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Yusuke: Hey! Are you sure you don't want me to tag in!?

Kuwabara: Shut up, Urameshi! I'm completely on top of this. [he gets up on the pillar] Yeah, I just got distracted 'cause it's so friggin' hot in here. [he takes off his jacket, now bare chested wearing some white wrappings] Now I'm ready to fight. [uses his Spirit Sword to attack] Come claw me whatever you want, Byakko!

Byakko: [laughing] Actually, I was planning to use a different kind of attack this time.

Kuwabara: That's fine with me.

[Byakko closes his fists, yelling as lighting strikes, Kuwabara is worried, as Byakko grabs his neck because something lights up in his mouth]

Yusuke: What is that?

Kurama: Something powerful.

Hiei: Very.

[Byakko shoots a green ball out of his mouth, it's called "Tiger Scream"]

Hiei: So, it does exist.

Kuwabara: You'll have to do better than that. [he uses his sword to do a baseball reference] With my good 'ol Spirir Sword I can knock that baby out of the ballpark and into your face.

Kurama: No! You mustn't touch it! Get away!

[The Tiger Scream is about to shoot Kuwabara, as jumps to another platform, the blast touches the pillars along with his jacket, he looks at the platform.]

Kuwabara: [angry] What!?

[The Tiger Scream blows the pillar and his jacket into dust in the process]

Kuwabara: Hey! My jacket!

Byakko: [laughing] You like it? I call it my tiger scream. Everything it touches transforms into a pile of ashes.

Kuwabara: Uh-oh!

Hiei: For years I have heard of a fighter who could destroy molecular bonds with the vibration of his voice. I never thought I'd meet him.

Yusuke: So he can't use his Spirit Sword on it?

Hiei: No. The sword would cause a chain reaction that would destroy his entire spirit.

[the camera starts in the Spirit World with Koenma and Jorge watching tv showing of Kuwabara]

Koenma: Hiei is right. That type of attack is impossible to block.

Jorge: Koenma sir, there must be something he can do.

Koenma: Ohh. I wish I knew more about these Saint Beasts. I'm afraid all we can do now is pray.

[Koenma starts praying and crosses himself]

Jorge: Please don't let these Saint Beasts win and invade the Earth. So much paperwork.

[Starts back at Byakko's lava lair with Kuwabara]

Kuwabara: Oh, man.

Byakko: [laughing] The only thing you can do now is run!

[Byakko uses his Tiger Scream, as Kuwabara jumps from platform to platform several times, he stops]

Kuwabara; [turns around] Oh. [laughs] Guess I'm to fast for ya! [He screams and sees another Tiger Scream coming his way, he jumps from platform to platform once more]

Byakko: Had enough!? [uses claw like needles] Tiger Claws! [shoots Kuwabara]

Yusuke: What the!? Kuwabara! Would you switch with me already!?

Kuwabara: You ain't so bad.

Byakko: [growls] You surprised me! Still fighting despite your frail human body!

Kuwabara: Get used to it. 'Cause I'm not stopping 'til you die.

Byakko: That's very noble, but the truth is you've already stopped. Like all my victims before you, my Tiger Scream has proved too much.

Kuwabara: I don't know what you're talking about. You never hit me once. All those friggin' blasts and you missed me every single time.

Byakko: Yes, but while you've been frantically running for your life, I've ensnared you.

Kuwabara: You what?

Byakko: Take a look around you. I've destroyed every pillar within your jumping reach. You have nowhere to go. Except of cousrse for the pillar I'm standing on. With all your effort, you might be able to reach me, but then I will kill you myself.

Kuwabara: [notices the last pillar] He forgot one.

Byakko: Once again, I'll let you choose your way to die. Either burn up in the lava or be eaten by me.

[Byakko laughs as Kuwabara moves his foot slightly, Byakko blasts the pillar]

Byakko: [laughing] Sorry, the little ones are so easy to over look. You're trapped, just accept it. It'll make the last moments of life much easier.

[Kuwabara is freaked out]

Yusuke: [worried] Kuwabara.

Kurama: Can you reach him, Hiei?

Hiei: If need be.

Kuwabara: [yelling] You guys better stay put. [the three are surprised] You're whispering to each other about how you can rescue me, aren't you? [goes to Kuwabara who looks at them, raises his thumb up pointing at them] How many times do I have to tell you, I don't want your help!

Yusuke: I don't understand that guy. Doesn't he realize he's about to die?

Kurama: Perhaps he's still devising an attack.

Hiei: Hm. Perhaps he's a fool.

Kuwabara: [faces Byakko; chuckling] Those guys are just anxious to fight to fight. Don't worry about them.

Byakko: [laughs] Idiot. They were your last chance to survive!

[he gets ready for his tiger scream]

Kuwabara: We'll see about that.

[Byakko shoots his Tiger Scream]

Kurama: He's jumping.

[Kuwabara starts jumping, he is about to fall into the lava]

Yusuke: Kuwabara!

[Kuwabara screams while he is still about to die]

Kurama: [worried] He didn't make it!

[Kuwabara is about to fall in the lava; he screams; uses his left palm as it glows]

Byakko: [laughing] Actually, I lied! You could never have reached me! [laughs] Huh?

[Kuwabara's Spirit Sword buries itself in the remains of the platform. The Spirt Sword grew bigger to laudnch Kuwabara in the air like a vault, Kuwabara punches Byakko really hard in the jaw]

Byakko: His sword! He used it like a vault!

Kuwabara: I'm just happy I got to hit you. Now let's go to hell together!

[Kuwabara screams as Byakko fell into the lava]

Yusuke: Kuwabara!

[the smoke comes out of the lava]

Yusuke: No, he can't.

[rocks from the platform begin to fall]

Yusuke: It''s wrong. [starts yelling] YOU CAN'T DIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!

[Yusuke falls to his knees]

Yusuke: It's all so stupid!! And I mean we're protecting the world! So who's protecting us!?

Kuwabara: [yelling] Hey! Can I get some help here? [they look at Kuwabara using his white belt to get up on the pillar] Guys!? Come on, you guys! I think I can feel something slipping.

Hiei: How fortunate!

[camera goes to Koenma's TV with Kuwabara having trouble getting up]

Koenma: [sitting back in his chair] I'm gonna die at an early age.

Jorge: Byakko's gone. That means two out of the four Saint Beasts have been defeated, sir.

Koenma: It's far too early to celebrate. Soon we'll see if Yusuke's training really paid off.

[Starts back at Byakko's lair]

Yusuke: You had me scared there, Kuwabara. For a second, I thought you bit the dust.

Kurabara: Yeah, yeah! It's exciting! Now help me up!

Hiei: Well. An interesting strategy. Maybe we should let you kill the other Saint Beasts this way, too.

Kurama: Yes.

Kuwabara: No way, you guys! I've done my share of fighting for this trip! Now would you please stop goofing around and help me up!

Yusuke: But we can't, Kuwabara. Don't you remember? You said you'd kill us if we helped you.

Kurama: Yes. It goes against your honor code.

Kuwabara: But that doesn't count. Once I beat them it's okay you see?

Yusuke: Well, we've still got two more Saint Beasts we've got to fight. Might as well get going.

Kurama: Yes.

Yusuke: We'll catch up with you later, Kuwabara. Hang in there.

Kuwabara: Hey, come on, guys! Wait. No, no, no! You didn't leave, did you!? Come on guys! GUYS!

Narrator: Finally, the ferocious Byakko has been put to rest. But two beasts are still lurking.

[End of Act 2]

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