• Narrator/Bruce Wayne: There was a time above, a time before there were perfect things.
  • [The film opens on the funeral of Bruce's parents, as two coffins are being carried into a mausoleum]
  • Narrator/Bruce Wayne: Diamond absolutes. Things fall. Things on Earth. And what fallen.
  • [Young Bruce runs away from the procession as an old man calls after him. He runs through a forest near a graveyard.]
  • [Flashback to the night Bruce's parents were killed. Young Bruce is walking with his mother and father in front of a movie theater.]
  • [Back to the funeral, Young Bruce is still running through the forest.]
  • [Flashback again, a man pulls a gun on Bruce's father.]
  • [Funeral again, still running through the forest, Young Bruce trips on something, but gets up and keeps running.]
  • [A bullet is shot from a gun in the flashback simultaneously as Young Bruce falls through a hidden door on the forest floor.]
  • [The flashback and funeral scenes switch out constantly. Bruce's father and mother are shot while Young Bruce at the funeral is falling through a hole and hits the ground.]
  • Thomas Wayne: Martha. [Bruce's father says as he looks at his dying wife on the ground.]
  • [Young Bruce struggles to get up from the hole he has fallen in. He looks around and realizes he is surrounded by hundreds of bats. They fly around him as Young Bruce is carried out of the hole seemingly by the bats flying.]
  • Narrator/Bruce Wayne: In the dream, they took me to the light. A beautiful lie.
  • [In present day Metropolis, a helicopter lands and Bruce Wayne steps out. He sees General Zod's ship and the Battle of Metropolis from the end of Man of Steel. He drives through the streets, narrowly avoiding explosions and debris. While driving, Bruce calls Jack O'Dwyer an executive at the Wayne Financial Building.]
  • Bruce Wayne: [over phone] Jack.
  • Jack O'Dwyer: Bruce.
  • Bruce Wayne: Jack, listen to me. I want you to get everyone out of the building, right now. [as he says this, a wave of energy crumbles the buildings around Wayne Financial.] Do you understand?
  • Jack O'Dwyer: Oh God. [talks to his colleagues] Let's go! Start moving now, people! Let's go! The boss wants us out of the building, so let's make it happen.
  • Bruce Wayne: [over phone] Jack. Jack! [Jack apparently doesn't hear him. Bruce angrily hangs up.]
  • [Bruce narrowly avoids more explosions while driving.]
  • [aerial view; a spaceship crumbles buildings as it flies through the sky.]
  • [Bruce is still driving but a gathering crowd in the street forces him to stop. He gets out of the car and looks up in the sky.]
  • [aerial view; Superman pushes Zod into a building]

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