Ben 10: Omniverse: Season 8 - Episode 10

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The End of an Era
Ben Tennyson: Come on, Rook.

Professor Paradox: Hurry, Benjamin. You haven't much time.

Ben Tennyson: Ugh. "time" pun. Good one, Professor Paradox.

Professor Paradox: Unintended. Leave now, and you may still catch Maltruant in the time stream. If not, then this Time Beast's egg will power your journey to places beyond even my reach. I know you will not fail.

Ben Tennyson: I won't.

Skurd: So serious.

Time Beast: [ Grunting ]

Ben Tennyson: Donuts!

Skurd: Do maintain a safe distance.

Ben Tennyson: Maintain, shmaintain.

Rook Blonko: Ben, be careful. We do not want to end up like that Time Beast.

Ben Tennyson: We're shielded, right?

Rook Blonko: Ben!

Ben Tennyson: [ Groans ] [ Chuckles ] That could've gone worse.

Skurd: Worse?! You tore through the fabric of existence with no regard for our safety. Our quarry is gone, and we are lost in time!

Ben Tennyson: If we're lost, so is Maltruant. Besides, Paradox put me in charge, so we do this my way. This is not a democracy.

Rook Blonko: Huh?

George Washington: Do not move.

Ben Tennyson: George Washington?! Oh, man, this is amazing!

George Washington: You have me at a disadvantage. I have never met you, nor your weapon-toting beast.

Skurd: If it is any consolation, I don't know you, either.

George Washington: The muck upon your arm speaks!

Ben Tennyson: Yeah, but he never says anything worth listening to.

Rook Blonko: That is Ben Tennyson. And I am no beast, sir. I am Rook Blonko, a visitor from the stars.

George Washington: Well, your conveyance does support your claim. Are you from Earth?

Ben Tennyson: Mm-hmm. But from the future! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Smile for me!

George Washington: Pardon?

Ben Tennyson: Please?

Rook Blonko: I apologize -- for whatever he is doing.

George Washington: Very well.

Ben Tennyson: Hey. I thought they were wooden.

George Washington: Wooden teeth? Are you mad? If you two are from where you say, then what are you doing here?

Maltruant: [ Groans ] 1773. Still so far. Putrid human. He will wish he were never born. Or...he never will be. Ohh. That will do nicely.

George Washington: I'll own curiosity about your "time-war," but I have my orders. I hunt a poor soul, trapped in a deathlike state.

Ben Tennyson: Like a zombie?

George Washington: If that is what you call it. It's my duty to keep my countrymen safe from the things that go bump in the night.

Rook Blonko: That sounds similar to the original earth Plumbers directive.

George Washington: My society calls itself Plumbiers -- french for "ironworkers"

Zombie: [ Moaning ]

George Washington: Perhaps my hunt is at an end.

Skurd: Shouldn't we be going?

Ben Tennyson: Shh! I want to see a zombie!

Rook Blonko: We have seen zombies. In fact, I have been one.

Ben Tennyson: But not a zombie Redcoat!

Zombie: [ Moans ]

George Washington: At the ready!

Ben Tennyson: Don't worry, Wash. I got this.

[ Omnitrix beeps ]

(Ben transforms into Ghostfreak)

George Washington: A specter! What witchcraft is this?!

Rook Blonko: Ben is not a ghost. He has only turned into an extraterrestrial that resembles one.

George Washington: Incredible.

Zombie: [ Moaning ]

Ghostfreak: Okay, time to take charge.

Zombie: Aah!

Ghostfreak: Ha! Gotcha! [ Grunting ] Aah! He has no mind to control!

Zombie: Aah! Aaaah!

Ghostfreak: I might need some help!

Redcoat: [ Groans ] Oof! Zounds. What happened?

George Washington: You were enthralled by an ancient curse. But you are well now.

Redcoat: Thank you. Thank you, sir.

Ghostfreak: Hey.

Redcoat: Aaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson: Why didn't you take him prisoner?

George Washington: To what end? He is a soldier of the king.

Ben Tennyson: Wait, wait, wait. Isn't the king the bad guy?

Rook Blonko: Perhaps your Revolutionary War has not started yet.

George Washington: War?

