Ben 10: Season: 1 Episode: 01

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Washington B.C.
(Scene shows Vilgax's ship chasing the smaller blue ship)
Robot Lieutenant: Hull damage: 20 percent, but the system's still operational.
Vilgax: I have come too far to be denied. The Omnitrix shall be mine, and there is not a being in the galaxy that dares stand in my way.

(Scene with Ben nervously looking at a clock)
Ben: (looking at the clock) Come on. Come on.
Teacher: And I just want to remind you all that I will be teaching summer school this year, and it's not too late to sign up!
Ben: Yeah, right. (the bell rings) Yes! Outta here!
Teacher: Everyone, have a good vacation, and I hope to see you all again in the fall. Benjamin, could I have a word with you before you go? (holds up Ben's paper airplane)
(Ben frowns and walks over to the teacher's desk)

(Scene where Cash and J.T. back Jamie into a tree)
Cash Murray: Normally, we'd take your money and beat you up. But since it's the last day of school, we're going to give you a break. Now fork over the cash so we can get out of here.
Ben: Leave him alone!
J.T.: Get lost, shrimp.
Ben: I said, back off!
Cash Murray: Oh, looks like we got us a hero. Suppose we don't wanna back off?
J.T.: What are ya gonna do about it, Tennyson?
(The three stare intently, then Ben attacks; Scene becomes dark.)

(Scene of where Ben and Jamie are hanging on a tree with their underwear)
Jamie: (sarcastically) Thanks a lot.
Ben: I was just trying to help.
Jamie: Next time you wanna play hero, make sure you can back it up.
Max: (drives up) Come on, Ben. Let's go. We're burning daylight. I want to make it to the campsite by nightfall.
Ben: Uh, Grandpa, a little help here?

(Scene of the inside of Rust Bucket. Ben walks with a grin)
Ben: (referring to the camping trip) I have so been looking forward to this! (notices Gwen sitting down at a table) What are you doing here? (to his Grandpa) What is she doing here?
Gwen: Take it easy, dweeb. This wasn't my idea. Somebody convinced my mom that going camping for the summer would be a good experience for me.
Ben: Grandpa, please, tell me you didn't.
Max: I thought it would be fun if your cousin came along with us this summer. Is that a problem?
(Ben and Gwen say nothing)

(Scene with Ben and Gwen sitting face to face)
Ben: Aw, I can't believe it. I wait all school year to go on this trip, and now the queen of cooties is along for the ride.
Gwen: Hey, I had my own vacation already all planned out, too, you know. (pulls out her schedule) Each activity is color-coded so I never do the same thing two days in a row. Now, I'm stuck with my geekazoid cousin going camping for three months.
Ben: Geek.
Gwen: Jerk.
Max: Something tells me it's gonna be a long summer.

(Scene when Max brings up a bowl of worms)
Max: Chow time. (puts down a bowl of meal worms)
Ben: (makes a face while looking at the worms) Okay, I give up. What is that?
Max: Marinated meal worms. Hard to find them fresh in the states. You know, they're considered a delicacy in some countries.
Gwen: And totally gross in others.
Max: If these don't sound good, I've got some smoked sheep's tongue in the fridge.
Ben: Ugh. Couldn't we just have a burger or something?
Max: Nonsense. This summer's gonna be an adventure for your taste buds. I'll grab the tongue.
Ben: (to Gwen) Okay, I've got a half-eaten bag of corn chips and a candy bar in my backpack. What do you got?
Gwen: Some rice cakes and hard candy.
Ben: Think we can make them last the whole summer?
(Both sulk)

(Scene of the chase between two ships)
Robot Lieutenant: Their propulsion systems have been destroyed.
Vilgax: Prepare to board! I want the Omnitrix, now!

