Ben 10: Omniverse - Season 6 - Episode 2

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And Then There Were None The Vengers

Previously on Ben 10: Omniverse...

No Watch Ben Tennyson: No way. We're on a spaceship! In space! Hey -- [ Grunts ] [ Sighs ]

Ship Voice: Master Vilgax, their propulsion systems have been destroyed.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: I'm kind of new at this, but did we just escape from Vilgax so we could hide out in his spaceship?

Professor Paradox: We are now near the beginning of the Ben Prime timeline -- the trunk of the Ben Tennyson tree from which all the other realities diverge. You must reboot this timestream.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: And the reboot button is around here?

Professor Paradox: The trans-dimensional hierarchy has been rewritten. There are no push buttons -- only cause and effect.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: So... we need to...?

Professor Paradox: Make sure Ben Prime discovers the Omnitrix as he should.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: And... where is the Omnitrix? All right. Time to take this thing for a test-drive.

[ Beep ]

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Vilgax is gonna wish he'd never been born. Or... hatched... or whatever.

(No Watch Ben transforms into Grey Matter)

Grey Matter: Let's kick a few butts!

Professor Paradox: Actually, most of the Galvan species are known as technological geniuses.

Grey Matter: Oh. Then let's outthink a few butts! [ Sighs ] I sure hope I know what I'm doing.

[ Computer beeps

Vilgax: Prepare to board. I want the Omnitrix now!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Drone: Master, our shields have failed. We are defenseless.

Vilgax: What?! That's impossible!

Professor Paradox: Not to worry. That pod contains the Omnitrix, but its trajectory is off. It will not land near Ben Prime unless something is done to change its course.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Any suggestions?

[ Beep ]

(No Watch Ben transforms into Cannonbolt)

Cannonbolt: I'm gonna hurl!

Young Ben Tennyson: Aw, man! This is gonna be the worst vacation ever! Whoa! A shooting star! Yaaaaah!

Cannonbolt: Hoo! Somehow, I thought this hero stuff would be more glamorous.

Young Ben Tennyson: [ Grunts ]

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Young Ben Tennyson: Huh? Looks like a satellite or something.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: What am I waiting for?!

Professor Paradox: Perhaps a... nudge is required.

[ Beep ]

(No Watch Ben transforms into Armodrillo)

[ Drilling, rumbling ]

Young Ben Tennyson: Whoa! Whoa!

[ Beep ]

Young Ben Tennyson: A watch? What's a watch doing in outer space? Aah! Get off me! Get off! [ Grunts ]

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Mission accomplished.

Professor Paradox: On the contrary -- your work has only just begun.

[ Beep ]

[ Beep ]

Young Ben Tennyson: Aaaaaaaah!

(Young Ben transforms into Heatblast)

Young Heatblast: Aah! Aah! I'm on fire! I'm on fire! Aaaaaaah!

No Watch Ben Tennyson: W-what do you mean by "your work has only just begun"?

Professor Paradox: While you were successful in rebooting the Ben Prime timeline, that also reset the Vilgax continuum.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: As well as the alien creep's master plan to wipe all of me out. What do I need to do?

Professor Paradox: Protect and gather the good yous needed for the ultimate battle with Eon and the bad yous.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Oh, man. This crosstime-travel stuff gives me a mega headache.

Young Heatblast: Wait! Stop!

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Uh, forest fire.

Professor Paradox: As strange as it may seem, this is supposed to happen.

Young Heatblast: Oh, man. I'm gonna get so busted for this.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: I recognize this place. This is the campsite from the...

Both: Worst summer ever.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: So, we're after who -- another 10-year-old me with an Omnitrix?

Professor Paradox: Something like that.

[ Both snoring ]

No Watch Ben Tennyson: How come this Ben isn't wearing the Omnitrix? Where is it?

Professor Paradox: It should be along any time now.

Gwen as XLR8: Get out there!

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Huh? Uoogh! [ Grunts ] [ Sighs ] Not again.

[ Beep ]

(No Watch Ben transforms into Wildmutt)

Wildmutt: [ Roars ]

Gwen as XLR8: Aah!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Gwen 10: This night just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Okay... monster doggy... uh, speak. What were yo snooping around our campsite for? And... how could you tell I was coming without any eyes?

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Dunno. I'm just as new to this as you.

Gwen 10: Who are you? You kinda look familiar.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: It's me -- Ben.

Young Ben Tennyson: [ Snoring ]

Gwen 10: Okay. New question.

Professor Paradox: Allow me to explain.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: So, in this timelines, Gwen got it.

Gwen 10: Sorry. You snooze, you lose.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Am I the only Ben who never even saw an Omnitrix?!

