[starts at the beach with Johnny Bravo uses the stand and the mirror and he spins around and changes his clothes to his blue swim trunks]

Johnny: Oh, yeah! Special! [notices a girl with a red bikini with yellow polka dots and flirts with her]

Johnny: Hey, babarilla. That's a pretty eensie-weensie, teeny-weenie polka-dot thingy you going there. Wanna do the monkey with me come on!

[he starts dancing]

Polka-dot Girl: The monkey? Hey, everybody! Do the monkey!

[everybody at the beach starts dancing like idiots as Johnny watches them, a talking shark goes to a nerdy man]

Shark: Hi, there! Wanna go swiming with me?

Nerd Surfer: No way, daddy-o! You're a shark! You'll eat me! [he starts dancing]

Shark: Darn it. They're on to me! I better work in different angle. [he puts on a Richard Nixon mask and blinks as a pink bikini girl throws a punch at Johnny]

Johnny: Ow! What? Everybody's doing it!

[a shark pokes Johnny on the shoulders]

Shark: Hi, there! Wanna go swimming? I'm not a shark.

Johnny: There's a beach full of bikini teeny-weenie babes. And you want me to go swimming [pokes the mask] with you?

Shark: Come on! It'll be fun!

Johnny: I only got two words for you mister: [firmly at him] no! [Shark leaves] Now where was I? Oh, yeah! [flexes his muscles] Come and get it, ladies! I'm yours for the taken!

[starts with a young man name Andy, who is dressed in a red tank, orange shorts, and he has brown hair, and a girl name Franny with a blonde pony tail and she has a blue bikini]

Andy: Frannie, a woman's place is in the kitchen.

Frannie: Oh! Andy, you're such a goo-goo head! You're not my boyfriend anymore!

Andy: Well that suits me just fine!

Frannie: Oh, you'll be sorry, mister. Until I take some other guy to the weenie roast!

Andy: Oh, yeah? What guy?

[goes to Johnny flexing his muscles]

Johnny: Dreamy hunk! Right here!

[Frannie meets Johnny]

Frannie: Hi!

Johnny: Hi.

Frannie: Wanna go to the weenie roast with me, tonight?

Johnny: Oh, yeah!

Frannie: Well, I think you're Marvie.

Johnny: Well actually I'm Johnny. [flexes on arm] Johnny Bravo.


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