(Scene when Max walks to and grimly looks at Ben and Gwen who are busy doing games and computer)
Max: Who wants to roast marshmallows? (receives no response) Okay, um... How about we tell scary stories?
Ben: Scarier than having to spend a summer with your freak of a cousin? (chortles)
Gwen: I'd like to, Grandpa, but I'm busy doing a web search on cures for extreme doofusness. Nothing yet, Ben, but let's not give up hope.
Max: Aw, come on, you two. We're all in this together. You can mope around like this all summer, or we can have some fun. Now what do you say?
Gwen: I vote for moping.
Ben: I'm gonna take a walk. Smell ya around, Gwen.
Max: I, uh, think they're starting to grow on each other.

(Scene where Ben is walking through the woods)
Ben: Aw, man. This is gonna be the worst vacation ever. I might as well have gone to summer school. (ball transporter goes over head) Whoa! A shooting star! (transporter comes down where he is; Ben screams and jumps out of the way, then goes over to the transporter) Looks like a satellite or something. (falls into the crater next to the transport; the transporter opens and reveals the Omnitrix) A watch. What's a watch doing in outer space? (grins and stretches out his hand; The Omnitrix jumps on his wrist) Get off me! Get off, get off! (tries to remove the Omnitrix but fails and fell backwards; Ben gets out from the crater) Grandpa!

(Scene where Max and Gwen are)
Max: Hmm. Ben's been gone a while. Well, I guess he can't get into too much trouble out here.
Gwen: Unless he wound up bear food. (Max frowns at her) Hey, I can dream, can't I?

(Scene with Ben trying to remove the Omnitrix, only to fail)
Ben: (sulks, kneels down then touches the Omnitrix) Whoa! (sees a figurine of Heatblast) Cool!

(Scene with Heatblast)
Heatblast: AAAAAAH! I'm on fire! I'M ON FIRE! (screams then calms down) Hey, I'm on fire, and.... I'm okay! Check it out; I'm totally hot. (laughs, then looks at a tree) Oh, yeah. Uh-huh. Here goes! (shoots a small fireball at it , burning a hole in it) That's what I'm talkin' about. (makes a bigger fire ball) Likin' it. (throws it through several trees, then realizes his mistake) Wait, STOP! (trees catch on fire) Uh-oh. (tries with no success to stomp out a fire) Oh, man. I'm gonna get so busted for this!

(Scene of where Max and Gwen are)
Gwen: (notices a forest fire) What's that?
Max: Looks like the start of a forest fire. We better let the ranger station know. Probably some darn fool camper out there messing around with something he shouldn't. BEN! (brings out two fire extinguishers and hand one to Gwen) Better take this.

(Scene of where Heatblast trying to put out the fire)
Heatblast: This would be so cool if it weren't so NOT cool.

(Scene to Gwen in the forest in fire)
Gwen: (puts out fire with a fire extinguisher and accidentally sprays at Heatblast; Heatblast turns around and look at Gwen, making her scream)
Heatblast: Look, I know I look weird, but there's no reason to be scared- (Gwen hits him with a fire extinguisher and sprays at him) Hey! (coughs)
Gwen: I don't know what you are, but you'll stay down there if you know what's good for you. (Heatblast puts her shoe on fire and laughs as she puts it out, Gwen raises her fire extinguisher to hit Heatblast) I warned you!
Heatblast: Don't even think about it, freak.
Gwen: (recognizing Ben by the way he talks) Ben? Is that you? What happened?
Heatblast: Well, when I was walking, this meteor fell from the sky and almost munched me, except that wasn't a meteor or a satellite, but this cool watch thing that jumped up onto my wrist and when I tried to get it off, I suddenly was on fire, only it didn't hurt when I was accidentally starting this mega forest fire.
Max: (running up) Gwen, are you alri- (sees Heatblast) What in blazes?
Gwen: Hey, Grandpa, guess who.
Heatblast: It's me, Grandpa.
Max: (after realizing Heatblast is Ben) Ben? What happened to you?
Heatblast: Well, when I was walking, this meteor...
Gwen: (cuts Heatblast off) Um, excuse me. Major forest fire burning out of control, remember?
Heatblast: What do we do?
Max: Backfire. Start a new fire and let it burn into the old fire. They'll snuff each other out. Think you can do it, Ben?
Heatblast: Shooting flames, I can definitely do.

