(Night. Aerial shot of New Domino. Somewhere in the bad part of town...) Blister: This is the place, Yusei. (Blister lifts a shutter-style door; Yusei walks his runner inside) You'll be safe here until the Fortune Cup. Not quite five stars, but it's got all the (flicks on the lights) creature comforts you would expect for this part a' town; cockroaches, mice, stray cat. Yusei: Thanks-- I think. Blister (almost laughs): I decorated the place myself. Now, get some rest. You still haven't recovered from that fall you took, and if you plan on dueling and winning the Fortune Cup, you'll need a clear head. Yusei: I'll rest, Blister, when my friends are safe. (Yusei walks out the door to look out into the night.) Blister: Pfft. I hear ya, Yusei, but you're no good to anybody if you don't have all your strength. (Yusei looks up at the tall, sparkling skyscrapers at the center of the city, visible over the local rooftops.) Yusei: Don't worry; I heal real quick. (think) And I'm gonna show Goodwin just how *good* I feel!


ACT 1 <1:58>

(Morning. Aerial shot of New Domino. <2:00> In Leo and Luna's mansion in The Tops, Leo is in a tizzy) Leo: He's gone! No! No! No! No! No no no nooo!!! Luna (comes downstairs rubbing her eyes): Tooth fairy forget you again? Leo: Luna! He took his runner and left! Luna (wide awake): Well did he leave a note or something? Leo: *No!* (Leo runs back and forth in hysterics as Luna approaches the coffee table where their duel disks have been neatly laid out) Leo: This is all your fault! You should've been nicer! He was going to teach me to be the best duelist ever-- Luna: Would you calm down? (Leo sees the duel disks on the table and gasps; both duel disks have been modified and made smaller.) Luna: Look at these! Leo: Oh! What'd he do to them? (puts it on) It fits now! So how does it look, Luna? Luna: Pretty good. Now I just wish we knew who he was so we could thank him. Leo: Well it's his own fault for not telling us his name.

(As Leo speaks, flashback to Yusei sleeping on their couch, then his duel with Leo, and the ominous Facility mark on his cheek as he told them that the less they knew about him, the safer they were.) Leo (VO): I mean, he had amnesia; we helped him. If he wanted a thank-you, he would've stayed. Luna: I guess so, but why no goodbye? (End Flashback)

Luna: Maybe he wanders the city streets and helps out struggling duelists, kinda like a knight in shining armor-- but with a deck. Leo: A knight? Sounds more like a superhero, and his name's some big secret. Luna: Mmmm. (The computer gives a beeping ring) Both: Oh! (Leo runs over and answers it on the second ring) Dexter: What up, my main man?! <3:00> Leo: Dexter, get this! Some guy-- Dexter: Boss, there's no time for that! I got us a lead! Leo: A *lead*? Dexter: Duh! The Black Rose? Leo: Come on, Dex! The Black Rose is just some urban legend! Luna (coquettish): You miss me, Dexter?

(Pan over to Dexter's house across town as they continue to talk) Dexter: Uh... no. Listen, the Black Rose is no legend-- she's the most amazing duelist *ever*; her cards come alive! I know where she is, and I rebuilt my deck to take her on!

Leo: So where is she, Dexter? Dexter: I was scannin' some blogs earlier this morning, and check this out-- there's a rumor going around saying she's gonna pop up at the street duels, today! Leo (brandishes his duel disk): Then let's go!

Dexter: *Leo!* How come your duel disk isn't falling off anymore?

Leo (now he gets to tell his story): Right-- so this *superhero* stops by and-- Luna: He's not a superhero, Dexter, he's a *knight*. (Leo growls) Dexter: What're you two talkin' about, *who fixed up your duel disk*? Leo: Okay. This guy's duel runner is red, and-- Luna (grabs Leo, whispers): Leo. Leo: Huh? Luna (whispers): Until we know more about this guy, maybe we should keep this between us. Leo (whispers): Okay, good point. Dexter: Hey! <4:00> What's goin' on? Luna: Eh-heh, nothing. We were just discussing how much we really like your new bowtie. Listen, we gotta go now, see ya. (Clicks it off.) Luna: Listen, this is *our secret.* Leo (nods): Hm. Luna, you think Mister Amnesia Man flies or has a jetpack?