Rook Blonko: Yes. Judging by the position of Alpha Centauri, we are in the early 1770s.

Ben Tennyson: What is it?

Rook Blonko: Plumber records show that the first recorded sighting of an alien craft was in 1773.

Skurd: And what kind of ship was it?

Rook Blonko: The record does not specify, but they called it the cherry tree.

George Washington: Hmm. I think I shall join you in your mission.

Young Vilgax: I received a distress signal. Is someone in need of assistance?

Maltruant: Vilgax. What a pleasant surprise.

Young Vilgax: You know me, Chronosapien?

Maltruant: Your... reputation precedes you.

Young Vilgax: From a time traveler, that's high praise. The only reputation I've earned thus far is one of ambitious disobedience, which is why I've been exiled to this armpit of the universe. What are you doing in this sector?

Maltruant: I am currently stranded.

Young Vilgax: I have the tech you need, but why should I help you?

Maltruant: I assume a Chronosapien time bomb would be payment enough?

Ben Tennsyon: Do we seriously have to walk?

George Washington: My horses are stabled for the night. Else, we would ride.

Ben Tennyson: Sarcasm, dude. You and Rook should hang out sometime.

Skurd: Oh, well, if you're in such a rush, you could have taken your time cycles.

Ben Tennyson: Why didn't you say anything eariler?!

Skurd: Nobody asked.

Ben Tennyson: Rook, go back and get the bikes.

Rook Blonko: You are right. If we are to fight Maltruant, we will need them.

Ben Tennyson: That's Maltruant. And that's Vilgax! So not good. We need to stop them -- now.

George Washington: I want to believe you, but I have naught but your word that these creatures pose a threat.

Drone: Perimeter breached.

Ben Tennyson: That enough of a threat for ya?! All right, these are two of the most powerful bad guys I have ever faced, so here's the pl-- huh?

Young Vilgax: Who is this savage?

Maltruant: I have no idea. Dispose of him!

Ben Tennyson: He's good.

Skurd: Well? Aren't you going to help?

Ben Tennyson: If Vilgax sees me, I might mess up the whole future. Or...something.

Skurd: That's only if he sees you.

Ben Tennyson: Ohhhh.

[ Omnitrix beeps ]

Maltruant: Ignore the human. The speedster is the true threat.

Young Vilgax: First a Chronosapien, and now a Kineceleran? What an unexpected turn of events.

XLR8: Yeah, well, this "turn of events" is about to kick your butt!

[ Omnitrix powers down slowly ]

XLR8: Now?!

(Ben transforms into Mole-Stache)

Young Vilgax: It... transformed?

Mole-Ttache: Skurd. give Mole-Stache the upper 'stache.

Skurd: And away we go!

Mole-Stache: I guess you aren't quite so Vilgaxy yet.

Maltruant: What?!

George Washington: Back to the stars with you, beast! Thank you, Dr. Franklin.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Young Vilgax: The ability to transform at will. The power of that device will be mine!

Rook Blonko: Maltruant is getting away. We must leave immediately.

Ben Tennyson: Thanks for your help. It was amazing to meet you and everything. Oh. And a suggestion. Maybe you guys should change your name from "Plumbiers" to "Plumbers," Mr. President.

George Washington: President?

Ben Tennyson: We got him this time. Without a Time Beast, Maltruant definitely can't outrun us.

Time Beast: [ Growls ]

Skurd: Must you always jinx us?

Rook Blonko: (Appearing on a screen) In my experience, yes, he must.

Ben Tennyson: Hey!

Rook Blonko: Brace yourself!

[ Alarms beeping ]

[ Both screaming ]

Rook Blonko: Do you see Maltruant?

Ben Tennyson: I don't see anything.

Rook Blonko: Is that...

Ben Tennyson: No. No way.

Skurd: Is that what?

Rook Blonko: A Contemelia ship. What is it doing here?

Ben Tennyson: I think we're about to find out! [ Grunts ]

Rook Blonko: [ Grunts ]

Ben Tennyson: [ Weakly ] Don't worry. I got it.

Rook Blonko: Yes. Now let us find Maltruant. If I remember correctly, this is the bridge. If he is here, Maltruant is most likely ready for us.

Ben Tennyson: I'm good. Let's clean his clock.

