Pre-Opening Edit

[Starting with Yukio in the lab taking blood out of his thumb putting the blood in the the four beakers, it crackles, starting with Yukio's arm with blood; outside of the cram school, the bells toll]

Shiemi: You wanna know my birthday?

Shima: Yep. If you don't mind. So when is it?

Shiemi: My birthday's on March 6th?

Shima: [Jotting his pad down] What's your blood type?

Shiemi: B, I think.

Shima: Uh-huh. [starts jotting his pad again. Shiroku Mokusei. Yep. Pisces, Type B, Five Elements, Wood.

[Shima uses his palms to clap; screen turns white]

Shima: AND I HAVE YOUR RESULTS! You're a romantic who likes to follow the beat of her own drum. You got big, big goals. You're an optimist and you love to daydream.

Shiemi: [Surprised] Huh?

Shima: Oh!

[He dashes to Kamiki]

Shima: How about you, Izumo?

Kamiki: My birthday's October 11th. I'm Type A.

[Shima uses his palms to clap again; screen turns white]

Shima: AND I HAVE YOUR RESULTS! Izumo, you're an idealist and you treat everyone fair and square. But even though you play nice with everyone, you're also super-quck to criticize anything or anyone who forces you to question your own beliefs.

Rin: Whoa!

Kamiki: What the hell was that about?

Shima: That's your astrological sign, your blood type, and the four pillars of destiny. The fortune comes outta here.

Kamiki: Your studies would benefit from those memorization skills.

Shima: Well, that's what you say, but you gotta admit, you're interested, aren't ya?

Kamiki: [groans] I'm out of here!

[She leaves]

Shima: She is one cold woman.

[Rin appears to Shima]

Rin: [exitedly] Do me! Tell my fortune next!

Shima: [puts his hand at Rin and Rin moves back] Nope. Doesn't work for guys.

Rin: How come?

Shima: I'm a specialist. Girl fortunes only. Guys don't inspire me.

Rin: Come on! [grabs Shima] Let me tell you my birthday!

Shima: [gets Rin off of him] I told you, it's not gonna happen!

Suguro: I never thought about it before, but how would a son of Satan be born?

Miwa: Who knows?

Shiemi: [gasps]

[Shima and Rin were fighting]

Rin: Uh, you okay?

Shiemi: [realized Kamiki's birthday is on September 27] I just realized, Kamiki's Birthday is coming up!


Act 1 Edit

[Chalkboards are written down; Episode 19 An Ordinary Day appears

Act 2 Edit

[The five looks at the cake that says "Merry Xmas" with Santa Claus on top of the cake]

Shima: What is this?

Rin: It's just a prototype I whipped up. This sucker looks badass. doesn't it?

Suguro: [boils over] Wrong, wrong, WRONG!!

Rin: What? You don't like angel food?

Suguro: What are you, blind!? You were supposed to be in charge of him, Konekomaru!

Miwa: I know but he made it when I wasn't looking!

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