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Song Lyrics :

Now settle down, or little while, gonna tell you about a kid named Josh!

He was born in a suburb above Florida, with a sister, a mom, and a dad.

He's not great with the ladies, but he's good at math,

and he lives in a crazy house, buh-dum, bam!

And then one day, Josh got a letter from an acting school in France.

So he went to France and now he's there,

with Pierre, the snob, and Brigite, the bombshell,

and they live in a crazy house, buh-dum, bam!

But then, Josh womped out of acting school, and went back to the crazy house from before.

And now he's back with his mom and dad,

what a drag at twenty-four, buh-dum, bam!

And then one day, Josh was walking alone, and he found a talking snake.

And the snake told him to "move back to France".

So they went back to France, and found Pierre.

But Brigite was married. So now it's Josh, Pierre and the snake,

and they live in a crazy house, buh-dum, bam!

And then the snake bit Josh and Pierre, so they decided to put him to sleep.

But the french veterinarian felt bad for the snake,

so she decided to save the snake in secret,

and she brought the snake back to where she lives,

with a coworker roommate that've an another talking snake,

and they live in a crazy house!

It's a vet, a weirdo and two talking snakes,

a weirdo and two talking snakes,

Josh never appears again...

buh-dum, bam.

(cut from static)

(She-ra and Swift Wind are flying back from battle.)

SHE-RA: We did it, Swift Wind! The Horde won't bother us again anytime soon. Now let's turn back into plain old Princess Adora and her horse, Spirit. It's meatloaf night at the castle.

(They descend to land.)

SWIFT WIND: No, no, wait, wait! Let me land before you...

(About 5 or 6 feet above the ground, She-Ra turns them back into Princess Adora and Spirit. They fall to the ground, breaking one of Spirit's legs.)

SPIRIT: AHH!!! Oh, my god, bitch! I thought I told you to wait for 5 (fucking) seconds!

PRINCESS ADORA: Spirit! (crying) I'm so sorry.

SPIRIT: It seems like a simple rule of thumb (shit) head! If we're in the air, I need my magic (fucking) wings! Now for the love of god, get me a (fucking) doctor.

ADORA: (Crying, pulls out her sword) A doctor can't help you! (starts to kill Spirit)

SPIRIT: Hold up! Wait a minute! You (fucked) up the landing and I get the death penalty!?!

ADORA: A horse's broken leg will never heal! Almost 50% of a horse's bones are in its limbs. Besides which, 65% of a horses weight rests on it's front legs.

SPIRIT: You've sure loaded up both barrels with a lot of high caliber euthanasia factoids, sister. Have you been planning for this?

ADORA: It's just part of being a responsible horse owner.

(Castaspella appears)

CASTASPELLA: Oh, my goodness! What's happened?

ADORA: Oh, it's terrible, Castaspella!

SPIRIT: That evil Hordak made us switch bodies again. I'm really Princess Adora, and she's really Spirit.

CASTASPELLA: Well, that's easily remedied. Magical mind swap! (casts mind swap spell)

ADORA: Wait!

(The spell puts Adora into Spirit's body and Spirit into Adora's body)

ADORA (in Spirit's body): OW! My leg!

SPIRIT (in Adora's body): Well, you know, 65% of the bones, blah, blah, blah.

(Cuts off Adora's, in Spirit's body, head (the horse's head is cut off))

CASTASPELLA: Oh! But I-I'm magic! I could have fixed that in two seconds.

SPIRIT (in Adora's body): Eh. Who's up for meatloaf?

(cut to static)

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