(Neither. Cut to the dashboard of Yusei's runner as he activates the duel disk portion. Jacket off and hung on the top of the runner, he sets to work with a small-tipped tool attached to a cord; possibly a motorized screwdriver or soldering iron. He uses the tool for a bit then holds it in his teeth as he works with his hands. Blister is sitting on the modest couch on the other side of the runner.) Blister: So what exactly did that purple-haired freak say to you about dueling in the Fortune Cup? Well? Yusei: Hm. (He stands to get the invitation out of his jacket pocket) It wasn't what he said, but what he showed me. (throws the invitation; like any duelist, Blister catches it effortlessly. He opens it and sees the invitation and the picture that came with it) Blister: So these're your friends, huh? Yusei: Yeah, and if I don't show up to the Fortune Cup, Goodwin said they'd pay the price. Blister: Sounds like something Goodwin would do; if it's not a bribe, it's a threat. Your friends're in the Satellite? Yusei: They are. Blister: Aw, *man*! <5:00> (looks at the picture again) Listen; I wanna help you out. Yusei: Hmm? Blister: I'll check on them, and make sure nothin' bad happens. Yusei: *You* can get to the Satellite? Blister: I can get anywhere, Yusei. Now don't worry; you'll be back with your buds in no time. Yusei (think): That's if Goodwin ever lets me see them again.

ACT 2 <5:22>

(Jack's apartment; Goodwin stands at the window, Jack sits on the couch, and Mina pours tea) Goodwin: How's your training coming for the Fortune Cup? Jack: If you mean sittin' on a couch, just great. Goodwin: Well you might want to change your attitude. I invited an additional contestant this year, someone you know. Jack: Who?! Goodwin: Your friend from the Satellite, Yusei Fudo. Jack: He'll be there? ...I like. Goodwin: I'm glad. I hoped it would motivate you. Well. I should probably let you get back to your, euh... training regimen? I'll show *myself* out. <6:00> And Jack, make sure you win this time, okay? Jack: Do you have any idea what this means, Mina? Mina: Umm... Jack: I can finally take on Yusei again. Mina: And that's a good thing, isn't it? (Jack looks down at his own reflection on the surface of the tea in his cup.) Jack: It's so much more than that. It's a chance. Mina: A... chance for what, Mister Atlas? (Jack sips.) Jack: A chance to redeem myself. (He flips the top card of his deck and looks at it; Stardust Dragon.) I underestimated Yusei in our last match, but this time I'll prove to 'im that I'm the best! Hm! (He stands, still holding the card.) Mina: What? Like right now? Jack: I'm just gonna go and even up the playing field so that Yusei definitely shows up! And if I'm right about this... the Crimson Dragon just might show up at the Fortune Cup as well! (Mina gasps; Jack walks out)

(A taxi stops in front of a yellow building) Tanner: Stop here! (He and Yanagi climb out) Yanagi: Eugh! My back! <7:00>

