Serena: We made it. Laverre City.

Ash: Alright! Let's get to the gym, now!

Serena: Then, let's hurry. The gym is this way.

Clemont: You're that excited to see the gym battle?

Serena: Of course. I'll be able to meet Valerie.

Ash: Who's Valerie?

Serena: Look! Ta-da! Here she is. Isn't she great?

Bonnie: Wow. Her clothes are so cute.

Serena: That outfit is one of her creations. You see, Valerie is a famous fashion designer. Isn't that amazing? And she has very own store, the Laverre City Gym.

Ash: Hold on. Are you telling me when I think you are?

Serena: Right. She's the Laverre Gym Leader as well.

Ash: Ha, what do you know.

Serena: Ta-da! It's Laverre Gym.

Serena: Wow. I've finally get to meet Valerie. There so much I wanna ask her about her world of fashion. Oh, don't you mind if I visited her store to Gym battle?

Ash: 'Course not.

Ash: Okay, Pikachu, let's go. It's anybody here? Huh?

Girl: Do you think I should take this outfit now?

Girl #2: We'll better hurry. We'll be late.

Kali: Go ahead and take that package. And all that carries, too.

Ash: What's going on?

Clemont: They all seem busy with something.

Serena: Aah! They all wearing Valerie's designs. They're so adorable.

Sawyer: Please! You have to have a Gym battle.

Ash: Huh?

Sawyer: No matter what!

Linnea: I'm very sorry. You see, the Laverre Gym is closed, because we're having in a event here today. There's really nothing I can do.

Sawyer: Oh, man. Oh, man.

Ash: Wait. Are you serious? There's really no way to have a battle now?

Linnea: I'm terribly sorry.

Ash: Come on. Please. I came over all this way.

Sawyer: Are you here for the battle, too?

Ash: Yeah. I guess my timing's bad.

Bonnie: But, Clemont, she's looks really, really nice.

Clement: I don't need your help. I can find my own girlfriend, thank you.

Bonnie: When?

Sawyer: Hey! It's the Lumiose Gym Leader.

Clemont: Who? Me?

Serena: Huh?

Bonnie: Huh?

Sawyer: It's nice to meet everybody. My name is Sawyer.

Clemont: He came to challenge me at the Lumiose Gym not too long ago.

Sawyer: Yeah and I lost. But I really learn a whole lot.

Ash: Nice to meet you.

Bonnie: Ash is really incredible. He beat Clement, too.

Sawyer: Really? He did?<

Bonnie: And he's got five whole badges.

Sawyer: Five badges? Amazing. I'm gonna do my very best. So I can catch up.

Ash: I've still got ways to go. Guess my sixth gym badge will have to wait until tomorrow.

Clemont: So, what do we do now?

Serena: Well, we could go to Valerie's store first.

Ash: Good idea. Let's go.

Serena: Alright. [gasps] Wow. Does this outfit look great?

Bonnie: That's sure does. You look great in that, too.

Serena: You think? Thanks so much, but-- [gasps] That's one beautiful, too.

Clemont: Those two have a lot of energy, don't you think?

Ash: They sure do. You know, I'm really glad they're having such a good time.

Sawyer: Yeah, me too.

Ash: Hmph. Sawyer, since we can have our gym battles. How about we practice some.

Sawyer: Hey, that would be great. If it's alright with you, could we have a double battle? I've never had one before.

Ash: Sure thing.

Blossom: What do you think of those two? Aren't they totally perfect?

Katherine: I think they might work out.

Blossom and Katherine: [giggle]

Ash: Alright! I choose you two!

Sawyer: You were perfectly together. That's what I call real teamwork. You've taught me a lot. Thanks, Ash.

Serena: I've got it. Would it be fun if I wore one of those dresses when I appeared in the Pokemon Show Case?

Bonnie: I think that's such a need idea.

Serena: Ash, what do you think? Huh? Where's Ash?

Bonnie: Huh? Look, Serena, over there.

Serena: Right. Of course, Ash is having a battle.

Bonnie: Well, that's what Ash does.

Serena: Of course. That's our Ash. So, why don't we go over and watch it?

Blossom: Excuse us. Can we talk to you for a minute?

Serena: Sure.

Katherine: There's a little something we like to speak the two of you about.

Blossom: We hope you don't mind.

Clemont: That's how Ash battles. Match ups don't matter because he always comes up with something surprising.

Ash: That's the spirit. Huh? Hey, what's that? Huh?

Sawyer: Huh?

Clement: What's going on?

Valerie: What should I do? I get an important show. And then his happens. Thank you. I know I have to do my best for all of you and for my fans waiting for me out there.

Katherine: Miss Valerie, please excuse me, but may we enter?

Valerie: Yes.

Serena: [gasps] Va-Valerie!