Rook Blonko: [ Sighs ]

Ben Tennyson: You are going down, ma-ma-ma... [ High-pitched ] Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Rook Blonko: Father?

Ben Tennyson: Exactly. Wait. What? Mr. Smoothy! Or "smoothies"... or whatever.

Rook Blonko: I see three of my father.

Ben Tennyson: No. I've met your dad. He doesn't have a straw coming out of his head.

Contemelia: You are both correct. We are the Contemelia, but our 5th-dimensional forms cannot be seen by your eyes. What you are seeing is only a projection of the thing that holds the most sway in your hearts.

Skurd: Then why am I seeing three masses of energy?

Contemelia: A genetometaformorphic. How interesting. Do you have anything to do with our other guest?

Ben Tennyson: Maltruant. Where is he?

Rook Blonko: Why have you not tried to stop him?

Contemelia: What can he do? He is as inconsequential to the experiment as you are.

Rook Blonko: They are no help. We need to move.

Ben Tennyson: What experiment?

Contemelia: We are about to create a universe. The countdown has already begun.

Rook Blonko: Ben, in the stories I have heard since childhood, the Contemelia go from universe to universe destroying them, not creating them. I suspect that if a universe already exists in this dimension, the Anihilaarg will destroy it.

Ben Tennyson: But if there isn't one, the Anihilaarg will create it.

Contemelia: How do you know of the Anihilargenesistoriafimiaorgost?

Ben Tennyson: Maltruant has one of his own that he's gonna use.

Contemelia: Interesting.

Maltruant: A second too late, as usual, Ben Tennyson. And ha! Three alternate versions of myself. Come. We shall relish this in the victory together.

Ben Tennyson: Do something!

Maltruant: The Contemelia?!

Contemelia: The extradimensional field protects us from the upcoming release of energy. It is impossible to breach or turn off.

Ben Tennyson: [ Groans ] Well, if you're not going to do anything, I am! Rook, you keep Maltruant busy while I find a way through that field.

Maltruant: Haven't you learned by now that your attacks are fruitless? What?!

Rook Blonko: Your powers are time-based, correct? Too bad that time has not begun yet.

Skurd: Would you like me to give it a go?

Ben Tennyson: Eh. What difference does it make?

Skurd: And violà.


[ Omnitrix beeps ]

(Ben transforms into Chromastone)

Chromastone: Holy moly! It's Chromastone! Nice!

Rook Blonko: [ Grunting ]

Chromastone: No! It can't end like this. What are you doing?

Skurd: Making a point. You never told me you had Celestalsapien DNA in here. So elusive.

Chromastone: Skurd! You slimy genius!

Maltruant: Impossible!

Contemelia: Interesting.

Chromastone: Rook!

Rook Blonko: It has been an honor to fight at your side.

Maltruant: You vermin!

Skurd: Well, we had a good run, dear friend.

Chromastone: Sorry I called you a snot rocket.

Skurd: You never called me a snot rocket.

Chromastone: I thought it.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson: I can't believe my last words are "snot rocket"!

Rook Blonko: Ben!

Maltruant: He failed! I have dreamed for a millennia of this moment -- an entire universe in my image! What is happening?! You are supposed to be observes. You are not supposed to involve yourselves in event that transpires! What are you doing?!

Contemelia: We are observing.

Rook Blonko: Ben?

Feedback: [ Grunting ]

(Ben transforms into Four Arms)

(Ben transforms into Ripjaws)

(Ben transforms into Heatblast)

(Ben transforms into Wildmutt)

(Ben transforms into Diamondhead)

(Ben transforms into XLR8)

(Ben transforms into Grey Matter)

(Ben transforms into Stinkfly)

(Ben transforms into Upgrade)

(Ben transforms into Ghostfreak)

(Ben transforms into Cannonbolt)

(Ben transforms into Wildvine)

(Ben transforms into Blitzwolfer)

(Ben transforms into Ditto)

(Ben transforms into Eye Guy)

(Ben transforms into Way Big)

(Ben transforms into Swampfire)

(Ben transforms into Echo Echo)

(Ben transforms into Humungousaur)

(Ben transforms into Big Chill)

(Ben transforms into Chromastone)

