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[Messer wind turns into a Star Wars Lightsaber like weapon, shooting out lightning attacks]

Kariya: Good luck! No matter how fast you move or where you go, you can't outrun lightning!

[Lightning strikes Ichigo in the back; screaming, Kariya strikes Ichigo, he screams in pains, and he falls down]

Kariya: Oh, my... are you finished?

Ichigo: Damn you.

Kariya: You're pathetic. Now I'm going to finish this charade once and for all. Because in a moment, the Jokai Crest will completely fill me with its power. I never told you this before, but in fact there is more than one Jokai Crest.

Ichigo: What did you say?

Kariya: When I unleash the Jokai Crest within me, it will detonate the rest of them, and the Sereity will be no more.

Ichigo: Why the hell would you do that? Your friends, your enemies, and even yourself! Why would you murder everyone!

Kariya: The Bounts became corrupt long ago. They were given so much power, but through it all they refuse to severe their ties with the Soul Reapers. And the Soul Reapers are even more corrupt! They selfishly created the Bounts in the beginning, used them, and disposed of them! I could never forgive them for the crimes they committed. So now, I will take them all down with me... Soul Reapers, Bounts, and every last soul will be destroyed!

Ichigo: You fool, you finally lost it.

Kariya: [laughing] No I'm quite sane. The world is gone crazy that's all. But it's not important, because the world is about to end.

Ichigo: That's what you think! Then I'll stop you, right now!

Rukia: Ichigo!

Renji: Wait, Rukia!

Rukia: Renji, let go!

Renji: Leave him! It's Ichigo's fight, don't interfere!

Rukia: But I-

Renji: Listen, in combat, Ichigo is even matched for Captain Kuchiki. Believe in him.

Ichigo: Did you think I stand by, and just let you destroy everything!?

Kariya: What I think is, there isn't very much you can do in your condition.

Ichigo: Shut up!

Kariya: Just a little longer and all of this would be over.

Kariya: But until then, it will be amusing to watch you die. Moments before the world comes to an end.

Ichigo: Damn it! I don't have any strength left. I can't even move my arm. Move! Damn it! Move! Move!

Hollow Ichigo: It will!

[Ichigo uses a blow on Kariya's chest, ripping off the shirt of Kariya's fully revealing the Jokai Crest; Ichigo's face was seen with Kariya's shirt pieces flying all over, and Kariya was pushed back]

Rukia: Ichigo.

Renji: The black Getsuga Tensho.

Kariya: [furious voice] What's this? Where's this power coming from?

[Ichigo has powers now, eyes turn back to normal]

Kariya: [off-camera] I gather this must be your inner power.

[goes to Kariya]

Kariya: But it seems even this power has deserted you. On the other hand, I have powerful ally in reichi.

[Ichigo gasps]

Kariya: [laughing; then gasps] What's happening? [notices he can't absorb reichi] Why can't I absorb reichi anymore? Is that? Huh? Is that why she stabbed me!?

[remembers about Ran Tao stabbing Kariya in the chest]

Kariya: So that I would loose the ability to absorb reichi?

Kariya: [grins] You've succeeded, Ran Tao.

Ichigo: [laughs] Well it looks like you're not invincible anymore are you. You and I are level ground now.

[The Jokai Crest begins to glow]

Kariya: [chuckles] But it's too late to do you any good.

Ichigo: What do you mean?

Kariya: The end is near, Ichigo. Very soon, the Jokai Crest will fill me with its awesome power. And then I'll unleash that power and all of this would come to an end!

Ichigo: Not if I can help it!!

[swings his sword at Kariya, but blocks it]

Ichigo: Before you unleash that power, I'll kill you!!

Kariya: So stop me if you can!!

Ichigo: Whatever you say!

[both fight intensely]

Kariya: [furious] I don't think you're beginning to understand how incredible the power of the crest really is!

Ichigo: So what!?

Kariya: So I'll demonstrate it for you. I'll select the nearest one and detonate it, now!

[camera goes to the Sereity with Ukitake's group]

Ukitake: The crest should be there, open it up, Senator.

Sentaro: Yes, sir!

Kiyone: There it is!

Ukitake: Yes, obviously the information from Ran'Tao is accurate. Seal it, immediately!

Sentaro and Kiyone: Yes sir!

[they jump]

Ukitake: So little time. I hope we make it.

[camera goes to Shuns moving the wrong way, but goes to the right, Ranginku and Toshiba are running, Shunsui and Nananno sealing the crests, Ikkaku scaring the Soul Reaper; in Yamamoto's office, putting the locations on the board]

Sajin: There are too many Jokai Crest location, head captain. We don't have enough time to probably seal them before the Bount detonates them.

Yamamoto: Nonsense! That's enough negativity, Captain Komamura! It is the duty that the Thirteen Court Guard Squards will defend the Sereity, and we will do everything in our power to stop this Bount from carrying out his plan!

Ichigo: Why are you doing this?

Kariya: Don't worry. The crests are hidden far apart from each other inside the Sereityy. So if I detonate a single one of them, the explosion won't have any effect on the others.

Ichigo: Damn you.

Kariya: Now behold and learn, the power of the Jokai Crest!!

Byakuya: Bankai! Senbonzakura! Kageyoshi!

[the blossoms hits Kariya]

[End of Act 1]

Act 2 Edit

[Kariya is fighting against the peddles; it was Byakuya]

Ichigo: Byakuya!

Kariya: Damn you.

Yoruichi: it looks like I came just in time.

Ichigo: Yoruichi.