(Meanwhile, between the loud music Yusei has playing-- Hyperdrive, incidentally-- and the din as he revs the runner's engine experimentally with one hand then types something on the diagnostic screen with he other, it's rather noisy. ) Music: I can hear you breathin', I can see you comin', I can feel the wind that's blowin'-- (Blister, Tanner, and Yanagi walk in as he revs the engine once more, loud enough to drown out the music this time, and immediately cry out and cover their ears.) Blister: Ahh! Turn that off! Yusei (calls above the noise): I can't hear you! (Yusei reaches over and turns off the engine and the music as Yanagi tries to make himself known above it) Yanagi (jumps up and down): Yusei! It's me, Yanagi! Heheh! Tanner: Yuse-- nice place. Yusei: You're out? Tanner: And it's all thanks to you. Yanagi: When you outdueled Chief Armstrong, we didn't just get *early* release, we got *way* early release! So we headed right over to this-- uh, this interesting... Tanner: This place is a *dump(! Why don't ya get a throw rug and work some feng shui in here? Yanagi: Tanner, you said you'd be nice. Tanner: That *was* nice. I'm likin' the duel runner, though. Twin exhaust, turbo rotor, holodisplay, and your own deck. Bet you wish you had that back in the Facility. Whaddayou say you let me take it for a little ride and see what she's got? I'll bring it back with a full charge, and not one scratch. (Yusei starts to smile) Yanagi: Yeah, right. <8:00> You mean like your *last* runner? Tanner (shows his own deck): How 'bout we duel? I win, I take 'er for a quick spin, okay? Yanagi: Hyah! I *gotta* see this! Yusei (nods): Hm.

(In a vacant lot somewhere, Tanner and Yusei prepare to duel; Yanagi and Blister stand on the sidelines behind Tanner.) Yanagi (to Blister): So, what's *your* story? I bet you didn't know I'm a famous explorer who's gone around the world collecting the most amazing cards ever made? Blister: But Tanner said, um, that your deck's just a joke. Yanagi: He *what?!* He did not! Just take a look for yourself-- I've got Crystal Skull, Ashoka Pillar... (continues to chatter under line) Blister: Okay, grandpa. (think) Where d'you find these guys, Yusei? An ex-champ you met in the Facility; you went from foe to friend in one duel. Then there's old grandpa, and *he* thinks you're tied to some ancient prophecy about the end of the world. Huh! You're one of a kind, that's for sure. (The sun shines bright overhead; it's somewhere around either 10 am or 2 pm, from the angle.) Yusei and Tanner: Let's duel! (Suddenly, the shrill roar of a runner engine is heard; Yusei and Tanner look toward the sound) Yusei: Huh?! Tanner: Hmm! (Jack rides out from behind a corner and parks his runner in the middle of the duel.) <9:00> Yusei: Hey, Jack. Tanner: Uh-oh. (He climbs off, takes off his helmet, and faces Yusei; the tension in the air is palpable.)

ACT 3 <9:20>

(Open on aerial of the duel area. Yusei and Jack face off; Tanner, Blister, and Yanagi are somewhat nonplussed, struck silent by the tension in the air.) Yanagi: Uh-oh, why is Jack Atlas here? Blister: Lessons? Jack (to them): Careful. (They shut up, intimidated) Tanner: It's been a long time, Atlas. What's up? Jack: My career, thank you. (Burn! Tanner growls; Yusei catches Tanner's eye and shakes his head-- he'll handle this. Jack turns his attention back to Yusei) Yusei: What brings you here, Jack? (Jack reaches into his collar, pulls out a card, and flips it-- Stardust Dragon. Yusei gasps.) Yanagi (think): I wonder if that's an ancient relic! <10:00> Jack: I heard you'll be at the Fortune Cup. Yusei: Word gets around fast. Jack: I got a deal for you, Yusei, for your Stardust Dragon. Yusei: Hmmm... Jack: You add it to your deck. Win, and then you can keep the card. I win, I get it, and then you and me are straight, right? Yusei: Straight! What about my friends?! Jack: What? What're you talking about? (Yusei pulls the picture from the same inside pocket in his own jacket from which Jack pulled Stardust and shows it to Jack) Yusei: Your purple-haired pal Lezar stopped by, and if I don't duel, they pay. Jack (genuinely shocked): What? Yusei: Surprised, Jack? Well, don't be. I know Goodwin's behind all of this. (puts the picture back in his pocket) And I guarantee he's gonna regret putting *this* satellite's friends in harm's way! Jack: Well then you'll definitely need your Stardust Dragon, now, won't you? (He throws it; Yusei catches it) Jack: Just so we're clear, I don't know anything *about* this threat, *got it*? I duel for *me*; Goodwin's got his own agenda. (he gets back on his runner) So I guess I'll see you, <11:00> at the Fortune Cup then. And Yusei, you had better bring your A-game with you. Yusei: I will! Jack (small smile): Hm. (Jack donuts in a sharp U-turn and rides out the way he came; Yusei watches him go until long after he's gone; Yusei's friends hurry over to him) Blister: Hmm? Yanagi: I have to see that card! (Yusei shows it) It's true! That's Stardust Dragon! It's amazing! This is big stuff; you *are* a Signer! Yusei: Hmm... Yanagi: Hm! Don't you see? With that card, you made the Crimson Dragon appear! Yusei: But Jack was there, too! Yanagi: Then that must mean, you're *both* Signers! *You two are connected*! Yusei (think): But what does it all mean?