(Scene of where Vilgax is recovering)
Vilgax: (to Robot Lieutenant) What do you mean it's not there? This battle nearly costs me my life, and you say the Omnitrix is no longer aboard the transport?!
Robot Lieutenant: Sensors indicate a probe was jettisoned from the ship just before boarding. It landed on the planet below.
Vilgax: (to another nearby robot) Go. Bring it to me.

(Scene of where Heatblast is talking to Max and Gwen)
Max: And you say that this watch just jumped up and clamped onto your wrist?
Heatblast: (catches marshmallow that Gwen threw) Hey, this time it wasn't my fault. (eats marshmallow) I swear.
Max: I believe you, Ben.
Gwen: Think he's gonna stay a monster forever?
Max: He's not a monster. He's an alien! (as Heatblast and Gwen stare at him suspiciously) I, I mean... Look at him, what else could he be?
Heatblast: I don't wanna be fire guy forever. How am I suppose to play Little League this fall if I charcoal the ball every time I catch a pop-fly?
Max: Don't worry, Ben. (The Omnitrix beeps and Ben reverts to his human form)
Ben: (laughs while looking at himself) I'm me again.
Gwen: Aw, too bad. I liked you better when you were a briquette.
Ben: (tries to remove the Omnitrix) I still can't get this thing off.
Max: Better not fool with it anymore until we know exactly what we're dealing with. I'll go check out that crash site, you guys stay here until I get back.

(Scene of where Ben messing with the Omnitrix)
Ben: (messing with the Omnitrix) Huh. I wonder what this does.
Gwen: (surprises Ben) Caught ya! (laughs)
Ben: (mimicking Gwen's laugh) Very funny, like your face.
Gwen: Grandpa said not to mess with that thing.
Ben: Yeah, so, what's your point?
Gwen: Your parents drop you when you were a baby?
Ben: Come on. You can't tell me you aren't a little bit curious what else this thing can do?
Gwen: Not in the least.
Ben: You sure you're related to me?

(Scene of where Max Tennyson searching the crate)
Max: (looks at a metal piece) I don't like this one little bit.

(Scene of Ben telling Gwen about the Omnitrix)
Ben: (to Gwen) Look, if I can figure this thing out, maybe I can help people. I mean, really help them. Not just, you know, make things worse.
Gwen: So, what did it feel like going all alien like that?
Ben: It freaked me out at first. It was like I was me, but it was also like I was somebody else. (the Omnitrix pops up) Hey, I think I figured out how I did it. Should I try it again? Just once?
Gwen: I wouldn't.
Ben: No duh, you wouldn't. (activates the Omnitrix)
Gwen: (referring to Wildmutt after transformation) Ew! This thing's even uglier than you are normally! Bow wow, put a flea collar on this mutt. (Wildmutt roars) And no eyes? What good is this one? It can't see. (tries to hit Wildmutt with a stick, Wildmutt dodges by jumping onto the RV) Okay. So maybe it's not a total loser. (Wildmutt jumps in front of her) Ew, two words: breath mints. (Wildmutt stalks off) Ben? Get back here. Ben! I'm gonna tell Grandpa that you turned into some freaky animal monster thing and went swinging around the forest when he told you not to! Oh, this is a majorly weird day.

(Scene after Wildmutt transforms back to Ben)
Ben: (after destroying first drone) Yes! (second drone arrives) Whoa. Not good.

(Scene of Gwen destroying a drone)
Gwen: (hits drone with a shovel) Ugh! Back off, sparky! No flying tree-trimmer is going to hurt MY cousin! (hits the drone several more times)
Ben: Never thought I'd say this, but am I glad to see you.

