Narrator: Mr Zebra, the postman, is delivering a parcel to Peppa's house.

Mr Zebra: Parcel for you, Mr Pig.

Daddy Pig: Thank you, Mr Zebra. Goodbye.

Daddy Pig: Look. I just got a parcel in the post. Can anyone guess what's inside?

George: Dinosaur.

Peppa Pig: Oh, George. You always say "dinosaur" for everything.

Daddy Pig: The parcel is far too small to have a dinosaur inside.

Peppa Pig: Hmm... I think it's a... a new toy.

Daddy Pig: You're very close.

Mummy Pig: I know what it is. Your new camera. A new toy for Daddy Pig.

Daddy Pig: That's right! It's a movie camera. We can make movies with it and watch them on our television.

Peppa Pig: Can I use it first, Daddy?

Daddy Pig: It's a bit too difficult for children to use. Even I need to read the instructions. Hmm... It's a bit harder than I thought.

Peppa Pig: Suzy Sheep's mummy has a movie camera. She switches it on like this.

Daddy Pig: Oh. Well done, Peppa.

Camera: Thank you for purchasing the Movie 3000. I am eager and ready to shoot your first movie.

Mummy Pig: Is there a way to turn that voice off?

Daddy Pig: I'm not sure.

Camera: Thank you for purchasing the Movie 3000.

Peppa Pig: On Suzy's camera, you just press this button to stop it talking.

Camera: Thank you for purchasing...

Peppa Pig: Now it won't talk anymore.

Mummy Pig: Well done, Peppa.

Daddy Pig: What shall I film first?

Peppa Pig: Film me!

Daddy Pig: OK, Peppa.

Peppa Pig: Hello. I'm Peppa Pig.

Daddy Pig: Come on, everyone.

Peppa Pig: (on camera) Hello. I'm Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig: Again! Again!

Daddy Pig: OK.

Peppa Pig: (on camera) Hello! I'm Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig: Again!

Peppa Pig: (on camera) Hello. I'm Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig: Again! Again!

Daddy Pig: Maybe we should film something new.

Mummy Pig: I know! Daddy Pig must leave the room and we'll make a movie to show him.

Peppa Pig: This way!

Narrator: Daddy Pig has to wait in the kitchen while Mummy Pig, Peppa and George make a secret movie.

Mummy Pig: No peeking, Daddy Pig. We all have to do something. George, do you want to go first?

Daddy Pig: Are you ready? Can I come in and see the movie?

Mummy Pig: Finished! You can come in now! George has made a movie and so has Peppa.

Daddy Pig: Let's see George's movie first.

George: (on camera) Dinosaur! Grrrrr!

Peppa Pig: George is pretending to be a dinosaur.

George: (on camera) Grrr!

Daddy Pig: That's a very scary dinosaur.

George Pig: (gasps and cries)

Narrator: Oh dear, George is frightened.

Mummy Pig: Don't be frightened, George. That's not a real dinosaur on TV. It's you.

George: Grrrrr! Dinosaur!

Mummy Pig: Now, let's see Peppa's movie.

Peppa Pig: (on camera) Ho, ho, ho.

Daddy Pig: Who is that meant to be?

Peppa Pig: (on camera) I am Daddy Pig! Ho, ho, ho.

Daddy Pig: I see.

Peppa Pig: (on camera) My tummy is very big because I eat a lot of cookies.

Daddy Pig: My tummy is not big! But it is true that I like cookies.

Peppa Pig: And the more you eat, the bigger your tummy gets!

Daddy Pig: OK, what's next?

Peppa Pig: This is my sweet little brother George. This is Mummy Pig. This is me. (Big snorts)

Daddy Pig: And this is the real Daddy Pig. (Big snorts)