(Jack races along an empty freeway, thinking) Jack (think): So Yusei's got a new crew. Hmph. Not much of a trade-up. <12:00> (As he thinks, he pictures the groups in question; whether it's Tanner, Blister and Yanagi, or Rally, Blitz, Tank, and Nervin at his back, it's still the same old Yusei.) Jack (think): He probably still thinks that Stardust Dragon is just a rare card with a pretty pic. Hmph! This game isn't about cards anymore, Yusei; it's not about records or speed or anything! It's about the end of the world. And you can bet *I'm* gonna be the one to make sure it doesn't happen!

(The red star of the Dragon shines brightly above the shrine Goodwin showed Jack. Goodwin stands before it, and raises his arms ceremonially, absorbing the light.) Goodwin: Even now, the Dragon Star's power grows. It knows our quest to gather all the Signers is on the verge of success. (Lezar stands listening, along with five robed figures) You are my loyal servants of Iliaster. Your mission is to expose those people who possess the mark of the Dragon. You must push them to their limits, exhaust their skills, stir their emotions. Now go; and do not fail me. (The five bow their heads and depart) Goodwin: Soon all the pieces will be in place once again, and your power shall rule the world! <13:00>

(Sunset in the shady part of New Domino. Blister emerges from a doorway, waving a goodbye) Blister: I'll see you at the docks. (He walks down the wide alley, beneath a multi-armed crane...)