Professor Paradox: Yes. [ Clears throat ]

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Hey, Gwen, about Vilgax -- you in?

Gwen 10: Of course. If you can't count on family, who can you count on? Bellwood?

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Seems different somehow. Is this the future?

Professor Paradox: This is the 23rd dimension.

Gwen 10: Hey, check it out!

No Watch Ben Tennyson: "Bullies beware. Ben 23 is everywhere"?

Eye Guy: [ Grunting ] [ Groans ] Oh, man! Not my billboard!

Eon: If you won't join us, you will suffer the same fate as all those other Tennysons who refused us.

Gwen 10: That's Vilgax?

No Watch Ben Tennyson: That's Eon. Though, technically, it's me. I mean, a bad version of me.

Gwen 10: Does this time-travel stuff ever give you a headache?

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Totally.

Eon: I'd thought you would be low-hanging fruit.

Eye Guy: I don't know what that means... but I'm definitely not teaming up.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: We have to help that Ben!

Professor Paradox: If Eon sees other alien heroes aiding this Ben, he will realize that we are crosstime-traveling.

Gwen 10: We can't just sit here and watch him get blasted to bits!

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Maybe the way to help is to help without Eon realizing we're helping.

Eye Guy: Peekaboo, evil guy!

Eon: You can't surprise me, Ben. I know you far better than you realize.

Eye Guy: Everybody knows me! I've got billboards!

[ Beep ]

(Gwen transforms into Diamondhead)

Gwen as Diamondhead: This is too great.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben 23: Ben? Is that you?

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Yes, but I'm not the Ben you think I am.

Ben 23: You look like the Ben I think you are.

Eon: Ungh! [ Groans ] Perhaps I underestimated this version.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Okay. I'm the Ben without an Omnitrix. This isn't my Omnitrix. It's Ben's. I'm just wearing it while... I get the Bens together.

Ben 23: Did you get whacked in the head or something?

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Gwen!

Ben 23: Cousin Gwen? Okay, you get her. I got him.

[ Beep ]

(Ben 23 transforms into Big Bug)

Big Bug: Big Bug's on the job!

Eon: [ Grunting, groaning ] How did he switch aliens so fast? This Ben is proving to be a major pest. Unh! There must be easier Bens to persuade.

[ Wings buzzing ]

Big Bug: Thanks for your help with that Eon hater. What's his agenda?

No Watch Ben Tennyson: He's going to wipe out every Ben in every universe. That's why we're here. Can we count on you to help? Help us, I mean?

Big Bug: Well, uh... I kinda have a full schedule tomorrow.

Gwen 10: If you don't help us today, there might not be a tomorrow!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben 23: Yeah... let me text my people.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Ben 23: Done! I'm all yours.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: All right, this one might be a doofus. Huh? Yeah... no. Where are we?

Professor Paradox: This is the galactic headquarters of Ben 10,000.

Ben 23: Cool!

Ben 10,000: Paradox.

Professor Paradox: Hello, Ben.

Ben 10,000: Let me guess -- some kind of crosstime doomsday threat that only wearers of the Omnitrix can stop?

Gwen 10: Guess this Ben had a brain transplant at some point.

Bens: Dweeb.

Ben 10,000: Well, let's get going.

[ Beep ]

(No Watch Ben transforms into Clockwork)

Clockwork: Hey! Whoa! Who's this?

Ben 10,000: Clockwork. He's got time powers -- speed-up, slow-down, forward, back.

Professor Paradox: Because Eon is another version of Ben. he may sense the resulting Sotobro effect.

Ben 23: "Sotobro Effect"?

Ben 10,000: A sort of ripple in the timestream that Clockwork causes when he uses his powers.

Clockwork: Then we'd better not risk it.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

No Watch Ben Tennyson: If Eon and Vilgax suspect anything, they may change their plans.

Ben 10,000: Understood. Let me tell my son. Kenny, sit tight. I have to run an errand.

Sumo Slammer: [ Yells ]

[ Up-tempo music plays ]

Ben Tennyson: [ Yawns ] I'm in.

Ben 10,000: Listen, Bens -- and Gwen -- don't be disoriented by the fact that the bad guys have a face you know. That's exactly what Vilgax is counting on.

Ben Tennyson: And if what Paradox is saying is true, don't be intimidated. These alternate versions of ourselves are the ones with wills too weak to resist Vilgax's influence.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Just in case, what's plan "B"?

Professor Paradox: There is none. If Vilgax is successful, then all is lost for the multiverse.