(Scene of Ben being scolded by Max)
Max: I was worried that you might get popular with that thing on your wrist. That's why I asked you not to fool around with it until we know what the heck it is.
Ben: Sorry, Grandpa. But at least I figured out how to make it work. All you do is press this button. Then, when the ring pops up, just twist it until you see the guy you wanna be. Slam it down, and bammo! You're one of ten super-cool alien dudes!
Gwen: What about STAYING a super-cool alien dude and not transforming back into plain old pizza face?
Ben: I kinda haven't figured that part out yet.
Max: With a device as powerful as that watch clamped on you, my guess is we better help you learn... fast.
Ben: Alright!
Ranger: (on radio) Mayday! Mayday! Somebody help us! We're under attack by some sort of - I know you're not going to believe me, but - ...robot!
Ben: Sounds just like those things that attacked me. Must be looking for the watch. Those people are in trouble because of me! I think I can help them.
Gwen: Uh, you? What are you gonna do about it, Tennyson?

(Scene of the debut of Diamondhead)
Ben: (activates Omnitrix) Yeah. (starts turning Omnitrix) Eenie, meany, miney... (choosing Diamondhead) Here goes. (presses in Omnitrix and turns into Diamondhead)
Gwen: (referring to Diamondhead) So what can this guy do?
Diamondhead: I don't know, but I bet it's gonna be cool.

(Scene of attack of Vilgax's robot)
Diamondhead: (after seeing the giant robot) Looks like papa robot this time. (to Grandpa Max) I'll get gear-head's attention, you guys get the campers to safety. (as giant robot grabs park ranger) Leave him alone! You want someone to pick on, try me. (flown away by the giant robot and crashes with nearby truck; gets out from the pile by his sharpened arm and examines it) Cool. (attacks the robot but ends up being trapped under its legs) Uh-oh, think I'm in trouble.

(Scene where Max and Gwen helps the ranger)
Ranger: (as Diamondhead fights the giant robot) What is going on here?
Gwen: You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you. Now come on.
(The ranger hesitates, but runs once the giant robot throws Diamondhead into his truck)

(Scene of Diamondhead saving Gwen)
Diamondhead: (after saving Gwen) So, we even?
Gwen: (nods) Even.
Diamondhead: (as the robot grabs Diamondhead) Uh-oh! (struggles and breaks one of robot's arm, only to get shot and be flown towards a storage)

(Scene of Max pulling Gwen out between the tree)
Max: (referring to Diamondhead) Ben!
Diamondhead: (fights robot but fails to block the beam; points to his chest and taunts the giant robot) C'mon. Burn one in here.
Max: Get out of there. Run!
Diamondhead: (reflects the blast as the giant robot blasts at Diamondhead) What comes around goes around. Let's see how you like it, ya techno-freak! (cuts the giant robot in half with the reflected blast)
Gwen and Max: All right!
Max: Way to go, Be- (people stare) uh.. Diamond-headed guy!
Diamondhead: Oh yeah! Who's bad?! (Jumps up and down) Yeah! (Gwen and Max Tennyson wave at him to make him notice people and shakes their heads in embarrasment) Well, I...think my work here is done. (runs away)
Camper: (to people) Who was that guy?
(People look around and just shrug)

(Scene of where Vilgax heard about the failure of retrieval.)
Vilgax: Failure?! Unbelievable! The puny Earth being that is keeping the Omnitrix from me will soon hang on my trophy wall!

(Scene of the debut of XLR8's debut.)
Max: Where's Ben?
Gwen: I haven't seen him since breakfast.
Max: (Ben, in XLR8 form, arrives back at the RV) Ben?
XLR8: Yup. Hey, check this out! (uses super-speed to break camp and pack the baggage in record time) Pretty fast, huh? (the Omnitirx times out; XLR8 turns back to Ben)
Ben: I think this is gonna be the best summer ever.
Max: Absolutely.
Gwen: It's definitely going to be interesting. So, where'd you go anyway?
Ben: Just had to take care of a couple of things before our vacation really got rolling.

(Scene of Cash and J.T. hanging on a tree by their underwear.)
Cash Murray: Dude, how'd we get up here?
J.T.: Uh, I'm not sure. It all happened so fast.
Cash Murray: Hey, somebody? Anybody? Little help up here, please.

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