(Not too far away, a duel ring is spray-painted much like a basketball court on the pavement, and a thin crowd is gathered around a disk duel someone is in the process of losing; Lycanthrope slashes Giant Orc.) Loser: Ah! Winner: Try harder next time! Guy in crowd: Is that Joey Wheeler? Another guy in crowd: No, man, it's his cousin Jesse Wheeler! (The duelist in question does have Joey Wheeler's distinctive blond hairdo, similar voice, and something of his fashion sense; his left cheek is marked, and he wears a pair of spectacles. Yusei, Tanner, and Yanagi are at the back of the crowd; Blister joins them.) Blister: Yusei! Good news; I found a work boat that'll take me to the Satellite, tonight. Yanagi: A work boat? Don't those things just carry trash and disease? Blister: If you're lucky! This ain't some pleasure cruise; it's to check on Yusei's friends. They may be in trouble, grandpa. See, Yusei's got much bigger things to worry about. Tanner: Like the Fortune Cup? Hey, our boy'll clean 'em up! (Another duel has started, but while most of the crowd is cheering and yelling, Yusei's circle is no longer paying attention.) Blister: There's a lot more at stake here than just the tournament, Bolt. Goodwin an' Atlas *forced* Yusei to duel. If they're involved, something bad's going on. Yanagi: Like the end of the world! Everyone in New Domino, marker or not, <14:00> satellite or citizen, (Yusei pulls out the Cup invitation and stares at it) all our fates are tied to the Signers; to *Yusei*! (Blister puts a hand on Yusei's shoulder; Yusei looks up) Blister: I'm not sure I believe *that*, but just in case, why don't you win for the sake of all of humanity, 'kay? Yusei: Sure. (A familiar voice can be heard across the arena) Leo: Mister! (Leo, with Dexter in tow, politely taps a spectator on the back) Leo: Hey mister. Guy: Huh? Leo: Have you seen the Black Rose? Guy: Nah! Don'tchu know she don't exist? (starts walking away) Maybe she's duelin' one a' your imaginary friends! Leo: Maybe she *doesn't* exist, Dex. Dexter: Well I know the blogs don't lie; she'll be here, I just know it! Leo: You sure? I mean, does anyone know who she really is? Dexter: Well, she'd better show up, 'cause my deck is ready for her! Leo: Well, Dex, we've looked for the Black Rose all day; maybe we should go home. Dexter: Huh? *Go home*? The Black Rose is the greatest duelist *ever!* They say her cards make real monsters, her spells are like *real spells*, and her traps're like-- Leo: Lemme guess, *real traps*? <15:00> Dexter: (snif) If you don't wanna help me, then fine, but I'm stayin' right here, got that? Leo: Don't *cry*, Dexter, I'll stay. Dexter: I don't cry!! Yusei: Leo, what's up? Leo: Look! Over here, Dexter look, it's the superhero who fixed me and my sister's duel disks!! Dexter: *He's* a superhero? Ugh. (runs after Leo) Leo: So what's up? Yusei: Whaddaya doin' here, Leo? This is a dangerous place for little kids. Where's your sister? Leo: She didn't wanna come. (Dexter finally catches up with Leo, and as he comes to a halt, he spots Yusei's mark; Blister, Tanner, and Yanagi also look like rough company) Dexter (shrinking back, whispers): Leo, I don't think this guy's a superhero. Check his face-- Leo: That's his *secret identity*. Yanagi (up in their faces but trying to be friendly toward the little kids): What're you doin' here? Dexter (scared): Uwah...! Leo: We've been looking around for the Black Rose! Yusei: Oh. (to Tanner, Blister, and Yanagi) He helped me get my memory back; he's cool. Leo (elated; he's 'cool' with Yusei's crowd!): Yes, I'm cool! (grabs Dexter's sleeve) And this guy's my best friend Dexter. Dexter: Um, hello. Leo: That guy's the best; he's got this combo that's like whoa! You should definitely duel him! Dexter: Uh... (Yusei looks rather menacing; marked, intense, and not smiling) Maybe some other time. Oh.. look at that! (he's spotted the Fortune Cup invitation in Yusei's hand) <16:00> Leo: Whoa- hahahahaha! Hey, that's an invitation to duel at the Fortune Cup! You'll be there too?! Yusei: Uh-huh. Leo (dancing around and singing): I get to duel you, I get to duel you! But *this* time, *you're* going down, too! (To Dexter) Maybe if I win, he'll make me his sidekick like in all those comic books! Cool, huh! Dexter: Yeeeaah... (Yusei still looks pretty menacing to Dexter, but not quite as scary as before; as he stares, Yusei suddenly cries out in pain and falls to one knee, gripping his right forearm.) Leo: It's okay, I'll let you win! Yanagi: What's wrong? Yusei: It hurts just like before. Tanner: Before? Yusei: When it first appeared. The Crimson Dragon... (Suddenly, a noise; Yusei is still hunched over shivering with pain, but the group looks toward this new threat) Dexter: Let's go...! Leo: Wait-- something's happening! (All the spectators are running away, yelling about the Black Rose. One guy is left on the field, scoffing...) Duelist: There *is* no Black Rose! (Hard to keep such a belief, when the space before him is populated by a localized tornado) Yanagi: B-b-Black Rose? Blister: She's just a myth. Tanner: Oh yeah? Blister: There's a reasonable explanation here. Yusei (think): What's going on? (Giant black thorny vines shoot into the sides of nearby buildings and emerge from the ground; one comes up beneath Yusei's group, scattering them in all directions, knocking them hard to the ground. <17:00> Yusei lands on his feet in a crouch, still clutching his arm, and looks up at the silhouette of a dragon, its mouth glowing red, through the dust, debris, and/or smokescreen) Yusei: What is that?