Yoruichi: Yes, sorry it took me so long to get here. Anyway, right now Ukitaki and the other Soul Reapers are busy sealing all of the crests in the Sereity. However, It's going to take a while to finish it. So the question now is will they be detonate it before we have time to seal him.

Ichigo: Or will I defeat him before he sets them off? Heh. I get it.

Yoruichi: In either case, it will be a race against time for us. Kariya, what are you planning to do?

Kariya: Heh. Isn't it obvious. I'm going to kill all of you. [furious voice] EVERY LAST ONE!!

[begins to strike; as Ichigo comes for the blow]

Ichigo: Forget them! I'm you opponent!

Kariya: Very well!

Yoruichi: Don't do it, Byakuya. If Kariya unleashes the Jokai Crest, we must be able to seal it with away my Shinko and your Senbonzagura. But we won't be able to try to fight him as well. As it is, I'm not quite certain the seal will be completely effective.

[Ichigo goes to a blow, and Kariya too, striking each other, vanish and goes to land]

Ichigo: So is that it? Is that all the power you got?

Kariya: [growls furiously] Shut up, boy. [growls again] Damn, I've used up too much power compressing the Jokai Crest. There's only one thing left to do.

[Kariya takes a breather; then he attacks Ichigo.

Yoruichi: How strange. Kariya can't absorb reichi anymore, but his attacks aren't getting any weaker. [scene changes to Kariya with the Jokai Crest on his left side of his chest] In fact, it seems like they're getting stronger. Why! I know! Ichigo, just a little more. He's already out of Spirit Energy. He's only continuing to fight by using the power of the crest in his body.

Kariya: Heh. What difference does it make?

Kariya: You fools. Don't you get it? The Jokai Crest will be released in just a few more minutes. The question is whether my body will hold long enough, or whether you will succeed in defeating me first.

[goes to Ichigo]

Ichigo: I already told you that. You're finished damn it, and you know it!!

Kariya: That sounds like nothing but an empty threat coming from someone as beaten down as you are. [he vanishes and reaches Ichigo and kicks him] What? No more boasting?

[Ichigo is struggling in pain]

Kariya: No more holding back now! Let's see how you handle this!

[He strikes his ultimate lightning attack]

Ichigo: That looks like.....

Ichigo: Ichinose's Zanpakuto.

[the lightning attack heads to Ichinose's sword; Ichigo powers up]

Orihime: This way! He's over here!

Uryuu: What happened to the ground?

Chad: Is Ichigo alright?

Orihime: I hope so.

Rukia: You're here.

Orihime: Rukia. Renji. Thank goodness.

Chad: Ichigo!

Orihime: Ichigo!

Uryuu: Renji and Chad, you've got to go and help him!

Rukia: It's tempting to interfere in this; but, we have to wait.

Orihime: But Rukia.

Rukia: I think in many ways, Ichigo thinks of himself as similar to being the Bounts. He's only a substitute Soul Reaper, not a real one. He's human, but he's not like other humans. Before he gained his Soul Reaper powers, what he desired most the strengths to protect those close to him. He got the power he wanted; but from that point on, he was pulled between two worlds. The World of the Living, and the Soul Society. He can never really understand that burden. Ichigo endures that struggle, and still he moves forward. But can any one of us can be that strong? Blunts are humans, too, but not like any other. They are of two worlds and they have suffered in boast. That's why Kariya can only be stopped by Ichigo because he bears the same burden. So all we can do now is stay here and trust him. Don't worry. Ichigo is going to win.

Orihime: Yeah. I know he will.

Ichigo: Time to settle this! I'm gonna hit you with every last ounce of strength I have left!

Kariya: Excellent, and I shall do the same to you.

[he dashes to Ichigo]

Kariya: Let's go!

[Ichigo and Kariya strike with a clashing blow]

Kariya: The Jokai Crest's power is packed by the strength of all the Bounts! Can you withstand it!? Ichigo Kurosaki!?

Ichigo: Why did you ever do to help the Bounts, Kariya? You told me yourself that you never saw than anything more than pawns to be use to throw away! I'm not about to be defeated by someone like you!

Kariya: [furious] You know nothing to me! People always hate those who are better than they are. Your friends aren't any different. Over time, even people who you trusted will come to fear your power! And they'll begin to distance themselves from you! Where is the logic in protecting disloyal people like that?

Ichigo: [enraged] It's not about logic it's what I feel! I protect them because I want to; for them I even risked my soul!!

Kariya: Then you will loose your soul!!

[the Jokai Crest turns white]

Yoruichi: There it goes! He activated it! Byakuya we have to seal it! Byakuya, what are you waiting for!? He's unleashing it now! Byakuya!


[Ichigo clashes Kariya for the last time; explosion begins; Ichigo falls]

Kariya: I guess its's all over with now. I am a little dissapointed. I suppose I won't get to see; whether or not, you walked on the same path that I have. Ichigo, bye.

Ichigo: Damn you, Kariya.

[falls down, Chad picks him up]

Ichigo: Chad?

Chad: Ichigo, are you alright?

Orihime: Are you hurt?

Rukia: Ichigo!

Uryuu: You had me worried, Ichigo.

Ichigo: Hey, guys.

Ririn: Oh, Ichigo! I'm so glad to see you!

Yoruichi: [scoffs; vanishes]

Orihime: Ichigo, we need to heal your wounds.

Ichigo: We can do that later. [he gets up] In the end, Kariya decided to submit on his own.

Rukia: Do you think that was part of his plan from the beginning?

Ichigo: Who knows? Seemed like what he wanted was to bring his never ending life to it close.

[TO BE CONTINUED; credits; end of Act 2]

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