(Ben transforms into Brainstorm)

(Ben transforms into Spidermonkey)

(Ben transforms into Goop)

(Ben transforms into Alien X)

(Ben transforms into Lodestar)

(Ben transforms into Rath)

(Ben transforms into Nanomech)

(Ben transforms into Waterhazard)

(Ben transforms into AmpFibian)

(Ben transforms into Armodrillo)

(Ben transforms into Terraspin)

(Ben transforms into NRG)

(Ben transforms into Clockwork)

(Ben transforms into Shocksquatch)

(Ben transforms into Eatle)

(Ben transforms into Jury Rigg)

(Ben transforms into Bloxx)

(Ben transforms into Gravattack)

(Ben transforms into Crashhopper)

(Ben transforms into Ball Weevil)

(Ben transforms into Walkatrout)

(Ben transforms into Pesky Dust)

(Ben transforms into Mole-Stache)

(Ben transforms into The Worst)

(Ben transforms into Kickin Hawk)

(Ben transforms into Toepick)

(Ben transforms into Astrodactyl)

(Ben transforms into Bullfrag)

(Ben transforms into Atomix)

(Ben transforms into Gutrot)

(Ben transforms into Whampire)

(Ben transforms into Feedback)

Maltruant: You cannot do this!

Feedback: You wanted your very own big bang!

Maltruant: N-o-o-o-o-o-o!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson: And that, as they say, is that.

Rook Blonko: I thought you were--

Ben Tennyson: Nah. I always figured the Omnitrix had a failsafe that wouldn't let me die, and sure enough, it kicked in right when the big bang started -- gave me just the alien I needed.

Skurd: Your recklessness never ceases to amaze.

Ben Tennyson: Not reckless. It always seems to give me the right alien, even when I want something else. Guess I should stop fighting it. It seems to know me better than... me.

Contemelia: Would you like to view the creation of your own universe? It seems this may be the most interesting one yet.

Ben Tennyson: This is the most amazingest thing anyone could ever see.

Rook Blonko: "Amazingest" is not a word.

Ben Tennyson: Do you have a better word for it?

Rook Blonko: No.

[ Beeps ]

Ben Tennyson: Huh? [ Gasps ]

Skurd: [ Gasps ] More of me! I thought I was alone in the universe.

Contemelia: No. Your species is the most important in all of creation. For eons, these slimebiotes will carry, gather, mix, and deposit DNA across the growing universe. Would you like to join your ancestors? It seems you have forgotten who you are, which is understandable after billions of years.

Skurd: When I first met you, I saw you as nothing more than a free lunch.

Ben Tennyson: Are you talking to me or the Omnitrix?

Skurd: If I hadn't found antagonizing you so much fun, I would have never stuck with you. Thank you for everything, dear boy.

Ben Tennyson: Thank you, Skurd. I owe you my life.

Skurd: And I owe you mine.

Rook Blonko: Goodbye, Skurd.

Professor Paradox: Well done, Benjamin. I knew you wouldn't fail.

Ben Tennyson: I knew it, too.

Rook Blonko: You did?

Ben Tennyson: See, Maltruant is stuck in a time loop.

Professor Paradox: And he is doomed to failure, over and over. Every time he pulls himself together, he returns to the beginning of time and is defeated by Ben. I gather up the pieces of Maltruant and scatter them across the universe, and the loop begins again.

Ben Tennyson: The only person who doesn't know about the time loop is Maltruant himself. Oh, and... you, I... guess.

Professor Paradox: Pardon us for the intrusion. We'll be on our way. Now, help me pick up the rest of Maltruant. We have a lot to do before I take you home.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Both slurping ]

Ben Tennyson: After what we just saw, sitting around sipping smoothies seems a bit...

Rook Blonko: Mundane. I agree. Nothing seems to be happening in Bellwood or Undertown lately.

Ben Tennyson: [ Slurps ] You're right! This place will be fine and dandy without us. We just helped create the universe. Let's go check it out!

Rook Blonko: That does sound less mundane.

Ben Tennyson: [ Speed-dialing ] Gwen. Okay, fine -- Gwendolyn. You and Kevin -- pack your bags. We're going on a road trip!

[ End of A New Dawn ]