ACT 4 <17:06>

Yusei: Whose dragon is that? (Yusei grimaces in pain again and rolls up his sleeve; the Sign on his arm is once more visible, glowing red.) Yusei: My mark! Yanagi: Oh my! Tanner: That's no tattoo! Yanagi: You're right, Tanner; it is the Mark of the Dragon! (Leo, a number of feet away, is staring at Yusei's Sign in what looks like fear) Leo: Mark of the dragon...? (Probably from Leo's memory, we are shown a vision of a glowing-red claw; Leo continues to stare, eyes wide with distress. Suddenly something shines brightly in the center of the disturbance; everyone shields their eyes. The duelist left on the ground is still there, probably wetting himself by now. Yusei looks up again as the dragon roars once more, triumphant) Leo: The Black Rose is real! (Yusei gets to his feet, still cradling his glowing arm, and runs, right toward the dragon. Leo runs after) Leo: Wait! Come back! It's too dangerous, even for a superhero! (Visible through the screen of dust and smoke as it begins to clear is a hooded and cloaked figure with blank, glowing eyes and a white, mouthless face, hair dark magenta and rigid in snaky locks that frame her face.) <18:00> Yusei: Black Rose? Leo: I think. But be careful-- (Yusei holds out a hand to stop Leo walking forward to stand beside him) uh! (The rest of the group runs forward to join Leo behind Yusei.) Blister: Okay, so she's *not* made up. Now what, grandpa? Yanagi (terrified): I dunno! (The Black Rose stands silent, until she sees the glowing Sign on Yusei's arm; she gasps, and exclaims almost accusingly, in a voice that echoes and distorts.) Black Rose: Your arm! You also have a mark! (Yusei huh's at this turn of events, as does Leo.) Yusei: I do. (Yusei walks toward her; she panics.) Black Rose: Stay away from me!! (She flourishes her arm, and is surrounded in a mass of blue-white light; Yusei's friends are forced or flung back; Yusei falls hard to one knee and weathers it. Suddenly it's gone, along with her. All that remains is a visible crackle of power or two in the air. Yusei stands.) <19:00> Tanner: She's gone! Yanagi: Amazing! That's what I call an exit for the ages! Whaddaya think her encore looks like? (Leo and Dexter are completely shellshocked and hysterically stoked, hugging together.) Dexter: We found her; the Black Rose is real! Leo: That was SO *awesome!!* (Meanwhile, the rest of the bystanders are still recovering, standing up and lifting injured pals out of the rubble) Blister: The Black Rose said you *also* had a mark. What'd she mean by *that*? (Yusei looks at his arm; the Sign has vanished) Leo: Ah! Where'd it go?! Yanagi: Vanished! Like magic! Yusei: I know; I *have* to find this Black Rose!... After all, guys, I need to find out some answers.

(Lezar has apparently observed the whole event, standing nimbly atop the multi-armed crane we saw earlier.) Lezar (think): And you'll get them-- in due time! Huhuhuhuhuhuh...

(Night, somewhere in New Domino; the Black Rose stops running, out of breath, and leans against a wall, hidden in an alleyway.) Black Rose (think): That mark! Why did *he* have one?! (She takes off her mask to catch her breath better, but we don't see her eyes; the Black Rose is human...) <20:00>

(Daytime and the Kaibadome's entrance is swarming with crowds before the Fortune Cup. People flock to ticket kiosks, and all door tickets are apparently sold out. Lines are atrocious. The arena itself has been decorated with the Fortune Cup logo, including the spherical display that usually displays a rotating card. Goodwin is observing the action from a high-up window somewhere in the stadium) Lezar: Director, one of the servants of Iliaster led me right to her. I made sure the Black Rose got the invitation. She'll be dueling here along with Yusei. Hmhmhmhmhmhm... Goodwin (looks sideways at Lezar, then smiles a bit too sinisterly): Then all is going as planned. Soon the Crimson Dragon will rise! (Jack is sitting on a couch behind them) Jack (think): And Yusei will fall!!

END <20:52>

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