Bonnie: It's her.

Blossom: Miss Valerie, I was thinking of asking these two.

Valerie: Hmm? Hmm. They should be perfect. Good.

Serena: Valerie, it's such an honor to meet you. I'm a huge fan of everyone of your fashion designs.

Valerie: Really? Oh, why thank you.

Serena: Of course.

Bonnie: That's girl's a keeper. Would you take care of my brother?

Valerie: I'm a keeper?

Serena: Aah! Aah! It's nothing, it's nothing! Bonnie, stop it!

Bonnie: Huh. But you can see how pretty Valerie is.

Valerie: Thank you, Dear. Uhh.

Serena: What was that?

Valerie: You see the reason I wanted to you both to come here. It's I have a favor to ask of you. That is, if you wouldn't mind.

Serena: Huh? Favor?

Ash: What's going on?

Clemont: I have no idea.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

All: Huh? Huh? Huh?

Kali: Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come.

Linnea: We'll be presenting designer extraordinary Valerie's newest collection.

Ash: Uh, what did she just say their presenting?

Girl: It's the fashion show displaying Valerie's newest design collection.

Ash: Fashion show, huh?

Pikachu: Pika...

Girl: And it's just about to begin.

Kali: First, an elegant creation with an Azumarill pattern.

Ash: This stuff sure is popular.

Clemont: Maybe we should tell Serena and Bonnie about this.

Sawyer: They're not here.

Kali: And next up, designs featuring beautiful patterns of Florges and Chingling.

Ash and Clemont: Huh?

Ash: Serena?!

Clemont: Bonnie?!

Serena: Look, it's Ash!

Bonnie: Look see. Aren't I cute?

Clemont: Bonnie, what in the world are you doing?

Bonnie: I'm modeling, of course.

Clemont: Yes, I know that. But why are you modeling?

Sawyer: I had no idea Serena and Bonnie were models. You're traveling with the Gym leaders and models. I'm completely jealous.

Ash: No. Not exactly. Hey, Serena, what's this all about?

Serena: Their actual models weren't able to make it today and then they saw us. So, Valerie ask if we wouldn't mind taking their places. Huh. Aah! Valerie's looking incredible!

Sawyer: She does look incredible.

Ash: That's Valerie, the Gym Leader.

Valerie: Hi, there. Thank you all so very much coming to my fashion show today. Everyone of my latest designs and cooperates. Pokemon motifs that's because my philosophy always been the true beauty can only begin found in nature. Also, all of my creations are carefully design to look their absolute best of when worn during battle.

Ash: What did she just say?

Linnea: It's finally starting.

Sawyer: Huh?

Linnea: [whispering to Valerie] That one. The boy in the front.

Valerie: [pointing at Sawyer] You with the orange tie.

Sawyer: [confused] Uh, orange tie? You want me?

Valerie: Yes. Will you please come this way?

Ash: Sawyer?

Sawyer: Uh, so. What's this about?

Valerie: I like to have a battle with you, right there.

Sawyer: Here?

Valerie: Now, of course if it turns out that you defeat me, I'll gladly reward you with a Gym badge.

Sawyer: Really?

[Ash gasps in shock.]

Girl: It's her custom. Valerie does this to demonstrate how her creations always look their best when worn in battle.

Sawyer: [thinking] This is my chance. I'll take everything learn and win that badge for sure.

Kali: And now the battle between Valerie, the Gym Leader, and Sawyer, the challenger, will now get under way!

Sawyer: I'm ready to go!

Kali: This is a one-on-one battle. It will be over when either side's Pokémon is unable to continue!

Serena: Hey, Ash.

Ash: Serena, Sawyer's going to battle with Valerie.

Serena: Huh?!

Clemont: Using the same rules as a Gym battle.

Ash: Sawyer can do it for sure!

Sawyer: Now, Bagon, let's go! [sends out Bagon]

Ash: I wonder what Valerie's Pokemon gonna use?

Valerie: [throws a Poké-Ball] Spritzee, come on out!

Spritzee: Spritzee!

Ash: [as he pulls out his Pokédex] I think I know that.

Ash's Pokédex: Spritzee, the Perfume Pokémon. Spritzee gives off a fragrance that delights anyone who smells it, which changes depending on what Spritzee eats.

Clemont: This could be very bad.

Ash: Huh?

Serena: What do you mean bad?

Sawyer: Bagon, use Dragon Breath!

[Bagon uses Dragon Breath, striking Spritzee.]

Sawyer: Yeah! I landed the first attack! Huh?

[the Dragon Breath didn't affect Spritzee in either way.]

Sawyer: How could it be?

Sawyer: Now, try this. And this.

Sawyer: But how?

Ash: So, that's the Gym Leader I have to face. Got it.

Sawyer: Hey, Ash, may I join in?