Ben 23: I call movie rights.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Wait! Paradox? Hello? Hello?! I can't believe they forgot me. Guess I'd just get in the way. I'm not a real hero, like the others.

Professor Paradox: Nonsense, Benjamin. You have proven that inside you beats a heart most valiant.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Then why didn't you take me with the others?

Professor Paradox: Meeting your counterpart Bens was one thing. Arriving along with them would have hopelessly garbled your timeline.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: I don't...

Professor Paradox: Get it? No, I don't imagine you do. You ready to join the fight?

Vilgax: Run from me for the rest of your life, Ben Tennyson, for at long last, the universe is once and truly mine. [ Laughs evilly ]

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Wrong, squid face!

Vilgax: Back so soon? You should have stayed lost in time with that pretentious paradox.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Stay back!

Vilgax: How thoughtful. You kept an Omnitrix for me. Too bad you don't even know how to use it!

No Watch Ben Tennyson: I just finished a crash course.

Vilgax: So, now you think you are a hero?

No Watch Ben Tennyson: I know I am. It's hero time!

(No Watch Ben transforms into Clockwork)

Vilgax: A Chronosapien!

Clockwork: Here goes nothing!

[ Cranking ]

[ Biomnitrix powers down ]

Vilgax: How...?

Clockwork: Let me guess -- Chronosapien time bomb? Paradox was right. Once I transformed, I could see the Sotobro Effect. Just figured I'd suck the ripple back in.

Eon: Backstabber!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben 23: Aah! Time out!

Nega Ben: [ Scoffs ] Yeah.

[ Beep ]

Ben 23: I mean the watch!

Nega Ben: Aah!

Ben 23: Thanks, cuz!

Benzarro: Cousin mean!

[ Beep ]

(Benzarro transforms into Frankenstrike)

Frankenstrike: Cousin dweeb.

Gwen as Wildvine: Unh! Watch it, monster face!

[ Beep ]

Ben 23: Don't worry. Mr. Monkey will handle this. Or Charcoal man! Maybe copy copy!

Gwen as Wildvine: Seriously? Unh! You give your aliens hero names? [ Chuckles ]

Ben 23: They focus-test great.

[ Beep ]

(Ben 23 transforms into Vomit Man)

Vomit Man: All right! Vomit man!

Ben Tennyson: Time for you guys to go! Aaaaaaah!

[ Biomnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson: Ben!

Both: Yeah?

Ben 10,000: You're still Clockwork.

Nega Ben: Whatev--

Eon: [ Grunts ] No!!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

[ Bell tolls ]

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Are they all...?

Professor Paradox: Returned to the unsightly timelines that spawned them.

Ben 10,000: Hunh!

Vilgax: Tennysons!

No Watch Ben Tennyson: [ Gulps ]

[ Beep ]

[ Beep ]

(Gwen transforms into Cannonbolt)

[ Beep ]

(Ben 10,000 transforms into Atomic-X)

[ Beep ]

(Ben 23 transforms into Electricyeti)

[ Beep ]

(Ben transforms into Diamondhead)

No Watch Ben Tennyson: This one's yours.

Diamondhead: Got it.

Vilgax: [ Grunts ] [ Groans ]

Diamondhead: You've earned it.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Hyah!

[ Omnitrixes and Biomnitrix powers down ]

[ Cheering ]

Ben 10,000: We're done. I'll take the alternate Bens back to their own realities.

Professor Paradox: Allow me.

Gwen 10: Not bad... for a doofus.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Smell ya later, Gwen. Thanks for letting me borrow your Omnitrix. It was a blast being a full-time hero.

Ben Tennyson: You did our name proud.

Vilgax: [ Groans ]

No Watch Ben Tennyson: So, what do we do with this guy?

Max Tennyson: Looks like you two could use a hand.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: Grandpa? Wait -- what are you gonna do with him? [ Chuckling ] You're not some kind of supercop. You're Grandpa Max, the Plumber.

[ Laughter ]

Max Tennyson: I wanted to tell you -- believe me -- but there are protocols.

Vilgax: [ Groans ]

Max Tennyson: Now that the cat's out of the bag, though, come on. Let's get Vilgax locked up.

No Watch Ben Tennyson: You mean you've been this totally awesome space secret agent this whole time and you didn't tell me?! And you even know who Vilgax is?

Max Tennyson: How do you think I lost this arm?

Professor Paradox: Time to restore the trunk of the tree.

Ben Tennyson: Looks like this Ben might wind up a hero after all.

Professor Paradox: Yes. So many different ways to tell a story. But that's what makes them so interesting -- you can never predict how they're going to turn out. [ Chuckles ] Shall we?

[ End of And Then There Was Ben ]