cons just changed the rules when they put Jack, Miko, and Raf into play. Prime! The Pentagon's preparing to go Defcon 1. I need to know what we're dealing with! To what do you refer, Agent Fowler? Maybe you should step outside and see for yourselves. Ratchet, watch the children. Megatron has managed to accomplish the first phase of his cyber-forming of Earth the construction of his fortress. In Jasper, nevada? I don't get it. I've already had the town evacuated. Why here? Because the Decepticons have discovered the location of our base. Our opportunity to revive Cybertron has been lost due to the treachery of Optimus Prime! But from our fortress of New Kaon, we will instead seize control of this world! Decepticons, transform and rise up! I thought he'd never ask! Come, my armada! Attack! Attack! Attack! Autobots, into the base! - Fowler, what are you doing? - My job, two-ton. What's happening? What is going on out there? The Decepticons have invaded Jasper. And Fowler seems to think he can hold them off. Special Agent Fowler to air-defense command. I need immediate combat support. Come on, air-defense command. I'll be triple-dipped. Prime, reinforcements just arrived. Agent Fowler, your military cannot prevail against the You didn't think I was gonna let team Prime have all the fun, did you? It's Jackie! Wheeljack? But how did you I picked up a strange energy surge. Hope you don't mind the company. No. It's just that after everything well We're still on the same team, Doc. Always will be. Ratchet, prepare to bridge everyone out of here. - We're abandoning the base? - The base is lost. Wheeljack and Agent Fowler can only buy us time to escape. Bumblebee, Rafael, you will depart first. - You're splitting us up? - Shouldn't we stick together? - All for one and one for all? - We must disperse to avoid capture until we can regroup and launch a counterattack. Survival is our only priority now. The day I'm outflown by a bunch of toasters is the day I We haven't much time. June! You're scrap. And that's how you wreck a Wrecker. What about you? I will ensure that the Decepticons cannot follow. I never imagined it would end like this. Neither did I, old friend. No. - This is the place, all right. - This was the place. United we stand, divided they fall.

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