Ben 10: Omniverse: Season: 2 Episode: 8

[incomplete & unfixed]

Diamondhead: What? No weird time beams, or whatever? Not your usual style, Eon.
Eon: The only thing ever predictable about me, is that I'm unpredictable! (Attacks with an energy blade)
Diamondhead: (blocks the attack) Unpredictable and lame!

XLR8: Seriously? Your name is Eon? Like E-yawn!

Ditto: Ditto? Wow! I haven't used Ditto since...forever.

Ben Tennyson: Professor Paradox? What's with that Steampunk make over?
Professor Paradox: Or let's say I have been forced to take a more active role in temporal affairs of late, it's become open warfare on the space-time continuum I'm afraid.
Ben Tennyson: A Time War? Is that bad that I think that sounds awesome?

Ben Tennyson: Hey! Check it out! There is more numbers down here on these high pipes just hid, 1.....(pipes broke) oh...Oh oh!

Arctiguana: Arctiguana? Cool! Literally!

Ben Tennyson: Yeah, well, something is about to happen soon or later. It always does, just give it some times.
(The green time portal open besides Ben, Ben 10,000 appears)
Ben 10,000: Ben! Where is Paradox? The Chronosapiens are gone rogue, and Maltruant's temporal beasts are on a cross-dimensional rampage! This Time War, it's getting out of hand!
Ben Tennyson: Time War? Awesome!!!

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